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A cover for Lilac - part 2

Sakura Alexia


Here's the second part where I inked the drawing and added a couple of things I forgot and fixed others, mostly Robin, where I added her cross, scars and fixed her top, and I added some hair to Trish as well.
No major changes or anything, though in a few spots my hand slipped and I ruined a few little things, I'm sorry for that but its not easy to do things well without a proper desk.
I have intention to add something in the space between Trish, Cade and Brina as I don't like the black space right there when I did everything to cover the space everywhere else, probably will be a Pokeball.
Next time I'll bring you the colored version, manually, not digitally, though I have intention of doing that too.

Lilac cover lineart.png


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