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      Posting Video Links   01/23/2016

      Please make sure the video shows up before posting (as in, the link turns into a video instead). If the link is not showing properly, highlight it then click 'Remove Formatting' (that's the Tx)
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      Chat Room   05/10/2016

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  1. It's been waaaayy too long, again! Hello everyone!

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    2. Laggy


      Hehe don't worry, we changed around a lot around New Year's. Look up the Guilds 2017 and Changes for 2017 threads. 

    3. Cascadenight
    4. Laggy


      No problem!

  2. Omg you're back!

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    2. Cascadenight


      Thank you, I appreciate it! It's fun being here, talking to people. Darn, I was hoping to read your works? Where can I go? If you don't mind my asking :). 

    3. AquilaTempestas


      You get them directly from me simply by replying to my fanfiction thread.

    4. Cascadenight


      Oh cool! Thanks!

  3. Man, so much has changed! I gotta stop disappearing so much. I'll try to be around more often!!

    1. Ace of Spies

      Ace of Spies

      I don't believe you!

    2. Cascadenight


      D: .... Probably a wise choice ;)

    3. Cyndaquil God
  4. It's been waaaaayyy too long! Everything is so different now... Gotta settle back in, I guess!