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Smite Lag: The First Step

By Stubborn Saber, 10/08/2017

This was recorded a while ago, but is the first step down the laggy journey we'll take together, it will be painful, but please........ Don't cry.

I have played on European servers ever since and all has been well, until recently..........................


I just get this non stop now on the PS4, which sucks and is why I'm not playing Smite right now, simply because I can't, this happens every game. I could try joining, but it'll probably cost ya the win because you're essentially a player down.

Kill stealing? I prefer to look at it as giving my team a moral boost to do better and get those kills, or set them up for me, both is good.

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I'll be at Uni for at least 3 years and living in their full-board accommodation for the first year, which means I have to go back home during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

That'll be part of the reason, but the WiFi comes from two different sources, the newer upgraded version for computers, laptops, e.c.t, whilst consoles and older devises run on the old system because they can't handle the encryption of the new model.

Still, it worked the first time I had it running, got a few good games in with my brother and I was a week behind everyone else because I forgot my wires, but then it's just gone to shit. Expecting the a response to my email some time this week, might be able to get something sorted, it's not guaranteed though.

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