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Found 6 results

  1. So it looks like there's more Ultra Sun and Moon prerelease news today. All of it’s got me excited, of course. There's a new surfing minigame using Mantine, and it looks really cool. It reminds me a lot of the Pikachu minigame in Pokémon Yellow, and that was immensely enjoyable. The Pokédex also gets expansion, which was badly needed. Now there's over 400 Pokémon, and I can't wait to catch them all. Also, it looks like Mina will have her own trial. That will be interesting, considering her trial not was until postgame originally. It seems to be early on. I wonder what it will contain? Something about painting, maybe? More notes on version exclusives, such as Houndoom and Manetric. I've already used both of those Pokémon several times, so I might not use them here. But it's nice to see that they're in the game, since I like them both. Alolan Marowak is a Totem Pokémon… Honestly, I can't say too much about that. Hopefully, it won't be as easy to beat as its counterpart in the originals… And more info on the Photo Club. Seems like they're doing some pretty good improvements… I'm open to whatever improvements there are… And I'm hoping that this becomes a good feature… I wasn't really crazy about in the originals, but it could have been something really interesting… Hopefully, more work is put into it this time… And more good information for Pokémon! Gold and Silver is being released on the virtual console! It's a shame that Crystal is not with them, but I'm assuming that it's because it was released on Game Boy Color, rather than the original Game Boy. Apparently, there's data for it in some of the more recent games, so we may see it later. I'll be getting them of course, but I won't be playing them right away. The reason being that I mainly want those games so I can transfer old teams up to my collection in the Pokémon Bank. It's also a very useful way to get Hidden Abilities, which might be good in the tougher facilities. There's also useful glitches for things such as shiny and high-level Pokémon. But I'm bad at doing those, so I probably won't use them. Finally, some progress on the Flight Rising Nuzlocke. It's time for a new area, it seems. I roll three extra Beastclan fights, but they are easy. It's not that difficult, others than some enemies ganging up on me. I have a lot of survival chances, and the run appears to be nearing its end. I grab a female Guardian hatchling, and the area comes to an end. Despite the length and how slow the run is going, it seems there might be hope that I can make it to the end.
  2. So I start off the day with another training session in the Emerald Nuzlocke. This will probably be one of the last, with me exploring the water routes in between Mossdeep and the next city. The trainers are easy, and the routes very short. Pity I have to use an HM slave to get into the Seafloor Cavern, but I'm strong enough to handle it… Before long, I met the start of the cavern, and the end is near… So after that I train, and reminisce. Flight Rising seems to be just the ticket today. As usual, it is easy. Sometimes I think about how far I've come. It's been a while since I started the run, almost one year to be exact. I was browsing around and wanting something about dragons, and I remembered my old Flight Rising account. I remember that I liked it, but got bored with the game slow pace. I thought maybe if I did a Nuzlocke and treated it like a regular game, my interest would rekindle. I at least wanted to be able to see it one last time, and complete all the achievements I'd been wanting to. Not to mention making up my own lore for the game made things interesting. And I wanted to see how much it changed. So I decided I'd try again. If it didn't interest me, I'd stop. So here I am again, almost one year later and still going. The run still has its issues, such as slowness and lack of things to do with the toughest equipment. Internet connection disconnects are also a problem, but there is nothing I can handle. Of course, it limits me in the amount of areas I can do, the game is rather redundant, so divided more I'm not sure it would keep going. But overall I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm now nearing the games latter half, after all this time, and it feels like quite an accomplishment. I've now got a lot of the achievements cleared, a lot of the areas cleared, and a lot more interesting dragons. Not to mention interesting lore during this time. And a lot has happened in my life to. Makes for very interesting lore, and a reason to go back. It's kind of like a log of what happened. Of course I will keep going, and hope that the log will see its end. It's only fitting that I do, after all I've built up.
  3. Seems like a good day for a Semilocke! But first, a bit of Fire Emblem: Heroes. Seems like there's a method going on that allows me to get extra Feathers and enough orbs for a summon. I managed to summon to noteworthy things. One of them is Chrom, an excellent unit that only had one of before. The other one is Marth, one of my favorite characters in the series and the one that got me started on it. The Feathers allow me to promote someone to maximum rarity. Immediately, I choose Reinhart. With all his power, I will need him to be as strong as possible. This also unlocks a very good weapon for him, Dire Thunder. But I shall get to training him a little while later. For now, the Flight Rising Semilocke awaits. It's just a training day, so not much happens. But eventually I should be able to make enough money to move on as well. Slowly, I'm headed towards the end… Noteworthy things were a connection error right after a healing, and the glance around the auction house. I was hoping that I could use the auction house to get some higher-level dragons and make training easier. Unfortunately, I currently lack the funds to do that. However, it would still be useful in order to get dragons that I leveled enough to obtain some of the achievements. Perhaps I will start working on the achievements soon in order to get money for the Nuzlocke… But that's neither here nor there. Instead, a long missing Semilocke makes its reappearance. And that Semilocke is Pokémon Gold. Along the way, I watch the adventures of the game Undertale. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but it has given me some more story ideas. Perhaps I will do character studies, like I did with Binding of Isaac. Characters I can think of doing are Toriel, Flowery, and Sans. But that's another topic. Anyway, when I last left off with the Semilocke, the team was doing some side quests after obtaining the sixth badge. Might as well finish them… Also worth noting that I won't be able to complete one of the side quests until later this week. Should still be easy to do though… Well, it’s sort of easy. The quest simply involves going back to the Slowpoke Well and through the Union Cave. If I'm playing on a Friday, I can capture a rare Pokémon. But for now, the cave is empty. Well, except for some trainers and items. The traders themselves are step up from what I've seen so far, and their levels are pretty high. My Dratini in particular, has issues. A trainer carries Eevee and its evolutions, but they are difficult to fight. There is a Jolteon and Flareon that use Tail Whip and Sand Attack. And that makes it difficult. Tail Whip allows neutral attacks to do more damage, and Sand Attack makes it so my own attacks miss. With this, Dratini has to heal often, and I almost run out of healing items. At least I have a few left. Stocking up in Goldenrod will not be easy. It is rather far away, and Fly currently isn't that convenient for the team… But I press on, running into more problems. Many Trainers are Hikers, and their Pokémon know Self-Destruct. Unfortunately, they will not hesitate to use it on me… Self-Destruct is particularly dangerous because it not only does a lot of damage to anything that is not Ghost, but it also halves defense when damage is calculated. Nowhere does the game tell you this. Regardless, the situation leaves several of my Pokémon injured, and I have to use more precious healing items. Compounding that is another trainer that has a Poliwhril. Poliwril knows Hypnosis, which I have no resistance to. Furthermore, it knows several attacks, and does not hesitate to use them. My Gyrados is injured and barely wins the fight. There's also an incident with Machop and Seismic Toss, where Syther nearly dies. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. My Gyrados learns Dragon Rage. Dragon Rage is very good at this point, because it can take almost anything in two hits. Unlike Self-destruct, nothing can resist it. It gets less useful later on, when enemies have more HP. But for now, it's a much needed improvement. The cave leads out to the Ruins of Alph, where more catches await. I quickly catch a Natu, which I may or may not use. It's not all that great in this game, so I will have to see… Anyway, I had out of there and into the next town. The next town is to the east of where I was for the fourth badge. I have to pass through a route to get there, but doesn't give me much trouble. I do catch a Goldeen and a Machop, though. Neither is particularly good, but I will take what I can get. At last I make it to Mahogany Town, home of the seventh badge. Unfortunately, I can't do much there right now, so instead I head north. There is a few trainers to battle and new Pokémon to catch, but for right now I will take a break. Perhaps next time I will make it to the Lake of Rage.
  4. It's a fine day for a Semilocke, so let's begin! This time, it's Flight Rising. After a lot of training, I can finally head to the next area. This area being the fiery Volcanic Vents. I should have an advantage here, because Redshoulder uses water. But I also have another advantage. Recently, I found an egg while scavenging. Eggs are rare, they go for a lot of money, and they go very fast. I was able to sell the egg within about half an hour of putting it on the auction block. Afterward, I got a massive amount of gems. And all this is good news, because healing items bought with gems are often cheaper than those bought with treasure. I should be able to find them in high quantities on the Auction House. I will just have to see as I head over there. Unfortunately, the pickings are lean. There is not a lot of potions available for regional prices with the gems I’ve collected. Which means that I have to use the regular money that I've collected in the game. And I end up spending almost all of it. For a mere 45 Potions. Luckily, I got a lot of weaker potions, but I can only use these types of items during training. But there's an even bigger problem. My dice rolled two dragon fights. Dragon fights, because of the length, take a toll on my inventory. And right now I don't have a lot in my inventory, or the money to continue refilling it. I have a healthy amount of gems left over, but that doesn't mean much when there was isn't a market… So instead, I decide to do the dragon fights a little differently. I will simply go until I need to heal. After that, I will play the game as normal. So I go in with that philosophy. It seems to work well, for even though I don't get far, I also don't waste precious resources. But then the real battle comes in. After this, there is the regular set of five Beastclan battles. And during that time, dragons can die. Even if there is a revival chance for doing well. But it seems I have almost no fears. My team is equipped with triple Scholar and Berserker. That translates to massive damage increases. Furthermore, I'm using the correct set of elements here, so most of my team does extra damage against the enemies. Redshoulder, as predicted, does well with her water spells. Fire and Earth fall to her. Unexpectedly, she's also strongly against Wind. Cinderknight also does well, her Plague element attacks defeating many of the enemies very quickly. Nature and surprisingly, Shadow themed enemies don't stand much of a chance. Or anything else. Even bosses fall fairly quickly, There are a few things that come close, such as Cinderknight being weak to fire, or Tarkin, another dragon, being weak to light. But overall, it's nothing my team and healing potions can't handle. Before I know it, all fights are cleared, and it is time to pick out another dragon. The die has given me a Ridgeback, a first for the Nuzlocke. And she's female too, something that hasn't been seen in a while. Quickly, I grabbed one off the market, with black and brown. Her parents are named after plants, so she will be too. Her name is Kale, and she is quickly given her tag saying that she is in the Nuzlocke. And then, as the session comes to a close, I take time to reflect. It really has been a while since I become this journey. It was a bit on impulse and haphazard, but amazingly enough it continued. However, there is not much time left. After this area, there are only seven more, and the final two are counted as one. After all of these areas are cleared, the run will be over. And then I will leave the community. I will still be back to finish up the achievement section, since I promised myself I would do that. After all, that's how my account on Flight Rising got its start many years ago. But after that, I will be gone. Other than creative sections, that is. Maybe I might poke my head and general discussion once in a while. There's not much keeping me here other than the run, the achievements, and my own creations. It's rather sad, because even though I didn't partake much in the multiplayer, I still enjoyed the premise the game had. Not to mention it's interesting, because Flight Rising plays so differently than any other game I have. Of course, my account won't go away. It will just sit, nothing being done to it. Probably forever. It's still worth doing something like this though. But I shouldn't focus on the melancholy future, but rather, the happy present. There's an elemental holiday coming up after all…
  5. Back with another entry, and I'm excited! One of my games just received an update, after over a year of having nothing… This means I will finally be able to play it again after completing the last update… As for game it is, I'll keep it a secret until later in the entry, but I will say this blog will have entries with finishing what I have and starting a new play through to experience all the new content. So far, I did a little test run and I like what I've seen. However, the new graphics cause a lot of lagging… It's still worth playing though, but that will be for later… Last night, I was able to do some training on the Flight Rising Semilocke. I now have a lot of money things to treasure chests from familiars. Now I just need to gain levels. But an update has come for levels too. My dragons are finally reaching level 17. Level 17 is an important level because it's when dragons can equip the best items in the game. These items are known as Berserker and Scholar. Berserker and Scholar give massive boost to physical and magic users, respectively. And in a game where offensive is almost everything, the boosts are vital. Not to mention these stones are relatively inexpensive compared to other high-level equipment one can purchase. One of my dragons, Redshoulder, has already gotten three of the boosts. Now I just need to focus on the other two. And I managed to get one of them up. Now Tarkin is all set. I've used up a lot of time, though, so I will do some more in the coming days. Training may be slow, but to its credit, Flight Rising has gotten me interested in other MMOs. However, I am unsure if my computer will be able to run them, seeing as it has quite a bit of trouble running Flight Rising as is. Something more demanding than Flight Rising may be too much for it. There's also the matter of my Internet being limited. Flight Rising doesn't take up too much of my Internet time, but who's to say what other MMOs could do? I have heard of one of the MMOs I'm interested in being possibly released on the Switch, and I do plan on getting one eventually. So I may wait for that. But that's neither here nor there. Instead, I want to focus on the game that got updated earlier. This game is called Pokémon Insurgence. Despite its name, Pokémon Insurgence is not an official Pokémon title. Instead, it is a fan made game created using the program RPG Maker. Also, like most Pokémon fan games, it is darker than the games is based off of and much more difficult. However, Pokémon Insurgence had a troubled production. The game started as a beta, with lots of glitches and only three gym badges. Eventually the game was upgraded to six gym badges. However, glitches still remained and the game was delayed for over a year. However, days ago, the final product released. Users could take their beta saves and continue from where they left off, although it was recommended to restart the game in order to experience new content. I'm planning on using a save that I had from the beta and completing it. After that, I may do a new file to see all the added content. Emphasis on may. This game, while interesting, is flawed, which may prevent me from playing it constantly like the main games. But that will be for later when I complete it. For now, I will focus on what I have. Currently, I'm doing a run called an Egglocke. This type of run is a challenge where the player receives a bunch of eggs, but has no idea what they will hatch into. Every time Pokémon is taught, it is swapped for one of the eggs. As the name implies, this type of run is also often combined with a Nuzlocke. However, Insurgence makes that optional, so I am not doing the Nuzlocke version of that wrong. This is because it is my first time playing through the game, and because it is already difficult. Usually players get eggs themselves, but since Insurgence is meant to be played as a standalone game, the player has two options. One of which is to generate their own eggs, and the other is to use a set of eggs that the game will give you. I've chosen the second option because I don't have the knowledge to generate my own eggs. Furthermore, all Pokémon generated in Insurgence have a distinct advantage. Their stats at their base level are as high as one can go. While the stats are still influenced by the player and the battles they get into, this means that many of these Pokémon will be much stronger than what they would normally be at the same level. And in Insurgence, I need all the strength I can get. I mentioned that insurgence was darker than the typical Pokémon game, so I should probably mention the story. The basic story is that Insurgence takes place in a region called Torren. Torren is terrorized by cults, who will do anything to achieve their goals. Most of these cults want the power of a legendary Pokémon, but not everyone has succeeded. The cults are held back by someone called the Auger, who is aided by their own legendary Pokémon. However the current Auger has gone missing. Needless to say, the cults have taken advantage of his disappearance, and the whole region lives in fear. One man, Jarren, has taken up the mantle of the Auger. He wanders around, trying to fight back against the cults, and look for his missing predecessor. However, he is not who the story is about. No, the story is about an unnamed person (who, in my case, is female). This person has been captured by the Cult of Darkari. The cult erases the protagonist’s memories of everything except their name, and plans to kill them. However, there rescued by the legendary Pokémon Mew, and with it, escape the base. Later on, they find out they are one of the ones chosen to fight back against the cults. From there, they meet two more chosen children, Damien and Nora. With the current Auger's blessings, the trio goes on a Pokémon journey, and hopes to stop the cults… But not everything is as it seems. And so my journey through Torren continues. This time, until the end… But I will save more details for next time.
  6. Yesterday, I started doing the Semilocke series again, and today I will continue it. One of today's entry is another game that I've often talked about, but never shown. The game of this day is Flight Rising. Flight Rising is a game where people can breed dragons, buy and sell them from others, and fight with them. It's even possible to play minigames with other dragons, initiate item trades, and use a message board system to talk to other players. Flight Rising is however, noticeably different from any other games I have played or am playing. One difference is its sheer length. My current Semilocke is almost 130 hours long, and I'm only a little more than halfway through the game. For comparison, my longest Nuzlocke before that was the original Pokémon Stadium, which ended at around 130 hours. It's worth noting that many of these hours in Flight Rising are dedicated to training, because the games leveling system is very slow. Another is the format of Flight Rising. Flight Rising is a Mass Multiplayer Online Game (or, MMO). The game itself is free to play, but one can only sign up during certain intervals. After that, the account is maintained forever without any fees. Only one account per player is allowed. There is also a premium currency that can be purchased using real money, but there's enough a market where player can still play without using it, and do reasonably well. It's also possible to get the premium currency from sales and certain events. I currently have not bought anything for the game, and do not plan to. The fact that the game is played online brings with it certain limitations. For example, disconnections and other glitches are common. It also, unfortunately, uses up my limited Internet, so there are times when my account goes into stasis. When this happens, I don't do anything on my account other than the basic things required to maintain it, in order to conserve Internet usage. The game then comes up sometime during the next month. Right now, this entry will be the last before my account goes into stasis. However, it will come back up in about two weeks. The game, unlike some others, encourages the player to play every day. It monitor dragons using a food system, and subtracts energy for every day that goes by. When dragons run out of energy, they are unable to do much of anything, until they're fed again. Players are encouraged to find food as often as they can, store it, and feed their dragons. The game does this by awarding bonuses to dragons were constantly well fed, and having achievements tied to how much food one finds. Flight Rising, unlike many of my other games, moves in real time. As result, there are limits on what one can do per day, and what I can do per session. For example, it is encouraged to gather food, but food gathering can only take place once per day. Certain things, like crafting items, can take place only after real life hours have passed. Sometimes, things take days. Marketplace items only have a certain amount of time in which they are available, and can expire if a player waits too long. Flight Rising’s status as an MMO means it has no set endpoint. However, that does not stop players from creating endpoints for themselves. In my case, my Semilocke ends when I've gone through all available areas to fight in from start to finish (the finish, once again, something I've created for myself). There is a limited amount of dragons I can use to accomplish this, and dragons used for other purposes cannot be used for this one. Therefore, I have a separate goal using the dragons I have not gathered for the Semilocke. These dragons are to complete the game’s achievement system. Finally, unlike other Semilockes, Flight Rising relies heavily on a dice roll. The reason being is that the game normally has no randomization, but randomization is required for a Nuzlocke/Semilocke. So I use a dice roll to things like determine how many battles I will fight, what kind of battles I will fight, and what type of Dragon I will get after I win. Right now, I am about to embark on a Dragon fight. Dragon fights are named after the feature that allows one to battle other players, and their dragons. However, hardly anyone uses it. Instead, I fight regular enemies, but I can't run, and I must fight until I can't anymore. I am allowed to stop only in between battles, using the command that takes me back to the main menu. I must finish battles even if someone dies during one and running from a battle instantly kills my entire team. However, completing one of these battles without anyone dying gives me a chance to revive anyone who has died as soon as they die. It also gives me a chance to buy another Dragon. So off I head to my Dragon battle, in the game’s coliseum. Each coliseum area has a minimum level that dragons are recommended to be at. Right now, I'm one level below the minimum. The place I'm going, The Arena, has a minimum level of 17. My battle dragons are all level 16. They consist of a water mage named Redshoulder, a wind physical attacker named Tarkin, and a plague physical attacker named Cinderknight. With that, I head into the Arena. I have a lot of revival chances stored up, so no one should die. Some of the enemies have elements by dragons are weak to, but they are often weak to mine. The enemies do good damage, but I can do good damage back. Any damage is healed by the potions. Redshoulder is also good at crippling their offense, making sure they don't do as much damage in the first place. The enemies dodge my attacks a lot, but still looks like this will be an easy win. Until I encounter a boss. Boss battles often appear in the game in the games second half. Bosses are much more difficult and much stronger than regular monsters. Unlike the regular monsters, who attack in groups, bosses always are alone. This particular boss is one I'm been dreading, because it holds the element of light. Two of my dragons are weak to light. This means I will need to heal constantly because they will take massive damage. Unfortunately, I had entered the battle low on potions, and they will probably grow even lower. To make matters worse, my dragons are doing barely any damage, and the boss’s doing quite a lot. Miraculously, I win the battle without anyone dying, but I know I won't survive another encounter. Therefore, I decide to head back and buy my Dragon. The die has given me a male Wildclaw. Wildclaws are known for being excellent fighters, and have better physical attack than other dragons. Unfortunately, they are expensive to buy, and take a long time to breed. I will have to be careful with the one I get. Eventually, after looking around, I settle on a black and red dragon with no name. I quickly start to go through the game’s list of random names, finally settling on Thunderheart. How odd, that I should name the dragon Thunderheart when his element is shadow… Perhaps I will make up a story of his ancestors or immediate family being lightning element… Nevertheless, Thunderheart is now comfortably alongside my other dragons, and my session is done. Unfortunately, the fights left me without a lot of money, and it will take me a while to earn it back. However, I can do that while my account is in stasis, and it shouldn't use up much of my Internet. There's not much more can do, so it's not worth keeping the account active. So the stasis now begins, and I begin to prepare for the next time I will train my dragons. Next time, I should have money, and a plethora of new foes to fight…