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  1. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    She grunts and shoves Lance on her as she takes cover. "Are you fucking crazy?! Why don't you shoot the guys who are armed first?!" she yells at him over the gunfire. Well, at least he couldn't run away now. Silver linings and all. She blind fires in the direction of the two men, before she looks over the overturned couch she was using as cover and aims down the irons of her pistol, putting a bullet into one of the men before firing multiple times at the other one. She feels something hot and sharp graze her cheek and feels a stinging pain but ignores it.
  2. No Rest for the Wicked

    She glares at his retreating form. "I could just leave and not come back here." she mutters. She looks back towards the pit and waits for something to happen as she thinks about what her next plans are. She wasn't leaving the city anytime soon, but she was well across the city, far enough from her old apartment that she wouldn't have to worry about Lance coming snooping anytime here soon. She could find a new place to live and stash her things. Someplace nearby. Then she could hopefully find a job, maybe here, work up some cash and hopefully leave the region. Maybe try and continue her education in Sinnoh. She was still having a hard time believing her dick head of a cousin actually turned everything around. Her whole life flipped like a table in one fucking day.
  3. No Rest for the Wicked

    She gave him a look. "What if I was? Would you judge me for it?"
  4. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair rolls her eyes. She just said how she wouldn't kill this asshole and here he is saying she's bloodthirsty. It must be easy for them to say she liked killing, when they brought all these enemies into her home to try and kill her. Fucking hypocrites. "Lance. Let's hurry this along." she says quietly. As soon as this was over and done with she would be satisfied.
  5. No Rest for the Wicked

    "Looking for a new life." she says.
  6. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair keeps her face completely emotionless. She couldn't afford to show weakness, she couldn't show Drake that he had power over her, that he could make her react. She couldn't let the hatred she was feeling show itself. It doesn't work, the more she thinks about it the more her lip curls into a snarl. There was so much things to process. That whole business about her grandmother she didn't really care about. She might have if Drake didn't also reveal much more important information. She was still stuck on that her grandfather was going to force her to marry Drake. And now there was so much more. She didn't want to believe it, but it was clearly true. Her grandfather did shit like that the whole fucking time. That's why she left in the first place. Always controlling her, always the family, literally never asking or caring to the slightest degree what Clair herself may want. The gun she holds wavers a bit. Lance also killed him. Lance killed their grandfather. Clair felt hurt, shock, and then pain all at once. She felt betrayed. But when she thought about it, it was rather obvious. She probably should've been able to pick up on the realization much sooner. There's also the fact that if her grandfather, who was stubborn and had iron will and wouldn't change his mind if he believed he was right, had made her marry Drake, she may have actually killed him herself. It's a scary thought but he wouldn't back down and his plans crossed an extreme line. Her grandfather would've betrayed her, betrayed her more than she had ever considered possible. And to Drake of all people. What the fuck had he been thinking? She was upset at Lance for killing her grandfather, and even more so for lying to her about all these things, but in a way he actually saved her from life as a trophy wife.... not that she wouldn't have rescued herself from it, of course. She had always believed her parents had died in a car crash. But they were murdered, and Lance knew about it. That was the common theme she was finding in all these events. Lance knew about it, and never told her. The death of her parents. The marriage with Drake. The fact that he killed their own grandfather. What happened to the grandmother she never really knew. Lance knew about it, and never fucking told her. She could feel her face return to its emotionless state as she accepted what would become her new reality. Outside she may look calm to a scary degree, but inside she could feel cold fury and hatred well up inside her. Towards Lance. 'This is what Drake wants.' she told herself. 'He wants us to fight. He wants to divide us. And Lance made it so fucking easy didn't he.' Still, she couldn't help it. Even knowing these things couldn't stop her from feeling this sense of emptiness. Where she felt emptiness she used to feel the comfort of family, not matter how fucked up it was. There was nothing there now. She had to concentrate on Drake. He was the top priority. She could deal with Lance later. Lance seemed conflicted for some reason, but Clair had no issues dealing with Drake. She had sort of planned for this whole thing. "You're wrong." she finally says, her voice coming out a bit more shaky than she had intended. "You have no power of him." She keeps her gun trained on one of his men. "Killing a member of the council is forbidden, yes. So we won't kill you. We're just going to kill everyone else here, and then bring you to the council. Alive. You brought an army here to kill us, which of course is forbidden. The council will see through your deception. You basically just gave us their full support by turning traitor and turning yourself into a common enemy." She tilts her head sideways. "We don't NEED to kill you, Drake. Today, your clan dies. Tomorrow, you face the council's judgment." she scoffs. "You had to have come here knowing that you didn't kill every fucking one of us you'd lose. The council will blame you. Your only chance is us dying here, so you can spin the story." "And that isn't going to happen."
  7. No Rest for the Wicked

    "Clair." she responds, looking over to the pit. She'd always liked fighting scenes like that. She was likely out of practice because of trying to get a law degree and all, but she couldn't help but want to watch what would happen in the arena.
  8. No Rest for the Wicked

    Clair shrugs. "I have no stake in it. He hasn't stolen my money. If he's fucked over people, he should pay for it." "I don't know if he should lose his life, but that's not for me to decide."
  9. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair almost laughs at the sheer absurdity of the claim. It was a rather serious conversation and situation and she knew Drake wouldn't joke, but what he said was so stupid that she almost snorted in amusement. She would have too, except her eyes immediately turn to Lance before she can react and his body language says it all. It made sense, really. He had wanted to hide something from her, and he didn't want Drake to reveal it to her. Even with that, she wouldn't believe Drake if Lance had done anything. Laughed that arrogant laugh of his, angrily charge at Drake, whatever. But he didn't. He just stood there. Her head slowly turns towards Lance, her eyes already trained on him. She studies him for a moment, before turning her head back to Drake. "You're lying." she says simply. Of course she didn't believe her words at this point, but if she could get the full story than maybe she could understand the reasons... and maybe stop the cold uncomfortable feeling of betrayal that was slowly forming in her heart.
  10. No Rest for the Wicked

    Clair shows him the ticket, if it would mean anything to him she didn't really know. "Spectate, for now." she says, a bit interested in what was occurring here.
  11. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair pulls out a pistol and points it at the other guy flanking Drake. "Save your breath, you'll be needing it in a few moments."
  12. No Rest for the Wicked

    Clair pays the bill and heads over to the Pits, eyeing the ticket.
  13. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair nods, checking her guns. "Let's go." she says, determined to hopefully end this.
  14. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    "He meant you, right?" Clair says to Lance, a bit concerned.
  15. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair shrugs at Brendan, mildly glaring at Lance as he calls her out. As if killing these people, who came to murder them, was somehow a crime when he himself was a well known serial killer. She shakes her head with a sigh. Whatever. It wasn't important right now. "Maybe a smoke bomb or a flashbang?" she suggests, not really knowing if they just casually had those in storage.
  16. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair nods. "It's what's best for us, Lance. If we can bring him in front of the council, we can bury him for good. Without repercussions. The council may actually reward us. Let's just knock him out and kill his men."
  17. No Rest for the Wicked

    Clair takes the ticket and nods. "Thanks, I may check it out."
  18. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair shakes her head. "It's not important right now. What's our next move?"
  19. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair frowns. She had never known her grandmother. She had... left? But her grandfather had always implied she had died. Maybe... she was still alive? Clair pockets the letter and decides to show it to Lance after, in order to get his thoughts on the matter.
  20. Ragnarok [Smite]

    Nu Wa sighs in annoyance and closes the door. She grumbles to herself and spends the next thirty minutes cleaning the acorn crumbs out the bed, and after that her hair while lamenting on that colossal waste of time. If she ever saw that rodent again, she'd kill it. After that she returns to her meditation. (end post)
  21. Ragnarok [Smite]

    Nu Wa points towards the window. "Get out." she says simply.
  22. Ragnarok [Smite]

    Nu Wa stares into Ratatoskr's big beady eyes. He was correct. This had already been a legitimate fear of hers. With a small smirk she realized exactly why Ratatoskr was so good at what he did. He could stir conflicts that were deep down in people's hearts, bring them to the surface and force a confrontation. It was a quite impressive form of manipulation, and if she didn't already know Ratatoskr by reputation she'd probably be plotting against Sun Wukong this very moment. And to be fair she was scared of his seemingly limitless potential. The thought that he could rival her one day.... what if he didn't have the restraint she had? It would be chaos... but she would take no action. Not yet. She would trust in him. Of course, if Ratatoskr were to go to Sun Wukong to then set him against herself, Nu Wa could easily see Sun Wukong being convinced that Nu Wa was trying to keep him from achieving his full potential. This wasn't strictly true, she just... wanted him to take it slow. But she would trust in him, for now at least, and hope he had the same trust in her. Nu Wa smiles sweetly at Ratatoskr. "Thank you for your council. Anything else?"
  23. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Clair can almost FEEL part of her die inside at Lance's remark. While standing guard she spots the photo. She walks over to it and picks it up, looking it over. Her eyes soften as she gazes at it. Mom... and Dad.... she could barely remember what their faces looked like now, it had been so long. Seeing the picture she could remember when they were alive. Things were so much easier then. When had it gotten so hard? Her eyes travel to young Lance. He looked so happy. He was so innocent back then, so nice and.... actually he had always been a weird motherfucker now that she thought about it, but still. It felt like an entirely different person. She never would've guessed that the person in this photo would grow up to be a serial killer, even if there had been signs. Her eyes go up to her grandfather and she remembered now exactly why things had gotten so hard. She wished she had made peace with him in the end, and had been with him when he passed. He had forced a difficult choice on her, and she made it. She had been doing her best not to regret that decision ever since. But she did miss him dearly. She looks at the younger version of herself, staring into the picture's eyes. Who even was this person... so far removed from where she was now. About two decades ago, but it might as well have been a different lifetime. "....what have I become...?" she mutters to herself quietly, looking down at it. She quickly looks around to make sure nobody heard her slip of the tongue. Nobody was in the area. Good. Last thing Lance needed was more ammunition to throw at her. Her and Lance. The two children in this picture. They were all that remains now. Everyone else was gone. They had to stick together, no matter what. She spots the slip of paper in the frame and curiously takes it out, looking it over.
  24. No Rest for the Wicked

    Clair raises an eyebrow. This sounded like it was getting interested. "I've heard some things about it, yes. Why do you ask?"
  25. Ragnarok [Smite]

    Nu Wa looked at the squirrel with mild disdain, looking over the mess he was making on her bed. Letting him in here was a mistake. She brushed the pieces of the acorn out of her hair and made her way over to the bed, looking down at the rodent. "There's a larger threat to be dealt with. My powers can be put to better use here, defending ALL people from destruction. The issues you speak of, while concerning, are not more important than this. I'll deal with them when I return." she glowers at him. All he did is come here, mock her, and tell her things she already knew. She wouldn't miss Zhou. When one reaches too high sometimes they lose their hand. If Da Ji was out of control then Nu Wa would deal with her upon her return. Ao Kuang was a joke. She had already stormed his palace and wrecked the throne room and Sun Wukong then proceeded to humble him even further. Ne Zha would be fine against him. She was worried about the threat Hou Yi posed but she was less worried than about the situation here. She'd have to have faith in the order of the Jade Emperor. It had been some time since she had interfered with the mortals, and they had gotten along fine for the most part without her direct intervention. Surely they'd survive without her for a little longer. She looked down at Ratatoskr and raised an eyebrow. "Surely you've come here with a purpose, yes?" she looks at him expectantly. "You cause strife between gods, you can cause wars with just whispers. That's what you do, set god against god, deity against deity.... eagle against Nidhogg..." "I assume you've come here to do the same? If you had your way, who would you set me against? Go on, please do get on with it. I have so much thinking to do... and likely cleaning as well now."