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Writing Draft: Skylit Summer Sky



This story just bloomed in my mind so I decided to write it for funsies. Anywho, the premise is my hunter character, Fay, will be going on a vacation with the Admiral. They share a relationship. I haven't written like this in months so I'm pretty happy. Obviously this is a draft so there will be grammatical mistakes. 

Let me know what you think! :D 


Fay couldn’t contain the smile that slowly formed across her cherry red lips; her golden-colored eyes softened at the large bodied man who sat beside her. She tapped her wooden goblet with the tip of her scarlet nail in deep thought. Well, it was all an act to put him on edge; she knew the answer she’ll give him.

“Sure.” she responded with a smile still cemented on her face.

A swift breeze blew through the Gathering Hub, animating cloth banners and delicate chimes hung on ropes. Countless chimes touched each other mimicking the sound of golden bells. The scent of flowers filled the air and the Palicoes rejoiced, jumping, kicking, and almost sliding through the hub on their fur-covered feet. The Admiral flagged down a waiter and ordered another meat platter for him and the lady. He turned his attention back to the woman who was busy downing her drink. She loved her booze. This was her sixth goblet. 

“Have you decided where you wanted to go?” The blond man inquired. 
Fay placed down the goblet with a light thud. She dabbed the sides of her lips with the napkin and faced him. “Anywhere… you want to.... Sir.”
He knew she’d say that and laughed. “The Ancient Forest is the best place to go for our private vacation,” he said brightly. “It’s one of my favorite places to set up camp. There are various sectors of the forest that remain unexplored but I know where they are,”
“We… can go there.” she nodded. Truthfully, Fay loved going to Elder’s Recess but it’s not the most suitable destination for a vacation; there were too many monster turf wars, unstable weather, and a constant stream of hunters flying in and out of the recess.
 The silver-haired woman tilted her head as a thought struck her. “What about… my hunting duties? Wouldn’t… the commander… be… displeased?”
The man kicked back and used his tree trunk-sized arm to pull her closer. She almost slipped off the wooden stool. “Don’t worry about Marten,” he reassured. “You deserve it after you religiously hunted tempered and arch-tempered monsters for three weeks straight.”

She giggled. True.

“Plus, Marten is very happy with your contribution. He told me he had never seen any hunter possessively hunt Elder Dragons like you do.”
Fay playfully smacked his exposed chest. Her cheeks mildly burned. She was never used to praise. “Stop it. I’m… just doing… my job.”
“Marten assumes you’re crazy but he knows how much you want to help the Commission’s research goals.” The man pressed his lips against her forehead. “Although, he did say you should cut down on hunting Teostra and Lunastra and give the other rookies and hunters a chance at slaying them.”
“I guess… so.” 
“Vaal Hazak, too.”

Fay cleared her throat and pushed off him as their meat platter was served. An explosion of aroma greeted her nose. Today’s special featured roasted Aptonoth with sweet sauce on five metal skewers. The rest of the platter was decorated with chunks of Great Jagras meat, Revolture wings with spicy sauce, two Anjanath drumsticks among other tasty morsels. To the north of the platter was a wooden bowl of green veggies lathered with the Chef’s special sauce imported from the Old World. 

“Let’s… eat.” Fay said.

The Admiral couldn’t agree more and he too, started to dig into the feast.



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