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Short scene from Where Angels Fall

Sakura Alexia


Okay so, I haven't written anything in a long, long time, but a few days ago I've found myself doing so, it was short and small but I managed to write a scene.
This scene is related to the latest fanfiction I was writing before I completely stopped to dedicate myself to art, the story was called "Where Angels Fall" and it was for the Borderlands fandom. I found myself loving the games even before playing them and now I'm even more in love with it, which is also the reason why I would like to redo what I did so far of this story and finish it up the way it deserves, as now I know much more stuff and I can get into the story much more, having played the games more than once.
It features the characters from Borderlands 2 in this, but anyway here it is. (not sure how good it is though)

"Its done! I've got the data!" Gaige happily announced, after succesfully hacking the terminal and managing to find out where the Vault was, where Jack was keeping Lilith hostage.
With the ECHO with the informations savely digistructed into her own one, the Mechromancer made her way to the rest of the group, shotgun in hand, ready to blow up any Hyperion loader that dared to come her way, the others did a good job in protecting her from the robots, but it seemed like Jack was determined to not let them get out of the Info Stockade. Sound of battle taking place all around her as she reached Axton and his trusty turret.
"Good job young lady" he complimented her as soon as he was finished shooting the last bullet into a loader that dared to get too close.
"Thanks old man" she chuckled.
"I ain't that old missy" he snorted at her as he turned, it seemed like the waves of loaders stopped coming, a good sign, it was time to head back home.
Not too much later, they were joined by the other three male figures of the group, though no sign of the sixth member.
"Where's Maya?" the commando asked, looking around to see if he spotted her anywhere. He knew she was a strong woman, and doubted that any of these pityful robots managed to get anywhere near her, though her absence worried him, it wasn't like her to not show up. The rest shared worried glances between each other too.
It didn't take long for them to find her, even among the chaos of the mechanical devastation they caused, and Krieg's shouting as they looked for the "Pretty Lady", like he called her, they easily managed to spot the familiar woman with blue hair, that currently had her back turned at them.
"Come on Maya, its time to go back" Gaige called her out, with no result, the siren didn't seem to have heard her, she frowned, a question mark appearing on Zero's mask as well, indicating that he was just as confused as the redhead.
"Maya?" Axton slowly made his way to her, something was definitely off, he was sure of it. His suspicions were confirmed the closer he got to her, he could see her shaking, was she crying again?
When he placed a hand on her shoulder though and finally managed to see her face, he realized that is was something far worse...
The siren was hunched over and had a hand pressed against her chest as she wheezed, there was blood coming out of her nose and mouth dribbling down her chin and onto the ground too, her blood, no doubts.
Finally seeming aware of his presence, Maya attempted to turn her head towards him and failing miserably, the small motion causing her to fall over, if it wasn't for the commando that instinctively managed to get a hold of her before she could hit the ground.
"Easy..." he whispered to her as he helped her sit on the ground, supporting her all the way and keeping her close to him, trying to give her some sort of comfort. The look he received from her was one he had never seen before and doubted that he wanted to see it again... confused, scared, and full of pain.
Axton heard a pair of feet rushing to him, he didn't look away from the siren but the distinct blur of red in the corner of his eyes told him that it was Gaige, the girl run over to them, dropping down on her knees with them.
"What's wrong with her?" she asked, eyes full of concern and tears she was trying hard to keep at bay. The rest soon joined too, silently standing behind them, even Krieg.
"I don't know Gaige, but we've got to get her back to Sanctuary as fast as we can, maybe Zed can do something"
He stole another worried look at the siren, she didn't appear that something hurt her, no wounds aside a few scratches, it worried him the way she kept holding her chest, occasionally clenching her fist in the fabric of her leotard, while her left arm was left dangling helplessly, wasn't she able to move it? It felt oddly cold too, and never once he felt it cold, her siren markings, even when inactive always radiated some sort of warmth, evidence of the time-space distorting powers she possessed.
Maybe it was a siren's problem? How he wished that Lilith was with them right now...
Axton lifted Maya up in his arms as gently as he could, he had no idea what afflicted her, but surely he didn't want to cause her more pain. He didn't need to instruct the others to protect them as he carried the Siren back home as he saw Zero and Krieg darting forward, sword and axe in their respective hands, ready to clear their path while Salvador and Gaige stuck closer to him, the Merchromancer even summoned Deathtrap to help.
"You'll be fine... you're going to be fine..." he whispered to the trembling woman, even though it felt like he was trying to convince himself more than trying to reassure her. He hoped that between Zed and Tannis they would find a way to help her out, he really hoped so.

So yeah, that's it, I really haven't written a thing in a long time so I need lots of help, which is why I posted this, any help is very much appreciated.


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