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The End Times - The Return of Nagash



Book 1 of The End Times - The Return of Nagash, by Josh Reynolds

The whole End Times event was a big deal back in 2014, and each entry had a slogan that reflected what was the state of the world by the end of the book. In the case of The Return of Nagash, that quote was "Death Rises...". Nagash, the Supreme Lord of the Undeath, has been one of the major antagonists of the Warhammer World for quite some time, and as the beginning of the End Times, he has been 'dormant' for some centuries.

The Ruinous Powers have decided to name a new champion to represent the united chaos forces of the Four Dark Gods. This champion is Archaon, the Lord of the End Times. In dark Sylvania, Mannfred von Carstein strikes a fragile alliance with Arkhan the Black in order to resurrect Nagash, the First Necromancer. While Mannfred intends to wrestle control of the ritual in order to obtain even more power, Arkhan, Nagash's lieutenant, truly believes that his master is the last hope the world has against the forces of chaos.

However, in order to bring Nagash back, a ritual must be performed using the Great Necromancer's own instruments; his staff, his armor, and the blade that killed him the first time. Mannfred chooses to go south with his army to retrieve the Fellblade from the hands of the skaven (a race of rat-men), while Arkhan goes west to retrieve the staff from the vaults of the Bretonians (a mix between British and French people). And that's were the books begins...

Truly a worth book to pick. This was my first reading set in the Warhammer World, and I never required to know who's who in the wiki (of course, if you wanna know more that's a real help, but it's not required to enjoy the story). I find that the most compelling aspect of the story is the journey of Erikan Crowfiend, a recently Bretonian knight turned vampire, as he is forced to pick allegiances and his relations with some of the other characters really accentuate his development as the plot progresses. 

If you're into high fantasy, or just love vampire stories, I highly recommend The Return of Nagash

TJ's Rating - 4/5


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