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Inktober 2017 - Final

Sakura Alexia


Okay so... I know I am terribly late with this (again), and I do not have many excuses for this, it was just me being terribly tired all the time and I even forgot about this sometimes, I still had the usual headaches but they did not actually give me all that trouble, so yes, it was just me being distracted by other things, so sorry for that, I've never been good at keeping up with something for a long time and I am actually surprised that even through delays I managed to get the end of this, I truly am.
The only complaint I can make was both of my black markers leaving me when I was coloring one of these characters and have to pass to the bigger one with more risk of smudges and going out of the borders as it leaves a lot of color on a not such heavy paper, so it absorbs a lot. I'll leave it to you to figure out which character it was that gave me so much trouble with color, I'm sure it'll be easy to find.
Without any further delays or ramblings let's see which characters were features in the last nine days of the challenge.

Day 23 - Atlas from Mega Man ZX Advent
She is the Biomatch for Biometal Model F and a boss character, one of four Mega Men who participate in the Game of Destiny. She is fought in the Oil Field. Model F gives Atlas superhuman strength, fire manipulation powers, and the ability to curve bullets in her MegaMerged form.
Atlas has an exceptionally aggressive disposition and values power above everything else. She had previously fought as a soldier in a country that has been ravaged by Mavericks. She has developed the belief that human beings can only evolve during times of war, wherein the strong survive and grow stronger, while the weak perish.
Due to the hair style Atlas has, which covers the forehead, aka the location of the possible red triangle identifying reploids, it is impossible to tell if she is human/humanoid or reploid.

Inktober 2017 Day 23 - Atlas by SakuraAlexia

Day 24 - Quinton from Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal
Quinton, known as V in the Japanese version, Five in the Italian version, born as Christopher "Chris" Arclight, is the eldest son of the Vetrix Family and was the most dedicated towards their cause.
As the eldest brother of the Vetrix Family, Quinton is the most rational and calmest of his brothers, even more so than Vetrix at times. When he was younger, Quinton was gentle and mature to others, looking out for his younger brothers and made sure they behaved. When living with Kite, Quinton grew fond of him and taught him how to Duel to protect his own younger brother, Hart. After learning of his father's fate, Quinton became cold and stoic, blaming his father's condition on Dr. Faker. Assisting with Vetrix's revenge, Quinton kept his brothers in line and was usually shown with his father conversing over important issues.
Quinton acts cold and ruthless when he Duels, as well as egotistical, he has an intense hatred of Dr. Faker due to what he did to Vetrix and ruining his family, with which he also blames Kite for doing his father's dirty work. After his father's return to his old persona, these traits vanished and Quinton became kinder and returned to being friends with Kite.

Inktober 2017 Day 24 - Quinton by SakuraAlexia

Day 25 - Purin Fon from Tokyo Mew Mew
She is one of the main heroines of the story, the fourth Mew Mew to be introduced and her D.N.A is merged with a Golden Lion Tamarin. She is a chinese 11 years old girl, she has several brothers and sisters, which she takes care of, while her father is away for training and never home and her mother is no longer alive. To get money, she used to do tricks in the park to make money to "support the arts".
Her Mew Mark is two monkey tails on her forehead. Her weapon is Purin Rings, and her attack is Ribbon Purin Ring Inferno. This attack involves Mew Purin performing a series of acrobatic flips, kicks and somersaults before summoning a tambourine and a bell ring. She taps them together, forming a melody in the air. Her Mew mark glows and she brings the instruments down, unleashing a blast of yellow energy which encases the enemy in a force field similarly shaped like jello.

Inktober 2017 Day 25 - Purin Fon by SakuraAlexia

Day 26 - Aphrodite from Smite
Greek goddess of love and beauty, one of the many daughters of Zeus.
There are too few words to describe the radiance, the magnificence, the inequitable glory of Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty. So wondrous is she to behold that one look can inspire tears, desire, jealousy, and love. Yet, beneath her flawless exterior resides a heart burdened with insecurity.
Inattentive and hideous to look upon, her husband, Hephaestus, unknowingly leaves Aphrodite feeling lonely and worthless. She finds consolation in the arms of other men such as Ares, or validation by competing in any contest of beauty she encounters.
At a wedding attended by all the Gods, a golden apple appeared, inscribed with the words "to the fairest." Immediately Aphrodite, her mother Hera, and sister Athena quarreled over it. Zeus elected Paris, Prince of Troy, to choose a victor. In exchange for being named the fairest, Aphrodite offered any woman in the world as his wife, so Paris agreed. However, he chose Helen as his wife, and their love began the catastrophic Trojan War.
In the game she's a healer mage, she's able to heal a single ally she ties to and protect them with the immuntity given by her ultimate.

Inktober 2017 Day 26 - Aphrodite by SakuraAlexia

Day 27 - 2A from Nier Automata
So this may be a little awkward but I do not actually know a thing about this game, I just saw this character from pictures and I thought she was cool, I often do that, I tend to like characters just by the looks without knowing a thing about them at all, not even going to look. To be honest I didn't even think that she would be picked by the randomizer, I could have changed but I didn't want to.
I guess that what got to me were the sort of badass look, and also maybe the fact that she reminds me of my own dear OC Sakura with the white hair and blue eyes, so yes, that it.
Despite everything I intend to remain ignorant about this game and this character and keep the idea I have of her, so sorry about it, no infos this time.

Inktober 2017 Day 27 - 2A by SakuraAlexia

Day 28 - Caveira from Rainbow Six Siege
Same thing as above for her too, I have known this character from videos of the game of a person I have watched on YouTube for a long time and that might have had some bit of influence on me in liking this character, she is also one of the characters I didn't think it would have been chosen.
All I know about her is that she is a defense operator and she is based on being stealthy and sneaking up on enemies, that she can interrogate in order to reveal where the rest of the enemy team is. That is all I know, and like before I want to remain in the shadows with her too. The main reason is that I am afraid to read something that may make me not like a certain character anymore, so I prefer to stay in my little bubble of ignorance and illusion.

Inktober 2017 Day 28 - Caveira by SakuraAlexia

Day 29 - Izanami from Smite
The Matron of the Dead of the Japanese pantheon, and mother of Amaterasu, Susano and Tsukuyomi.
As Izanami gave birth to the god of Fire, his searing skin scorched her flesh. Fearful she would die, her husband, Izanagi, the man with whom she had created the world, held her close and wept. But it was too late. So grievous were the wounds, Izanami succumbed to death.
To rescue her soul, Izanagi traveled to Yomi, the realm of the darkness and death. Through the black maze he searched, until finally he came upon her, hidden amongst the shadows. He implored her to return with him. She could not, for she had already eaten the fruit that grew in Yomi. Izanagi insisted. He would not leave her in this place. He swore it.
Izanami agreed to take her husband to see the Gods of Yomi, to implore them to free her. Meanwhile, remain in darkness, she cautioned him, for the realm of the dead was not meant for the living to see. Taken by foreboding, Izanagi lit a torch and laid eyes upon his wife. No longer the graceful, elegant beauty she once was, Izanami now appeared a rotting corpse, hollow and decayed, maggot ridden and foul. Frightened and disgusted, Izanagi broke his vow and fled.
Through the bowels of Yomi he ran, pursued by the fiend that was once his wife. Escaping the cave entrance, Izanagi rolled a boulder in place to block it. Sealed within, betrayed and cursed, consumed with wrathful anger, Izanami swore, one thousand lives would she take each day. One thousand to pay for the broken promise he made.
In the game she's a hunter, and unlike the majority of them that wield a bow she has two sickles instead, she's one of the basic attack hunters, one that doesn't need to rely on skills to do a lot of damage, for that she has an attack speed and damage steroid, she can throw projections of herself in a line, become stealthied and her ultimate creates a dark portal that silences all enemies caught in other than dealing damage. She is also one of my first and favorite characters both look and lore wise.

Inktober 2017 Day 29 - Izanami by SakuraAlexia

Day 30 - Mariko Kurama from Elfen Lied
She is a third generation Diclonius, born from a father infected by a First Generation Diclonius. She was the most powerful Diclonius, with the most vectors (extremely powerful invisible arms) and longest range on record. She was locked away by her father within the Diclonius Research Institute since birth, and only released in an attempt to kill Lucy. She dies in the last episode alongside her father.
She's a five year old child who is unable to properly walk on her legs due to her prolonged isolation, she uses a wheelchair that she moves with her vectors, she has 26 of them in the anime (when all the other have just 4 of them) and 50 in the manga, and they have a range of 11 metres, compared to Nana and Lucy that have a range of 3 and 2 metres respectively.

Inktober 2017 Day 30 - Mariko Kurama by SakuraAlexia

Day 31 - Nike from Smite
Greek goddess of Victory.
It is often said that history is written by the victor. If that is true, then history is shaped by a single Goddess: Nike, the winged warrior.
When the fastest runner bears a golden medal, when a cunning hunter slays the fiercest beast, when the soldiers seize the day, the Faithful of Olympus praise Nike. Without her favor, failure is ensured, and obscurity certain.
Even mighty Zeus, a king among Gods, seeks the favor of Nike. On the smoke strewn fields of antiquity, when the God of Thunder marched against his Titan forebears, Nike fought by his side, her dauntless blade inspiring confidence in her allies as they faced an impossible foe. Without her, all the heavens are left to wonder if Zeus would have carried that day. Had Zeus fallen, the world as it is known would have fallen with him.
In the game she's a warrior, an ability based one, she can hurt the enemies by sending fissure in a line at them from two to three times, depending if her damage steroid is active or not, stick close to people by jumping on them or easily get away, and her ultimate gives her a shield and a damage increase and also slows all the enemies hit, in addiction her passive grants addictional power and movement speed to the entire team the more its goals are completed, which are three, and each time one is complete a laurel appears on the entire team's heads.

Inktober 2017 Day 31 - Nike by SakuraAlexia

This is it, and despite all the problems I had I really enjoyed doing this, I sincerely did.
The whole point of this for me it wasn't the challenge itself, nor the lack of creativity, I do have a lot of notes on drawings still to do that I have delayed because of this, the point was to train myself with something I do not usually do.
I had a few objectives for this, besides the one to get to the end of course, which were getting better at inking, the technique but most importantly being patient and precise, though I do not feel I have achieved the precision one, I believe I have to train some more for that. Then the main objective was to train and learn new styles of drawings, as you have seen I have collected a lot of characters coming from plenty of different fandoms, with different styles, the point was to try out new things I had never done before to get used to other styles for eventual future fan arts, but most importantly it was to see what adapted to me the most, what I could do best and what I struggled with.
I have reason to believe that now I have, at least a bit, the fundamentals of different styles that I will apply to my future drawings of my own charcters, to fuse what comes to me the best and create a style that belongs to me and me alone.
For example I was unable to do those sort of semi-realistic noses and mouths typical of Smite and Borderlands, now I got better, though I feel like the more simplistic style of an anime like One Piece or Pokemon adapts to me much more, while I love the detailed style for the hair, and I struggle when they are excessively simple, like for Pokemon, again, or Mega Man. I have never struggled much with the eyes and eyebrows so whatever works and the clothes can be both very detailed or very plain, I don't mind either. So yeah, things like these, and hopefully I can make what I have learned work correctly, we shall see in the future I guess.
I have also discovered that I love leaving things in black and white too so I will definitely use this style of coloring more often from now on.
Oddly enough I enjoyed the bigger pictures the most, the ones almost as big as the paper, amybe because I never do anything as big though if I have to pick a favorite its a tie between Lilith and Izanami, and yours?
Do I want to repeat this next year? Possibly yes, with a bit more of preparation I believe I can make it work better than this year for sure, I was only the first time after all, I had to be more aware of my own health and mental state, that was my mistake but now I know, so yes, if I can I'll most definitely repeat this next year, and hopelly finish things at the right time. XD
Anyway this is it for the time being, I'll see what I can come up with for future entries.


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