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My two cents on Siblings



Not gonna lie, being the middle child helps me see the perspective of both sides of one coin, by that I mean I know the feeling of being both the older brother and the younger brother...and both sides are always at each other's throats for whatever reason. They both have their bright sides and their dark sides, and sadly, their dark sides show up more than their bright sides, at least from what I've experienced.

For example, my older sister, I've been with her for some time, and I've gotten used to her loud voice, her demanding choirs, and the amount of bullshit when I was younger, but she always has that envious side of her, always wanting attention, blaming my mother for trying to protect her, and is basically toxic as hell. I don't really know what happened, or how it lead up to that point, but she vandalized the upstairs apartment, destroyed my birth blanket my mother crocheted for me, and basically tried to make false stories about her. Only until she started to see how wrong she was is when she finally decided to be around to help the family...after she bailed out on family. Do I hate her? Yes. Do I want to beat the crap out of her? Fuck yeah. Am I going to? No, because her realizing her mistake is living with it is punishment enough as it is. Then there's my younger sister, who was always getting on my nerves all because she wanted attention, and acts like she has the moral high ground, when she doesn't. Often times I throw her logic back at her, much to her dismay, and I'm always the one to get the last laugh. She usually shirks her chores because "she's busy with schoolwork," or she just ends up forgetting about it until something comes up to remind her about it, and she usually does something underhanded just to get what she wants.

Yeah, my experiences with both older and younger siblings make me a bit mindful of others with similar personalities, and with my memory being like a steel trap, it'll be pretty difficult to forget. If I do meet my siblings again, it'll be when I end up doing far better than they are. Before any of you decide to spam the comments saying that "not all siblings are like that," yes, I know, in fact I've met people who have siblings that are far more mature than mine, some of which I knew back in high school. I'm just saying that most siblings will have some pent up aggression for reasons that either A. They think they deserve justice on (which is bullshit), B. They can't be convinced was different from their's, or C. They think other people should know based on how they act. If you, or your older and/or younger sibling(s), are like that...then you, or your siblings, need to re-evaluate a few things.

A bit blunt, sure, but that's my two cents on the topic. Agree or disagree? Got yours you wanna share? Go for it.

VectorLogic, signing out!


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