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Middle-Earth - Shadow of Mordor

By AquilaTempestas, 10/10/2017

Well, I decided to try something different with this mission to capture the squealer to lure out a war chief. Last several attempts saw me pissing off the entire stronghold. This time I snuck my way in and got a Caragor to help fight the squealer's bodyguards. Unfortunately, I accidentally got him killed. I did eventually succeed though by making the squealer chase me for quite distance where he got separated then it was easy so make him scream for his master. Heh heh.

@belmakori @TJMike @Lightningblade49 @Kage



Talion: "Ha, I got you now, tell me were is your masters!

*Carigor pounces and attempts to eat the snitch alive*

Talion: "No! Down boy! He is not for eating!"

Good game to make you feel OP as all hell, that's what drove me to complete this game.

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Ha, I'd have to wait til it drops down in price a bit, not too hyped for the sequel honestly because of how the first one ended, it was just really lazy and sloppy. 

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