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Found 9 results

  1. And a time for some Fire Emblem Heroes! Time for the Semilocke team to do a new chapter! But it's not all that easy… Corn is having trouble against spellcasters and healers, so she needs a lot of Lights Blessings. I tried to do the next mission, but units keep getting in each other's way. Lloyd and Merric are unintentionally pitted against units they are not strong against. They end up defeated, and I am forced to restart. Things get better the second time, and they seem to be going well. Unfortunately, Corrin was again student she was weak against as they flew over bridges and houses. She quickly gets killed against a green mage and an axe flyer. So I am forced to choose someone else. It is difficult to choose at this point because I have run out of revival chances, and I don't want to spend a lot of time leveling to lose someone else mid chapter. Olivia support skill of dance is invaluable, and because she's not going into combat, she is easy to train. But I still have difficulty. My first instinct is to throw Nowi at everything. But I immediately fail because there are units she is weak to. I also try to keep Olivia out of combat, but I fail to do that as well. I restart several times, but my next few attempts don't go much better. There are the powerful units Elincia and Nephnee, and they use their high movement to chase after my team. Eventually, they heavily wound and even kill units that are weak to them. Eventually, my only choice is to throw Olivia into combat. Where she quickly gets killed. At least the mission is finally cleared… But I don't have many units left. Luckily, I have an Axe user named Arthur. He's high level because of the Seal Quests earlier in the month. He only needs to be raised a bit more to be used in combat. So that's what I do, and head for the next chapter. Everything seems to go smoothly. At least until the final part. I try different formations in combat for the final chapter, but then I realized is only one convoluted way to beat it. Nowi and Lloyd must stand next to each other in order to gain their support ones. Lloyd must then attack Ike. Ike is then healed by Elincia, and attacks back. Merric comes in from behind and damages him. Lloyd then finishes off the mercenary, and Elincia is then killed by Nowi. What happens next is chaotic. The Masked Man comes in and is damaged by Merric. However, he also quickly kills him. Nowi lowers the enemy stats, but Arthur's attack is also lowered. The Black Knight engages Nowi, and both are injured. Arthur manages to attack the Masked Man, and Lloyd finishes him off. Nowi kills the Black Knight. She barely prevents him from casting his attack, the deadly Eclipse. But now, there is one unit left. Oscar. Oscar comes charging him from behind. I think he will attack Nowi. But instead he has his sights set on another target. Lloyd. And before I can stop it, he kills him. At least Nowi took him out afterward. And now I'm left to ponder about how bleak things have become. I don't have a lot of units left, and I'm almost losing more than I'm recruiting. Due to the random number generator and the fact that I can't spend money to get Orbs, there's also a lack of good units even in my reserves. This is only made worse by the game’s slow updates, and although I promised to play to the end, there seems to be no end in sight. So, for now I'm not sure how long this one will continue, or even the game itself. It's fitting for the backdrop, of an endless war where units constantly fight and die for a cause that never seems stop. A cause so dire that spanned across time and space… The Semilocke really does give a feeling of that… Perhaps even better than the game itself has… The death toll for this run is very high, one of the highest of any of the runs. To my knowledge, only Pokemon Zeta as a Randomlocke and Pokémon Stadium one have been higher. So the future doesn't look bright. But at least, I have plans if this run doesn't pan out… But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
  2. Welcome to another entry! This time, for the Gold Semilocke! Today, I head up to the next town in order to explore the Lake of Rage. The routes there are not that tough, but there's still the main event. The Red Gyrados. The Red Gyrados is what I'm really after in this lake. This vicious beast is a powerful Pokémon, stronger than anything else I have at this time. But not only that, it's shiny Pokémon. That means that it's a different color, and has a certain jingle to it. This jingle is because the games could be played on an original Game Boy, and the colors were displayed in black and white. The jingle carried over to the other games in the series, and has remained ever since. The fact that it's a shiny also means I can catch it, even though I already have one of that species. This is known as the Shiny Clause. Except catching it proves to be harder than it looks. The Gyrados knows powerful moves, and it won't hesitate to use them. One move is Leer, which lowers my defenses. The other is Thrash, which does a lot of normal type damage while making the user confused afterward. It turned out to be a deadly combination. I send in Faffly, who does damage with Thunder Wave. The Gyrados strikes back with Leer. And before Faffly can damage it back, it uses Thrash. Faffly is immediately killed. Well, not for long. I have enough revival chances. But I have to send in Umbreon. I hope it has enough defense to take hits. But I’m not entirely correct. For the Gyrados knows another strong move. Dragon Rage. And it's just as deadly as it was when it was on my side. Two hits, and Umbreon is nearly dead. Thankfully, I manage to capture Gyrados then. And head to the second area. The Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town. The trainers there are easy (they are Rockets, after all). However, I forgot to get healing items. So I decide to head back to Goldenrod. But I will continue things next time. Because there is new Pokémon info abound. The info about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. For the first time, there will be new Pokémon in the middle of a generation. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. One most like a birthday cake jellyfish and the other looks like a giant wall… I think I will name them Jenga and Confetti. It is rather fitting… But also Ultra Sun and Moon is not the only thing to be excited about. There's also some new Fire Emblem: Heroes content coming up. Apparently, there will be a new Indian chapters centering around Bruno. I'm so excited! I've wanted of the story to continue for a long time after the cliffhanger last chapter. And I like the fact that Elincia is finally making her appearance! Even though she might not be the strongest fire around, she's still one of my favorite characters. And with Fire Emblem: Heroes, I suppose I should discuss the Tempest Trials, now that they've reached their end. I have to say I really enjoyed this event, especially since I had teams that were able to compete. I also think that what the event did was a good idea. It allows people who didn't have teams the first time to try the event again, especially since the Tempest Trials had so many problems in its early incarnations. And now it's actually possible for me to get some of the rewards, and so I can catch up to others who had them from the start. I got the character exclusive to the trials, as well as an early skill exclusive to it (Quickened Pulse). Luckily, said skill happens to be one of the best in the game. I will most certainly try this again, not that the teams are stronger. But that's for another time. I have a bit more of the Gold Semilocke to finish up. And it begins with the problem of Self-Destruct. The Mahogany Hideout is filled with traps that force me into encounters with Pokémon. And each of them know the deadly self-destruct. They do not hesitate to use on me. Luckily, I managed to survive and catch a Voltorb. And then the tide turns. Once I reached the deeper parts of the hideout, my difficulties dissipate. Now that Dragon Rage is on my side, I can tear through opponents. Even the admins are easy prey, and many revival chances are mine. The ice type gym is also easy. I have many things that can destroy the Trainer’s Pokemon, including Faffly’s Thundershock and Alakazam’s elemental punches. When I get to the leader, Alakazam’s Thunderpuch destroy two of his Pokémon. Gyrados’s Surf washes away a third. I win my seventh badge, and that opens up new sidequests. One involves traveling to the dark Whirl Islands, eventually grabbing my own rare water type Pokémon (Seel). But there's another side quest. One that is very important and holds one of the best Pokémon in the game. I travel back to the Union Cave, where the Pokémon, Lapras awaits me. I have to make sure the beast is female. One of the two required characters for the run needs it to be. It doesn't take much, with a Thunder Wave from Faffly and two Dragon Rages from Gyrados securing its capture. But that is all for now. The next time I play, I shall face down Team Rocket for the last time.
  3. Today is an exciting day for Fire Emblem: Heroes! There's finally a whole new chapter, rather than just a side mission! This means new story, new challenges, and most importantly, new ways to get Orbs. Hopefully I can get the other teams training again… Also in terms of new things, Flight Rising has had an update. Those who use alchemy can get to level 23 and create two new familiars. Those who trade can also find new familiars. Since familiars are a good way of making money, I will definitely be going for these as soon as I can. But it will take a while, seeing as the Nuzlocke is still going on… I haven't played in a while, so luckily I will get a chance to play later. But off to the main attraction, Fire Emblem: Heroes. Also, there is currently double SP bonus there. I might take the time to get some skills for some of the teams. But first, the new chapters. So this chapter finally confirms that Bruno is Zarcaias. It's what everyone saw coming, honestly… And he reveals why he ran away… He was originally from the enemy country, but was cast out... His family was killed, so he sided with the trio. However, a curse runs through the royal blood, and Bruno knew if he stayed said curse would kill his newfound friends… So he left, looking for way to get rid of it, but he hasn't found any success… It's kind of sad, knowing that, because the reason he asked his friends to kill him so he wouldn't cause them any suffering… And since his friends are still attached to him, they went along with keeping him alive, leading to the current conflict… He's kind of like a Lyon in a way, where he was kind and gentle, trying to use the darkness for the best reasons he could. But in the end, it devoured him, and he has to ask his friends to kill him… It's also worth noting that a big theme of Lyon’s game is facing reality and dealing with loss… I wonder if that will come into play again with the Askr trio… It also makes you wonder if the god that Loki is the servant of is also the god that possesses the royal family… There's even more connections there, because said god requires Lyon’s tome. On the subject of that, it makes you wonder what would happen if Veronica was good, knowing what was happening in trying to save her brother. And at the same time, wanting to make new friends… She could keep her secrets hidden from the trio, at least until something like this happens… It would make a lot more sense to have her there than Anna, because even though she is the mascot of the series, she is not an original character… Also, on another topic, I wonder what things would've been like if Lyon would've accepted his father's death, and moved on. The Demon King probably would have still caused problems, but Lyon would have been one of the heroes. I feel like it's a fate he deserves… I also feel like Ephraim would've been looked down upon a bit more, because everyone else is asked him it more sensibly. I feel like the only reason people accepted what he did is because they were in the middle of a war and no one knew what to do… But enough about that. We have a battle to fight. Luckily, the enemies are easy. But Bruno runs away. Time to chase after him… Also, I grab my reward from the Tempest Trials, and see the ending scene… It's both happy and sad at the same time, as their world is saved, but Hector realizes what's going to happen to him… And he makes the main character not tell anyone… It's especially sad if his own games have been played, and the player actually gets to see that happen… Anyway, back to the chapters. And the Black Knight appears, at the same port he appears in Path of Radiance. And he has his theme too… Pretty awesome! I suspect we will be recruiting him in some way. But for now, we have to defend. Luckily, it's still not that hard, even if the Black Knight gets some hits in. Onto the next chapter. That one goes without a hitch, and we are at the final one. And Bruno really is like Lyon, with no one being able to resist and him being unable to kill himself… The chapter is called A Bond Renewed, so I'm hoping it ends happily… Well, it sort of does. Even if it is a bit predictable. Bruno presumes his search, and the Askr warriors vow to save him. Part of me wonders what would've happened if he'd just told the truth… Would they have reacted in the same way? And how would they felt knowing that they had a loyal friend, but that he could kill them at any time? It would be interesting to think about. I also can't help noting that Bruno’s name is still listed as ???. Is that because of the three identities he has, or is he actually someone else that is none of them? Maybe he has a connection to Loki’s true form… But for now, it's time for the Semilocke team to take over. Except they don't have as easy of a time. Nowi gets injured by enemies in the second chapter, and I think I may lose her. But it's not her I lose. It’s Raven. As I attack the enemies, I leave him wide-open to an attack from Elincia. And the attack kills him. The other enemies are easily dispatched. But now I'm left to wonder what to do without a unit. Raven wasn't the fastest, which is what allowed him to get destroyed. He also left my team vulnerable to red units, and they show up a lot in the coming chapters. Which means the solution is a blue unit. But which one? There are many… I go over every single blue unit I have, before finally settling on female Corrin. She may be a 3* unit, but she's plenty powerful. I have enough feathers to promote someone, so it's fine if I use one. She’s also a Manakete, which is helpful for Nowi. And so I begin training her. I quickly find she's not without her issues, though. One of which is that she has very mediocre attack. Another of which is that she has trouble hitting mages, due to their high resistance. I'm forced to use several light’s Blessings on her, but eventually, she gets enough experience to promote. I decide to save more training for next time though. My stamina meter is low.
  4. Perfect day for another blog entry! This time, Fire Emblem Heroes. After promoting Reinhart, I was easily able to get him up to maximum level and give him Dire Thunder. It does make him powerful when he attacks, but he gets slaughtered on almost every counterattack… I wound up using a lot of Orbs for Light’s Blessing, since I had to have him fighting alone… Perhaps I will wait a bit before I train again… After all, I want to get to 20,000 points in the Tempest Trials, and so far I'm nearing 15,000… Looks like I will have to play few extra rounds to get there… But that's another topic. Today's an exciting day, because I will be getting another game from the E-shop. I originally couldn't get this game, because of the pressure exerted on my Internet. However, I found a way to use Internet outside the house, so I can get the game without having problems there. I should have it when I get back from the pool today. Speaking of new games, the Pokémon fans appear to be up in arms. There is a lack of information on the new ones, but we might get some today. Honestly, I really don't mind. There's a lot of things I'm still doing, and it's a bit exciting not knowing what's going to happen go into a new game. It's a feeling I haven't had for a while, since the advent of online guides… Speaking of Pokémon, time for the solo run! And as we reach my favorite town in the game, it's time for a battle against Hau! Pikachu goes down easily, same way as last time. His starter has gained Aqua Jet, which hurts a little. However, it still falls to Work Up and Shadow Sneak. Anyway on to the ranch! Alice takes some damage from a Carbink’s Smack Down, but learns Faint Attack. A very good move at this point of the game, although I have a constant reminder I have to be careful of physical attacks… I get rid of Double Team immediately… On the ranch, I have my first encounter with a problem Pokémon. Mudbray. Mudbray and its evolution not only have high attack and defense stats, but also have a move that increases defense every time they're hit by an attack. I could get around it by teaching Mimikyu a special attack, but it's stats for that area aren't that good… Luckily, this one goes down without much trouble, but it will probably give me problems later… Time to head up to the Nursery. I won't be using in this run, but it least there's healing here… And I encounter another problem: Sableye. Sableye is a Ghost type, which means it can hit Mimikyu for super effective damage. Its Dark type means that the usual attacks that would be dealing extra damage against it are not. Luckily, this one only uses Night Shade, and is frail. Again, I know I will see it later… And I run into a problem. Double Battles can't be fought if one is doing a solo run… The trainers require two Pokémon… I decide I will grab Rowlet to use it as my partner, but it will only use non-attacking moves. In story, I could simply have Alice fighting on her own. I'm expecting Rowlet to go down easily, but he doesn't. Therefore, I decide to make it go down by defeating him with Alice. That way, I can still abide by the rules of the solo run and fight all the battles in the game. Time to meet Cloud, I mean Gladion. Honestly, this guy reminds me of Cloud from Final Fantasy… He looks a lot like him, and he's a bit of a darker character… Interestingly, he's not doing anything against his will, although it would be interesting if he was… But enough about that. This battle is our first encounter with a legendary, Type: Null. This Pokémon is normal type, and when it evolves (yes, legendaries that can evolve are introduced in this game), it can become any other type. The fact that it's a legendary Pokémon means that its stats are a bit higher, and its moveset is a little better. However, my level is so high that still goes down to a Z-move, Work Up, and Faint Attack. But this won't last we see of it… This apparently won't be the last we see of double battles either… There's another one coming up, and it's brutal… Two against one Pokémon is still annoying, and I have to spend one turn I would be attacking or raising my stats to knock out my partner. I quickly grab a Lillipup for this… At least it goes down quick… But my opponents are Rufflet and Vullaby. Both have higher attack stats, and powerful Flying type moves (Wing Attack and Pluck). I spend as much time healing as I do attacking… But now I'm standing outside Brooklet Hill. Time to take on the water trial, but first the pool and some Fire Emblem: Heroes. I continue to train my third team, stopping only to the Seal quests. Unfortunately, they take longer than expected, and I am forced to use Light’s Blessing many times… To say my Orbs are depleted would be an understatement… But I can get more in the Arena. I get defeated in the very first fight, but I'm high enough in the tiers to still have a sizable reward. Also, unfortunately, getting the game I wanted from outside of my house didn't work out too well. I may try again next month, when Fire Emblem Heroes will most likely have run its course… It's taking up most of my Internet now… But for now, I will do what I can in the Tempest Trials, and hope that I will soon be able to train some more.
  5. Time for another Semilocke! Of course, it's Valkyrie Profile! Hopefully I can get close to finishing, if I don't immediately finish it up… But it seems things are not that easy. There are some monster missions, and although they are not difficult, they are longer. This is because of where they are. One is in the place where Rosea was first found. That place has many bridges surrounded by water. It makes it difficult for units to attack more than one on one. However, I still managed to beat the mission. The next place is the ever annoying Wintergard. Other than Kinbolds with petrification, there's not much here. And the call for a truce ends in failure. Should have known it wasn't going to work… I guess now we go to battle… And our first area is the Sylvanglade. It's exactly the same as it was in the last two routes, complete with all the monsters. Perhaps I will finish it later. For now, Fire Emblem Heroes awaits. And of course, the training. With all the experience gains, it should be over quickly. Indeed, my units grow fast, and the second team is almost completely leveled up by the time my stamina meter needs a recharge. But there are still some issues. Rienhart is a little slow, and often times has trouble attacking others twice. He does have something that allows him to attack twice if he initiates the attack, but he doesn't get it until after he promotes again. Furthermore, having him attack things his week to or putting him in the way of those things is not a good idea… Pegasus Knights, green units, and horse effective units will still slow him down… And promoting someone that’s 4* rarity takes a lot of resources. I technically have enough to do it now, but if I did, I'd have nothing to spend on anyone else… I have a couple other people could use promotions, so I don't want to be wasting any resources… The others have their weaknesses too. Gray’s good against horses and has decent attack power, but his defense and movement are not the best. Legion has the same problems as usual, but now has a new skill to compound them: Fury. Fury makes Legion much stronger, but subtracts an amount of HP every turn. This subtraction happens even if Legion can't attack back. Therefore, he's constantly injured, and is only strategy right now is to use his superior strength to defeat foes before they can defeat him. It's solid, but risky, and it takes several Light’s Blessings to get him up to speed. And last in the group is Klein. Klein was over leveled from his time in the Nuzlocke group, so he was held back. But now that the others are stronger, he can fight with them. Klein is an archer, which means he can attack from a distance but not from up close. He starts out with the Brave Bow, a weapon that allows him to strike up to four times without counterattacks. He can strike faster foes only twice, but will perform both that's before being counterattacked. However, it also lowers his speed. This leaves him vulnerable to being doubled by enemies who get close, or by those who survive his strikes. With all this attack power, he's a good companion on any team. But now the team is almost maxed out in levels. Which means that almost ready to inherit some skills. Most of them have only one or two skills left to learn, with Grey and Klein having learned them all. I can already think of some skills to use. Rienhart would benefit from something other than Blazing Thunder. This is because in order to use it, foes must be in a straight line, something which is unlikely to happen. Furthermore, falls are able to activate skills that are normally seen at lower HP once Reinhardt casts his spell. That makes things rather dangerous. Speaking of dangerous, I have thought of a way to use Legion’s Fury to its full advantage. He can use to Defiant Attack to raise his attacking power when his HP inevitably falls. A healing skill, such as Sol, would also be helpful, as it can heal the damage caused by Fury. It would be a better fit than Retribution, because Retribution relies on taking damage, and Fury doesn't allow that. I'm sure there's other combinations that I haven't thought of, but I will save them for next time.
  6. Well, it's a fine day for Fire Emblem Heroes! And a fine day for skill inheritance, it seems. The first on the list is Eliwood. He received some attack boosting skills from a spare Cherche I have. Harsh Command and Spur Speed are also useful. They both come from Claire. In other news, there is enough Orbs to do a summoning now. There's not much, other than a 5* version of Cordelia. It's a unit irony have, but I will take all the 5*s I can get… Skill inheritance continues. Harsh Command is passed down again from Sazio to Odin. The skills and Odin attacks work well together. Breath of Life is the only useful thing to give to Odin at the moment. He inherited from Felicia. With that, my only thing now is to train the other teams, but they will need all their skills before they can use inheritance. It's worth noting there's something called a Mini Tempest Trials going on. It's a little too late for me to benefit completely from it now, as I probably won't have the teams trained up in time. However, it's still worth participating in, because the rewards are easier to get and some rewards that I missed the first time come back. Speaking of events, the Voting Gauntlet is easier now that the two teams are even. At least, I'm able to get all the rewards I need to. Next thing to come as the Emerald Nuzlocke. Unfortunately, this is the point in the game where it decide to start throwing a bunch of water at the player… Therefore, not much happens. I catch a few new Pokémon, and a lot of training happens on the land. I had for my seventh gym badge, and have a bit of trouble with the redesigned Mossdeep City Gym. The battles themselves are easy, and I reach Tate and Lisa in no time. The battle isn't that memorable, but it is a bit long. This is because I have a Tentacruel and Amarlo against a Relicanth and Altaria… Other than that, there's the battles that the Messdeep Space Center, and of course, I forget about the event. This is because it is Emerald exclusive, and I haven't played Emerald outside of this event in years. And off to the Valkyrie Profile Semilocke. Well, hopefully. The 3DS is still having trouble starting with Valkyrie Profile in the slot… But if I finally seem to have found the problem… When DS cards get older, they corrode and need to be cleaned. If they corrode too much, the 3DS can't start or either will start, but not show the game. This problem can be fixed by either physically cleaning the corroded parts, or by taking the game in and out of its slot a few times. I can also make sure not to start the 3DS with the game in the slot. It would make sense, seeing as I have had the game for a long time, and this can also occur if the game has not been played for a while (which the this game hasn't). I do the former solution and it works fine. This would also explain why couldn't catch the problem before, because I typically do not begin the 3DS with a DS game in its slot. The 3DS is also more sensitive to corrosion than other systems, which is why other systems that have played the game have not detected the problem. So now the game actually starts. But I'm back on that stupid mission with Valmur… And he decides to be even stupider, running back and forth on the map… I have no idea where he's going to go, and he winds up running around in circles… No one ever said he was smart, I guess… But what is smartest of the enemies. There are a bunch of stairways in this map, and enemies have the idea to block them. The stairways can only be traversed one square at a time, so blocking that means that units can only engage in single combat. It makes the enemies difficult to take down, because only one unit can fight at a time. Despite all the problems, we manage to rescue Valmur. And he dies anyway. To further twists the knife, it is after he dies that he finds out Fauxnel was the one responsible. Oh, and he killed his brother earlier on in the game… And Fauxnel is one of Valmur’s best friends… But Valmur forgives him, and when given the option to haunt him, forgoes it. Instead, he chooses to see his brother again in Valhalla, and states that his that he feels nothing but pity for Fauxnel. With that, the two head off. I might not like Valmur’s characterization, but I do like how his character is consistent. End of the C route notwithstanding, he always has the same character of caring for his family and being relatively peaceful. And he also has the same development of realizing war is coming and sometimes one must fight. How he reacts that depends on the route. It's a bit different from some of the other characters, who have to have all routes played in order to unlock every aspect of their personality. That aside, Valmur is content to move on without justice. But Wylfred sure isn't. He goes to confront Fauxnel, and we are thrown into battle. Luckily, the battle is easy, because the enemies are mostly monsters. Fauxnel himself doesn't even use his great magic, and falls easily to physical attacks just like any other sorcerer. And this is where my hatred of Fauxnel is renewed. It is revealed that Fauxnel is behind almost every conflict in the game thus far, and has killed several people in order to avenge his fallen noble house. He wants the war to go on, continuing to wreak his revenge, and thinking that the world will be united under a single monarch. Already, because of said war many people are dying. But his actions still are not justified, and Wylfred even says as much. Fauxnel doesn't seem to care or have much remorse, but somehow, Wylfred convinces him to try and find a way to stop the war. So Fauxnel is my least favorite character in all of the series. But at the same time he is a good example of the game’s theme of how much damage revenge can do. Now, no one trusts him, his house still has not redeemed, and he sacrificed everyone who considered him a friend. And after all that, he still has nothing… Looking at Fauxnel, Wylfred’s development makes a bit more sense, but it still seems rather rushed… So now we have to get the margrave to deliver a letter to the princes. But this is where I stop. The next chapter as long.
  7. So here comes another blog entry! First, some progress on the Mimikyu solo run. I head to the cemetery. How fitting... A Ghost type Pokémon, fighting there… Even more fitting that one of the Pokémon has to fight against is Pikachu… I wonder how it feels about that… Also, starting to notice the difference in items. For example, I can't shrug off status effects by switching, so X items become very useful. On the other hand, revives are completely useless, so any are sold for money. There's also the problem of Poké Beans. Usually, they're easily found on Poké Pedalgo, but I won't have access to that now. The place requires boxed Pokémon to run, and a solo run can't use boxed Pokémon, or catch any that are not mandatory. However, these items are important because they increase affection, and having enough of them can get me Rare Candies to increase levels. Also, I acquire the move Shadow Sneak. This is used to replace Astonish, as my main ghost type move. Speaking of ghosts, Illimia’s trial begins here, and it's easy because of all the normal type Pokémon. Not to mention they don't even use their neutral damage moves… However, the totem Pokémon poses a different issue… It's a two against one battle, and they both use neutral attacks (Bite). They also focus on lowering stats, including speed. I have a bit of a problem with flinching after my speed is lowered. They also do damage with critical hits, which is a problem. They consistently lower defense, and Mimikyu’s defense is already not the greatest, but somehow I win. The Z-move for normal types is my prize, and I decide to use it because one of my main moves is Scratch. It replaces the Quick Claw from the school. That's all for now. Onto the Fire Emblem Heroes voting gauntlet. Unfortunately, my character, Lyn loses. That means it's on to support the other character, Camilla. Unfortunately, the voting gauntlet is tougher now the armies are even in power, and I have difficulty winning matches. Eventually, my opponent pulls away, and I stopped fighting. But there are other things to do. A new Summoning Focus and bonuses are available. The bonus doubles what is received after battle. It's the perfect time to train teams and finish quests. So I start by using Inherit skill on some of my people that are already trained up. But I have difficulty picking skills, mainly because of limitations. At first I want her to inherit Swordbreaker to get rid of her weapon triangle advantage. However, I quickly realize she can't. I try to get her to inherit Wary Fighter, but she can't do that either. So finally I finish giving her some skills from Cecelia with Escape Route. Cherche is often far away from support, so the ability to escape will be useful. And yet another thing calls my attention. There is a repeat of the battle with Narcian, and I want to be able to clear his quests. I try putting escape route to use in the battle, whisking Cherche away after she is attacked by magic. But my units are injured, and Narcian quickly kills Odin. A direct approach is much better, and I get Narcian again. One last thing happens as I use Skill Inheritance again. I need to make my thief, Gaius, stronger. So I give him some skills from Peri. Specifically, he gets the offensive attack Glimmer, and the defensive attack Threaten Defense. It's the weakest version of the latter, but it's better than nothing… And off I go to the Valkyrie Profile Semilocke. Where my meet my least favorite character, Fauxnel. Fauxnel is a character with sinister motivations, but unlike others, he seems to have no reason for them… Not to mention the fact that he's good at deceiving almost every other character in the game, and doesn't seem to have and of remorse. Then again, it's been a while since I played this path, so maybe he does and I just don't remember… Regardless, he still is my least favorite character. There is also a major problem with this route; development. And there's no clearer example than Wylfred. In this route, it's easy to see Wylfred straying from his path of sinning and battle. However, the development seems a bit too fast. One moment, he's thinking about what revenge might mean, and the next, he's thinking of giving up. A bit more development in between chapters would've been nice. There is also some foreshadowing with Aliyth on this route. If one is play the route before, it's easy to guess what she does at the end… Wintergard returns with all its snow, and it is still annoying. At least it's easier now, being in a side battle… However, there is another thing that I have a problem with; Valmur. As a character, his development and personality are a bit cliché. He doesn't want to go to war, and his development is realizing he has to. However, his original way of thinking is not logical, because the world is at war and he rules over a military house… And if he doesn't attack, one of the sides may come for him… It would make more sense if he just charged forward with everything he had… There's also an issue of the mission he has on this path. It's a protection mission, but he's all the way at the bottom of the map when my units start at the top. This Sin requirement is high, but I can't use Ratatoskr’s Scandal because it will hurt him too… So the mission is annoying… But I will finish it next time… Perhaps I will finish it off with a bit of Pokémon Emerald. I'm having a little trouble leveling a Pokémon. It's Gloom, and all it has is Acid… Luckily, I have experience share, so hopefully things will be easier… However, it is still tedious.
  8. Back with more Fire Emblem Heroes! Off to go questing, in order to summon a specific character and increase my barracks. After that, I may start training other teams. But that will be after my orbs refill. Speaking of orbs, it's time to go get some. The orbs quests don't take very long, and only a few of the enemies are a challenge. There is a time when Eliwood nearly dies to a horde of archers and magic users, and Cherche nearly dying when she has to try and clear a map full to units by herself. But at last I amass enough orbs to perform a summoning. Unfortunately, I am unlucky, getting a 4* Jagen. Five of which I already have. I take a less dramatic approach and sent home one of my 3* Gwendolyns, but now I'm in another dilemma. So I have three options; buying more orbs, waiting a few days, or questing. I do have enough missions left to remain on Hard mode and get enough orbs do one summon and a barracks. I'm also near completing a quest to defeat level 35 or higher armored units. Said quest also awards five orbs. Right now, the events going on give me 4 orbs a day, but the event that I'm trying to get my character from only lasts a week. After that, the character returns to normal and it will be difficult to try and summon her again. Furthermore, orb prices are expensive, with two packs of 25 orbs (a full summon plus five more) costing $30. I most likely wouldn't buy more than that, because I don't want to spend a lot of money on a single game (for something that is luck based, no less). There's also the upcoming Tempest Trials, which may offer a way to get orbs. However, I would like to be training teams by then, and want to get the character I've been wanting to grab, I believe I can start. So what to do? I think my best choice for now is to wait. After a while, all finish trying to grab the orbs I can, and see if I can muster enough to get the character I'm looking for. If it's near the end and I still have her, I'm may try using the shop at least once. After that, I will wait for my Orbs to fill up and resume the game proper. After a while, I try some of the harder modes and attempt to get orbs. There's nothing worth noting, other than Eliwood getting killed by Charlotte during the wedding mission. I've gotten all the orbs from the paralouges, but I've only gotten 3* Odin and 4* Gwendolyn. I'm going to proceed with some of the regular battles. I have a few more chances to get orbs… Well, I'm gone through all the free orbs I can, cleared all the quests I can. I'm not about to do the regular quests on lunatic, but now I've cleared every available mission on hard. And I still don’t have the character I'm looking for. And I cleared the quest for the lobby to get five orbs as well… There were some amusing highlights too, such as Eliwood dying to magic when being cornered, and then losing everyone but Eliwood to magic on the very next mission. There was also one where I actually lost because of turn limits, but only because Deltha decided to hide in a corner… There was also something where I thought a mission time that wasn't. Needless to say, I made some reckless decisions like putting units against other people that were weak against… There is an event going on where four orbs are awarded daily. To summon someone takes five. I can take advantage of this event for a few days, but when it's up, I have to resort to using real money. So my options still stand, but I can continue to try.
  9. Well, I just got done with today's Emerald Randomlocke event. A I finally got a new team members, and found that there was a speedup button for grinding… Would had helped me to know that yesterday when I was doing all the catching up… I will probably record some of my grinding adventures on here, but not today. Instead, there is another game I want to do as the Nuzlocke/Semilocke runs begin again. This is a game I've talked about many times before, but never in detail. This game is Fire Emblem: Heroes. There was a major update for the game recently, but there's one particular thing that has me interested. There's a new paralogue, or side mission, that involves a bunch of characters going to the beach. I've yet to play this side mission, so I like to do so here. I need to do with two different teams. One is the team I use to get as much as I can throughout the game. The other, is the team used in the Nuzlocke. So I shall begin, with the first team. This team consists of wyvern rider Cherche, thief Gaius, mounted knight Eliwood, and blue mage Odin. Everyone is at maximum level and rarity (gold), with the exception of Cherche. She's at maximum level, but is only silver (4*). I can promote her, but I'm waiting for a time when I won't be stuck training. Perhaps I will do it after a try at the arena… For now, though, the mission. The enemies seem to be much weaker than me, so I will just let my units tear through them with auto battle… At least I get orbs as payout… And Anna still want to take pictures… Will she ever learn? Xander has a flotation device in the form of Lilith… It's hilarious because it looks like a giant shark… XD That, and Lilith is supposed to be a dragon… Anyway, looks like we have to fight him, so let's get to it. Didn't use auto-battle this time due to it being a timed mission (five turns to win). Didn't really matter anyway, though… And the last battle… Still another easy one with auto-battle though… And Anna has not changed… At least it made for some hilarity... Now for the Nuzlocke team… There are a few key differences from the Nuzlocke team versus the regular one. One is that there is different people. Another is that if they don't have any revival chances (which they don't), characters who fall in battle die forever. The last thing is that if they clear certain maps, the team has a chance to randomly recruit someone. One of these recruitments will happen now. The Nuzlocke team consists of axes user Raven, green mage Merric, swordsman Lloyd, and blue manakete Nowi. The team is levels 27-29, with three out of four being silver. Nowi is gold. Unlike the regular team, the Nuzlockers can't use auto battle, so this will take a bit longer. However, the battles are still easy. And I recruit Chrom… He's got some good skills, but is also a swordsman. I really don't need more of those right now. Not to mention that is good skills don't come until his rarity is five (gold). Seeing as I don't have a way to earn massive amounts of hero feathers, he probably won't get to that level… And I just now realized that Xander has the title "student swimmer" and Leo has a tomato tone. This is funny, considering the former can't swim and the latter hates tomatoes… Anyway, the paralouge goes down without trouble, which means that Fire Emblem: Heroes goes away for a while, at least until there's new content (or interesting side fights). As for me, I think I will post a writing entry, especially involving the things I did yesterday... Then again, I know another part of the Semilockes that's just dying for an update…