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  1. Hey, happy birthday! Thanks for being a nice person to me and everyone else. :D

  2. Happy Birthday :) 

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Xx 

  5. Happy birthday, Bey.

  6. Beyblade RPG is back on!

  7. Beyblade RP The Fallen World

    Ray was suprised at how good a driver Max was. He was thrown sometimes from his seat when the wheels would hit something causing the Van to bounce. "How much further?" he asked.
  8. Been home a week. People coming in so much our front door should be replaced with a Hotel revolving door. Its been a good yet exhausting week. I will try to be on more often now. Happy 4th to our American users.

    1. Hikari


      Thanks @Beywriter! I'm glad your week's been good.

    2. inyo


      Happy first week home :) 

  9. Home :-)

  10. Waiting for transport

  11. Still in n Hospital

    1. Laggy


      I hope you're getting better. 

  12. Current location Hospital. Will keep you all posted when I get more news.

  13. Looks like I maybe home sometime Monday. That's the rumor...we shall see

    1. inyo


      Like they say, Monday is Funday :) good luck

  14. My application for home care fast tracked. Getting stuff delivered and room setup as temporary bedroom. Rough discharge next Tuesday. Walking still hard. Need chair and ramps. Hope you are all doing well. In 3 weeks as of last Monday.