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  1. Sorry for not being on all that much lately!

    Just an update:

    Summer is not fun right now. I've been working out an off campus residency thing with some friends, and it's been very stressful talking to my parents and my potential roommates about things. In addition, I have a class to complete before orientation, and I have a very full week coming up. I am also starting commissions in maybe next month or so? as well as helping my fam move to another house and hopefully myself move closer to my college. It also looks like I may have to apply for work soon.


    I will have many periods of inactivity between then but rest assured, I will not forget to come back on and hang out with you guys anytime I can! 



  2. Song of the Day

    OLDCODEX is my newest obsession
  3. Anime Soundtracks

    The 2 times I heard this song in Season 1 of KnB, I broke down. Because it involved loss. And heartbreak. And just about everything that makes me feel for these boys. (This is one of the OST in Kuroko no Basket S1, it's called Light and Shadow)
  4. High school was fun. That's all I'm going to say to those who are still in high school here.

  5. Music Shuffle

    Had some fun driving around the city after school let out early, so I put my phone on shuffle for a change. This was the result: 1. Goodbye - Lee Taemin (Korean version) 2. Blood Sweat Tears - BTS 3. Dried Up Youthful Fame - OLDCODEX 4. Feed A - OLDCODEX 5. Ambivalence - SCREENmode 6. We Are - TVXQ 7. Chopin Ballade 1 in G minor, edited for Yuzuru Hanyu's short programme 8. Shine - Miyano Mamoru 9. Blue World - Super Junior 10. Experience - OLDCODEX
  6. Anime Openings

    my all time favourite kuroko no basket opening, hands down. granrodeo is a true gem (contains spoilers!!!!! somewhat)
  7. Sports Anime

    There are many types of anime that fall into the genre of "sports". Some of it is aimed towards males, some of it females to expand the fanbase, but most of it comes from manga serialised in shounen magazines and whatnot. Among the famous titles include Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis (the classics), Kuroko no Basket and Haikyuu (the more conventional and popular titles), and Free and Yuri On Ice, the titles that expanded the female fanbase so much I got sucked into this genre and am writing this thread intro as a result. Some questions to start this off: (my answers are italicised.) What is your favourite anime that considers itself as a "sports" genre anime? Kuroko no Basket Why do you like the anime? It was more than just tall hot dudes playing sick basketball games, the story really resonated with me and it wasn't sappy or overly dramatised. Do you like the sports genre in general? Why or why not? I definitely do, since it is my favourite genre, but I do say that some of the cliches may make some fans shy away from the genre, such as the high school trope or the fanservice trope that is popular lately. Would you recommend an anime for anyone who is willing to enter the genre? Which anime would it be and why? Probably either Kuroko no Basket or Free. It depends on whether this person is a fan or not, and if he or she is a fan, what genre they usually watches. Another thing to start this off: I don't know if anyone has heard of the upcoming summer anime Dive!!, but it is on my watchlist because of the obvious premise centering around the sport of diving, the fact that it has 2 adaptations already, and the fact that Kaji Yuki, Uchiyama Kouki, and someone else I know but can't name off the top of my head gdi play major characters, including the lead (drinking game every time Kaji screams take a shot). You guys can comment your thoughts on this upcoming anime, as well as the answers you may have for those opening questions above! ^^ Dont let this thread flop guys~
  8. 'One Sentence' using song lyrics

    "Then even amid the darkness on this long, hilly road I feel I can become a new me, able to make my way through!" - Call A Name, Luck Life (first BSD ED)
  9. Anime Quotes

    Lots of Kuroko no Basket quotes (may include spoilers, read at own risk) http://animequotes.net/kuroko-no-basket-quotes
  10. Anime or Manga

    It honestly depends on the genre. For most of the adapted anime I have seen, often both the anime and manga have strengths and weaknesses. Except Tokyo Ghoul. The manga definitely was better written. Also, a lot of anime adaptations that take place while the manga is still releasing, with the exception of Haikyuu and Kuroko no Basket, tend to leave out so many unfinished plot holes and stuff. And it really sucks, because that just undermines the story.
  11. Stupid censorship in anime

    I don't have any pictures, but I can tell you, the censorship in Yuri On Ice is fucking hilarious. Literally there are random plants and pots placed to censor the male body and you think theyre just random but theyre so sTRATEGICALLY PLACED. I also found this in Kuroko no Basket as well, but with the female body. While those were necessary because of the younger audience, what was unnecessary was the endless attempts by 4Kidz to censor any reference to Japanese culture in the early Pokemon seasons, such as replacing rice balls and whatnot with sandwiches and whatnot.
  12. Yewon's Work

    major major update!!!!!! i have changed my profile username on ao3 to 4t_1Lo_3S! The 5 part Yuri On Ice fanfic series is still a major project. I have begun work on the first and second portions! I am very excited to see how my stories will go. In the past week I have posted a real person fiction (RPF) for the first time in half a year! This is for the Seiyuu RPF (seiyuu = japanese for voice actor), and it features the MamoHosoyan pairing through a "cat's nine lives" like universe where the seiyuu, as their characters, learn to find each other. I plan to make an alternate version of this RPF, featuring the Zakki/Tattsun pairing and with a similar but differently structured story. I am currently half done. Another fic I have posted is the fic for Kuroko no Basket, Strains and Cracks. If you haven't seen the anime, DO NOT READ IT. The entire fic is a spoiler. This summer, I plan to finish at least 3 of five parts in the YOI fanfic series, upload both of my Seiyuu RPF fic entries, and write more for Kuroko no Basket and maybe try my hand on a fanfic for the Figure Skating RPF!