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What's going on and future projects

Sakura Alexia


Hello everyone, this is another of one of a sort of update blog, I thought I'd let you know why I haven't been drawing much this year and what my future plans are.
The first thing is why I haven't posted much, well that has to do with my computer. This guy is sadly getting rather old, when September will hit, it'll have 8 years already, it had problems to its system and I had to change the battery a second time just last Christmas. I loved it, it has served me well but for this Christmas I'll be getting another one. This one simply lags too much, in particular with heavy softwares like Photoshop involved, which brings me to the next point.
So I have a version of Photoshop, like I believe many other people of the world, that is not... quite legit, but I obviously can't afford to buy it nor pay its license as its really expensive. Anyway, given that, I made the decision to look for other softwares that are similar but free, there's some pretty valid ones I have seen, but not because I am not finding well with Photoshop anymore, all the opposite, however I do not wish for my brand new computer to get viruses or anything like that in an attempt to hack it or whatever, which is why I want to try out other softwares that won't cost me anything and won't damage my new computer.
This might slow my works down a bit, as I'll have to learn another program, however unlike my first attempts I'm not flying blind, I know most of the stuff I need to look for and where to look for tutorials and advices as well now, which is of course a big advantage compared to when I started out. I will obviously show and share my attepmts ans thoughts as I go.
Does this mean that in these months you haven't been drawing at all? No, of course not, a bit in the first ones but lately I've been doing a lot and liking it too, but most drawings are handmade, so just on paper, and sketchy.
I have found a liking in sketching stuff more than making an actual finished drawing all the time, forcing yourself to think and do wonderful drawings all the time can be stressing while sketching is much more relaxing, good stuff can come from just that too. Also I find it very useful to pratice on things I don't normally do, you guys know I mostly draw characters, however it can be boring to draw the same thing all the time, so lately I've been focusing on other different things, to practice of course but also to not get bored of what I do, which was the main cause my most recent block.
I still intend to make fully well made works though of course, and in a previous entry I did at the beginning of the year, I wrote about several things I wanted to do, some projects I had in mind, well they still apply, I have even more now too.
What I intend to focus on will still be creating fan art about characters, I had said that I would have done some fanmade skins for some Smite characters, yes, I still intend to, and I have more ideas now than when I first thought about this thing. However I had made a poll and people voted for the Moonlight Fox DaJi skin and that one shall be the first one up. Actually the very first one was the Frost Harpy Isis but that's because I rushed it to participate in a contest made by Hi-Rez for winter skins, however I didn't draw it too well as I fell ill, but whatever.
Here's how it looks like if someone lost it:

Frost Harpy Isis skin concept by SakuraAlexia
The original mugshots:

Frost Harpy Isis mugshots by SakuraAlexia
And a sneak peek of the original ones of DaJi's one:

Moonlight Fox DaJi mugshots by SakuraAlexia
Another thing I've been meaning to try my hand on are comics, not funny ones though, pretty serious ones. So far I've been thinking at a couple of them, both Smite themed, one features Skadi and Loki, with the appearance of Ullr and Freya as well, while the second is about Athena, Medusa and Arachne. Someone might already guess what I'm thinking but I don't want to make spoilers for now.
Challenges, I looked online and there's plenty of interesting ones both digital and not. The first one I was thinking of was the same one I did last year which was Inktober, once October hits I'll do it again, not sure if I want to do my own prompt or just follow the ones given, I'll see.
Other ones that attract me a lot are color based ones, like using a completely random color palette or just a single color, also other prompt based ones attract me too, I'll see what I can find, I accept suggestions too.
Another thing I wanted to talk about were stories and videos too. As you may or may not have seen I am managing to be able to write some short stuff again, which means I do want to try and keep that up, after not writing for more than a year now. I have intention of revising my stories and ideas and rewrite them properly, and also, most importantly, not publish anything online until its all finished, so if a story has multiple chapters it won't be published until all of them are done, the idea of publishing stories online makes me nervous so I don't want to be pressured by other people or myself and be forced to write, its what my problem was and I don't want to face it again.
Videos instead, I have started getting into the hang of editing so I have planned to do more montages, the Smite ones are simple, just featuring kills and highlights of various games we've had, while the idea behind the Borderlands ones is a bit different.
Let me explain, in the Borderlands games there are a lot, and I mean an whole lot, of legendary items and uniques, my idea was to record footage of me farming them and show off some funny moments and stuff like that, the first video didn't highlight that very well, it was also my first attempt though, let's be honest.
Last but not least, some of you might remember the Project Lilac, something that me and a certain spy created years ago, its about a fanmade Pokemon region we had made up, based on my country.
However I have noticed that I haven't been working on it a lot, I lack drawings on it, I lack of written stuff so what I want to do is this, I have intention of giving it an entirely fresh start, rewrite the story more properly (and finish it), redraw the characters and all regarding them, and construct them properly with their strenghts and flaws, I want to set every single thing properly and work on it the way i should have done during these years already.
This time I do intend to keep my word, I'm 23 years old and I need to stop acting like a little child and actually mantain my projects.
This is all, have a nice day. :) 


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