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Inktober 2017 - Week #1

Sakura Alexia


A week has passed since I started this challenge, I must say I was pretty excited the first days, and I couldn't wait to draw new things, then after the first 4/5 days I have strted feeling the weight of the challenge.
I love drawing yes but there are some of these days where you just don't feel like it, where you say "I have drawn for so many days one after another and I need a pause" kind of thing, the last few days of the week have been more stressful and less exciting than the first ones for sure, without being able to just stop for a day the thing becomes tiring, really tiring, mentally in particular, though despite everything I made it for the entire week, and believe it or not I am determined to go till the end.

Let's see which characters have been selected with the randomizer during this week:

Day 1
Rina Toin from Mermaid Melody.
This is one of the very first animes I watched and liked, childish yes, but I was no more than 10 at the time and I liked these kind of things.
She's one of the main characters of the story, she's the mermaid princess of the North Atlantic ocean and the color assigned to her is green.
Out of the three main protagonists she's the smartest and most mature one of the trio and the less girlish as well (in fact she's never been seen with a short skirt), which made me prefer her compared to the other two, though of the series she used to be and still is my second favorite, after the first mermaid princess of the Indian ocean Sarah.
It is also believed that she is one of the best voices, certainly she is in the italian dub, in fact she has one of the best voice actresses we have. Her own song, Star Jewel, used to be one of my favorites regarding the songs of the anime of course.
Here's she's represented in her idol form instead, due to the fact that her hair are a really dark shade of green they have been all colored black.
This took me an insanely long amount of time, her hair in particular, though I believe that for the first day this is an excellent result.

Inktober 2017 Day 1 - Rina Toin by SakuraAlexia

Day 2
Neige from Mega Man Zero 4.
She's a human reporter and she plays a rather important role in the game's story.
She first appears in the caravan trucks that are trying to reach Area Zero, a human settlement of people who fled Neo Arcadia in fear of being killed by Weil, the main atagonist, when he took power over it.
She is romantically involved with a replirod named Craft, who is working for Weil. At a certain point of the game she gets kidnapped by the same Craft, and then fred by the player itself.
Later she appears again to give the player the coordinates of the Teleporter Base so that he may start the last mission, which is to kill Weil, and finish the game.
Her name in french means Snow.
The drawing is a little bit smaller compared to the first but the result is pleasing nonetheless.

Inktober 2017 Day 2 - Neige by SakuraAlexia

Day 3
Kagura from Inuyasha
Another anime I used to follow during my childhood/teen years.
Kakura is a demon and is one of the creations of the demon Naraku (the main antagonist), she is able to control the wind by using her fan to create tornadoes or reanimate dead bodies, also she can enlarge her feather-like head ornaments to use as transportation.
As one of Naraku's incarnations he holds power over her, and she is bound to service him as betrayal would mean her death. Despite everything she hates Naraku and tries her best to get rid of him by trying to get Inuyasha (the main character) or his brother Sesshomaru kill him so she could be free.
Later in the anime she indeed betrays Naraku, though fearful for her life she escapes, Naraku does indeed find her, suspiciously he hands her her heart that he had in his possession, killing her right after by piercing her chest and poisoning her so she could not recover. Before her final moment she is found by Sesshomaru, who its been hinted she had romantic interests into. At the moment of her death Kagura's body disintegrates and becomes a gust of wind, her last thoughts though are happy as she was finally free, like the wind.
Certailnly one of the most loved characters, and one of the saddests deaths of the anime. Also her name means God-entertainment.
I liked this drawing though I messed up the shape of her face a bit, also the fan was too big and I had to cut a piece of the picture to make it look like it was okay with the rest. Also the eyes looked like she was hypnotized so I colored them red like they are meant to be, and also her lips which looked open but were meant to be closed instead.

Inktober 2017 Day 3 - Kagura by SakuraAlexia

Day 4 
Mercy from Overwatch
Her real name is Angela Ziegler, she comes from Switzerland and she's one of the most brilliant doctors when it comes to medical technology, she also applied said technology to her own body, which has possibly altered her aging process, she's in fact 37 years old but as you can see she looks way younger.
After obtaining her grades she became head of the surgery in a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. This brought her to Overwatch's attention.
Initially she opposed as her parents were taken during the war and she was contrary to military organizations, she still joined Overwatch to be able to save lives on a larger scale, becoming the head of Overwatch's medical research, which lead to the creation of her Valkyrie suit.
When Overwatch dissolved, she dedicated herself to helping those affected by war.
In the game she is the most healing oriented support, she can heal her teammates or boost them with the use of her caduceus staff and even resurrect them, she also has a blaster to defend herself in dire situations. She's for now my main character and easily one of my favorites.
I have kind of messed up in a few places with the ink, which I tried to solve by using my white marker to erase it, not sure if it worked well though. Despite that I am happy because the pose I have chosen wasn't the easiest either, her right arm was a real pain to do, and so was her right wing.

Inktober 2017 Day 4 - Mercy by SakuraAlexia

Day 5
Kitt Raada Wonn from Dragon Booster
Another thing I used to see, and honestly it still is one of my favorites.
She's a 16 years old dragon racer, her Magma class dragon Wyldfyr is one of the fastest dragons there is. Not much is known about her, only that her parents died when she was young and was left on the streets with other racers taking care of her.
During the events of the show she becomes good friends with Artha Penn (the main character) and joins his racing crew, on which she's the only female member, and lives his adventures along with him.
Nothing to really say about this drawing, was rather easy as well, I'm good with it.

Inktober 2017 Day 5 - Kitt Raada Wonn by SakuraAlexia

Day 6
D.Va from Overwatch
Her real name is Hana Song and she is from North Korea. She's a 19 years old former professional gamer that now uses her abilities to pilot a mech to defend her homeland.
Given her popularity she is famous in the entire world.
Since she pilots a mech she's one of the tank heroes of the game, she has boosters, a shield that allows her to absorb hits and can also fire missiles, and her ultimate allows her to self-destruct her mech to cause an explosion. If her mech is destroyed she is equipped with a mini gun so she can continue to fight.
About the drawing I am absolutely not pleased with this, I don't know why but I feel like its the worst of them all, the pose is okay but I feel like her head is too big and her face makes her look too old compared to what she is. Then again I was really tired this day so that might have made things more complicated. 

Inktober 2017 Day 6 - D.Va by SakuraAlexia

Day 7
Android 18 from Dragon Ball
This was the anime of my teen years, and one of pretty much all italian teens of my age, it was transmitted so much.
Anyway she's an android, she's the twin sister of android 17, the 18th creation of Doctor Gero, designed to kill Goku, though she used to be human, and her name was Lazuli.
She first appears in the Cell saga and has been present in the anime ever since, she's also married to Krillin and they have a daughter named Marron.
Not much to say about this drawing, except that I haven't been really precise with her hair, but its okay.

Inktober 2017 Day 7 - Android 18 by SakuraAlexia

Day 8
Rob Lucci from One Piece
My favorite anime of all times, I still read the manga as well.
He's the main antagonist of the Water 7/Enies Lobby saga, my personal favorite saga too, anyway he was the head of CP9 (Cipher Pol number 9), a group of government agents that acts in the shadows, during the saga him and his group try to get their hands on the blueprints of a weapon of destruction named Pluton, to do so they capture Franky, the holder of the bluprints, and Nico Robin, the one that knows the location of the weapon, and take them to Enies Lobby, so then after they can be transfered to Impel Down, a huge underwater prison, so they could face justice for their crimes.
He and his group are stopped by Luffy and his crew, along with their allies and Franky himself, that manages to break free from his chains by himself, they defeat the CP9 before they can take Robin away.
After the saga they are later seen in the Dressrosa saga, and in the Film Gold, where they are revealed to be part of the CP0, their goals are still unknown for now.
Like many characters he has eaten a devil fruit, his is the Neko (cat) Neko no mi model leopard, which allows him to turn into a leopard, its a Zoan type of fruit, which allows the user to turn into an animal, depending from the fruit, this type of fruit enhances physical powers a lot. He's also the strongest member of his group.
Here he is represented in his human and also hybrid form, exactly as it was seen in the last movie. It took a lot since it was kind of big but I managed.

Inktober 2017 Day 8 - Rob Lucci by SakuraAlexia

Well the first week is gone, overall I am okay with the results, except that one day where I did worse but I believe that there are some days where you are just tired and that screws up something. But anyway I look forward to continue and I shall hold on until the end.
Who's your favorite by the way?

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