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  1. Wish me luck for my English Language exam today 

  2. Off until Wednesday for a very important exam.  My WiFi fucked me over earlier too 

  3. Laptop, please behave

    1. AquilaTempestas
    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      I would but it would probs say "Fuck yooooooooou"


  4. Beat Lost Sinner and Old Iron King today. Time for a stroll round Brume Tower 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      I'm at like 94 I'll be ok darling.  It's the enemies you should be worried about. ( I tangle with two Great Soul holders and still can't beat Belfry Gargoyles) 

    3. TheYorkieOfDoom


      They're the ones in danger.  Brume tower is nice 

    4. AquilaTempestas


      i know from experience. the bosses are much tougher than anything else in the main game, and doing the dlcs after beating main game gives you the best weapons. generally it goes Shulva, Brume then Ice Land.

  5. Welcome your Goddess of the Darkness and the Night 

  6. That moment when people don't realise that you absolutley hate them 

  7. My thoughts to AKB48 trainee Mayu Tomita after she was stabbed 24 times by a stalker for refusing his gifts

    Plus ith the introduction of BEJ48 (Beijing, China) and GNZ48(Guangzhou, China) I look forward to the next ALL48 sister groups to debut. (MNL48 based in Manila, BNK48 based in Bangkok and TPE48 based in Taipei)

  8. I love the Boss Soul Weapons in Dark Souls 2

  9. Finally,  after forever. Smelter Demon is no more. 

    1. AquilaTempestas



    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      It took upwards of 50 fights 

  10. Are there any laws on how hot college food should be? 

    My poor fingers 

    1. Alumina


      If it's that hot than that's a good thing. If it was just warm than you would have to worry about how old it is and how safe it is. 

    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      but burning hot?

  11. I just hatched a shiny Gible after only 5 eggs 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      Put an idea in the thread 

    3. Alumina
    4. TheYorkieOfDoom


      Masuda Method is bae. I'ts called Lemon 

  12. I got a huuge graphics request to do. I won't be online here as much until it's done. GFX takes priority 

  13. Who would be interested in some signature tutorials from me?

  14. Really proud of my latest signature set featuring Chun Li from Street Fighter 5


    1. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Oooh, I'd love to see it. Is it in your art thread?

    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      I'll link it there now


    3. TheYorkieOfDoom


      @Raphael Sorel I linked it for you


  15. I am sorry for snapping over the username incident. I let the stress I have been dealing with irl get on top of me.

    1. AquilaTempestas


      No worries. Let's all just accept what happened and move on.

    2. TheYorkieOfDoom