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Found 44 results

  1. So it looks like there's more Ultra Sun and Moon prerelease news today. All of it’s got me excited, of course. There's a new surfing minigame using Mantine, and it looks really cool. It reminds me a lot of the Pikachu minigame in Pokémon Yellow, and that was immensely enjoyable. The Pokédex also gets expansion, which was badly needed. Now there's over 400 Pokémon, and I can't wait to catch them all. Also, it looks like Mina will have her own trial. That will be interesting, considering her trial not was until postgame originally. It seems to be early on. I wonder what it will contain? Something about painting, maybe? More notes on version exclusives, such as Houndoom and Manetric. I've already used both of those Pokémon several times, so I might not use them here. But it's nice to see that they're in the game, since I like them both. Alolan Marowak is a Totem Pokémon… Honestly, I can't say too much about that. Hopefully, it won't be as easy to beat as its counterpart in the originals… And more info on the Photo Club. Seems like they're doing some pretty good improvements… I'm open to whatever improvements there are… And I'm hoping that this becomes a good feature… I wasn't really crazy about in the originals, but it could have been something really interesting… Hopefully, more work is put into it this time… And more good information for Pokémon! Gold and Silver is being released on the virtual console! It's a shame that Crystal is not with them, but I'm assuming that it's because it was released on Game Boy Color, rather than the original Game Boy. Apparently, there's data for it in some of the more recent games, so we may see it later. I'll be getting them of course, but I won't be playing them right away. The reason being that I mainly want those games so I can transfer old teams up to my collection in the Pokémon Bank. It's also a very useful way to get Hidden Abilities, which might be good in the tougher facilities. There's also useful glitches for things such as shiny and high-level Pokémon. But I'm bad at doing those, so I probably won't use them. Finally, some progress on the Flight Rising Nuzlocke. It's time for a new area, it seems. I roll three extra Beastclan fights, but they are easy. It's not that difficult, others than some enemies ganging up on me. I have a lot of survival chances, and the run appears to be nearing its end. I grab a female Guardian hatchling, and the area comes to an end. Despite the length and how slow the run is going, it seems there might be hope that I can make it to the end.
  2. Time for another entry on the Gold Semilocke! This time, I head towards the Radio Tower to liberate it from Team Rocket. But I run into problems. I don't have a lot of defenders, and opponents to a lot of damage. My one defender, Umbreon has horrible attack. Not to mention that poison runs rampant here, and I'm not able to heal it to the Full Heals not yet being available. Sludge is the main attack, and it does a lot of damage. It's particularly bad for Dratini, and its horrible defenses. At one point, it even gets killed. At least I have revival chances… Despite everything that happens, I eventually reached the boss Rocket. He only uses one type, but he is not easy. I want up with my Umbreon against his Weezing. And that's where things start to get hairy. Sludge still does a lot of damage, despite Umbreon’s superior defense. And Umbreon not being an attacker means I can't attack back very well. However, I still try to hang in there and finish the fight. But then tragedy strikes. Weezing is almost gone, but it still has some life left in it. It fires off a critical Sludge, killing Umbreon. I send in Sycther to take care of it, but Weezing is still in the fight. It explodes, taking Scyther with it. Perhaps it would let me have the satisfaction of defeating it. Locally, the rest of the fight goes easily. I have enough revival chances to continue with the team, but it's still quite a blow. And there is even more trouble to come. Since the item to evolve Scyther comes late (or is otherwise very difficult to get), I decide to use a code to get it early. Except there's one problem. The game I normally use for codes is Crystal, but the codes are different from Gold and Silver. And Gold is currently what I have. My original plan is to put the Metal Coat into Gold, and then only make the trade once. But things don't go according to plan, as I cannot find the specific codes for Pokémon Gold. So instead, I put the Metal Coat into Crystal and trade twice. With it, Scyther finally evolves. And there is much rejoicing. This is also preceded by Dratini, who evolved into Dragonair soon after getting killed and revived at the Radio Tower. And now I have one last challenge. Silver. Well, he's not much of a challenge. But he is an important battle, nonetheless. He gives his motivation here, and it makes sense that he would continue to chase Team Rocket, given who his father is and his history with them… He doesn't bring much to the table, but something interesting does happen. I actually use Tail Whip in the battle. I don't think I've ever done that. I'm up against his strongest Pokémon, Feraligator. And I'm fighting with Umbreon. Umbreon isn't doing a lot of damage, but neither is my opponent. I decide to use Tail Whip in order to constantly lower the foe’s defense. After a while, Tail Whip’s done enough damage where I can defeat it easier. And at last I can continue out of the area, as I continue on my mission to liberate the Radio Tower.
  3. So I start off the day with another training session in the Emerald Nuzlocke. This will probably be one of the last, with me exploring the water routes in between Mossdeep and the next city. The trainers are easy, and the routes very short. Pity I have to use an HM slave to get into the Seafloor Cavern, but I'm strong enough to handle it… Before long, I met the start of the cavern, and the end is near… So after that I train, and reminisce. Flight Rising seems to be just the ticket today. As usual, it is easy. Sometimes I think about how far I've come. It's been a while since I started the run, almost one year to be exact. I was browsing around and wanting something about dragons, and I remembered my old Flight Rising account. I remember that I liked it, but got bored with the game slow pace. I thought maybe if I did a Nuzlocke and treated it like a regular game, my interest would rekindle. I at least wanted to be able to see it one last time, and complete all the achievements I'd been wanting to. Not to mention making up my own lore for the game made things interesting. And I wanted to see how much it changed. So I decided I'd try again. If it didn't interest me, I'd stop. So here I am again, almost one year later and still going. The run still has its issues, such as slowness and lack of things to do with the toughest equipment. Internet connection disconnects are also a problem, but there is nothing I can handle. Of course, it limits me in the amount of areas I can do, the game is rather redundant, so divided more I'm not sure it would keep going. But overall I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm now nearing the games latter half, after all this time, and it feels like quite an accomplishment. I've now got a lot of the achievements cleared, a lot of the areas cleared, and a lot more interesting dragons. Not to mention interesting lore during this time. And a lot has happened in my life to. Makes for very interesting lore, and a reason to go back. It's kind of like a log of what happened. Of course I will keep going, and hope that the log will see its end. It's only fitting that I do, after all I've built up.
  4. And a time for some Fire Emblem Heroes! Time for the Semilocke team to do a new chapter! But it's not all that easy… Corn is having trouble against spellcasters and healers, so she needs a lot of Lights Blessings. I tried to do the next mission, but units keep getting in each other's way. Lloyd and Merric are unintentionally pitted against units they are not strong against. They end up defeated, and I am forced to restart. Things get better the second time, and they seem to be going well. Unfortunately, Corrin was again student she was weak against as they flew over bridges and houses. She quickly gets killed against a green mage and an axe flyer. So I am forced to choose someone else. It is difficult to choose at this point because I have run out of revival chances, and I don't want to spend a lot of time leveling to lose someone else mid chapter. Olivia support skill of dance is invaluable, and because she's not going into combat, she is easy to train. But I still have difficulty. My first instinct is to throw Nowi at everything. But I immediately fail because there are units she is weak to. I also try to keep Olivia out of combat, but I fail to do that as well. I restart several times, but my next few attempts don't go much better. There are the powerful units Elincia and Nephnee, and they use their high movement to chase after my team. Eventually, they heavily wound and even kill units that are weak to them. Eventually, my only choice is to throw Olivia into combat. Where she quickly gets killed. At least the mission is finally cleared… But I don't have many units left. Luckily, I have an Axe user named Arthur. He's high level because of the Seal Quests earlier in the month. He only needs to be raised a bit more to be used in combat. So that's what I do, and head for the next chapter. Everything seems to go smoothly. At least until the final part. I try different formations in combat for the final chapter, but then I realized is only one convoluted way to beat it. Nowi and Lloyd must stand next to each other in order to gain their support ones. Lloyd must then attack Ike. Ike is then healed by Elincia, and attacks back. Merric comes in from behind and damages him. Lloyd then finishes off the mercenary, and Elincia is then killed by Nowi. What happens next is chaotic. The Masked Man comes in and is damaged by Merric. However, he also quickly kills him. Nowi lowers the enemy stats, but Arthur's attack is also lowered. The Black Knight engages Nowi, and both are injured. Arthur manages to attack the Masked Man, and Lloyd finishes him off. Nowi kills the Black Knight. She barely prevents him from casting his attack, the deadly Eclipse. But now, there is one unit left. Oscar. Oscar comes charging him from behind. I think he will attack Nowi. But instead he has his sights set on another target. Lloyd. And before I can stop it, he kills him. At least Nowi took him out afterward. And now I'm left to ponder about how bleak things have become. I don't have a lot of units left, and I'm almost losing more than I'm recruiting. Due to the random number generator and the fact that I can't spend money to get Orbs, there's also a lack of good units even in my reserves. This is only made worse by the game’s slow updates, and although I promised to play to the end, there seems to be no end in sight. So, for now I'm not sure how long this one will continue, or even the game itself. It's fitting for the backdrop, of an endless war where units constantly fight and die for a cause that never seems stop. A cause so dire that spanned across time and space… The Semilocke really does give a feeling of that… Perhaps even better than the game itself has… The death toll for this run is very high, one of the highest of any of the runs. To my knowledge, only Pokemon Zeta as a Randomlocke and Pokémon Stadium one have been higher. So the future doesn't look bright. But at least, I have plans if this run doesn't pan out… But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
  5. Today is an exciting day for Fire Emblem: Heroes! There's finally a whole new chapter, rather than just a side mission! This means new story, new challenges, and most importantly, new ways to get Orbs. Hopefully I can get the other teams training again… Also in terms of new things, Flight Rising has had an update. Those who use alchemy can get to level 23 and create two new familiars. Those who trade can also find new familiars. Since familiars are a good way of making money, I will definitely be going for these as soon as I can. But it will take a while, seeing as the Nuzlocke is still going on… I haven't played in a while, so luckily I will get a chance to play later. But off to the main attraction, Fire Emblem: Heroes. Also, there is currently double SP bonus there. I might take the time to get some skills for some of the teams. But first, the new chapters. So this chapter finally confirms that Bruno is Zarcaias. It's what everyone saw coming, honestly… And he reveals why he ran away… He was originally from the enemy country, but was cast out... His family was killed, so he sided with the trio. However, a curse runs through the royal blood, and Bruno knew if he stayed said curse would kill his newfound friends… So he left, looking for way to get rid of it, but he hasn't found any success… It's kind of sad, knowing that, because the reason he asked his friends to kill him so he wouldn't cause them any suffering… And since his friends are still attached to him, they went along with keeping him alive, leading to the current conflict… He's kind of like a Lyon in a way, where he was kind and gentle, trying to use the darkness for the best reasons he could. But in the end, it devoured him, and he has to ask his friends to kill him… It's also worth noting that a big theme of Lyon’s game is facing reality and dealing with loss… I wonder if that will come into play again with the Askr trio… It also makes you wonder if the god that Loki is the servant of is also the god that possesses the royal family… There's even more connections there, because said god requires Lyon’s tome. On the subject of that, it makes you wonder what would happen if Veronica was good, knowing what was happening in trying to save her brother. And at the same time, wanting to make new friends… She could keep her secrets hidden from the trio, at least until something like this happens… It would make a lot more sense to have her there than Anna, because even though she is the mascot of the series, she is not an original character… Also, on another topic, I wonder what things would've been like if Lyon would've accepted his father's death, and moved on. The Demon King probably would have still caused problems, but Lyon would have been one of the heroes. I feel like it's a fate he deserves… I also feel like Ephraim would've been looked down upon a bit more, because everyone else is asked him it more sensibly. I feel like the only reason people accepted what he did is because they were in the middle of a war and no one knew what to do… But enough about that. We have a battle to fight. Luckily, the enemies are easy. But Bruno runs away. Time to chase after him… Also, I grab my reward from the Tempest Trials, and see the ending scene… It's both happy and sad at the same time, as their world is saved, but Hector realizes what's going to happen to him… And he makes the main character not tell anyone… It's especially sad if his own games have been played, and the player actually gets to see that happen… Anyway, back to the chapters. And the Black Knight appears, at the same port he appears in Path of Radiance. And he has his theme too… Pretty awesome! I suspect we will be recruiting him in some way. But for now, we have to defend. Luckily, it's still not that hard, even if the Black Knight gets some hits in. Onto the next chapter. That one goes without a hitch, and we are at the final one. And Bruno really is like Lyon, with no one being able to resist and him being unable to kill himself… The chapter is called A Bond Renewed, so I'm hoping it ends happily… Well, it sort of does. Even if it is a bit predictable. Bruno presumes his search, and the Askr warriors vow to save him. Part of me wonders what would've happened if he'd just told the truth… Would they have reacted in the same way? And how would they felt knowing that they had a loyal friend, but that he could kill them at any time? It would be interesting to think about. I also can't help noting that Bruno’s name is still listed as ???. Is that because of the three identities he has, or is he actually someone else that is none of them? Maybe he has a connection to Loki’s true form… But for now, it's time for the Semilocke team to take over. Except they don't have as easy of a time. Nowi gets injured by enemies in the second chapter, and I think I may lose her. But it's not her I lose. It’s Raven. As I attack the enemies, I leave him wide-open to an attack from Elincia. And the attack kills him. The other enemies are easily dispatched. But now I'm left to wonder what to do without a unit. Raven wasn't the fastest, which is what allowed him to get destroyed. He also left my team vulnerable to red units, and they show up a lot in the coming chapters. Which means the solution is a blue unit. But which one? There are many… I go over every single blue unit I have, before finally settling on female Corrin. She may be a 3* unit, but she's plenty powerful. I have enough feathers to promote someone, so it's fine if I use one. She’s also a Manakete, which is helpful for Nowi. And so I begin training her. I quickly find she's not without her issues, though. One of which is that she has very mediocre attack. Another of which is that she has trouble hitting mages, due to their high resistance. I'm forced to use several light’s Blessings on her, but eventually, she gets enough experience to promote. I decide to save more training for next time though. My stamina meter is low.
  6. Welcome to another entry! This time, for the Gold Semilocke! Today, I head up to the next town in order to explore the Lake of Rage. The routes there are not that tough, but there's still the main event. The Red Gyrados. The Red Gyrados is what I'm really after in this lake. This vicious beast is a powerful Pokémon, stronger than anything else I have at this time. But not only that, it's shiny Pokémon. That means that it's a different color, and has a certain jingle to it. This jingle is because the games could be played on an original Game Boy, and the colors were displayed in black and white. The jingle carried over to the other games in the series, and has remained ever since. The fact that it's a shiny also means I can catch it, even though I already have one of that species. This is known as the Shiny Clause. Except catching it proves to be harder than it looks. The Gyrados knows powerful moves, and it won't hesitate to use them. One move is Leer, which lowers my defenses. The other is Thrash, which does a lot of normal type damage while making the user confused afterward. It turned out to be a deadly combination. I send in Faffly, who does damage with Thunder Wave. The Gyrados strikes back with Leer. And before Faffly can damage it back, it uses Thrash. Faffly is immediately killed. Well, not for long. I have enough revival chances. But I have to send in Umbreon. I hope it has enough defense to take hits. But I’m not entirely correct. For the Gyrados knows another strong move. Dragon Rage. And it's just as deadly as it was when it was on my side. Two hits, and Umbreon is nearly dead. Thankfully, I manage to capture Gyrados then. And head to the second area. The Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town. The trainers there are easy (they are Rockets, after all). However, I forgot to get healing items. So I decide to head back to Goldenrod. But I will continue things next time. Because there is new Pokémon info abound. The info about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. For the first time, there will be new Pokémon in the middle of a generation. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. One most like a birthday cake jellyfish and the other looks like a giant wall… I think I will name them Jenga and Confetti. It is rather fitting… But also Ultra Sun and Moon is not the only thing to be excited about. There's also some new Fire Emblem: Heroes content coming up. Apparently, there will be a new Indian chapters centering around Bruno. I'm so excited! I've wanted of the story to continue for a long time after the cliffhanger last chapter. And I like the fact that Elincia is finally making her appearance! Even though she might not be the strongest fire around, she's still one of my favorite characters. And with Fire Emblem: Heroes, I suppose I should discuss the Tempest Trials, now that they've reached their end. I have to say I really enjoyed this event, especially since I had teams that were able to compete. I also think that what the event did was a good idea. It allows people who didn't have teams the first time to try the event again, especially since the Tempest Trials had so many problems in its early incarnations. And now it's actually possible for me to get some of the rewards, and so I can catch up to others who had them from the start. I got the character exclusive to the trials, as well as an early skill exclusive to it (Quickened Pulse). Luckily, said skill happens to be one of the best in the game. I will most certainly try this again, not that the teams are stronger. But that's for another time. I have a bit more of the Gold Semilocke to finish up. And it begins with the problem of Self-Destruct. The Mahogany Hideout is filled with traps that force me into encounters with Pokémon. And each of them know the deadly self-destruct. They do not hesitate to use on me. Luckily, I managed to survive and catch a Voltorb. And then the tide turns. Once I reached the deeper parts of the hideout, my difficulties dissipate. Now that Dragon Rage is on my side, I can tear through opponents. Even the admins are easy prey, and many revival chances are mine. The ice type gym is also easy. I have many things that can destroy the Trainer’s Pokemon, including Faffly’s Thundershock and Alakazam’s elemental punches. When I get to the leader, Alakazam’s Thunderpuch destroy two of his Pokémon. Gyrados’s Surf washes away a third. I win my seventh badge, and that opens up new sidequests. One involves traveling to the dark Whirl Islands, eventually grabbing my own rare water type Pokémon (Seel). But there's another side quest. One that is very important and holds one of the best Pokémon in the game. I travel back to the Union Cave, where the Pokémon, Lapras awaits me. I have to make sure the beast is female. One of the two required characters for the run needs it to be. It doesn't take much, with a Thunder Wave from Faffly and two Dragon Rages from Gyrados securing its capture. But that is all for now. The next time I play, I shall face down Team Rocket for the last time.
  7. Today is an exciting day for Fire Emblem: Heroes! There's finally a whole new chapter, rather than just a side mission! This means new story, new challenges, and most importantly, new ways to get Orbs. Hopefully I can get the other teams training again… Also in terms of new things, Flight Rising has had an update. Those who use alchemy can get to level 23 and create two new familiars. Those who trade can also find new familiars. Since familiars are a good way of making money, I will definitely be going for these as soon as I can. But it will take a while, seeing as the Nuzlocke is still going on… I haven't played in a while, so luckily I will get a chance to play later. But off to the main attraction, Fire Emblem: Heroes. Also, there is currently double SP bonus there. I might take the time to get some skills for some of the teams. But first, the new chapters. So this chapter finally confirms that Bruno is Zarcaias. It's what everyone saw coming, honestly… And he reveals why he ran away… He was originally from the enemy country, but was cast out... His family was killed, so he sided with the trio. However, a curse runs through the royal blood, and Bruno knew if he stayed said curse would kill his newfound friends… So he left, looking for way to get rid of it, but he hasn't found any success… It's kind of sad, knowing that, because the reason he asked his friends to kill him so he wouldn't cause them any suffering… And since his friends are still attached to him, they went along with keeping him alive, leading to the current conflict… He's kind of like a Lyon in a way, where he was kind and gentle, trying to use the darkness for the best reasons he could. But in the end, it devoured him, and he has to ask his friends to kill him… It's also worth noting that a big theme of Lyon’s game is facing reality and dealing with loss… I wonder if that will come into play again with the Askr trio… It also makes you wonder if the god that Loki is the servant of is also the god that possesses the royal family… There's even more connections there, because said god requires Lyon’s tome. On the subject of that, it makes you wonder what would happen if Veronica was good, knowing what was happening in trying to save her brother. And at the same time, wanting to make new friends… She could keep her secrets hidden from the trio, at least until something like this happens… It would make a lot more sense to have her there than Anna, because even though she is the mascot of the series, she is not an original character… Also, on another topic, I wonder what things would've been like if Lyon would've accepted his father's death, and moved on. The Demon King probably would have still caused problems, but Lyon would have been one of the heroes. I feel like it's a fate he deserves… I also feel like Ephraim would've been looked down upon a bit more, because everyone else is asked him it more sensibly. I feel like the only reason people accepted what he did is because they were in the middle of a war and no one knew what to do… But enough about that. We have a battle to fight. Luckily, the enemies are easy. But Bruno runs away. Time to chase after him… Also, I grab my reward from the Tempest Trials, and see the ending scene… It's both happy and sad at the same time, as their world is saved, but Hector realizes what's going to happen to him… And he makes the main character not tell anyone… It's especially sad if his own games have been played, and the player actually gets to see that happen… Anyway, back to the chapters. And the Black Knight appears, at the same port he appears in Path of Radiance. And he has his theme too… Pretty awesome! I suspect we will be recruiting him in some way. But for now, we have to defend. Luckily, it's still not that hard, even if the Black Knight gets some hits in. Onto the next chapter. That one goes without a hitch, and we are at the final one. And Bruno really is like Lyon, with no one being able to resist and him being unable to kill himself… The chapter is called A Bond Renewed, so I'm hoping it ends happily… Well, it sort of does. Even if it is a bit predictable. Bruno presumes his search, and the Askr warriors vow to save him. Part of me wonders what would've happened if he'd just told the truth… Would they have reacted in the same way? And how would they felt knowing that they had a loyal friend, but that he could kill them at any time? It would be interesting to think about. I also can't help noting that Bruno’s name is still listed as ???. Is that because of the three identities he has, or is he actually someone else that is none of them? Maybe he has a connection to Loki’s true form… But for now, it's time for the Semilocke team to take over. Except they don't have as easy of a time. Nowi gets injured by enemies in the second chapter, and I think I may lose her. But it's not her I lose. It’s Raven. As I attack the enemies, I leave him wide-open to an attack from Elincia. And the attack kills him. The other enemies are easily dispatched. But now I'm left to wonder what to do without a unit. Raven wasn't the fastest, which is what allowed him to get destroyed. He also left my team vulnerable to red units, and they show up a lot in the coming chapters. Which means the solution is a blue unit. But which one? There are many… I go over every single blue unit I have, before finally settling on female Corrin. She may be a 3* unit, but she's plenty powerful. I have enough feathers to promote someone, so it's fine if I use one. She’s also a Manakete, which is helpful for Nowi. And so I begin training her. I quickly find she's not without her issues, though. One of which is that she has very mediocre attack. Another of which is that she has trouble hitting mages, due to their high resistance. I'm forced to use several light’s Blessings on her, but eventually, she gets enough experience to promote. I decide to save more training for next time though. My stamina meter is low.
  8. Seems like a good day for a Semilocke! But first, a bit of Fire Emblem: Heroes. Seems like there's a method going on that allows me to get extra Feathers and enough orbs for a summon. I managed to summon to noteworthy things. One of them is Chrom, an excellent unit that only had one of before. The other one is Marth, one of my favorite characters in the series and the one that got me started on it. The Feathers allow me to promote someone to maximum rarity. Immediately, I choose Reinhart. With all his power, I will need him to be as strong as possible. This also unlocks a very good weapon for him, Dire Thunder. But I shall get to training him a little while later. For now, the Flight Rising Semilocke awaits. It's just a training day, so not much happens. But eventually I should be able to make enough money to move on as well. Slowly, I'm headed towards the end… Noteworthy things were a connection error right after a healing, and the glance around the auction house. I was hoping that I could use the auction house to get some higher-level dragons and make training easier. Unfortunately, I currently lack the funds to do that. However, it would still be useful in order to get dragons that I leveled enough to obtain some of the achievements. Perhaps I will start working on the achievements soon in order to get money for the Nuzlocke… But that's neither here nor there. Instead, a long missing Semilocke makes its reappearance. And that Semilocke is Pokémon Gold. Along the way, I watch the adventures of the game Undertale. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but it has given me some more story ideas. Perhaps I will do character studies, like I did with Binding of Isaac. Characters I can think of doing are Toriel, Flowery, and Sans. But that's another topic. Anyway, when I last left off with the Semilocke, the team was doing some side quests after obtaining the sixth badge. Might as well finish them… Also worth noting that I won't be able to complete one of the side quests until later this week. Should still be easy to do though… Well, it’s sort of easy. The quest simply involves going back to the Slowpoke Well and through the Union Cave. If I'm playing on a Friday, I can capture a rare Pokémon. But for now, the cave is empty. Well, except for some trainers and items. The traders themselves are step up from what I've seen so far, and their levels are pretty high. My Dratini in particular, has issues. A trainer carries Eevee and its evolutions, but they are difficult to fight. There is a Jolteon and Flareon that use Tail Whip and Sand Attack. And that makes it difficult. Tail Whip allows neutral attacks to do more damage, and Sand Attack makes it so my own attacks miss. With this, Dratini has to heal often, and I almost run out of healing items. At least I have a few left. Stocking up in Goldenrod will not be easy. It is rather far away, and Fly currently isn't that convenient for the team… But I press on, running into more problems. Many Trainers are Hikers, and their Pokémon know Self-Destruct. Unfortunately, they will not hesitate to use it on me… Self-Destruct is particularly dangerous because it not only does a lot of damage to anything that is not Ghost, but it also halves defense when damage is calculated. Nowhere does the game tell you this. Regardless, the situation leaves several of my Pokémon injured, and I have to use more precious healing items. Compounding that is another trainer that has a Poliwhril. Poliwril knows Hypnosis, which I have no resistance to. Furthermore, it knows several attacks, and does not hesitate to use them. My Gyrados is injured and barely wins the fight. There's also an incident with Machop and Seismic Toss, where Syther nearly dies. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My Gyrados learns Dragon Rage. Dragon Rage is very good at this point, because it can take almost anything in two hits. Unlike Self-destruct, nothing can resist it. It gets less useful later on, when enemies have more HP. But for now, it's a much needed improvement. The cave leads out to the Ruins of Alph, where more catches await. I quickly catch a Natu, which I may or may not use. It's not all that great in this game, so I will have to see… Anyway, I had out of there and into the next town. The next town is to the east of where I was for the fourth badge. I have to pass through a route to get there, but doesn't give me much trouble. I do catch a Goldeen and a Machop, though. Neither is particularly good, but I will take what I can get. At last I make it to Mahogany Town, home of the seventh badge. Unfortunately, I can't do much there right now, so instead I head north. There is a few trainers to battle and new Pokémon to catch, but for right now I will take a break. Perhaps next time I will make it to the Lake of Rage.
  9. Time for a bit of Fire Emblem: Heroes! Just a small update with one of the teams. Originally, the team had Chorm on it, but he got replaced with Eldigan. This is for two reasons. One of which was that team lacked a horse, and had no options for long-range movement. The other is that Chrom doesn't get his best skills until he promotes, and since he's already a 4* unit, it will take a while for him to do so. Eldigan is 5*, and since the rest of the units on the team are also 5*, it means I can optimize the team without using any of my promotion items. That's all for now, though. Because it's time for the Valkyrie Profile Semilocke! Maybe I can finish the game… Chapter 5 doesn't pose much of a problem, mainly because it's same as before. The biggest issue is the sorcerers, with sap power. There's also a few troublesome monsters that apply status effects like freeze. Thankfully, Langry is a lot easier this time around due to not using great magic and able to get troops out before he attacks. As I clear the final levels, I don't get Gram this time. I suspect it's because I can only get in the mission were I not get double Sin. It doesn't matter much, because I can't use it against the final boss of the A Path anyway. Speaking of the A path, the stupidity continues. Langrey stabs Reinbourg with a dagger, and the margrave collapses. I guess what I said about Langrey being bloodthirsty was right… He gets taken back to his castle, only for the party to find out that he has been suffering from a long illness, and is slowly dying from it. He knew that whether or not he fell in battle, the war would be his last. And that's only the tip of the idiocy. The problem is that not many people going to support Joshua, because he is a distant relation to the throne (and so many people threw their weight behind the other two heirs). Not to mention he doesn't appear to have any foreign support, with the margrave being his only one. So not only will the people not trust him when he takes the throne, but he no longer has any power to back that up. No wonder Artolia eventually falls… Yet, the margrave continues to go on about how if only he were to have raised the princes, the conflict may have never happened… Except that it would've. Even if Kristoff was immediately named the heir, others would fight against. If anything, it would make the conflict worse as his brother and loved ones would've been forced to take up arms… It's similar to what actually happens to Kristoff on the B path. It will get even worse for the margrave, as he would be forced to choose one of the brothers. Or, he could just choose to do what he did and go against both of them, but that led to the entire conflict in the first place… So really, the whole spiel is worthless… It's about to get even crazier though… The assistance the margrave enters, saying that Langrey has jumped to his death. The margrave is devastated by the news, and dies of his illness and wounds shortly after. Which leaves Kristoff is the only one left. With Joshua without support, and everyone else dead, Kristoff is the only one left. Meaning he's still the rightful heir simply by process of elimination. Which further supports the idea that he's the rightful heir no matter what anyone says. Kristoff survives the war in the A path, and so he should inherit the throne, not Joshua. This is regardless of the state he's in at the end of the path. In fact that he has this evidence, while Joshua has none the entire conflict pointless. In the end, the crown prince is the rightful heir, and survives to (probably) take the throne. So Reignbourg died for nothing, because Kristoff won the war anyway. It's just one of the many things wrong with the A path… Kristoff being king would make sense with the first game as well (since this game takes place before it). The king is described as a coward, which many believe Kristoff to be. It's certainly something he would do when realizing aggression got him nowhere… And Argrim states the king feels himself to be strong through others misfortune. If one thinks about it, that's exactly how Kristoff became strong during the war… And it's implied that the king decided to make Artolia a better place after his daughter died… It's definitely something Kristoff would do… But I'm getting added myself as I travel on the last mission to the end of the mess that is the A path. And it turns out it has one last surprise for me. A final enemy appears. It's Aylith, angry at Wylfred for giving up his path of revenge. Apparently, she set up the entire game in hopes that he would go on it… And then transforms into a monster, Gram. And it turns out we have to defeat her. Except I've a few problems with this. One is the predictability of the situation. Players can easily pick up on the fact that Aliyth is Gram. Hel talks about her pet, who presumably wants Wylfred’s soul. Aliyth that abuse shortly after that. There's also the fact that Hel doesn't appear to have any other servants, so Aliyth is the obvious choice. The game also all the spells it out for the player should they get the bad ending (the one where the game ends prematurely). And that ending is not all that difficult to get… The other is the lack of foreshadowing. Aliyth says she did all these things, that we never see her doing any of it… Furthermore, there's not even the tiniest hint that Aliyth is in the background doing these things, or that there's any hint of divine intervention. Also, the game doesn't tell us how she accomplished all these things. It's particularly odd, because she has to be traveling with Wylfred in order to evaluate him at the end of his battles… Story problems or not, we still have to fight her. But it won't be easy. Garm is surrounded by things called Pale Flames. Pale Flames have high range and stats. They also are completely immune to one element, and fly. They are sorcerers, but they work differently than most of the ones seen in the game. Instead of casting only one attack, they can cast three. This is something that regular sorcerers can't do, and the ones in the party will never have access to it. Not to mention they like to use their high range to gang up on people, and when an attack hits, the unlucky victim is toast… And they also have Great Magic which they're not unwilling to use. So really, this almost turns the final mission into something luck based. The idea is that I have to hit them before they hit me. But sounds much easier than it is… I enter the fray with Rataskor’s Scandal. It can do some massive damage to the flames, and is one of the few tactics that is useful in this battle. Of course it also does massive damage to my team, but that's healed as usual. And so I charge up, ready to defeat the first flame. And that's where the problems arise. The flames are fast, and they dodge attacks. There is also the fact that one of the flames is resistant to ice, and that's all Lockswell can do… Unfortunately, he's my most powerful character… So with this, the flames quickly survive the hits, and wastes no time picking my characters off one by one… It isn't long before I lose. But I am ready to fight again. I make a small alteration to my strategy, however. Natalia and Ernest originally did not have Reduce Magic, due to not being able to hook up with some other skills. However, Reduce Magic is useful because it halves any magic damage received. So I equip it on them immediately. It's also worth noting that unlike the other two paths, the first part of this path does not count against the Nuzlocke rules. The reason for this is that no matter what I do, someone will die in this battle. It's almost entirely luck based, and I know my luck will eventually run out. The second part, however, is not luck based, and will count against me. So I start again, and this time, the first flame doesn't dodge. I'm able to easily take it out, using the same strategy as before. After that, its brethren soon follow. That just leaves the boss, Garm. Garm is a powerful enemy, with its (her?) attacks able to do a lot of damage. Garm can't move, but has massive range. It can also fly, making it difficult to hit. It is very large in size, meaning that no character will be able to throw it up in the air. Garm has a Soul Crush that is the dark elements, and is also resistant to darkness. This is why I didn't want to equip the sword I mentioned before, because it has darkness as an element. Garm mostly fights with physical moves, although it also has a variety of magical spells at its disposal. The spells are both defensive and offensive. So what makes this battle easier. The fact that Garm cannot move. Garm being unable to move means that easy to see its range, and since the range can easily be seen, it's simple to park a character in its range and have that character take care of healing while three others attack. Which is exactly what I do. It takes some doing, but eventually I do enough damage to Garm to move onto the next phase. And that's when meet a familiar face. Ancel. That's right, the Valkyrie has permitted Ancel to join us on the battlefield, for one final time. Ancel himself is stronger than most of the units in this powerful equipment, but for the purposes of this run I won't be using him. Instead, I go with the same team. And decide to use the same strategy. Natalia is left outside of range, and the other three charge forward. And as before I also invoke a Plume skill, Fury of the Aesir. Fury of the Aesir makes all opponents’ physical attacks useless for three turns. And Garm’s strongest attacks are physical. It also uses magical attacks, but it is much weaker. There is a bit of a problem, since one of its attacks inflicts paralysis. Somehow I forgot to bring paralysis immunity… But it's not too much of an issue and the boss is defeated. The best ending plays as Wylfred apologizes to Ancel, goes home, tells Tilte what happened, and brings his mother to her senses. And I am left to reflect on the game itself. Sadly, it's not my favorite of the Valkyrie Profile games, but it’s charming nonetheless. The story does a good job of showing what happens to mortals when the gods go about the business on Asgard, giving a perspective that, up until this point, and there was only glimpses at. Furthermore, it's not a bad strategy game, similar to Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. And good at what it does, presenting some depth to the missions, gameplay wise, while the same time giving a fresh take on the Valkyrie profile formula. And perhaps, even in take on strategy games itself. However, there are many things the game doesn't do well. One of which is the story. The story overall could benefit from being one giant path instead of split into three paths. It would help with some of the redundancy, and help bring the past together. In some parts of the story are just a mess, such as the A path, Natalia never finding her children even when she survives, Thydor and Ushio not appearing when they should, the entire problem with Fauxnel, and even the problem with the inheritance dispute. There's also the issue of some parts being rushed, such as Wylfred’s character development, or Natalia's failed rebellion. It feels as though there was more that could have been put into that, but there wasn't enough space or something… It's also what noting that the English version lacked the full voice acting that the Japanese version got… It's unknown why this is, but some suspect the English version may not have been as well-funded. For those who can get their hands on the Japanese version, the voice acting is actually very good. It's worth a listen, at least… The game also suffers from gameplay issues as well. For one, the game is rather short. If all three paths and the bad endings played, the game ends up at around 30 to 40 hours. That's not much shorter than the others in the series, but the redundancy of the past may make it difficult to play all of them. If one chooses to go with only one path, the game only last around 8 to 10 hours, There's also the matter of the Destiny Plume. The Destiny Plume is an interesting mechanic, both gameplay and story wise. However, just the way the game handles going to the different paths, it is not uses much as it could've been. It's a shame, because it makes Valkyrie Profile different from some other strategy games, but that difference is hardly ever seen… Finally, there's a bit of a problem with how the game handles repeat playthroughs. This is the only game in the series so far to allow the player to carry over things such as weapons and skills. However, the game does nothing to compensate for it. Enemies remain very easy, only slightly becoming stronger difficulty near the end. Having the difficulty gradually increase, having multiple difficulties, or simply not letting things carry over could've solved the problem. Unfortunately, none of these solutions were implemented. Despite all its flaws, the game is still fun to play, and was worth playing for the Semilocke series. This won't be the last we see of Valkyrie Profile, as I continue toward the second and final game. But until then, I bid Valkyrie Profile a fond farewell. And hope to have more excellent adventures.
  10. So today's a good day for Fire Emblem Heroes! And what better thing to do than to train the second team. Luckily, with the events going on, I am able to get them all to level 40. Unfortunately, while they are at max level, none of them are the max rarity (5*). And they have almost no Skill Points to use inherited skills. So they still have some growing to do, but it will take a lot of resources. Resources that I currently don't have. So that's all for now. Off to the Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume Semilocke. And after another monster battle. Luckily, it's in a place that is exactly the same as the other two paths. And like them, it is easy. What's not easy as the battle after that. The next battle is against Kristoff, and Reinburg is on our side. This battle is difficult for a number of reasons, one of which is the high Sin count. Another which is because it's in snow, and I know from Wintergard that snow is annoying. Finally, there's the problem of Kristoff himself. Originally, I had Fury of the Aesir to nullify his attacks. Here I still have it, but it won't last long, and most likely will not have enough energy to use it. So I will have to go head-on. Unfortunately, there are still problems. Reinborg kills someone, ruining my chance of getting Sin from them. I try to get Sin from other people, but is ruined by one person dodging attacks while defeated. Kristoff, as predicted, also proves difficult and injures others with his Soul Crush. Wylfred is killed twice from it, and Natalia is unexpectedly attacked from behind. This is because I was trying to get her to revive Wylfred so I could have maximum Sin for the battle. Eventually, though, Kristoff falls. And he is taken prisoner. I can't help but wonder if he's in the right though. Kristoff says he fights to stop his brother’s tyranny, but Reignborg doesn't think so. However, considering how Langrey acts during the rest of the game, Kristoff probably isn't wrong. Not to mention that being the first born son, Kristoff has a claim to the throne no matter what anyone says. The people are unlikely to follow someone who’s distant from it (Joshua, not to mention this is proven in the other two paths), and Langrey doesn't have the claim to it being born out of wedlock. Kristoff's claim to the throne and fighting against tyranny makes even more sense considering what happens to the two princes in the end… It's also funny considering people are going on about Kristoff being manipulated by his advisers, but in reality, Joshua is being manipulated by Reinbourg as well. It's implied Joshua doesn't show much interest in the throne until Rienbourg declared he would fight for it… And even after all this, I have to wonder what would've happened if Kristoff wasn't manipulated so easily by his advisers, and instead grew a spine... Perhaps what happens in the game would have a happier ending… But enough of that. Off to the Tempest Trials. Where I use my second team for the first time. I send Eliwood after a bunch of enemies, although he would normally be okay with them. However, Hinoka was waiting in the trees. I thought he would survive, but she had a Brave Lance that took him out instantly. I wound up with three units against Hector's five in the final battle. Odin and Cherche squared off against the enemies while Gaius remained behind. When ended up happening was Odin went forward to take out a red unit, but was quickly defeated by Hector. Fae moved forth, eventually being defeated by Cherche. Cherche also defeats a blue unit guarding Hector. Through all this, she was injured. Cherche manages to attack Hector, but is defeated. After that, Gaius is quick to fall. I sent in the second team, and Grey quickly defeats Hector. After that, the battle ends. And now it is time for something I've been wanting to do. Skill Inheritance for other teams. First up is Legion. My plan is to have him inherent Defiant Attack from Odin, and inherent Noontime from a promoted Laslow. However, I quickly have problems. I cannot use Odin due to define detecting up the same spot as Fury. I decide to use the promoted Laslow’s Spur Speed instead. Legion also inherits Smite from Barte, even though it isn't the most useful skill. That's all for him. On to Reinhart. He gets Luna from Catria, and Death Blow from Hawkeye. As a final skill he could inherent, there are a couple options. But I will save that for next time.
  11. Time for another Semilocke! Of course, it's Valkyrie Profile! Hopefully I can get close to finishing, if I don't immediately finish it up… But it seems things are not that easy. There are some monster missions, and although they are not difficult, they are longer. This is because of where they are. One is in the place where Rosea was first found. That place has many bridges surrounded by water. It makes it difficult for units to attack more than one on one. However, I still managed to beat the mission. The next place is the ever annoying Wintergard. Other than Kinbolds with petrification, there's not much here. And the call for a truce ends in failure. Should have known it wasn't going to work… I guess now we go to battle… And our first area is the Sylvanglade. It's exactly the same as it was in the last two routes, complete with all the monsters. Perhaps I will finish it later. For now, Fire Emblem Heroes awaits. And of course, the training. With all the experience gains, it should be over quickly. Indeed, my units grow fast, and the second team is almost completely leveled up by the time my stamina meter needs a recharge. But there are still some issues. Rienhart is a little slow, and often times has trouble attacking others twice. He does have something that allows him to attack twice if he initiates the attack, but he doesn't get it until after he promotes again. Furthermore, having him attack things his week to or putting him in the way of those things is not a good idea… Pegasus Knights, green units, and horse effective units will still slow him down… And promoting someone that’s 4* rarity takes a lot of resources. I technically have enough to do it now, but if I did, I'd have nothing to spend on anyone else… I have a couple other people could use promotions, so I don't want to be wasting any resources… The others have their weaknesses too. Gray’s good against horses and has decent attack power, but his defense and movement are not the best. Legion has the same problems as usual, but now has a new skill to compound them: Fury. Fury makes Legion much stronger, but subtracts an amount of HP every turn. This subtraction happens even if Legion can't attack back. Therefore, he's constantly injured, and is only strategy right now is to use his superior strength to defeat foes before they can defeat him. It's solid, but risky, and it takes several Light’s Blessings to get him up to speed. And last in the group is Klein. Klein was over leveled from his time in the Nuzlocke group, so he was held back. But now that the others are stronger, he can fight with them. Klein is an archer, which means he can attack from a distance but not from up close. He starts out with the Brave Bow, a weapon that allows him to strike up to four times without counterattacks. He can strike faster foes only twice, but will perform both that's before being counterattacked. However, it also lowers his speed. This leaves him vulnerable to being doubled by enemies who get close, or by those who survive his strikes. With all this attack power, he's a good companion on any team. But now the team is almost maxed out in levels. Which means that almost ready to inherit some skills. Most of them have only one or two skills left to learn, with Grey and Klein having learned them all. I can already think of some skills to use. Rienhart would benefit from something other than Blazing Thunder. This is because in order to use it, foes must be in a straight line, something which is unlikely to happen. Furthermore, falls are able to activate skills that are normally seen at lower HP once Reinhardt casts his spell. That makes things rather dangerous. Speaking of dangerous, I have thought of a way to use Legion’s Fury to its full advantage. He can use to Defiant Attack to raise his attacking power when his HP inevitably falls. A healing skill, such as Sol, would also be helpful, as it can heal the damage caused by Fury. It would be a better fit than Retribution, because Retribution relies on taking damage, and Fury doesn't allow that. I'm sure there's other combinations that I haven't thought of, but I will save them for next time.
  12. Well, it's a fine day for Fire Emblem Heroes! And a fine day for skill inheritance, it seems. The first on the list is Eliwood. He received some attack boosting skills from a spare Cherche I have. Harsh Command and Spur Speed are also useful. They both come from Claire. In other news, there is enough Orbs to do a summoning now. There's not much, other than a 5* version of Cordelia. It's a unit irony have, but I will take all the 5*s I can get… Skill inheritance continues. Harsh Command is passed down again from Sazio to Odin. The skills and Odin attacks work well together. Breath of Life is the only useful thing to give to Odin at the moment. He inherited from Felicia. With that, my only thing now is to train the other teams, but they will need all their skills before they can use inheritance. It's worth noting there's something called a Mini Tempest Trials going on. It's a little too late for me to benefit completely from it now, as I probably won't have the teams trained up in time. However, it's still worth participating in, because the rewards are easier to get and some rewards that I missed the first time come back. Speaking of events, the Voting Gauntlet is easier now that the two teams are even. At least, I'm able to get all the rewards I need to. Next thing to come as the Emerald Nuzlocke. Unfortunately, this is the point in the game where it decide to start throwing a bunch of water at the player… Therefore, not much happens. I catch a few new Pokémon, and a lot of training happens on the land. I had for my seventh gym badge, and have a bit of trouble with the redesigned Mossdeep City Gym. The battles themselves are easy, and I reach Tate and Lisa in no time. The battle isn't that memorable, but it is a bit long. This is because I have a Tentacruel and Amarlo against a Relicanth and Altaria… Other than that, there's the battles that the Messdeep Space Center, and of course, I forget about the event. This is because it is Emerald exclusive, and I haven't played Emerald outside of this event in years. And off to the Valkyrie Profile Semilocke. Well, hopefully. The 3DS is still having trouble starting with Valkyrie Profile in the slot… But if I finally seem to have found the problem… When DS cards get older, they corrode and need to be cleaned. If they corrode too much, the 3DS can't start or either will start, but not show the game. This problem can be fixed by either physically cleaning the corroded parts, or by taking the game in and out of its slot a few times. I can also make sure not to start the 3DS with the game in the slot. It would make sense, seeing as I have had the game for a long time, and this can also occur if the game has not been played for a while (which the this game hasn't). I do the former solution and it works fine. This would also explain why couldn't catch the problem before, because I typically do not begin the 3DS with a DS game in its slot. The 3DS is also more sensitive to corrosion than other systems, which is why other systems that have played the game have not detected the problem. So now the game actually starts. But I'm back on that stupid mission with Valmur… And he decides to be even stupider, running back and forth on the map… I have no idea where he's going to go, and he winds up running around in circles… No one ever said he was smart, I guess… But what is smartest of the enemies. There are a bunch of stairways in this map, and enemies have the idea to block them. The stairways can only be traversed one square at a time, so blocking that means that units can only engage in single combat. It makes the enemies difficult to take down, because only one unit can fight at a time. Despite all the problems, we manage to rescue Valmur. And he dies anyway. To further twists the knife, it is after he dies that he finds out Fauxnel was the one responsible. Oh, and he killed his brother earlier on in the game… And Fauxnel is one of Valmur’s best friends… But Valmur forgives him, and when given the option to haunt him, forgoes it. Instead, he chooses to see his brother again in Valhalla, and states that his that he feels nothing but pity for Fauxnel. With that, the two head off. I might not like Valmur’s characterization, but I do like how his character is consistent. End of the C route notwithstanding, he always has the same character of caring for his family and being relatively peaceful. And he also has the same development of realizing war is coming and sometimes one must fight. How he reacts that depends on the route. It's a bit different from some of the other characters, who have to have all routes played in order to unlock every aspect of their personality. That aside, Valmur is content to move on without justice. But Wylfred sure isn't. He goes to confront Fauxnel, and we are thrown into battle. Luckily, the battle is easy, because the enemies are mostly monsters. Fauxnel himself doesn't even use his great magic, and falls easily to physical attacks just like any other sorcerer. And this is where my hatred of Fauxnel is renewed. It is revealed that Fauxnel is behind almost every conflict in the game thus far, and has killed several people in order to avenge his fallen noble house. He wants the war to go on, continuing to wreak his revenge, and thinking that the world will be united under a single monarch. Already, because of said war many people are dying. But his actions still are not justified, and Wylfred even says as much. Fauxnel doesn't seem to care or have much remorse, but somehow, Wylfred convinces him to try and find a way to stop the war. So Fauxnel is my least favorite character in all of the series. But at the same time he is a good example of the game’s theme of how much damage revenge can do. Now, no one trusts him, his house still has not redeemed, and he sacrificed everyone who considered him a friend. And after all that, he still has nothing… Looking at Fauxnel, Wylfred’s development makes a bit more sense, but it still seems rather rushed… So now we have to get the margrave to deliver a letter to the princes. But this is where I stop. The next chapter as long.
  13. So here comes another blog entry! First, some progress on the Mimikyu solo run. I head to the cemetery. How fitting... A Ghost type Pokémon, fighting there… Even more fitting that one of the Pokémon has to fight against is Pikachu… I wonder how it feels about that… Also, starting to notice the difference in items. For example, I can't shrug off status effects by switching, so X items become very useful. On the other hand, revives are completely useless, so any are sold for money. There's also the problem of Poké Beans. Usually, they're easily found on Poké Pedalgo, but I won't have access to that now. The place requires boxed Pokémon to run, and a solo run can't use boxed Pokémon, or catch any that are not mandatory. However, these items are important because they increase affection, and having enough of them can get me Rare Candies to increase levels. Also, I acquire the move Shadow Sneak. This is used to replace Astonish, as my main ghost type move. Speaking of ghosts, Illimia’s trial begins here, and it's easy because of all the normal type Pokémon. Not to mention they don't even use their neutral damage moves… However, the totem Pokémon poses a different issue… It's a two against one battle, and they both use neutral attacks (Bite). They also focus on lowering stats, including speed. I have a bit of a problem with flinching after my speed is lowered. They also do damage with critical hits, which is a problem. They consistently lower defense, and Mimikyu’s defense is already not the greatest, but somehow I win. The Z-move for normal types is my prize, and I decide to use it because one of my main moves is Scratch. It replaces the Quick Claw from the school. That's all for now. Onto the Fire Emblem Heroes voting gauntlet. Unfortunately, my character, Lyn loses. That means it's on to support the other character, Camilla. Unfortunately, the voting gauntlet is tougher now the armies are even in power, and I have difficulty winning matches. Eventually, my opponent pulls away, and I stopped fighting. But there are other things to do. A new Summoning Focus and bonuses are available. The bonus doubles what is received after battle. It's the perfect time to train teams and finish quests. So I start by using Inherit skill on some of my people that are already trained up. But I have difficulty picking skills, mainly because of limitations. At first I want her to inherit Swordbreaker to get rid of her weapon triangle advantage. However, I quickly realize she can't. I try to get her to inherit Wary Fighter, but she can't do that either. So finally I finish giving her some skills from Cecelia with Escape Route. Cherche is often far away from support, so the ability to escape will be useful. And yet another thing calls my attention. There is a repeat of the battle with Narcian, and I want to be able to clear his quests. I try putting escape route to use in the battle, whisking Cherche away after she is attacked by magic. But my units are injured, and Narcian quickly kills Odin. A direct approach is much better, and I get Narcian again. One last thing happens as I use Skill Inheritance again. I need to make my thief, Gaius, stronger. So I give him some skills from Peri. Specifically, he gets the offensive attack Glimmer, and the defensive attack Threaten Defense. It's the weakest version of the latter, but it's better than nothing… And off I go to the Valkyrie Profile Semilocke. Where my meet my least favorite character, Fauxnel. Fauxnel is a character with sinister motivations, but unlike others, he seems to have no reason for them… Not to mention the fact that he's good at deceiving almost every other character in the game, and doesn't seem to have and of remorse. Then again, it's been a while since I played this path, so maybe he does and I just don't remember… Regardless, he still is my least favorite character. There is also a major problem with this route; development. And there's no clearer example than Wylfred. In this route, it's easy to see Wylfred straying from his path of sinning and battle. However, the development seems a bit too fast. One moment, he's thinking about what revenge might mean, and the next, he's thinking of giving up. A bit more development in between chapters would've been nice. There is also some foreshadowing with Aliyth on this route. If one is play the route before, it's easy to guess what she does at the end… Wintergard returns with all its snow, and it is still annoying. At least it's easier now, being in a side battle… However, there is another thing that I have a problem with; Valmur. As a character, his development and personality are a bit cliché. He doesn't want to go to war, and his development is realizing he has to. However, his original way of thinking is not logical, because the world is at war and he rules over a military house… And if he doesn't attack, one of the sides may come for him… It would make more sense if he just charged forward with everything he had… There's also an issue of the mission he has on this path. It's a protection mission, but he's all the way at the bottom of the map when my units start at the top. This Sin requirement is high, but I can't use Ratatoskr’s Scandal because it will hurt him too… So the mission is annoying… But I will finish it next time… Perhaps I will finish it off with a bit of Pokémon Emerald. I'm having a little trouble leveling a Pokémon. It's Gloom, and all it has is Acid… Luckily, I have experience share, so hopefully things will be easier… However, it is still tedious.
  14. Welcome to another entry! This time, with a Semilocke! I'll be doing Valkyrie Profile now, at least until both Pokémon Emerald training and the Mimikyu solo runs are done. So let us begin. Well, as long as my 3DS is working. When I boot it up, I get a black screen. I'm bit scared, seeing as I've heard horror stories of people's 3DS no longer working suddenly. Luckily there's a simple fix. It appears that taking out my SD card and booting it up without it allows it to run. Putting the SD back in after this solves the problem. It was a problem and had a few years ago. It's just been so long since I cropped up I forgot that it could occur. I made it onto myself that was the first thing I would do if I it had again… Regardless, the Semilocke can finally continue. And so it does. I entered the third chapter, and where the best path to finally get that start. However, it doesn't have the strongest start. Almost all the enemies here are monsters, so there is a lack of variety. It also makes strategies too easy, since the freezing attack Avalanche of the Jouten can easily bring them down. However, a new character is met, Ushio. Ushio is an interesting character with good development. He lives only for the sword and for has fallen master, who was murdered. He seeks to avenge him, and believes that Rosea, one of the other characters wandering around, may have something to do with it. He's not the brightest, but he is willing to listen to reason if someone stops him. This is why he doesn't kill Rosea on site after Wylfred explains that she most likely did not commit the crime. He is also willing to go after Liselotte, after being given some evidence that she did. Eventually, after fighting some more monsters, Rosea tries to convince Ushio and Wylfred to give up their event. She explains that revenge is not worth living for, because only hatred comes of it. She also explains how she was willing to forsake her own path for revenge after the death of her master (also Ushio’s). She realized him and give her anything, and set out healing the world, as she knew her master and the other mages would've wanted her to do. This is something I really like about the path, because it completes the development of Rosea. The other path with her focuses more on her negative traits and what hatred she has remaining. This that focuses on her positive traits, and how she manages the desire to seek revenge. Anyway, it seems her plan is working. But it all ends up in vain. Liselotte appears, and the two girls get into a fight. Ushio becomes enraged after seeing his master’s supposed killer. And of course we have to fight. The monsters here are easy, especially with our powerful weapons. But Liselotte, not as much. And this is because of her deadly attack, Infrit Caress. Infrit Caress has the ability to defeat all of my units, being one of the Great Magics. And it does, defeating both Natalia and Lockswell. Liselotte doesn't have much defense, so she's defeated on the next turn. The only other problem I have is monsters gain stuck on railings after being frozen, and having to wait for them to move. Luckily, that it not hard. And the mission is completed easily. Unfortunately, both the girls die, and Ushio is left to wonder what he has to live for. His revenge may or may not be fulfilled, and he has no clues leading to the killer of his master. Heartbroken, he joins Wylfred. And perhaps there's time for some explanation. I like the court mage plot, but I feel it isn't handled well. For one, there's the matter of Ushio. He's not even mentioned in any of the other paths, let alone seen. This despite the fact that it would make perfect sense for him to appear in any of the path or least mentioned. And why isn't he a suspect in the murder? I know that he left, but people also know he was close to Cennair. While he isn't a mage, he could easily have ordered one to kill Cennair. There's also a mage called Fauxnel. Yet he is neither suspected nor mentioned, at least until much later. Once he be suspected along with the girls, or least mentioned by them? Not to mention that would make more sense for the girls to band together. They were friends before this, and neither of them did it, and they know they both didn't. So it makes sense to band together to find the real killer, but instead they act like enemies. It's very odd… I would think they would suspect Fauxnel, or even Ushio… What's even funnier is that Fauxnel can eventually join the party, and Ushio can be with him… So what happens when he finds out what Fauxel did? Perhaps he gets his revenge later… And it appears Rosea was supposed to deliver a letter to the crown city, but of course it never made it. The letter was supposed to tell the princes stop the war, but it has a few problems. For one, there's what happens in the game where the letter was never delivered. For two, the letter could be delivered and the war could so go on because someone ignored it. Honestly, it doesn't really work. It could be argued this is what the game is about. Everyone tries to stop the war in their own way, but almost everyone fails. Even those who succeed can be considered failed, knowing what happens at the end. Speaking of at the end, there's perhaps one more subject I should talk about. The subject of Natalia and Earnest. Earnet is a lancer, like Huegoe in the C Path. Natalia, however, is a completely different class. She's a rogue, which means she doesn't have good attack or defense, but is incredibly fast. Her range is low as well, but she uses daggers, which allows her to get a lot of hits. She's a bit difficult to keep alive right now, mainly because she doesn't have the ability to equip a lot of defensive skills. But if I can keep her alive, it will be well worth it. There's also an interesting conundrum; what to do if Natalia does die. Natalia is a major character in the Leafgreen Semilocke, and she made it onto the final team. This also means that she's a legacy character in the final. This means that by the Semilocke rules, she must appear. However, she can still die here. However, I'm not sure what to do if she does. It's possible I may use the explanation of the Leafgreen version’s Natalia being from another world. However, I am not sure. For now, I must concentrate on my training in Emerald. I need to be able to complete it and do the next section before the end of the coming week. So I go to pick a place train, but I have some issues. The Pokémon are strong, and some of mine lack attacks. However, I finally find a place to train. It's both ironic and morbid that it should be Mt. Pyre. But it has a lot of Bug and Grass Pokémon, so it's easy to train. Perhaps I will finish it next time.
  15. First blog entry of September, and some progress was made on the Valkyrie Covenant of the Plume Semilocke! So it is as follows. The second try on Darius's mission goes a lot better than the first. It was mainly because I switched my sorcerer, Lockswell to using Lightning Bolt. After that, the mission is won easily. The same cannot be said for the next mission, however. That mission is the one where I must rescue Natalia. Unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest in the game. This is because the Natalia is the center on a raised platform, difficult to get to. Furthermore, a lancer with constantly attack her. Natalia doesn't have a lot of attack or defense, so she won't survive long on her own. Which I quickly find out. I head around Natalia's platform, taking now enemies as I go. However, I carelessly forget one. The boss, Huegoe. Huegoe is resistant to the lightning and ice elements. On top of that, he has good attack and range. His Finishing Strike nearly kills my units, even with their excellent equipment. So I spend the time walking away from him, getting in formation to release a powerful attack. Meanwhile, Natalia is still taking damage. Earnest, as a guest without any of the strong equipment, is just doing nothing on the other side of the map. It seems as though everything is in place as I eventually advance towards Huegoe. He is quickly defeated, and I think that if I defeat him, I can end the map. But that turns out not to be the case. In order to truly rescue Natalia, I need to defeat everyone. And I'm barely in position to do that. I try to rush to where she is, but I'm too late. Natalia dies, and I have to start the mission over. Luckily, I am more careful next time. I decide to go around the outside, using the Dash skill to make my units faster whenever possible. Earnest also follows behind, in order to offer healing and combo support. But it's not like the group needs him. Everything they get to is destroyed. Even Hugoe falls easily. Unlike Darius, he is not completely resistant to ice. It just does less damage, but I have more than enough. And so ends this part of the path, as Natalia is saved, but the rebellion has been put down. And as they join my party, I am left to ponder what happens in this path. It is my favorite path, because it gives the best ending to Natalia, Earnest, and, depending on who you ask, Huegoe. This is also the only path where Natalia and her children survive. The only one who doesn't get a chance at a happy ending is Darius, but judging it how heartbroken he is in the path where he does survive, perhaps death truly is the better option for him… But the problem with this path is that it's very rushed and undeveloped compared to the other two that player can take. The rebels don't get much moment before they're put down. It also happens very quickly, so there's not much to care about. It gets a bit better if the other paths are played, but not by much. It could be a chance of the game being realistic, or Wylfred and his sense of detachment, but it’s still a bit of a disappointment. Interesting thing would be if the rebels succeeded, and what would happen. Would they take care of the dispute over the crown as well, or would they make it worse? I imagine they'd also have to deal with Villnore, although probably much later. The thing that makes this interesting is that had Natalia's rebellion succeeded, they could have prevented the war before it even truly starts. That would also prevent Artolia from being torn apart. Of course, Natalia would eventually have to deal with Wylfred's contract and its effects. I wonder how she would handle seeing the true boss of the game. It might be interesting story to write… Also, this is the only happy ending for Natalia, and her children survive too. It's not known what she does after this, but I'd like to think she goes and finds them. Hopefully they get back together. Maybe Earnest can be their stepdad. Of course, she might be horrified upon finding out what they’ve become... She'd have a long way to go in teaching them proper manners, if she ever could… But enough theorizing. Today is a busy day for Fire Emblem: Heroes, being the start of a new month. Because a new month means new quests! And it's also a new day! And a new day means new progress in the Voting Gauntlet. So let's get to it. And it looks like I finally have success. There's a green unit, Nino, with Xander, a red horseback unit. Last of all is Cherche, my green flier. I'm against Tana, a blue flyer, Ryoma, a red swordsman, and Cordelia, an archer. So I manage to win by putting my units first out of range and letting the enemy come closer. First, I send in Nino to deal with Cordelia. Xander takes out Ryoma, and Cherche hangs back. Nino and Xander get injured by the enemies. However, since the other enemies are defeated, Cherche is able to fly in and take out Tana. And that nets me a win, along with some precious Orbs. Unfortunately, my next time doesn't go as well. I've got a bunch of red units (Tharja and Alm) and Cherche against a bunch of blue magic users (Deltha and Reinhart). There's also a lance wielding Robin there just to be annoying. I try to send Cherche in to get rid of the blue users. But things don't go according to plan. Cherche is destroyed, and I've nothing left. So the match is lost. Easily. But the next match has me on the winning side, with Olwen exterminating a bunch of red units. She's one of the best units in the game. Needless to say she's also one of the ones I'm looking for. But summoning can come later. For now, more quests await. The next quests are the Seal Quests. Seals are important because they hold some of the best skills in the game. They also can be attached separately from regular skills. The catch is that there can only be one of each Seal Skill. Furthermore, many of them are very difficult to get. There are quests that run for a limited time, and others are exclusive to certain modes, and only if the player does well. Nevertheless, they are worth getting. And so I begin. The first few quests are easy. They involve using the main trio to defeat enemies. However, the next few quests take a little more work. They involve using a set of units (Raigh, Arthur, and Matthew) who are awarded to the player after clearing the original quests. The main idea is all such defeat enemies. However, the enemies are tougher, and the units weak. Unfortunately, I have difficulty finding proper places to complete the quest. The enemies are at the proper levels at around the latter half of the story quests. However, the units can't beat them without being beaten themselves. While I have the means to revive, I'm choosing not to because I don't want to waste Orbs. So it's off to the Training Tower. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of enemies with proper levels. At least it is easier, and the units get stronger. But that's enough questing for now. Well, other than the Voting Gauntlet. I need to win at least five matches there to get the best rewards. Unfortunately, I have a very close match in my third, but ends up being a loss. I will probably try a few more times today, though.
  16. A perfect day for some more Pokémon! Only this time, it's for the Living Dex. I can’t transfer anything until later, but I can at least get everything ready. For now, I must go on a solo mission. It's a dangerous mission, one that takes into the heart of Alola’s Victory Road. That mission: evolve Crabrawler. Crabrawler is difficult because it only involves near an Icy Rock. And said Icy rock shows up at the end of the game. But now that I've cleared everything, it's easy. I just head over there, and the Pokémon evolves. Now I only have a few others left. Quickly, I pick up the few remaining level up evolutions. I believe there's about eight in all. Which means I'll have to make return trips, but it should still be fast. And the first one to evolve is Morelull. And the others are not far behind. But then I have to do something more difficult. And that is catch a female Salandit. Female Salandit are pretty rare, but they are the only ones that evolve into their final form. But catching one is not easy. A lot of the times they don't appear, and when they do, they’re male. What happens is I end up locking a male into combat, and forcing him to call for help. When Salandit call for help, they will always call others of their kind. Then it's just a matter of defeating the one of the males until the remaining one calls a female. Still, it takes a long time, but at least there's some guarantee I'll get one… I wind up using one of the Pokémon I'm trying to evolve to weaken it, because weakened Pokémon call for help more often. Finally, the male Salandit calls a female, and she's an easy catch. I only have a little bit more to go, but for now a break. A break for the Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. The Semilocke continues down the A Path, but the enemies have gotten tougher. They no longer die in one hit anymore, or at least to the archer Cheripha. I'm able to get the maximum amount of Sin, but things get worse in the next battle. Again, I have trouble taking out the enemies in one hit, and the Sin requirement is high. Just when it looks like I will get the double Sin rewards, it eludes me. The reason is that my sorcerer’s attack misses a dead person (I have no idea how), and the leader, Darius, is completely immune to ice. Ice is the only element I carry, so that means no matter how strong my sorcerer is, I cannot do damage. As result, I missed the best possible rewards. It's worth redoing, but at least I will watch the cutscene. And it turned out to be rather senseless. Darius says he will die a failure, rather than a traitor. However, he's not saving his own life or anyone's honor by joining the group instead of killing himself like he does the cutscene. So it makes no sense why he does what he does… But it seems we have to go rescue Natalia from sacrificing herself. So a rescue we mount. But that will be for next time. A little bit more Pokémon is in order. And my Stufful and Trumbeak quickly reach their final forms. Only a few more to go… And they make it without incident. Now it's time to put the Pokémon in order. When I get chance they will be sent up to the Bank. There's a few problems reordering things, and there was a problem in battle when my Mimikyu almost ran out of power points. Also had a small problem where I forgot to hatch a Togdemaru for the Living Dex. Luckily, I have one from a previous hatching, and I can just use her. So now that everything is in order, I can take time to reflect on the challenge. Pokemon Sun is not my favorite game, and I will have only a few things left for it before I move on to the next set of games. One of which is the Semilocke, which has yet to be done. The other which is a newly thought of challenge involving using Mimikyu to solo the entire game (possibly even the postgame). Mimikyu is my favorite Pokémon, and I've yet to have a solo run that is successful. I have a feeling it might become a story of its own, but I will have to see. As for why did the Living Dex, the simple fact of the matter is that I'm a completionist. I had heard the Living Dex was the ultimate challenge were Pokémon completionists, so I decided I had to try it. With the addition of the Pokémon Bank, I had more than enough space. So I started in Generation VI and never looked back. Now, finally, I've completed it in Generation VII. It was a bit more difficult this time, due to certain legendary Pokémon requiring more than one file to obtain. But at last, it is done. Once the Pokémon Marshadow is released, I can finally say I have every Pokémon in that generation. But for now, I shall mark down my success, and pick another game to blog.
  17. Never a bad day for a Semilocke! Two, in fact. The first one being the obvious, Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. Last time, I finished the second path of the game, and moving on to the final. And the final path ought to go very fast, considering I have equipment from the two others. I don't plan on switching people out much either, because the team I want joins near the beginning. Not to mention that less people join in the true route than any other. I guess that's one of the things that makes it hardest path in the game. But for now it is very easy. So easy, that it's almost redundant. Enemies drop like flies, and double Sin is easily acquired, I decide to stop after clearing the first two chapters of the path, in order to focus on the other Semilocke. I stopped right after entering the rebel camp, and getting the first new missions of the path. Such a shame… What happens to the rebels… Not to mention the rebel path was always my favorite… Anyway, on to the next Semilocke, Pokémon Gold. Speaking of Pokémon, I found out yesterday that Marshadow will be available in about two months’ time. Marshadow is the last Pokémon I need for Pokedex completion, not counting any new forms in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Unfortunately, Marshadow is only available at certain Gamestops, and I don't have any near me… Looks like I will have to badger some unfortunate soul on the Gamefaqs Pokémon boards for a code… At least I will remember to post it in the right place this time… But I digress. On to the Semilocke. So, after receiving a request for medicine from Jasmine, we are tasked with going across the sea to the next city. However, these are not calm waters, and I must be prepared. I have one Pokémon that strong against water types, and two more that are resistant. However, the inhabitants can do more than just throw water at me, and the one that is strong against it is both slow and frail. On top of that, the waters are filled with dangerous Tentacool and their evolution. They will not hesitate to use their deadly poison against me, poison being as annoying as ever. And of course, things go wrong. My Flaffy is the only Pokémon that’s strong against Water types, but lacks a lot of power. So the water types quickly injure him. Not to mention there's my Dratini who resists water, but she gets injured when some of the water type Pokémon decide to use poison type moves. Even my Syther has trouble, as it goes up against a Shellder with Aurora Beam. And poison continues to be a thorn in our sides. In one scenario, my Umbreon is poisoned and I'm forced back to land. In another, it's my Gyrados. I'm close enough to Cianwood to heal though. I had back into the water to find more opponents. And I find a tough one. A Horsea with Dragon Rage. Dragon Rage is enough to defeat almost anything I have in two hits. And even my powerful electric type Pokémon can't take two hits… Thankfully, my Gyrados is strong enough is strong enough to take three hits. And so the opponent is down. There's a pharmacy here to replenish healing items. Which I quickly do so after using most of them at sea. There is also a house with a Shuckle. I don't grab it, although I doubt I'll be using in battle. Speaking of battles, it's time for the real meat of this entry. The Cianwood Gym Battle. The Cianwood uses fighting type Pokémon, and although my Akakazam can tear through the gym trainers, I'd like to see some of the others gain experience. And that's where things go wrong. My Scyther faces off against a Hitmonlee, and that battle is easy. The real problem is a Hitmonchan. Even the Hitmonchan can't utilize the elemental punches efficiently, Scyther is still weak to them. And they do a lot of damage, forcing me to use a lot of my healing items. But that isn't the only tough opponent. Another problem comes in the form of a Machop. This Machop goes against my Flaffy, who, as I mentioned before, is frail and slow. He manages to do damage with Thundershock and Thunder Wave. However, the Machop also does a lot of damage with Karate Chop and Seismic Toss. Flaffy barely survives, but manages to win. Dratini also manages to get some experience. She does well with preventing enemies from attacking using her Attract, Thunder Wave, and Twister combo. However, she gets slightly injured. And then she goes up against a Primeape. And it out speeds. One attack kills her instantly. At least I have revival chances. The Gym Battle should be easy though, with my powerful Alakazam. Or so I think. I attack Chuck’s Primeape with the power-packing Psybeam. And it barely survives the hit. It proceeds to retaliate with Fury Swipes, doing massive amounts of damage. My Alakazam is so injured that one more hit will kill it. But I have to keep it in. It's the only one who can finish the battle quickly. Chuck sends out his next Pokémon, Poliwrath. I think one Psybeam can take it out. But I am wrong, and it survives with about half its health. This is where the situation truly becomes dire. Poliwrath knows Surf, and can do major damage with it. If Surf hits Alakazam, it's gone. And Poliwrath goes for… Dynamicpunch. And given Dynamicpunch is wildly inaccurate, it misses. The fifth badge is an easy win. I might not be able to say the same about the next one though. It's easily available after getting the medicine to Jasmine, but she's no pushover. The next badge is Steel Type, but I don't really have a lot of ways to counteract it. The closest is my Gyrados and Surf, but it's weak almost every other type used in the match. The next one would be Alakazam and Fire Punch, but it has such weak defenses it might be risky. Regardless, it's the best plan I have and I'm going with it. The first two opponents are Magnemites, and they're taken out in one hit by Fire Punch. The other opponent is Steelix. A big, angry, Steelix. It boasts massive attack, an even bigger defense, and is 10 levels higher than my strongest. It seems like Alakazam might not stand a chance. But then Fire Punch lands a critical. And the match is mine. In celebration, it is time to explore. And one of the most interesting areas is a secluded island off the coast of Goldenrod. Here, three trainers lie in wait for battle. They hand out an item when defeated. They all have water type Pokémon, so it seems like the most logical choice would be sending out Dratini. Yet they also know other attacks. Such as the Seaking with the critical Horn Attack. Luckily, I still have revival chances. But there are other nasty things too. Such Starmie with Recover. Powerful water type attacks also wear my Pokémon down. But I managed to win and get my item. It's only a Soft Sand, but it may be worth keeping. There's still more exploration to do, but I shall save that for later. After all, every good exploration team needs rest.
  18. Time for another entry, this time with the Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume Semilocke! I'm so close to the end of the path, and with my overpowered weapons, should be easy to make it… Mostly. The enemies not doing a bunch of damage doesn't prevent them from swarming me. A group of enemies surrounds my sorceress, Liselotte, and destroys her. The poor girl has so far been the only character to die in this run, revival or not. At least this time I have Perfect Clears… But there is another problem I am facing. Meteor swarm. Meteor Swarm is one of the many Great Magics, and like Soul Crushes, the power is devastating. It only hits one person, but is almost always an instant kill. And poor Wylfred gets to find out just a devastating it is… Firsthand. A Meteor Swarm smashes into him, killing him instantly. At least he has revival chances… But this not my only encounter against sorcerers. My next opponent is the fearsome Langrey and I am thrust straight into battle. However, Langrey is no pushover. He has many powerful underlings that I must get past. Among them include sorcerers that boast the spell Reflect Sorcery. As the name implies, the spell turns my party’s magic back against it. Powerful monsters also line the halls, and they're out for blood. Speaking of which, some of the problems are the halls themselves. Traps designed to wear my party down are scattered everywhere. They include a poisonous room that damages the party for the entire duration of the battle, and cracked floors that damage all who step on them. I have to use a lot of my healing items, but in the end, I make it Langrey. However, he isn't willing to go down without a fight. What Langrey lacks in defensive power, he makes up for in offense. He has magic, which means a lot of attacks will tear straight through my units. Furthermore, he also has the dreaded Great Magic. Which he doesn't hesitate to use against me. Both Wylfred and Lockswell fall to the magic, but in the end, Langrey mediocre defenses get the better of him. However, that is not our last battle. Kristoff appears, ordering us to spirit Langrey away to a dungeon in secret. So of course we oblige. But there's a bunch of enemies to deal with first. This battle is noted for having the highest Sin count in the path, at 450. However, the enemies are weaker than what's been faced thus far. Perhaps as a way of compensating. With Ratatoskr’s Scandal to lower their HP, they don't last long. Except one of their sorcerers still manages to fire off Meteor Swarm. And still manages to kill Wylfred. Thankfully, I still have revival chances. The battle is over quickly, but a cut scene still looms. The nobles aligned with Kristoff has found us with Langrey, and we are declared traitors. Langrey is immediately killed. Kristoff appears that explains with happening, but it is all too late. The only thing he receives his mockery for believing he could end the war with his brother alive. Kristoff is only left to grieve, monitoring about how things shouldn't have ended that way. And I feel sorry for him too. After all, he is both a prime and literal example of poor communication kills. If Kristoff had just communicated with someone he trusted about his brother, it may not come to that. Of course, that would've also meant asserting his authority and making sure no one attacked Langrey behind his back. It would go against his initial character, but it would be a suitable development. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. Kristoff leaves some parting words to Wylfred, before saying he will be reunited with his brother soon. He then heads off to do… something. If it's what I think, that I'm glad that the game doesn't show it on screen, but it never specifies either… But there's not much more we can do about Kristoff. Because our next foe is the Valkyrie herself. She fight exactly the same way she did on other path, but the battle itself is a quite differently. She brings along generic soldiers instead of fallen comrades, and one is not required to complete the battle. Instead, one is required only to bring her down to half HP. After this, the second half of the battle plays, and completing that half unlocks the ending. So the battle is easy enough. Except I make a mistake. For whatever reason, I believe that getting the Valkyrie to use her Soul Crush will end the match and advance the game to the second part. However, that turns out not to be the case, and I end up getting Lockswell killed. However, he can still revive. As an extra precaution, I use Fury of the Aesir to negate all her physical attacks. After that, I advance to the second part easily. But now I have to fight someone else. The someone whose death we've been trying to give meaning to for the entire game. Wylfred’s father, Thydor. Turns out, he's the one who as the Valkyrie to not take Wylfred to Valhalla. Thydor had hoped the resulting journey would help his son to move past the revenge he sought. But Thydor was wrong, and now he fights us as an Einherjar. Thydor has massive HP and defenses, along with good range and a powerful Soul Crush. He also starts with a few other Einherjar, two sorcerers and an Archer. And they will not hesitate to attack me. So I cast the spell Gelphir’s Bonds in order to prevent them from moving. But one of the sorcerers evades the spell, and starts to heal the others. While the enemies are wasting time healing each other, I take them out. But they are not my real concern. It’s Thydor. And he moves. But that's I discover something else. Thydor is very weak. He doesn't seem to do much damage, and has horrible defenses against my magic. His Soul Crush doesn't even kill Liselotte, despite every other Soul Crush almost instantly killing whoever is hit. Perhaps the game just does not expect the player to go for 200% Sin, and get the best rewards constantly? Whatever the case, Thydor goes down quickly, and the B ending plays. And I love to reminisce on how much I like it. Not only does it have the most interesting characters, like Kristoff, but it also drives home the point of the game about how damaging revenge can be. Wylfred spends the entire game trying to give meaning to his father's death, but then his father is taken from him even after that event occurs. And all because of his wish for revenge… But I shall save further commentary for when I complete the game in full. After all, there's still a third left and the true ending to uncover. And getting said true ending involves going through some of the most difficult missions of the game…
  19. Writing: Backstage Pass (August 22, 2017)

    Been a while since I've done a backstage pass. Time to do another one. The first has to do with the Semilockes. I decided not to do Round 2 in Pokémon Stadium 2. The reason being is that Round 2 in Pokémon Stadium 2 is brutal. It requires a lot of powerful Pokémon and luck, neither which I have. However, I do plan on completing Pokémon Stadium 2. This also makes the game very long, seeing as it more than doubled the length of the original Pokémon Stadium Semilocke. However, I do plan completing Pokémon Stadium 2 100% normally. It's something that I've been wanting to do, since I was never able to do it when I had the original version of the game. As for what this does the story, I am not sure. Perhaps Psyche just blasts the Rival out of existence… It's something I could see her doing that, honestly… Speaking of Semilockes, I have an update on Journey. Journey now has enough blog posts to start being written. However, much has yet to be plotted out. For example, I am unsure what specific games used for it, or how I want the games to fit into the story’s ending. There are some confirmations, though. Fire emblem, Kirby, Okami, and Fantasy Life are all confirmed to be used. At least one of the Semilocke entries is also confirmed to used. Okami will most likely take place in the end, because the premise of the game being similar to the protagonist’s plan to call the goddess back. However, not all of the blog post will make it in. Some of these blog posts may become a different work. They may be now applies more directly, or at least told from an omniscient third person point of view. If this happens, they may be called Travel. Psyche's journey itself also has updates. The update start way back in Azalea Town. Psyche is fighting in the forest, along with others. However, eventually she is hit by an attack that is fatal. With her dying breath, she manages to use her time powers to make it as though the wound never happened. When this happens, she believes she sees another person, but it's only a faint outline. When she tells Griselda this, the latter flinches. She then asks Psyche a lot of questions about how the person acted or sounded like, but Psyche is unable to answer any of this. This causes the others to further distrust Griselda, after realizing that she knows more than she lets on. Some are also confused by her change in behavior, and angry at how she treated Psyche. Further problems strike later on. The group finds a large creature blocking their way out of the forest. Psyche realizes that some sort of test, and the group has to pass it to keep going. Psyche prepares for combat, but Spyro jumps in the way, saying that this time he will be the one to help her. He then fights the creature, but with tragic results. Spyro’s fire may be powerful, but he is not as fast as the creature. The creature outspeeds him, then strikes. Immediately, Spyro's killed. Psyche tries to revive him with her time traveling power, yet is unable to. Griselda theorizes that while Psyche can undo events like ones that would kill someone occurring, she cannot physically reverse the state of death. Hence why she is able to heal herself as long as she is not dead, but is unable to help someone who was already dead. Griselda's charges into combat against the surprised spirit. The spirit can't do much damage, and is quickly defeated. Finally, the group is able to proceed, and Griselda gestures for them to go on. She calls to Psyche, yet Psyche doesn't move. She's crouched over the body of Spyro, looking like she's crying, but no tears are coming out. Griselda keeps telling her to move on, and that the group needs her. She says that Psyche’s friend’s death is sad, but they have to keep going so it won't be in vain. Psyche screams, and time starts going backward. Griselda gets flashes of Psyche's memory and then they're back at the fight. Psyche thinks that things will go differently this time, but she is wrong. Despite what she does, Spyro still recklessly charges in front of the enemy, and the others do nothing to stop him. He still dies, and Griselda still has to finish off the enemy. And even then, the others are still wary of her. Psyche realizes that the she was not Spyro, but the others mistrust of Griselda. And that there's no way resetting a timeline constantly will make her earn that trust. Griselda realizes what Psyche has done, but the others are so confused. Griselda sits Psyche down and tells her that she has made two timelines, and unless one is closed, the group will be trapped and trying to forever advance to their destination. This happens even if the other timeline reaches their end goal. Psyche understands this is a horrible fate, and one she would not wish on her comrades. She quickly closes the timeline, and brings the group forward. Now she stands at Spyro’s corpse, unsure what to do. She wants to do the burial ritual she did in the Legend of Spyro, but find out she can't say anything. When asked to the deliver words, she finds out she can't. Instead her mind keeps flashbacking to what she saw in the Legend of Spyro world. Finally, Griselda shields her eyes, and takes her away from the corpse. Psyche tries to cry, but find so she can't. She notices Griselda also seems upset, but seeing as she never knew Spyro, Psyche is confused as to why. Later on, she notices Griselda is getting close to James. He is telling their stories, and Psyche is invited over. She finds it awkward, seeing that the James that's there’s telling the stories is not the one she knows. However, Psyche soon realizes that Griselda and James are swapping stories from the wars they have fought. James says that even though he doesn't know Psyche, he can see the look of loss within her eyes. He then proceeds to tell his own stories of how he lost comrades in the field of battle, and tries to help Psyche normalize her emotions. Psyche believes she understands what he is saying, but still feels like she has never been so alone. Later on, the group set out for the deeper parts of the forest. They pass through it mostly unhindered, now that the guards are gone. However, the group gets surprised when they find someone outside of it. There is a young dragon that Psyche identifies as Cynder. Once again, she's a little spooked. The group finds out that this Cynder is from a timeline where everyone survived the final battle. Psyche is angry, thinking that the sacrifices in her world were for nothing. Cynder’s reply is that the Dragon worlds are no more, and that they only survived by fleeing the final battle. Psyche is even more distraught at the memories and the thought of the dragon world being destroyed. Meanwhile, Psyche is still having difficulties, but has yet to find a form that works. She is covered by Griselda and the others, but does not know how long that will last. The group goes underground in what appears to be a city. There, they find one of the Hunters that Psyche knows, the one from the first part of Bonds Revisited. However, he is the most cowardly as ever, and unsure what to do in the hostile world. Psyche realizes he's taken a form that could be powerful, and resolves to use that power by whipping him into shape. The group finds many powerful enemies, and a case for keeping coins to be used in the still functioning building above. Other than that, they resolve to leave the underground and continue their journey. However, Psyche darts into a corner, coming out with a sky blue stone. She doesn't know what it is, until Griselda sees it. She tells Psyche that this is a dragonstone, something that can be used to transform fighters into dragons. In the dragon forms, they are much stronger than what they would be normally. At this, Psyche trembles, wondering if she can regain her old form. Griselda asks her if she wants to become a dragon, and Psyche nods. Griselda tells her to use it, but Psyche is unsure how. Griselda explains that dragons typically hold their stones up and react to light, but Psyche prefers to walk on all fours, and lacks the typical human form of dragonstone users. Psyche suddenly puts the Dragonstone down and begins to ingest it. She finds the stone bitter, but can see no other way of using it. Eventually she manages to ingest it all, and it glows from inside her. Griselda says she has successfully absorbed the power. However, Psyche vomits afterward, and says she can't eat that night. Griselda understands, and feeds her in the morning. The one thing is that Psyche realizes she has to discard or other form, and said she will miss the flight. Griselda comforts her by saying that some dragons will eventually obtain the power flight, and that Psyche trains hard, she may get it again. In the next few days, Psyche tries to test out her new power, with Griselda at her side. She had first finds her powers weaker, and is frustrated. However, Griselda says it is because it is her first time using his powers, and that users of the dragonstones typically start out weak. However, they become very strong eventually. Psyche finds an area where she can train solo, and leaves the group to pursue that. Griselda also joins, but she doesn't stay as long. Eventually, the rest of the group enters their next test. However, they are bit disorganized without Psyche and Griselda. Suddenly, the two show up, and proceed to wreak havoc on enemies. Psyche can beat them with many elements of resistances, and the ability to stun them using electricity. Griselda now has her own electrical attack, and can hit enemies that would normally be completely resistant to her. With this, the group nearly reaches the end. However, they are met by even tougher opponents. At first, James takes the field but is defeated easily. The others soon follow, but Psyche continues to reset the timeline. Once again, Griselda goes out against the most powerful foes, but is unable to defeat them. The others are not as trustworthy because of that, but no one else can resist attacks. Psyche yells at them to trust Griselda and her, because well she can reset the timeline, Griselda's the only one who can make things go forward. Griselda is able to beat the foe eventually and allow the group to move on. This is after many failed attempts to continue. As a result, the group finally trusts Griselda, and she in turn fuels more accepted. Psyche starts asking about where she's come from, but Griselda declines to answer. Psyche continues to aid the group in her new form, and becomes more comfortable with it. She also finds a mailman, and discovers that is her mate, Apollo. He has gotten lost in the world, but is doing whatever he can for the surviving civilians. If he completes his next mission, he may be able to join their group. The group helps them complete the mission, and he lends them his power. Psyche is overjoyed. However, the group gets up to a test of that involves entirely new area. Worse yet, only one can traverse in order to allow the others to. Griselda volunteers, thinking that the group will still miss her the least, and that as a valkyrie, she is the most well prepared. However, one of the enemies can fight dirty, going straight through Griselda's magic. She realizes that her own form will not last much longer, and that she must pick up a new one. She wonders if this is how Psyche felt when she had to discard her form, and resolves to ask her. Griselda manages to use her magic to capture one of the creatures in the test, believing that this may be her new form. However, she still feels like the group needs her old one, and resolves to use it for as long as she can. The group continues up to an area where there blocked by rocks. It turns out the rocks are enchanted by another creature, and that they must do battle. Unfortunately, the creature is powerful, and Griselda is knocked unconscious. They managed to bring the creature to their side, realizing that is actually a possessed Sheila. The ending of the battle is bittersweet because she lies saved, yet Griselda is in danger. However, she brushes it off, by telling the others they should continue their mission. She does ask Psyche about what it feels like to discard her form, and Psyche tells her. Psyche says she also understands what Griselda wished to keep her old form, even though it is nowhere near as powerful as it should be. The group reaches another city, and they find another person. This person happens to be Elora, and it's the one Psyche knows. Psyche has mixed emotions, happy to have found Elora, but heartbroken over having to seller what happened to Spyro. Elora comforts her, telling her it's not her fault. Elora still has her orbs from before, but says she has not yet completely unlock their powers. She requests to spend some time continuing to do that, and her request is granted. The group enters what appears to be an abandoned dance theater, but there are ferocious creatures inside. They wield the power of the elements, and James is badly hurt. The rest of the group also don't fare very well, but they manage to make it through. Also, James gets an upgrade to his power, and he is able to fight easier. However, the group still faces their biggest challenge. There is a place that is completely dark, and the group has to fight monsters in it. Due to their team composition, they are able to fight them without hardly any casualties. However, that changes when the fight the leader. The leader uses draining attacks and things to otherwise put the group out of commission. Once again, James is in the line of fire. However, he is caught in the quickly of the draining attacks and quickly dies. Psyche is distraught, and tries to reset the timeline. However, Hunter jumps up and says that he has to protect his friends, and that the enemies won't take another one. He then proceeds to destroy them, earning the win. Almost everyone is shocked by Hunter's actions, but Psyche knows that Hunter often loses his power ordinance after enough time has passed between his last battle and the next one. She then remembers how he acted at the end of the second book, Gateway, versus how she was told he acted in the beginning the beginning, and believes it's the same thing here. Psyche also has a talk with Apollo, who helps reassure her that things are not her fault. She still felt sad about it, but admits it's not as sad as seeing Spyro die again. She is surprised he is not jealous of her spending time with Griselda, and he replies he knows things are different there. Later on, she talks with Griselda, and is surprised to learn that her relationship with Apollo does sadden her bit. Apparently Griselda had someone she loved back where she was from, but he's no longer with her. Psyche tries to ask more questions, but Griselda abruptly cuts the conversation off. Elora appears, having done some research with the orbs. Psyche tells her James has died, and although it was not the James she knows, she is still heartbroken. Elora consoles Psyche, and tells her she has done enough at the orbs to awaken their elemental power. But this, she should be all to fight, and with the elements that make the group strong. She asked to join the party, but Psyche is hesitant. Elora is one of her best friends, and she is afraid to lose her like Spyro. Bianca comes up, having researched the magic with Elora. She explains that Spyro and James died for a better future, and both died for what they believed in. It is the same reason that Elora wants to fight now. Psyche nods, realizing they are right. Elora immediately joins, taking on the power of darkness. The group continues, and all is well as they seem to approach the remains of a farm. However, there is an enemy with magic hiding, and Griselda rapidly takes the attack. The attack knocks her out instantly, and Psyche takes over the match as Griselda is hauled away. Psyche can sense a large amount of magic flowing out of Griselda, and realizes that she is most likely losing the power of her form. She hopes that Griselda will realize this and take another one, but wonders how she will accept being powerless. Later, Griselda wakes up and realizes what has happened. Psyche consults her, but she responds by showing her the creature she had captured from the solo test. She knows she needs go off into training, and Psyche volunteers to go with her. However, Griselda declines the offer. Unfortunately, she begins having trouble against the varied enemies. Right when she think she's going to be defeated again, Psyche charges then to help deal with them, bringing the entire group along with her. It is at this point that she realizes the group has begun to trust her, that they value her like any of the teammates, and that they need her power. Psyche says it doesn't matter where she's from; she's a victim of this world like everyone else, and has to work together and in order to get out of it. Griselda realizes she's right, and resolves to be less prickly to the group. She's also more open about things from this point forward, although it is still a while before she reveals who she is. All of these updates to the Semilockes are not the only ones. Another huge uptick comes to Wanderer, the same series where the Altar is from. In particular, the updates concern Acceptance and Flowers, the sequels to the Altar and Journey. Originally, there was a really a happy ending, with the ending being bittersweet at best and a downer at worst. However, there are plans for a happier ending. In Price of Rebirth, the work which Wanderer connects to, there is a replica that eventually gets killed. She is in limbo, but the protagonist from Price of Rebirth later absorbs her soul. She realizes that the replica will never have a complete life without someone else, because she can't be resurrected to tour her salt meaning complete. She also cannot fuse with the others of the timelines, and make it the final trial. However, the protagonist realizes the replica still has a purpose. She leaves her with instructions that if Wanderer’s protagonist accepts what is happened, she will have earned having the replica as her new body. This gives a happy ending to both the displays replica, and the protagonist of Wanderer. This may also open up the door for new story based on the protagonist of Wanderer accepting her new body and trying to do what she can to help the world. Because of this, Flowers may receive some updates as well. Ninian originally is talking to the final Kristine, but now she may instead be talking to the replica inside of her. It can still appear as though she's talking to the final Kristine, however. The final Kristine is still known as the traveler, and the replica may be known as the companion. However, the true identity of both of them is never revealed in the story. Recently, I saw the 2017 eclipse, so I have a few ideas for stories based on that. One of them is a bunch of Pokémon planning an eclipse party, with them being in the path of totality. They could have things like barbecue, music, and special eclipse glasses. This fan fiction would be based on what I saw in the live stream in Wyoming, estate that was in the path of totality. The party set up by Pokémon is based off of the Budweiser Clydesdale party with the farm being in the path of totality. The way it was worded made it sound as though the horses were setting up the party. Another one may be something about the final Kristine as she watches the eclipse. She goes on the tip of her tongue to visit the world again, and remembers everything she's seen up to this point. It's never revealed who she is, or when in the timeline she decides to go. The place she's watching it in is the Dragon Temple, which is where she spends a lot of her home series. She may also watch it in Yggdrasil, where her existence begins. However, the latter is corrupted at the time, so she may not. This is meant to be based off of Wyoming as well. She also still has her affinity with magic, and uses that over solar glasses. In the end, she visits the worlds. This is meant to be posted shortly before Price of Rebirth begins, as a sort of preview to it.
  20. Time for another entry, and with that, another Semilocke! This one’s Pokemon Gold, and it's time for bit of training. Last time, I decided to use Scyther, but was having trouble training it… However, I found a few safe places to go. The National Park is a good place to go even without the Bug Catching Contest. While the Pokémon here give little experience, they're also weak and cannot do much damage. So it's the perfect place for Scyther to start leveling up. Once she reaches level 16, there was is a new place to go. Route 38. Route 38 has many Pokémon that give lots of experience points, but they're all around level 16. Furthermore, they're a bit tougher than what I faced before. But I can handle them. Mostly. Scyther’s only real move for damage is Quick Attack, and the only way of boosting that is through Focus Energy. This means battles are risky, and there are still things that can defeat her. Farfetch’d’s Peck and Tauros’s Horn Attack particularly cause problems, and she is weakened many times. Furthermore, she cannot take advantage of the steel type of her evolution until she learns Wing Attack, and Wing Attack only is learned at level 30. However, she manages to finish training, and I can finally move on. Not much happens though, and I choose to avoid the Miltank quest this time. It's tedious and has little reward. The biggest thing that happens is read before going to Olivine. Olivine is north of a new area, Route 39. And that means I can get the new catch. What that doesn't mean is that the new catch is easy. At first, the new catch is Farfetch’d. These Pokémon aren't particularly strong, but they can be difficult to catch. This one proves no exception, because even with paralysis and getting into the red for HP, it breaks out of almost 10 Great Balls. However, according to Semilocke rules, I can try again. So I restart and do just that. Luckily, my actual catch is a Tauros. They are both exponentially more useful and easier to catch. With that, I enter Olivine. Unfortunately, there's not much to do here. There is the move Strength, and I quickly pick it up. It's a powerful normal to move, as well as having uses outside of battle. My Faffly and Gyrados can both use it well, so both of them get it. I also got the Good Rod, allowing me to fish for stronger water type Pokémon. There are many places that can be used, such as the city itself and the port to the south. But I will save that for later. For now, Fire Emblem Heroes awaits. It appears there some daily special maps. The maps about in orb for completion, just like their counterparts in story. They're easy now, but I suspect they'll be a lot harder later… My next point of interest is the arena. The season is almost ending, and I may as well place in it to get some rewards. I probably won't get very far though, and that seems to be the cases I am eliminated on the first match. However, I decide to keep going. I have dropped down to tier 8, so I should stand some chance. And I do, clearing all seven matches. The teams were surprisingly easy to beat, but now I face another problem. My performance in the arena has led to me skyrocketing in the tiers. I'm now three tiers up for where I used to be. And it was when I got into the higher tiers that I started encountering enemies I could not beat. And doing badly in the higher tiers pushes one back down to the lower ones. And the cycle repeats… But at least I got what I was able to. And another thing happens. I now have enough orbs to safely summon. I'm going to avoid trying to summon the character it was trying to do before, because the character with the current Focus is one I already have. Instead, I will focus on getting one of the other characters. But I quickly change my mind. There are other focuses going on, and I can just use one of them. So I pick one with Sacred Stones characters. If anything, I'll get one of them. Two of them are blue, and they happen to be characters I like. I wouldn't mind getting them over the character I'm looking for. But something unexpected happens. After three rounds of summoning, I finally get the character I'm looking for. Ninian, the dancer from the seventh game in the series. I always thought she was interesting because she occupies a unique class in this game (dancer with a Dragonstone). I also want to give her a happy ending, because she doesn't truly ever get one in her home game… That reminds me, I'm not sure how I'm going to play Ninian when I Semilocke their home game, because they have an interesting way of being played… I decide to use extra Orbs, because I have a lot of colorless stones. This means I have a high chance of summoning Innes. And I do, on my last stone. I can't even begin to fathom how lucky I am. Now I can finally start putting teams together. So I start doing that here. I don't have enough orbs to start leveling them, but I can at least pick who is on what team. The regular team will still continue to be used. Once the Nuzlocke is done with the main story and then emissions in between, they can also be used for the other modes. I'm not planning on advanced them past the main story because I want them to be as strong as they can be without being held back by the game slow updates. So that leaves three more teams. For teens is a good number because the game sometimes requires modes that use that many people. I like using teams with each color, so I can be prepared for any colors the opponent uses. Having advantages and the colored triangles is vital. Sometimes, if I lack a powerful colorless unit, I won't put one in the team. But now I have plenty. So here is my first team. Rienhart with his powerful skills and horse, Gray with his effectiveness against horses, Legion with his Panic Axe (and overall craziness), and Klein bringing his power over from the Semilocke run. My next team involves Tiki with her power from the Semilocke, Ninian and all the uniqueness her class brings, Innes and his powerful bows, and Michaelis with his immunity to threats against flyers. The final team for now consists of Linde and the skills she carried over from Odin, Soren with his green tomes, Corrin wielding the divine Yato, and Chrom with his healing moves and Falchion. So now the teams are picked, I can start training them. But that will be for a later time. For now, I want to finish what I started with the Semilocke. My next area of interest is the Lighthouse. After that, I will probably be done. The lighthouse has a lot of trainers, and I can only go walking speed. So it will take a while. Not to mention that some of them are fairly tough. And I don't have a lot of healing items. For example, my Umbreon has trouble against a trainer with lots of Pigeys. Dratini takes a lot of damage for many votes, and I use almost all my healing items. But I manage to make it up there, and get the request from Jasmine. Now dad picked out by falling to the floor, as odd as it seems. At least they got rid of that in the remakes… But now I will restock on supplies in Olivine, and wait for my next time to play. Now there's one last thing I need to do for this entry. And that is to link my data for Fire Emblem: Heroes. Linking my data allows me to transfer it between devices if one ever stops working. It also allows me to get special rewards, including 10 orbs as soon as I link. However, linking is not without its problems. My time zone is not obviously listed, so it takes me takes me a while to figure it out… While I think my Network ID can automatically get me in, I still have to create the account that it links to. It's not immediately obvious that's what I need to do, so it's found while searching for directions before I finally figure things out. Thankfully, I finally link the data, it is safe, and now I can take a break.
  21. So August is coming to an end, and Flight Rising has its monthly pause. I have to do that, because otherwise it eats up my limited Internet… But it will be back in the middle of September, and then I will take on the jungles… But in the meantime there's another Semilocke: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume. I am about two thirds of the way through the game, and I may as well go until the end… The problem is that I end up in a place that has a lot of snow… Snow is almost impossible to walk in, for both the player and enemies. The exception is for flying units, who are unaffected. Unfortunately, the player doesn't get any during the main game (although one does eventually join after all routes are cleared). This Semilocke won't see that character, though… Regardless, the Sin count is high, and the enemies are scarce. Anyway, it appears that this map is one where I only have to beat the enemy commander. But unfortunately, I don't know that, and unintentionally end the map early. At least I still get the double sin and the best rewards... But the next map is less unintentional. This time, I want nothing more than to defeat the map commander. Because the commander in question happens to be Reignbourg. Reignbourg is one of the toughest enemies in the game, with a very good stats, excellent range, resistant to almost every element I have, incredible defenses, and an attack that kills almost anything. To make matters worse, he's also surrounded by healers and other units to support him. These units do not hesitate to impede my progress, and allow Reignbourg to pass through. So what am I to do? Well I have one saving grace; a move called Fury of the Aesir. This attack makes it so that my units are immune to damage from physical attacks. And that's all Reignbourg can do. But there's a catch. The effect only lasts three turns. Which means I have three turns to beat Reinbourg before he can inflict massive pain on my units… However, I get lucky. My mages attack with Frigid Damsel, an attack that has a chance of freezing opponents. And Reignbourg is frozen. With freezing, he becomes completely helpless, and my units can destroy him. It's something so fortunate but so crazy that I try hard not to burst out laughing… Poor Kristoff at the end of the battle… It's easy to see the war in his homeland is taking a toll on him… And he talked about how much he dreads facing his brother, even though he knows he has to in order to end the war… This is why was the second path was the true one. Kristoff’s doubts make him human, and therefore interesting. It's a lot more relatable than the other two paths, where people just seem to charge ahead… And in the true path, he doesn't even get a very happy ending… Not to mention that there other things that are interesting in this path as well, such as what happens to Valmur and Phoina, and Lieslotte realizing the damage hate can cause… But enough about that. Another good thing has come out of this map. Wylfred finally got a better sword. He had been struggling quite a bit due to mediocre damage output and not be able to use his full range of attacks. But his new sword solves those problems. Unfortunately, it isn't Gram… As I near the end of the path, it seems the Semilocke is going well. I only hope that the final battle here will not go as badly as the one from last path… But for now the Semilockes go away, and Kirby comes back out. Last time, I was having trouble on the robot boss of the fifth world. But my infinte HP cheat is here to help me. Along with my friend the fire sword. So I grab those and head off. I still managed to have the same problems with the first stage of the boss, and get hit a lot. But somehow I manage keep my power. And then I realize why it's so strong when the boss gets to the second stage. Damaging the boss requires going directly under him and attacking. The fire sword can do just that. Tilting it upward will stab the boss immediately, and can continuously do damage while also keeping Kirby safe. The boss now goes down within minutes. I've cleared the fifth world, but I still have to keep my guard up. And not just because the infinite HP cheat is off. Beyond here lies one more world with four of its own levels. Ripple Star. Ripple Star is the same world that was seen besieged by enemies in the beginning of the game. Now we have to go rescue it. Unfortunately, its situation doesn't look quite as dire as it does on actual N64 console (mainly due to graphics not rendering properly). But we have to save anyway. Unlike the last two worlds, Ripple Star test the player's ability to respond to large swarms of enemies. It also test the player’s ability to use the different abilities from throughout the game. So what is more combat focused. Refreshing, considering how much I hate platforming… Anyway, onto the first stage. And it looks just like Pop Star, complete with the same music… I find that a nice little touch… It acts just like Pop Star, too, with everything dying to the fire sword. Of course, I also have to use bombs to blow up a rock, and that's a little hard to control… I nearly die, but I managed to get the final crystal But I have to head off to the second level in Pop Star, both to replenish my health and grab a new power. I need a lightning power in order to get the first shard in the second level of Ripple Star. That's right, the second level of Ripple Star. Infamous for not only being well done, but also having some of the creepiest music in the game… Regardless, I have to press forward. The first shard is easily found using lightning powers. I simply have to blow up another rock. Hopefully the next few will be as easy. And they are. The next two areas have me underwater, but I have to jump out of the water at strategic points in order to progress. There's nothing moving, so it's easy. In the second area with water, I snag a crystal to my left. But there is something that is more challenging. In order to get the final crystal, I have to grab the Cutter ability. However, while I'm doing this I have to descend down the hole. The enemy I want is above the hole and can strike from a distance. Cue me getting hit several times trying to grab it. Eventually, I managed to get it, but only after taking massive damage. Skillfully, I avoid enemies, and make my way to the final area. Adaline is there, and paints me a lollipop. What this does is make me invincible, and has enemies die to a single touch. So now the rest of the level of the breeze. Along the way, I turn my left and snag the final crystal the level. Now it's off to the last regular level in Ripple Star. One of three left in the entire game…
  22. Seems like it's time for a Semilocke, this time Pokémon Gold. There was some progress made last time, but never detailed here. So it is as follows. One of the first things I need to do is going to get Eevee and the Radio Card. I need Eevee to be Eevee for a story reason, and I am prepared to soft reset. Thankfully, she is female on the first try. My next destination is the Burned Tower. However, this place is rather interesting. The reason is this is one of the few places that is completely different on Gold and Silver versus Crystal. In Crystal, this place was required before one could go to the Gym. In Gold and Silver, this place is completely optional. It is required if one wishes to have a chance at catching every Pokémon in the game, however. In Crystal, the rival does not appear to battle until one reaches the center of the tower. In gold and silver, the rival battles as soon as you step foot in the place. It's an easy fight, so I didn't include it here. In Crystal, Rock Smash is not needed unless one is trying to get all the items. In gold and silver, Rock Smash is required to progress. Finally, in Gold and Silver, the player can easily walked to the center of the tower, and fall to the basement to trigger the next part of the game. In Crystal, the hole in the center of the tower does not appear until the player has battled their rival. Luckily, the Burned Tower is still short and easy. The implications for the scene there… Are no less creepy... I wonder what was happening to the Beasts before the player found them… The official guide says they "turn from stone to flesh" when approached, but what does that even mean? Did they revive as soon as they saw someone, or were they simply living down there, waiting… Implications as it may, the trio rush off. Unless I'm extremely lucky, I won't be pursuing them. Instead I head to the next area, the dance theater. Inside are the kimono girls, with their evolutions of Eevee. Defeating them gets me the powerful move, Surf. And this is where I start to run into trouble. The Kimono Girls have a lot of things going for them, especially with the Pokémon they use. The fact that they are using evolutions means that the Pokémon will have higher stats than what I'm used to at this point in the game. Furthermore, they all can do elemental damage, which many of my team members have difficult resisting. Finally, there was a game mechanic where Pokémon can do more damage if their moves match their type. The Kimono Girls can take full advantage of this. So not only are my other team members having difficulties, but I have a death. My Spearow falls to a Flareon after being weakened by Tale Whip. I'm hesitant on completing the revival. On one hand, Spearow is useful for the upcoming Gym. On the other, it's not much use anywhere else. But I decide to revive it. After all, training is not my favorite thing. It proves useful, because he quickly evolves into Fearow. And it becomes even more useful, as I gain the move Surf. I have two Pokémon that can learn it, a Gyrados that can't use it very well, and a Dratini who can. I teach to both them, mainly because Gyrados doesn't have many powerful attacks. And on to the next area, the Gym. Luckily, the gym trainers are easy, thanks to my team setup. I have two Pokémon with powerful attacks against them (Gyrados and Alakazam) and one that resists (Fearow). Gastly might also count, but is weak against the ghosts and can’t deal damage back. Aside from some minor problems, I defeat the trainers easily. But now that I defeated the gym trainers, there's one last monumental task: Morty. Morty marks the end of the first half of the game (or first quarter if you are playing the game’s second half). He’s appropriately powerful even with the team setup I have. He, unlike his underlings actually uses the power of his type. On top of that, he has a significant level advantage over me. But the fighting must go on, and so I begin. Like I predicted, it's not easy. My Alakam make short work of many of the ghosts, but I can't rely on it long because it's weak against them and its defenses are frail. My Fearow goes in, immune to the ghosts’ strongest attack, Shadow Ball. But there's another problem. Gengar. Gengar doesn't just have Shadow Ball. No, Gengar has another nasty set of moves. Hypnosis and Dream Eater. One puts the foe to sleep, and the other drains its health to heal the user. And both of these attacks can hit Fearow. Hypnosis is not accurate, and I start winning the battle. However, one time it hits, and Dream Eater comes. Fearow is weakened, but not dead. I heal up, thinking he will go for another Dream Eater. If it looks like I will die quickly, I can switch and get a free turn. But that's not what Morty decides to do. Instead, he goes for Gengar’s fourth move. Mean Look. Mean Look makes it so I can’t switch out, unless I fall in battle. So now I'm trapped with something that can out speed my Pokémon, and said Pokémon can die in two hits. Worse yet, the thing’s at full health, and I can't attack back. So I've no choice but to let my Fearow die. I send in my Gyrados, but he doesn't do much better. Its only move that does a lot of damage his Bite, and Gyrados’s low special attack. Therefore, it does barely anything. And worse, Gengar puts it to sleep. So I switch out into my Alakazam. But there is yet another problem. Gengar outspeeds almost everything I have, and can defeat Alakazam in a single wicked hit. If I don't move faster than it does, it will destroy my Pokémon. And then I don't know how I will win the fight, if I even do. But mercifully, Alakazam outspeeds Gengar, defeating in a single hit. It does the same with a Haunter afterward The battle is won, but at a heavy price. I must bury my Fearow. Picking a new Pokémon isn't easy. Fearow represented two types in the team, and my other Pokémon aren't nearly as high leveled. Finally, I settle on the Eevee I picked up earlier. Eevee can evolve into many different types, and someone to fill in type problems is sorely needed. However, Eevee will miss its first elemental attack, and therefore won't be able to use the different types for a long while or without trading to another game. And it's particularly bad for the evolution I'm going for, Umbreon. Umbreon has it bad because there is no other way to get its elemental attacks without waiting. The others have access to moves from other games, but Umbreon doesn't have that luxury. However, there is a similar move, Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball hits the same types as Umbreon’s element, so it will work just as well as them. And there's another good thing. Its physical damage. This allows Umbreon to pair it with another move: Curse. Curse increases the Pokémon's Attack and Defense stats, while awaiting their Speed. It makes Umbreon all but immune to physical moves, and able to deal some damage back with them. Coupled with the healing move Moonlight, Umbreon becomes incredibly good at taking hits. The problem is longevity. Curse is not available until early in the game’s second half. Moonlight likely won't be available until near the end of the entire game. So I won't be able to use the set in full until I beat the final boss and do the Stadiums. And I haven't to keep Umbreon alive until then… Hope I can do it… Regardless, Umberon immediately joins my team, evolving from Eevee. It starts off at a high level, so I do not need to train at all. And off I head to the next Route. The trainers are easy, and I even catch a rare Pokémon, Magnemite. Until another tragedy strikes. I send out my Ghastly against a Mr. Mime. It doesn't have any psychic type decks, so I think I will win the match. At least I think it doesn't have any. But then it surprises me. It launches a confusion, and one hit is enough to bring Gastly to the ground. And I am forced to bury another Pokémon. Worse yet, Gastly represented someone who is meant to be in my party at all times. But I have a backup plan. The person has another form. A Syther with the same name. Rapidly, I put in my party. It is low leveled and needs to train, especially to learn the move Wing Attack. I can give it to another game to evolve, but it can only learn that particular move in its base form. Training is difficult, it seems, because Sycther is weak to just about everything near me. Perhaps I will use the Bug Catching Contest for training later. But for now, a break with Kirby. Right at the beginning, it seems I need a special power. I had back to the dreaded Neo Star to get what I need, the drill. At first, the scenery looks normal. However, it quickly devolves into one of the creepiest places and one with one of the best tracks in the game; the factory. A lot of the enemies are avoided by going to the bottom of the factory in timely manner. They’re to avoid. What's not easy is the Crystal Shard. There is some boxes to break with the drill, which I do. However, there's no easy way to find it. I run all around the level, looking for the crystal. After running around taking a lot more damage, I finally find a subtle opening that leads to a letter. On the top of is the crystal shard. At least I found it. But there is more to do. King Dedede enters this room, and now I have control of him. His task is to run against a conveyor belt that forces them in the opposite direction. Along the way, there obstacles such as doors, spiked enemies, and huge little things that resemble children's toys. They are not harmless, because they will bring their hammers down constantly, and touching them will cause damage. I also drove with the spiked enemies, because they don't move, but the conveyor belt makes it difficult for me to jump over them until the right on top of me. Thankfully, I managed to get through, only to find something even more disturbing. There are enemies in test tubes. Part of the disturbing factor is that this is coming from a Kirby game. But some of the enemies are final bosses from previous games. Is this the fate of bosses we've previously defeated? I will try hard not to think about it… There are conveyor belts according to the directions, and I have to try hard to run and avoid enemies. It's not much of a challenge, but the real challenge comes with the next crystal shard. I need to create a power combo, but the enemy a need for the second part is in the air. He's between two pipes, editing either the pipes instead of him makes me lose the combo. Not to mention, the conveyor belts make it difficult to aim. I lose my power, twice. But I finally get what I need. The almighty lightning sword. Hopefully, it can make short work of the mini boss. And it doesn't. The bosses flying, and the sword only hits the ground. After all the work I did to get it… However, there are fire powers in here that can be used damage the boss. However, I am unable to react fast enough, and I am defeated. My next time, I manage to defeat the boss, bird, using fire powers. However, without the lightning sword, I cannot reach the crystal I will have to go back with the infinite HP cheat to snag it again. One of the final rooms has a place with walls the constantly move in. If Kirby gets stuck in between these walls, he dies instantly. However, there are certain safe places that one can move to if a wall is closing in. However, I have trouble finding the safe places and die quickly. It's a game over for me. I will be back to finish things though…
  23. It's a fine day for a Semilocke, so let's begin! This time, it's Flight Rising. After a lot of training, I can finally head to the next area. This area being the fiery Volcanic Vents. I should have an advantage here, because Redshoulder uses water. But I also have another advantage. Recently, I found an egg while scavenging. Eggs are rare, they go for a lot of money, and they go very fast. I was able to sell the egg within about half an hour of putting it on the auction block. Afterward, I got a massive amount of gems. And all this is good news, because healing items bought with gems are often cheaper than those bought with treasure. I should be able to find them in high quantities on the Auction House. I will just have to see as I head over there. Unfortunately, the pickings are lean. There is not a lot of potions available for regional prices with the gems I’ve collected. Which means that I have to use the regular money that I've collected in the game. And I end up spending almost all of it. For a mere 45 Potions. Luckily, I got a lot of weaker potions, but I can only use these types of items during training. But there's an even bigger problem. My dice rolled two dragon fights. Dragon fights, because of the length, take a toll on my inventory. And right now I don't have a lot in my inventory, or the money to continue refilling it. I have a healthy amount of gems left over, but that doesn't mean much when there was isn't a market… So instead, I decide to do the dragon fights a little differently. I will simply go until I need to heal. After that, I will play the game as normal. So I go in with that philosophy. It seems to work well, for even though I don't get far, I also don't waste precious resources. But then the real battle comes in. After this, there is the regular set of five Beastclan battles. And during that time, dragons can die. Even if there is a revival chance for doing well. But it seems I have almost no fears. My team is equipped with triple Scholar and Berserker. That translates to massive damage increases. Furthermore, I'm using the correct set of elements here, so most of my team does extra damage against the enemies. Redshoulder, as predicted, does well with her water spells. Fire and Earth fall to her. Unexpectedly, she's also strongly against Wind. Cinderknight also does well, her Plague element attacks defeating many of the enemies very quickly. Nature and surprisingly, Shadow themed enemies don't stand much of a chance. Or anything else. Even bosses fall fairly quickly, There are a few things that come close, such as Cinderknight being weak to fire, or Tarkin, another dragon, being weak to light. But overall, it's nothing my team and healing potions can't handle. Before I know it, all fights are cleared, and it is time to pick out another dragon. The die has given me a Ridgeback, a first for the Nuzlocke. And she's female too, something that hasn't been seen in a while. Quickly, I grabbed one off the market, with black and brown. Her parents are named after plants, so she will be too. Her name is Kale, and she is quickly given her tag saying that she is in the Nuzlocke. And then, as the session comes to a close, I take time to reflect. It really has been a while since I become this journey. It was a bit on impulse and haphazard, but amazingly enough it continued. However, there is not much time left. After this area, there are only seven more, and the final two are counted as one. After all of these areas are cleared, the run will be over. And then I will leave the community. I will still be back to finish up the achievement section, since I promised myself I would do that. After all, that's how my account on Flight Rising got its start many years ago. But after that, I will be gone. Other than creative sections, that is. Maybe I might poke my head and general discussion once in a while. There's not much keeping me here other than the run, the achievements, and my own creations. It's rather sad, because even though I didn't partake much in the multiplayer, I still enjoyed the premise the game had. Not to mention it's interesting, because Flight Rising plays so differently than any other game I have. Of course, my account won't go away. It will just sit, nothing being done to it. Probably forever. It's still worth doing something like this though. But I shouldn't focus on the melancholy future, but rather, the happy present. There's an elemental holiday coming up after all…
  24. Looks like it's on the good day for a Semilocke. So let's begin. It is mainly a training day but I am hoping to get some content done too. My Spearow learns a second attack, Fury Attack. Although it's not the strongest attack it has, it prevents it from being destroyed by Disable. And the last Pokémon to be leveled up is my Dratini. Unfortunately, leveling is not easy. Dratini is lower level than everything else I have, and has to rely on others fighting for it. To make that worse, Dratini levels very slowly. And then there's even bigger problem. Dratini has no attacking moves other than the weak Wrap. As a result, she has issues. But I have another option. The Day Care Center. The Day Care Center will raise her for me, as long as I walk around. So I do walk around, and level up she does. With that, Dratini learns a new move: Twister. And now she can reliably attack things. Once I pick her up, she is all trained and ready to go. I had the Pokémon Mart, spending the rest of my money on Lemonade. I have hardly any money now, but it's of little consequence. I expect earn more from the gym… The Gym… That is not of little consequence… The reason is because I do not have any Pokémon that are super effective against the gym. I also do not have any Pokémon that resist their attacks. So I will have to go in with brute force. And I do. However, I am not without issues. Alakazam can do a lot of damage, but also takes a lot of damage in return. Quick Attack and Fury Swipes are a deadly combo. The former makes it so that Alakazam cannot use its excellent speed, and the latter does damage multiple times for each deadly hit. Luckily, I keep going. I find out Dratini is extremely helpful here. Twister and Thunder Wave are my own deadly combo. The former allows the foe to flinch, and the latter slows them down enough so that they have a chance of flinching almost every turn. Finally, after many battles I make it to her. The dreaded Whitney. One of the hardest bosses in the entire series, and the end of many Nuzlockes. Hopefully, I will not succumb to her charms. Unfortunately, the battle does not start out well. Whitney’s Clefairy has Metronome, an attack that can let it use any other attack in the game at random. Unfortunately, it decides to use it. And the attack it picks is Thunderbolt. Against my Spearow. Needless to say, he drops like a fly. Dratini takes care of the Clefairy with the combo used before. There's still another problem, though. Miltank. Miltank is responsible for more trouble than almost any other Pokémon in the series. And the reason for this is because of one move. Rollout. Rollout is a move that doubles in power every turn it's used, for five turns. The downside is that the user can't do anything but attack when they're rolling. However, with Miltank, it's so powerful that doesn't matter. I quickly decide use my Gastly. Gastly can put Miltank to sleep, then attack with the new move I taught it. However, there are three problems I did not anticipate. One is that Miltank is faster than me. Two is that Miltank can still take out Gastly in two hits. Three is that Thunder has horrible accuracy. What results is pure chaos. Once I realize these three things, Thunder has already missed once and I am no closer to defeating Miltank. Hastily, I throw Hypnois add it, thinking I can safely put it to sleep and then safely switch out. Unfortunately, this doesn't work and Gastly is defeated. What happens after that is a bunch of resetting, about six times worth. One of them was Spearow being defeated by Fire Blast. Another is me attempting to paralyze with Dratini, but not doing enough damage to ensure my party lives. Another is a total party wipeout. I feel like I am about ready to quit, but decide to try continuing the Nuzlocke one last time. My Spearow is lucky; Clefairy misses several attacks, and otherwise does not get very lucky with Metronome. So he lives, with plenty of HP. But the real test continues. Miltank is sent out again, and I play my card I played in the beginning. Now it's all down to luck. And luckily, Miltank misses. All of my attacks hit. Finally, I can walk away with the badge. But now, I need a break. Perhaps I can pick up something else… Seems like a fine day for Pokémon, so let's continue with that. I have a Living Dex that I'd like to be completed, and Pokémon Sun is the last game I need. For those who don't know, a Living Dex is a challenge where one is to have every single Pokémon physically owned and, preferably, in Pokedex order. Boxes will also be named in Pokedex order. Living Dexes were originally hard to hold, but Pokémon Bank has made it easier with its massive amount of space. My Living Dex is on the Pokémon Bank. It's worth noting that Living Dexes usually do not count Formes. However, since there are so few new Pokémon introduced in Gens VI and VII, I chose to count the new formes there as separate species. So I boot up my Pokemon Sun copy. Right away I can see the progress I've made. I need to finish evolving Alolan Grimer. I'm also one level away from evolving Sandygast. Steene also needs to evolve. But I have made positive progress too. There's Gumshoos, and another evolved Steene. They’re all ready to go. So I put them in the boxes, and pick out two more Pokémon. I have a Dartrix and Torracat that need evolving, and they're only a battle away. I suppose I should mention my trusted companion. Accompanying me through all this is my trusted Mimikyuu, Charlotte. She's probably the strongest member of my regular team, and can easily take down any photos the come near me. My preferred place of training is south of the Battle Tree, where the enemies are high-level. The experience share is also on. And so I begin. Already, the time is eventful, with the two starters I mentioned earlier evolving into the final forms. Now I just need to grab the last one, Brionne. Along the way, I also grab Jangmo-o. The little dragon is difficult to evolve, so I may as well start now. Even more events follow, as Brionne and Sandygast evolve. Quickly, my next two Pokémon are a Jangmo-o and a Dewpider. Both Jangmo-o rapidly evolve. Grimer also evolves. Which means I'm almost ready to send my first box of Alolan Pokémon. Except there's just one problem. I have to do something tricky. Trading with two games and one 3DS.
  25. Back with another entry, and I'm excited! One of my games just received an update, after over a year of having nothing… This means I will finally be able to play it again after completing the last update… As for game it is, I'll keep it a secret until later in the entry, but I will say this blog will have entries with finishing what I have and starting a new play through to experience all the new content. So far, I did a little test run and I like what I've seen. However, the new graphics cause a lot of lagging… It's still worth playing though, but that will be for later… Last night, I was able to do some training on the Flight Rising Semilocke. I now have a lot of money things to treasure chests from familiars. Now I just need to gain levels. But an update has come for levels too. My dragons are finally reaching level 17. Level 17 is an important level because it's when dragons can equip the best items in the game. These items are known as Berserker and Scholar. Berserker and Scholar give massive boost to physical and magic users, respectively. And in a game where offensive is almost everything, the boosts are vital. Not to mention these stones are relatively inexpensive compared to other high-level equipment one can purchase. One of my dragons, Redshoulder, has already gotten three of the boosts. Now I just need to focus on the other two. And I managed to get one of them up. Now Tarkin is all set. I've used up a lot of time, though, so I will do some more in the coming days. Training may be slow, but to its credit, Flight Rising has gotten me interested in other MMOs. However, I am unsure if my computer will be able to run them, seeing as it has quite a bit of trouble running Flight Rising as is. Something more demanding than Flight Rising may be too much for it. There's also the matter of my Internet being limited. Flight Rising doesn't take up too much of my Internet time, but who's to say what other MMOs could do? I have heard of one of the MMOs I'm interested in being possibly released on the Switch, and I do plan on getting one eventually. So I may wait for that. But that's neither here nor there. Instead, I want to focus on the game that got updated earlier. This game is called Pokémon Insurgence. Despite its name, Pokémon Insurgence is not an official Pokémon title. Instead, it is a fan made game created using the program RPG Maker. Also, like most Pokémon fan games, it is darker than the games is based off of and much more difficult. However, Pokémon Insurgence had a troubled production. The game started as a beta, with lots of glitches and only three gym badges. Eventually the game was upgraded to six gym badges. However, glitches still remained and the game was delayed for over a year. However, days ago, the final product released. Users could take their beta saves and continue from where they left off, although it was recommended to restart the game in order to experience new content. I'm planning on using a save that I had from the beta and completing it. After that, I may do a new file to see all the added content. Emphasis on may. This game, while interesting, is flawed, which may prevent me from playing it constantly like the main games. But that will be for later when I complete it. For now, I will focus on what I have. Currently, I'm doing a run called an Egglocke. This type of run is a challenge where the player receives a bunch of eggs, but has no idea what they will hatch into. Every time Pokémon is taught, it is swapped for one of the eggs. As the name implies, this type of run is also often combined with a Nuzlocke. However, Insurgence makes that optional, so I am not doing the Nuzlocke version of that wrong. This is because it is my first time playing through the game, and because it is already difficult. Usually players get eggs themselves, but since Insurgence is meant to be played as a standalone game, the player has two options. One of which is to generate their own eggs, and the other is to use a set of eggs that the game will give you. I've chosen the second option because I don't have the knowledge to generate my own eggs. Furthermore, all Pokémon generated in Insurgence have a distinct advantage. Their stats at their base level are as high as one can go. While the stats are still influenced by the player and the battles they get into, this means that many of these Pokémon will be much stronger than what they would normally be at the same level. And in Insurgence, I need all the strength I can get. I mentioned that insurgence was darker than the typical Pokémon game, so I should probably mention the story. The basic story is that Insurgence takes place in a region called Torren. Torren is terrorized by cults, who will do anything to achieve their goals. Most of these cults want the power of a legendary Pokémon, but not everyone has succeeded. The cults are held back by someone called the Auger, who is aided by their own legendary Pokémon. However the current Auger has gone missing. Needless to say, the cults have taken advantage of his disappearance, and the whole region lives in fear. One man, Jarren, has taken up the mantle of the Auger. He wanders around, trying to fight back against the cults, and look for his missing predecessor. However, he is not who the story is about. No, the story is about an unnamed person (who, in my case, is female). This person has been captured by the Cult of Darkari. The cult erases the protagonist’s memories of everything except their name, and plans to kill them. However, there rescued by the legendary Pokémon Mew, and with it, escape the base. Later on, they find out they are one of the ones chosen to fight back against the cults. From there, they meet two more chosen children, Damien and Nora. With the current Auger's blessings, the trio goes on a Pokémon journey, and hopes to stop the cults… But not everything is as it seems. And so my journey through Torren continues. This time, until the end… But I will save more details for next time.