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  1. I can try and explain where though... The first one is, from the defenders perspective, a right turn when walking towards the payload and down the road. Second one in the attackers spawn in Eichenwalde. Third one is just before where you pick up the payload on a balcony overlooking the area. The fourth one is just before you enter the main building... Kinda hard to explain where exactly on the map cause there's no reference as both teams are attacking (can't say defenders spawn or anything) but inside the building there's a large hallway leading straight down to the circular room where the objective is. Finally the last one is just outside the defenders spawn on the highest exit point onto a balcony that overlooks the payload. Not sure how good I was at explaining the areas, but I tried lol
  2. .... I know all the places... Just not the names XD What Selfish said lol
  3. secretary-rta-sonepat-drive-carefully-90


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Exelior


      Alas, English people tend not to speak engrish XD

    3. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      True, language barriers can be a pain at times, but when they result in shtuff like this:


      I think it's worth it for the laughs, hahaha.

    4. Exelior


      (please tell me we have an engrish thread XD) 

  4. You up for some casual Overwatch. I wanna gain a few levels but my luck with randoms ...T.T

    1. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      Once  i got landed with a team that were all under level 50.

    2. Exelior


      Sorry, didn't catch the message... Obviously XD, you're not online anymore so I guess I missed ya

       Just send an invite if I'm online and I'll join if I'm free in the future, if I don't respond then it's not cause I'm blanking or anything I just often leave my PlayStation on when I'm not around :)

    3. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      I'm back literally just now. Gonns be playing Mystery Heroes


  5. Just played the first mission of destiny 2, and lemme say... 


     Oh my God this is so much better than he first game, like, jesus christ, you come our of the first campaign where... Nothing really happens, and destiny 2 just takes the tension from the zero to a hundred... Like... Holy crap XD


     Hope the rest of the game is like this, so far, I'm impressed... (*coughs* I better be for fifty pounds -_-) 

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    2. Exelior
    3. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Ah so's my other half. He sticks mainly with gunslinger. 

      I'm a voidwalker warlock.

    4. Exelior


      Pfft gunslinger, ima jedi with a lightning spear XD

  6. Up for somw casual OW?


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    2. Exelior


      Yea XD I'll still need to accept the request though, what's your id? 

    3. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      Well, I've sent you one.| I got Amaterasu as my pic (Useless at remembering the spelling)

    4. Exelior


      K, well I've been busy all day but I'll accept when I'm back home lol

  7. Hm... Legendaries are now up in pokemon go... And they're advertising it pretty hard... 

     I know it's unlikely but I'm kinda hoping it comes back into the spotlight somehow... It managed to really get people to go out and enjoy life, it's just back to the same old in video games since everyone stopped playing it...

    1. Hikari


      I'm never close enough to participate in the raids. And I'm not that strong. :'(

      I might have to get rid of the game on my phone too because I have no storage left... but I don't want to.

    2. onewiththewheels


      I don't use the app much either… It's just not practical if you're not in the city…


      Not to mention the Raids have been having problems, such as servers going down and the usual problems one might find with crowds…


      It's an interesting mechanic though… I'm hoping they fine-tune it…

    3. Exelior


      Yea... I won't lie I uninstalled it a while ago... I'm just speaking in general, it was nice seeing everyone going out with a similar mindset, recognising other people across the street doing the same thing, sometimes even talking to just random strangers who you shared the same sorta goal as. 

       Even if it was a fad it genuinely bought people together and I'm just kinda sad not seeing it around anymore, I just would really like to see hundreds of people our connected by it again, it was really bloody fun while it lasted last summer... 

  8. Watched the volume 5 trailer for RWBY and.... Holy crap, the animation is absolutely beautiful, like, fucking hell, if it's all like that trailer, this animation isn't actually cringeworthy to watch anymore XD

    1. Hikari


      Haha, the animation was the only reason I never ended up watching RWBY. So when you said this, I was like "What?" So I looked up the trailer (or short)....and....


      And wow! It looks... wow. Really cool and impressive. Looks very well done. Maybe even better than some of the other 3D anime I've looked at.

  9. How to play with a snek

    1) get a snek

    2) take your finger 

    3) boop the snek

    4)  Die from adorableness as you watch them react in indignation

  10. Play Smite :D

    1. Exelior


      *sobs* you have no idea how many games I've deleted and and redownloaded this week to make space for games people beg me to play... 

  11. *nudges* So, you a D.Va main too? 

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    2. Exelior


      Yaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

    3. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      That means one thing for me....D.VA's Summer  Games Skin. I'm saving up Credits already

    4. Exelior
  12. Happy Birthday kid!

    1. Exelior


      Thanks mate :)

  13. Happy birthday my man. Have an awesome one :)

  14. Happy birthday :D 

  15. Happy birthday! :D