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  1. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan nods up the tree to Cynthia, then turns around to watch behind them. He could've gone up himself, but only one person needed to go, and he wasn't really the sneaky type... At least, when climbing, although he was pretty good at it, he'd probably snap half a dozen twigs before he even got halfway up to the guy. Besides, would be pretty bad if they went up to rent the guy only for someone else to sneak up on them the same way.
  2. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    (mine vibrates when on vibrate, silent includes no vibration XD Whatever, on with the RP lol) Brendan looks back at Cynthia. "It was N, telling us there's a guy up there in the trees... You can see him through the night vision if you look in... That direction," he points to the area he'd seen the person. "He's looking at N now, we better hurry before our distraction... Um... Gets shot." So saying he gets out his sword... Guns might be a little loud for being sneaky, and indicates for Claire to go ahead. "You get that guy, I'll follow and watch your back, see if anyone else shows up."
  3. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan frowns. "How would I pick it up if it where silent? Ah fuck it... Yea.. We'll um... Do that." He hangs up the phone, takes a deep breath, then puts the night vision goggles on and looking into the treetops for any sign of the guy N had mentioned... If these goggles where worth a dam they should show up bright white against the black background.
  4. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan hesitates, then nods. "Right... Well, thanks for the update, but... Um... Try not to ring us while we're sneaking up on enemies with guns in the future?" he sighs. "Anything else before I turn my phone off?"
  5. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan goes to take a step outside... Then his phone rings. Quickly, he ducks back, mentally making a note to put that on silent... It'd suck to go through all that effort to sneak up on the snipers only to have his cover blown by someone ringing at the wrong moment. He picks up the call. "Hey, who is this? I'm kinda busy here..."
  6. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan takes the goggles and heads down outside.
  7. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    "... Keeping the remains of dead relatives around in the attic... You know... Any other family, this would surprise me, but honestly, this seems right up their alley," he sighs. "Let's just get the hell out of here."
  8. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan has to laugh. "A skull and a curved sword? Dam... I suppose it wouldn't be a proper treasure chest without them..." He pauses, then picks up the night vision goggles. "Well this is a treat... Should make it a hell of a lot easier to find the bastards out there."
  9. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan snorts. "No, no... I changed my mind, let's just turn around without checking it and charge the fuckers outside," he says sarcastically. Despite this, he moves to the chest, lifting the top up with a small grunt to see what was inside. "Yea...there better be something useful, wouldn't want to keep Ghetsis and N waiting for nothing..." he says as he looks inside.
  10. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan meanwhile, hadn't looked through the journal, instead he'd simply paused to glance at the photo. "... Wouldn't have thought the guy would become a sociopathic murderer from this photo alone, eh?" he muses quietly. He glances over at Cynthia, slightly curious about what she'd read... However, he remembers they weren't really here to do research on the family. "Yea..." he says in response to Claire, looking around the room for anything that might be useful in fighting the snipers.
  11. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan looks up at her, raising an eyebrow. "Huh, when did you start caring about my fate? I thought this was all pointless cause we where gonna die anyway?" he says dryly. Even so, he does step forward and pay a bit more attention to the room as it opens.
  12. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan wasn't really listening... Already kinda walking away, he heads upstairs... Guessing that the attic would indeed be up, considering that's where attics generally where, he looks around for any indication of where it was... Maybe a square in he ceiling with a pull done ladder... Or just more stairs upwards, whatever. He was still looking kinda distracted.
  13. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan rolls his eyes. "Considering the firefight we've just got out of, I'll take some rats and "weird things" of the sort any day..." He turns, slaying his hand out behind him in a wave like motion. "Have fun with that... I'm sure at least one of you will..."
  14. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Brendan glances at the bodies, sweatdropping. "... Um... Impressive..." He sighs, not particularly interested in dwelling on the subject right now. "Look, Ghetsis and N want help clearing out enemy snipers... I'm not particularly fond of the idea of strolling blind into an area covered by sniper fire... Got anything that could help?"
  15. Just saw the Avengers Infinity War trailer! Holy crap I'm so hyped!!! XD