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  1. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    Why Drilbur Burrows Underground (as performed by Brock Harrison, at Pewter City's Fireside Theater) Long ago, when the world was new, Drilburs walked above ground like any other beast Pokemon. They were also very cruel and arrogant, and the other Pokemon feared them. But they did have one weak point--Ho'oh. One Drilbur got the idea to destroy Ho'oh, and rallied many other Drilburs to his cause. He explained that a simple bow wouldn't work, so they were going to build a giant crossbow that worked like a catapult. But the Drilburs didn't know a little Froagie was listening in, and had heard every word of their plot. Froagie hurried as fast as he could back to the forest grove, and warned the other Pokemon about what the Drilburs planned to do. Many were understandably panicked, but the ever crafty Pikachu Sorin calmed the crowd down--he had an idea as to how to destroy the Drilbur's catapult. That night, with help from Froagie, Sorin and the other Pokemon easily found where the Drilburs' catapult was being built, and set to work with hammers, saws, pickaxes, and scissors to do as much damage as they could. When the Drilburs returned some time later, their weapon was all but destroyed. Not one to be deterred, they just decided to start over. Sorin and the other Pokemon waited for the Drilburs to take a break, and then destroyed the catapult again. No matter how many times Sorin and the other Pokemon destroyed the catapult, the Drilburs just rebuilt it again. Finally, Ninetales suggested they distract the Drilburs with Berry juice, which she knew was their favorite drink. Sure enough, when the Drilburs had drank their fill of Berry juice, they immediately fell asleep. Just as Sorin was about to sneak past the snoozing Drilburs and throw all their tools off a cliff, a Drilbur grabbed him! It turned out the Drilburs were only pretending to sleep to catch whoever was destroying their weapon in the act. But Sorin and the other Pokemon didn't give up--they went and warned Ho'oh themselves. Ho'oh assured Sorin and the other Pokemon that she knew the Drilbur were plotting to harm her--and she had an idea to teach them a lesson. Meanwhile, the Drilburs had finished their catapult, and waited for Ho'oh to appear. However, the sky never brightened, even after several hours. Just as the the Drilburs were about to give up and look for Ho'oh themselves, Ho'oh appeared in all her golden glory. Her Sacred Fire burned the catapult to a crisp, and in their rush to avoid the holy flames, the Drilburs burrowed underground, pleading they would be nicer to others all the while. Ever since then, Drilburs have lived underground, and only rarely venture to the surface. (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 121, story 1)
  2. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Legend of Shawn (as performed by the Trio and Serena) There was once an old man, very poor, with three sons. They made their keep by ferrying people over a river; but the poor man had had nothing but bad luck all his life. As if that wasn't enough, on the night he died, there was a great storm, and the old ferry-boat was sunk. As they were lamenting both their father and their poverty, Arceus came to them in the form of an old man, and after learning the reason of their sorrow said to them... "Take heart; all will be well in due time." Imagine the brothers' surprise when they saw a fine new ferryboat on the water, in place of the old one, and a number of people waiting to be ferried over. The three brothers agreed to take turns with the boat, and divide the fares they took between them. However... The two elder brothers were very greedy, and would never take anyone over the river unless they were handsomely paid for it. But the youngest brother--we'll call him Shawn--took over rich and poor people alike for a fair price, and went above and beyond to see they were provided for. One day, at sunset, when the eldest brother was at the ferry Arceus came, and asked for passage. "I have nothing to pay you with, but this empty purse." "Go and get something to put in it then first!" The next day it was the second brother's turn. Arceus came, offered his empty purse as his fare, and got another negative reply. The third day it was Shawn's turn; and when Arceus came, and asked for passage, he answered... "By all means, come aboard." "How much is the fare?" "That depends on whether you can pay or not, but if you can't, that's okay." "A good deed never goes unpunished. In the meantime take this empty purse; though it is worn, and looks like junk. But if you shake it, and sing 'Seios, higarima laisido...' it will provide you with all the gold you'll need." So Shawn came home, and his brothers, who were sitting down to dinner, laughed at him, because he had taken only a few coins that day, and they told him he would go hungry. But when he began to shake his purse and scatter gold coins everywhere, they jumped up from the table, and began picking them up eagerly. As it was share and share alike, they all grew rich very quickly. Shawn made good use of his riches, and gave away money freely to the poor. But the greedy elder brothers grew jealous of the wonderful purse, and plotted to steal it from him. Then they left their old home; the eldest brother bought a ship, and loaded it with all sorts of merchandise to sell. But the ship ran aground, and everyone on board perished. The second brother was no more fortunate--as he was traveling through a forest, with an enormous haul of jewels, he was ambushed by bandits. Shawn stayed at home--since his purse had been lost, returned to the life of poverty he knew so well. But he still took pay from passengers who could pay whatever they believed was fair, be this a lot or nothing at all, and helped those who were poorer than himself as best as he could. One day, Arceus returned, and Shawn welcomed him as an old friend, and while guiding him over the river, told him all that had happened since they last saw each other. "What your brothers did was very wrong, and they have paid the price. But you share some of the blame. But since your heart is pure, and did not know any better, I will offer a chance to forgive you. Take this rod; and whatever you catch, hold onto it and don't let it escape; or you will bitterly regret it." With that, Arceus disappeared, and Shawn looked in awe at his new fishing gear—a crystal hook, a silver line, and a golden rod. Suddenly the hook leaped into the water by itself; the line lengthened out along the river current, and it wasn't long before Shawn felt a strong pull on it. When he reeled it in, he was surprised to find a water spirit, which resembled a mermaid, on his line. She pleaded with him to let him go, But Shawn held onto her tightly, and covered her with his coat, to prevent her from escaping. Then the sun set, and she became human. The sea-girl, whose name was Undine, grew very close to Shawn, and thee day came when they decided to marry. Undine made for quite the bride, with a myrtle garland on her head, in a white dress, with a rainbow-colored train, and rich jewels in her hair and on her neck. And she held in her hand the wonderful purse, that was always full of gold. The wedding was a festive affair, and all the neighbors were invited. They were royally entertained, and when they were about to leave the bride shook the wonderful purse, and sent a shower of gold pieces flying among the guests; so they all went home very well pleased. Shawn and Undine lived happily together; they never longed for anything, and gave freely to all who came. He continued to sail his ferry-boat; but he now took all passengers over for free, and gave them each a piece of gold as thanks. Now, the king of that land, who had only succeeded to the throne the year before, heard of the ferryman, who was so rich, and wishing to know if the story he had heard was true, came to see for himself. But when he saw Undine, he wished to have her for himself, and vowed to get rid of her husband somehow. A week later there was a solar eclipse; and the king sent for Shawn, and told him to find out the cause of this eclipse, or give up his life in exchange. He came home in great distress to his wife; but she replied... "Never mind, my dear. I will tell you what to do, and how to satisfy the king's curiosity." She gave him a wonderful ball of thread, which he was to throw before him, and follow the thread as it kept unwinding—towards the east. He traveled a long way, over high mountains, deep rivers, and green valleys. Eventually he came to a ruined city, where a number of corpses were lying about unburied, tainting the air with rot. Shawn was saddened to see this, and took the pains to summon men from the neighboring cities, and get the bodies properly buried. He then continued on his way. He came at last to the end of the world. He found a magnificent golden palace, with an amber roof, and diamond doors and windows. The ball of thread went straight into the palace, and the Shawn found himself in a huge room, where a very dignified lady was spinning from a golden distaff. She asked him what he was doing there, and he explained to her how he had been forced to come, out of sheer necessity. The lady was the servant of Ho'oh. "She thanked Shawn for burying the inhabitants of that town, when they were killed by a Hydreigon. She also told him that Ho'oh journeyed every day across the wide arch of heaven, giving heat and light to the world. Ho'oh arrived soon after, and welcomed Shawn as her guest. As they sat down to dinner, Shawn asked Ho'oh why she had been eclipsed. "How could I help it when the Hydreigon of the abyss attacked me, and I had to fight him? I could have been fighting with the monster even now, if a wonderful mermaid had not come to help me. When she began to sing, and looked at the dragon Pokemon with her beautiful eyes, all his rage softened in a moment; he was absorbed in gazing upon her beauty, and I burned him to ashes with my Sacred Fire, and threw them into the sea." Shawn thanked Ho'oh for her hospitality, and departed the palace the next morning. Following the ball of thread he reached home a few days later, went to the king, and told him everything. But the king was so enchanted at the description of the beautiful mermaid, that he ordered Shawn to go and bring her to him, or else. He came home depressed, but Undine told him she would manage this too. She gave him another ball of thread, to show him which way to go, and she also gave him a cartload of costly lady's apparel, jewels, and ornaments, told him what he was to do, and she saw him off the next day. On the way Shawn met Suicune, who asked... "What have you got there?" "Ladies apparel, that is costly and beautiful." "May I have some of those as a gift to someone? I can be of use to you, whenever you sing 'Karuto, iichiida shou...' to this gem, I will come to your aid." Shawn happily traded for the sapphire, and wished Suicune well. A little further on he met Articuno, who said... "What have you got there?" "Women's garments costly and beautiful." "I am going to meet Zapdos and Moltres for a party; will you give me something suitable to wear?" In return I will be of use to you. If you need me, only sing to this aquamarine 'Furiya, shuru shamato...' and I will come to your aid." And so Articuno and Shawn traded, and wished each other well. That night, he came to the coast, where the ball of thread stopped, and would go no further. Shawn waded up to his waist into the sea, and set up two high poles, with crossbars between them. He hung dresses of various colors, scarves, and ribbons, gold chains, diamond earrings and pins, shoes, and looking glasses, and then hid himself, with his wonderful hook and line at the ready. As soon as the sun rose from the sea, there appeared way off in the distance a silvery boat, in which stood a beautiful maiden, with a golden oar in one hand, while with the other she gathered together her long golden hair, all the while singing so beautifully to the rising sun, that, if Shawn had not covered his ears, he would have fallen into an eternal sleep." Brock intones. "She sailed along a long time in her silver boat, and all around her Shiny fish Pokemon leaped and played. But then she spotted the rich clothes and ornaments, hung up on the poles, and as she approached, Shawn sang... Karuto, iichiida shou... "What do you want?" Furiya, shuru shamato... "What do you want?" "I want to capture the sea-maiden." Then the wind blew and blew, so that the silver boat capsized, and the frost breathed on the sea till it was frozen over. Then Shawn rushed up to the sea-maiden, whose name was Marin, entangling his hook in her golden hair; lifted her on his Ponyta, and rode off as swift as the wind after his wonderful ball of thread. She cried all the way there; but as soon as they reached Shawn's home, and saw his wife, her sorrow turned to joy; she laughed with delight, and threw herself into her arms. It turned out that Undine and Marin were sisters. The next morning Shawn went to the palace with both his wife and sister-in-law, and the king was so delighted with Marin's beauty, that he offered to marry her right then and there. But she would give him no answer until he had the Celestial Harp. So the king ordered Shawn to procure him this wonderful harp, or else. His wife told him what to do, and gave him a handkerchief of hers, embroidered with gold, telling him to use it in a time of need. Following the ball of thread he came to a great lake, in the middle of which was an island. He began to wonder how he was to get there besides swimming, when he saw a boat approaching, with Arceus aboard it! "How are you, Shawn? Where are you going?" "I am going wherever the ball of thread leads me, for I must find the Celestial Harp." "This harp belongs to Goldmore, the lord of that island. It is a difficult matter to deal with him; but perhaps you may succeed. You have often carried me over the water; so now I will carry you." With that, they set sail, and they reached the island in no time. On arriving the ball of thread went straight into a palace, where Goldmore came out to meet the traveler, and asked him where he was going and what he wanted. "I am here for the Celestial Harp." "I will only let you have it on condition that you not sleep for three days and nights. If you do, it is your life in exchange." So Goldmore led him to a huge room, and locked him in. However, the floor was strewn with grass spiked with a sleeping spell, so he fell asleep. No sooner had his eyes closed did he fall down into an underground cavern, where the walls were mirrors, and there were heaps of gold and jewels lying around. For three days and nights he lay there, before he realized that he was going to starve to death! He searched in vain for any way out. There was a window, clear as crystal, but it was barred by a heavy iron grating. But the window looked into a garden where he could hear Fletchlings singing, Pidoves cooing, and the murmur of a brook. But inside he saw only heaps of useless gold and jewels, and his own face, frightened and tear stained, reflected a thousand times. But then he remembered Undine's handkerchief, and took it out in an attempt to console himself. Goldmore had been looking on from an opening in the ceiling, but he recognized the handkerchief, as belonging to his own sister, Undine. He released Shawn, led him to his own apartments, gave him food and drink, and the Celestial Harp to boot. On the way home, Shawn met his wife on the road. "The ball of thread came home alone. I feared that some misfortune had befallen you, and I was coming to help you." He told her everything, and they returned home together. The king was eager to see and hear the Celestial Harp; so he ordered Shawn, Undine, and Marin to come with it to the palace right away. The Celestial Harp was said to have many wondrous powers--in addition to playing itself, the sick were healed, the depressed spirits were lifted, ugly people became beautiful, any evil spell was broken, and the dead lived again. That's listing only a few powers it had. So when the king, having been told the magic words to tell the harp to play, sang the words... Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... ...all the court began to dance... [Brock plays a few bars of 'The Beautifly before suddenly stopping.] ...until the door opened, the music stopped, and everyone gasped when they saw the late king, alive and well, in the doorway. "I was the rightful possessor of the throne! And you, wicked brother, who killed me, will be judged before Arceus and this company!" As if he had been suddenly stabbed, the king fell to the floor dead. But as soon as they recovered from the horrific event they had seen, all the nobility who were present wanted Shawn crowned as their king over the previous king. The next day, after the burial of the late king, Marin returned to the sea, to float about in her silvery boat, in the company of the Shiny fish Pokemon, and to rejoice in the sunbeams. But Shawn and Undine lived happily ever after, as king and queen. They gave a grand ball to the nobility and to the people. The Celestial Harp played all kinds of music, the wonderful purse scattered gold, and the king entertained all the guests like they were kings and queens themselves. [Brock plays "The Fairy's Waltz" for effect to end the tale.] (real tale: The Good Ferryman and the Water Nymphs)
  3. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Old Griffin (as performed by Brock Harrison at Pewter City's Fireside Theater, with help from Ash Ketchum and Misty Williams) There was once a king, but where he reigned and what his name was, no one knows for sure. He had no son, only a daughter, who I'm gonna call Melissa. Now, Princess Melissa was prone to getting sick a lot, and no healer within miles knew how to cure her; but it was foretold that Princess Melissa would be healed if a certain Berry was given to her by someone who truly loved her. Figuring this certain Berry was a Leppa Berry, the king made it known far and wide that whoever brought his daughter some Leppa Berries would marry her and succeed him as king. Now a peasant who had three sons heard of this, and told the eldest to go to the garden, take a basketful of Leppa Berries, and take them to the palace. The eldest son did as he was told, and set out for the palace early the next morning. When he had walked for a little while he met the wily Delphox Kitsune, who asked him what he had in his basket. The eldest son claimed he carried Froagie legs. "So may it be." Imagine the eldest son's surprise when he got to the palace, opened his basket, and found Froagie's legs still kicking about inside! The king flew into a great rage, and had him kicked out of the castle. When he got home he told his father what had happened. Then the father sent his middle son, but the same thing happened. When he met Kitsune, and she asked him what he had in the basket, the middle son claimed he carried honeysuckle. "So may it be." When he arrived at the castle, the middle son was shocked to discover that his basket really did contain honeysuckle. To say that annoyed the king is an understatement. The middle son was also kicked out of the castle. When he got home he told them what had happened, and then came the youngest boy, who they had always called Jack, and asked the father whether he, too, might go with Leppa Berries. His father was a little reluctant at first--his two elder sons had failed him, and how was Jack going to be any different? But what Jack lacked in book smarts, he more than made up for in street smarts and in heart. So early the next morning he went on his way, and before long, Kitsune met him and asked him what he had in his basket. Jack said he was carrying Leppa Berries, to heal the princess. "So may it be." But at the castle, the guards were a little reluctant to let Jack in at all; for they remembered what his brothers had done. But Jack insisted that he had the most beautiful Leppa Berries that grew in the land, and so they let him in. When Jack uncovered the basket before the king, ruby red Leppa Berries came tumbling out. The king was delighted, and had some of them taken to Princess Melissa. Not long after, Princess Melissa herself came down the royal staircase for what seemed like the first time in forever. I can't even begin to describe how happy the king was. But even though Princess Melissa appeared to like Jack, the king was a little reluctant to give her to a country boy to marry, and so challenged Jack to make him a boat that would sail on land as it did in water. Jack agreed, and worked very hard, so much so that the forest rang with his heavy blows, and it helped that he sang as he worked. [Ash and Misty play an interlude to symbolize both Jack singing and the passage of time.] Around noon, Kitsune met him, and asked him what he was making. Jack explained that he was making a boat that would sail on land as it did the water. "So may it be." In the evening, just as the sun was setting, Jack prepared his new boat and sailed toward the castle. The king saw it from a long way off, but he still would not give Jack his daughter, and challenged Jack to take a hundred Bunearies out grazing from morning to evening, and if even one was missing, he would be thrown in the dungeon. Jack accepted, and the next day went out with his herd to the meadow, and watched the Bunearies like a Braviary. A few hours passed when a maid came from the castle, and said Jack was to give her a Buneary, as some visitors had arrived. But Jack saw right through that, and said he would not give her one, no ifs, ands or buts. But the maid would not listen, and they argued for another hour. Finally, Jack said that if Princess Melissa came herself he would give her a Buneary. The maid went back inside, and Princess Melissa did come herself. But in the meantime, Kitsune had come again to Jack and asked him what he was doing there. Jack told Kitsune he had to watch a hundred Bunearies as a favor for the king. "Here is a magic whistle for you, and when one runs away, only play it and he will come back again." When Princess Melissa came, Jack put a Buneary into her apron, but when she had gone about a hundred steps away, Jack played the magic whistle.... [Ash plays the Zelda whistle theme for effect] ...and the Buneary jumped out of the cloth, and in the blink of an eye, was back in the herd. In the evening Jack played the magic whistle again... [Ash plays the Zelda whistle theme again.] ...looked to see if they were all right, and drove them to the castle. The king wondered how Jack had been able to take care of a hundred Bunearies that easily, but he would not yet give him his daughter that easily, but said he had one more challenge for him--get him a feather from the Old Griffin's tail. Jack set out early the next morning. In the evening he arrived at a castle, where he asked for a night's lodging. The master of the castle greeted him very civilly, and asked him where he was going. When Jack answered he was going to the Old Griffin, the master remembered that he had lost the key to an iron chest; and wanted to ask him where it was. Jack said okay, and early the next morning he set out, and arrived at another castle, where he spent the night. When the people learned that he was going to the Old Griffin, they told him a daughter was sick and if he would be kind enough to ask the Old Griffin what would cure her? Jack said he would do it with pleasure, and went on again. He arrived at a lake, and instead of a boat, there was a big man who had to carry everybody over. The man asked him where he was going, and when told Jack was going to the Old Griffin, the man begged Jack to ask him why he was obliged to carry everybody over the water. Jack said okay, and the man then took him up on his shoulder and carried him over. At last Jack arrived at the Old Griffin's cave, and only found a servant girl at home, not the Old Griffin. The woman asked him what he wanted, and he told her he wanted a feather from Old Griffin's tail; and that in a castle they had lost the key to the money chest, and in another castle, the daughter was sick, then not far from there were the water and the man who was obliged to carry everybody over. "But, no ordinary human can speak with a griffin; he eats them all like popcorn." She told Jack to hide under the bed, and at night when he was fast asleep, he could reach up and pull a feather out of his tail; and as to those things that he wanted to know, she would ask him herself. Jack was quite satisfied with the arrangement, and got under the bed. In the evening Old Griffin came home, and when he stepped into the room he said... "A human has been here!" "Yes, one was here earlier today, but now he has left." So the Old Griffin said no more about the matter. In the middle of the night, when the Griffin was sawing logs, Jack reached up and pulled a feather out of his tail. The Griffin woke up with a jump. Just as he concluded it was his imagination, his servant girl arrived, and told him more about the supposed visitor to calm him back down. Jack learned that the key to the iron chest lay in the woodshed, behind the door, under a log of wood. He also learned that under the cellar stairs a Croagunk had made its nest of her hair, and if she got the hair back again she would be well; and if the man of the lake were only to put somebody into the middle he would not have to carry any more over. Early next morning the Old Griffin got up and went out, and Jack crept from under the bed with a beautiful feather, having heard what the Griffin had said about the key, the daughter, and the man. He thanked the servant girl, and then he started off toward home. He came to the man at the water first, and told him that he must carry him over first, and then he would tell him. So he carried him over, and when they got there Jack told him he had only to put somebody into the middle and then he wouldn't have to carry any more. The man was delighted beyond measure, and thanked Jack heartily. Next he came to the castle where the daughter was sick; he took her on his shoulder, for she was not able to walk, and carried her down the cellar stairs, and then took the Croagunk's nest from under the bottom step, and put it into the daughter's hand and suddenly she jumped off his shoulder and ran up the stairs before him, strong and healthy. The father and mother were overjoyed, and showered Jack with gold and silver--whatever he wanted, they gave him. When Jack arrived at the other castle he went straight to the woodshed, and found the key right behind the door under the log of wood, and took it to the master. He was beyond pleased, and gave Jack a great deal of gold that was in the chest, and all sorts of other things, such as Miltanks and Mareep and Gogoats. When Jack returned to the king with all these things, with the money and gold and silver, and the Miltanks, Mareep, and Gogoats, the king asked him how he had gotten it all. Jack replied that the Old Griffin would give one as much as one liked. The king thought he could find a use for that kind of gifts himself, and so started off to the Griffin's cave, which he is still searching for to this day. And so it was that Jack finally married Princess Melissa and became king, where he reigned long and happily. (real tale: The Old Griffin)
  4. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Shepherd and the Fey (as performed by Brock Harrison, at Pewter City's Fireside Theater) There was once a king who had an old shepherd, and when he succumbed to a terrible disease, another shepherd was needed, for the Mareep could not be left alone. The king spread the word throughout his realm that he was about to take a new shepherd into his service. Around that time a young lad named Adam arrived in the city. He went to the king and said.... "I am a shepherd, and as I heard that you were in need of one, I will, if it pleases your majesty, tend your Mareep." The king was pleased with Adam, and bade him to come again the next morning. Early the next morning when Adam came the king took his hand and led him to the fold. The Mareep appeared very skinny, for they had not been to the pasture for a long time, and they had no other fodder. When the king had put Adam in charge of the Mareep he went away. So Adam took his crook and his favorite silver whistle, led the flock out of the fold, and drove them out of the city. When he had left the city gate he thought about how he could find a good pasture for his flock. But it was not easy at that time of year to find one, for it was already late in the fall. After they had traveled a long way, Adam came with his Mareep to a mighty forest, with lofty trees, before which there was a pasture with plenty of flourishing grass. The hungry Mareep soon spread over it, and it tasted sweet, so that they soon grew fat upon it. Well pleased, Adam sat down, took his whistle in his hand and played. [Brock plays "The Silver Sword" on his own whistle for effect.] After a while seven fairies--one for each color of the rainbow--came out of the forest. Adam did not see them until they were close to him, leaping and dancing about and laughing happily. Though at first very much astonished, he soon took a liking to the fairies, and played for them while they danced. [Brock plays "The Meowth's Call." for effect.] The day flew by, and Adam was so happy that he forgot he had not eaten since breakfast. As soon as the first star appeared in the darkening sky the fairies vanished from the pasture, and Adam joyously drove his well-fed Mareep homewards. Now, when the king looked at the Mareep and saw how healthy they were, he was beyond delighted. But when the flock was counted seven Mareep were missing. Adam was thunderstruck, and had no idea what had become of these seven Mareep. The king assured him that he would forgive him, because the flock was so well fed. But then something strange happened--the Mareep grew skinny again overnight. Adam didn't know that they had eaten the grass of a magical pasture, and the effect of such food only lasted until midnight. Not troubling himself about this, Adam drove his Mareep again to the rich pasture, but decided to keep a closer eye on them. The Mareep grazed and Adam played his whistle. Soon the fairies came along, danced, and laughed all day long, just like the day before. [Brock plays a set of two jigs for effect.] In the evening when the king counted the flock seven more were missing. This time he could not just let the matter go. As punishment Adam received no pay, and the king threatened to banish him if it happened again. Adam was troubled by this threat, and he began to wonder who could be the thief--whether it was a Mightyena or the rainbow fairies. Nevertheless he drove his flock to the old pasture the next day, for he was so delighted with the dancing fairies. This time the fairies were on the lookout for him, and begged him to play his whistle for them. Adam could not refuse, and the fairies danced to all kinds of jigs, reels, polkas, and other dance tunes. [Brock plays another set of tunes for effect] In the evening Adam drove the flock home, but again seven Mareep were missing. Then the king flew into a rage, and said... "Take notice, you are hereby dismissed from my service; you are to leave this place tomorrow morning!" The next morning Adam sadly departed from the castle. He came to the pasture, and throwing himself into the grass, exclaimed... "What am I to do now, poor as I am, with no service, no bread, winter at the door, and starvation staring me in the face?" He burst into tears, and deeply regretted having driven his flock to this enchanted pasture. Suddenly a purple fairy stood before Adam, and said... "Calm down, and listen to me, for I am the one who stole twenty one Mareep from you." "You are the thief? Then give them back to me." The fairy, a night fairy named Luna, answered him... "I don't have the Mareep anymore, but the loss will be repaid to you many times over if you can help me. Long ago I had a different appearance, for then I was queen of the fairies. Once the king of the dragons, Nefarian, set out with all his servants to seek a comfortable dwelling for the winter. He learned of my homeland, the Leafsong Glade, and hurried to our kingdom. The fairies could not resist the dragons, for each of them gave a fairy a deadly bite. Only I and my seven children were spared by the dragons, who took over my palace, and since then have come back every winter. I fled in disguise as a night fairy, giving up the majority of my powers in the process and because I had done many kind things to the people in former times, I was condemned by the dragons, who are the enemies of all, to do them harm. I was forced to steal seven Mareep from you three times over, and I did this at the time when my children were dancing around you, and you were not watching the flock. Forgive me, and know that I did it only for my children's sake, who were very hungry, for Nefarian gives us nothing to eat in the summer—only in winter do we get anything at all. Our duty is to watch on behalf of the dragons, and protect them. But now I beg you, young man, to be our hero! I will handsomely reward you with anything you wish in return for undertaking this great quest. "I would be honored to help you, but how?" So off Luna went into the forest, where there was a vast clearing, so vast it could've been a forest unto itself. When they arrived Luna said to Adam... "In one of the trees is a black stone; take this out, dig below it, and you will find a golden casket. Inside there is a sword, a white cloth, and a crystal vessel with a salve. Take this casket out, and bring it to me." Adam found the tree with very little trouble, found everything as Luna had said, and brought the casket down. "Slather your body with the salve in the crystal vessel, so Nefarian's miasma will not harm you; then take the sword and the napkin, hide in the thicket, and wait for Nefarian; for this is the day they come to the glade to sleep over the winter. When all the dragons have arrived, go to the mountain where the dragons enter the glade, pick a flower which grows on the spot, touch the mountain with it and sing the spell 'Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...'. It will open, and you can go inside. The easiest way to slay Nefarian will be to get on his back, for then he cannot hurt you. Take the sword in your right hand, and with your left spread out the white cloth over the crown Nefarian wears on his head, and take it off. This will awaken Nefarian, and with him the other dragons. They will all rush upon you, but they will not come down from their leader's back. Then he will fly away with you. If at any point you spot water under you, then strike with the crown wrapped up in the cloth. Nefarian will rush into the water, and you will fall on a ship, which will bring you safely to shore. When you are back on land, throw the crown on the ground, and sing this spell: Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Then we will know you are victorious, and bring you back to my palace safely before the crown is consumed in flame, and give you your reward. Now I bid you a hearty farewell; be of good courage, and trust in our help!" With that, Luna vanished. Adam got behind a bush, and rubbed his body with the salve, took the sword in his right hand, the white cloth in the left, and waited for the dragons. Soon they were heard hissing and growling as they flew, Nefarian leading the way. When he came up to the mountain he tore out a certain herb with his mighty claws, touched the mountain with it, and sang something in the draconic tongue, causing the mountain to open He was followed by a long line of serpents, and when the last one had glided into the mountain, the rock closed. After a while Adam came out, touched the rock with the enchanted herb, as he had seen the dragons do, sang... Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... ...and the rock opened." he continues as himself. Adam went inside the mountain, and after he had passed through an immense amount of passages and rooms, he came into a hall glittering with gold, and richly set with precious stones. In the middle stood a crystal table, where Nefarian lay curled up in a ball, with the other dragons sleeping around him. Adam carefully stepped over the dragons, without hurting them or alerting them to his presence and, jumping on the table, climbed on Nefarian's back, and took his crown with his hand wrapped in the white cloth. No sooner was this done before Nefarian stretched himself out, and now Adam straddled Nefarian, as if he were going to ride. During their winter sleep the dragons did not stir, and the casual observer would think them merely statues made of stone. But when the king wakes up, he then awakes the others. In his fury Nefarian spewed fire from his jaws, and the awakened dragons charged at Adam, and were about to attack him, but Adam cut off every dragon head that got in his way. Then Nefarian took off, broke through the upper part of the mountain, and soared into open air. With Adam on his back, he flew, swift as an arrow, over mountain and valley, forest, and plain. When Adam saw water beneath him, he struck Nefarian with the crown on the head, and Nefarian sank with fearful howling into the sea, never to be seen again. Just as Luna had said, Adam fell onto a ship, and this brought him to shore. Once there, he remembered the words of his ally Luna, threw the crown on the ground, and sang... Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... The spell caused the crown to explode in a huge fireball, but seconds before the explosion occurred, Adam found himself in Leafsong Glade, and stood before the smoking mountain, among the rejoicing fairies, who greeted him as their hero. With many thanks Luna--now in her true rainbow glory--handsomely rewarded Adam with gold, jewels, and mystical items from her treasure vault. He became very rich, and bought his land from the king he had formerly served, married one of his daughters, and lived happily for many years, never forgetting his friends the fairies. (real tale: The Shepherd and the Dwarves)
  5. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    How the Shining Raikou was Slain (as performed by Brock Harrison, with assistance from Kiana Alamea) Long ago, in a village near where Ecruteak City is today, there lived a young boy named Takuya. His father had been missing since he was a baby, and Takuya knew very well the reason why. An enormous shining Raikou lived in the nearby mountains who had tormented the village for years, coming down to prey not only on Ponytas and Tauros, but even on the human beings who lived there. Years ago, his father, who had been the finest hunter in the land, ventured into the mountains to kill the shining Raikou and save the village. He had never returned. When Takuya was still small, he already decided deep in his heart that when he grew up, he would be the one to shoot down the Raikou that had overpowered his father. As soon as he was old enough, he trained rigorously in the way of the bow, and became almost as good an archer as his father had been. When he was fifteen years old, Takuya went to his mother and said... “Mother, I’m ready to set out for the mountains to find the shining Raikou and defeat him. Please, let me go.” The mother did not want to lose her son, too. With tears in her eyes, she said... “Even a famous archer like your father was lost to the terrible shining Raikou. Please, son, quit dreaming about such nonsense and stay safe here at home.” “Don’t worry, Mother, I will find the shining Raikou, I know it!” “Very well, as you wish. But let me ask you one thing. Your father used to have me stand with a water jug on my head. Then he would shoot off the handle of the water jug from a mile away without spilling any of the water. Can you do the same thing?” When he heard this, Takuya immediately tried to match his father’s skill. He had his mother stand a mile away, with a water jug on top of her head. He took careful aim, but the arrow went too far to the left. So he gave up his idea of going to the mountains and instead, practiced three more years with the bow. After three years, he tried again. [Brock fires a shot of his own for effect] This time he succeeded in knocking off the handle of the water jug on his mother’s head without spilling a drop of water. Then the mother said... “Your father was able to shoot the eye out of a needle from a mile away. Can you do this?” Takuya asked his mother to place a needle in a tree trunk. Then he walked back a mile. Taking careful aim, he let go a shot, but missed. Once again, he gave up the idea of going to the mountains and settled down to another three years of practicing even harder. At the end of three years, when he was 21 years old, he again tried the same trick. [Brock fires a shot for effect] This time, the arrow struck true, and the eye of the needle fell to the ground. Now, what the mother had told her son about the amazing feats his father used to be able to do, were all lies. The mother had thought that if she told him impossible tales about his father, that Takuya would give up the idea of seeking the terrible shining Raikou. But now that he had actually succeeded in performing each of the feats she told him her husband could do, the mother could not help being impressed with his determination. So she gave permission for him to leave for the mountains. Takuya was thrilled. He immediately set out. At the foothills he came across a small inn. An old woman, who was the innkeeper, asked the young man why he had come. He told her that his father had been a victim of the shining Raikou years ago and that he had practiced for many years to avenge his death. “Ah, yes, I knew your father. He was the greatest archer in all the land. Why, he stopped here at this very inn, many years ago, before venturing into the mountains. Do you see that tall tree over there in the distance? Your father used to turn his back to that tree and then shoot down the highest leaf on the highest branch. If you can’t do the same thing, how can you expect to defeat the shining Raikou?” Takuya, when he heard this, said he also would try. He nocked his bow, took aim and fired. [Brock fires a shot for effect] But shooting something that was behind him proved harder than he thought, and the arrow instead flew into the tree's trunk. He knew then that he still wasn’t ready, and he asked the old innkeeper to let him stay with her a while. From that day, he kept practicing shooting at the tree. After three more years, he was finally able to shoot down the highest leaf on the highest branch. [Brock fires a shot for effect] “Just because you can do that, it still doesn’t mean you can outshoot your father. Your father used to set an Durant on the side of a cliff and then, from three miles away, he would shoot that Durant off without even scratching the surface of the cliff. No matter what a fine archer you may be, certainly you can’t match that.” Takuya then tried to do what the old innkeeper said his father had done. Again he failed at first and had to practice three more years. Like the young man’s mother, all that the old innkeeper had told him had been made up because she, too, only wanted to save his life. But Takuya, not questioning her once, had practiced until he could do the tasks she claimed his father had done. The old innkeeper was amazed at his devotion and dedication. “With your skill now, surely you will avenge your father.” With that, the old innkeeper prepared a bag of food for him to eat along the way. Takuya thanked her and started out along the path leading into the heart of the mountains. Our hero pressed deeper and deeper into the mountains. For days and days he wandered through the wilderness. After all, the mountains have twelve thousand peaks and stretch over a vast area of what is today Johto, so Takuya had no means of knowing just where the shining Raikou was hidden. So he wandered on through the vast mountain ranges. One day, while Takuya seated on a big rock having lunch, the holy Delphox Kitsune, in the form of an old woman, stumbled up to him and said... “Excuse me, sir. Could you spare some food for me?” Takuya gave the disguised Kitsune several rice-balls, which she ate gratefully. Then she said... “We don’t see many strangers this deep in the mountains. What brings you here?” When Takuya explained everything, the old woman shook her head. “No, good fellow. Forget about shooting the terrible shining Raikou. He is too quick. As soon as the Raikou desires to pounce, his next prey is gone. From one day to the next, we never know whether we are going to survive to see the next day. You are a young man. It would be best to leave these mountains, and go back home while you’re still alive!” Takuya replied that no, he would not leave. He described how hard he had practiced for so many years, and that now, with his skill, he knew he could smite the shining Raikou after all. Kitsune revealed herself to Takuya, and thanked him for his kindness to her, and his determination to avenge his father. "You should know that the only way to shoot the shining Raikou is to shoot him when all you see is a shining orange dot on the horizon. If you wait a single moment too late, or if you miss your first shot, it's over.” Kitsune wished Takuya Arceus' favor on his quest, then departed for heaven. Takuya immediately took to scanning the horizon until he was entirely familiar with every curve and shadow on each mountainside far and wide. Thus he waited for hours, his bow at the ready. While the sun was setting, a single shining orange dot appeared in a fraction of a second on a distant mountainside. No dot had been there the moment before, Takuya was sure of that. Immediately he fired at the shining orange dot. [Brock fires a shot for effect] His heart pounding, he raced toward the mountainside where he had aimed his shot. And there he found the fallen shining Raikou, nearly as big as a mountain itself. It had died with its mouth open, ready to swallow him as its next meal! Astonished by its size and thrilled that he had actually defeated the legendary beast, Takuya stepped into the dead Raikou’s throat. Inside the Raikou’s mouth, he followed a dark tunnel. Eventually, he came to a vast room as large as a city--the Raikou’s stomach. Then Takuya spotted an unconscious girl who lay huddled in a heap. He took the girl in his arms and nursed her until she awakened. The girl--whose name was Hikari--looked into his face and thanked him with all her heart. She then revealed that she was the daughter of the king’s highest advisor, who was famous in the capital for his wisdom. Hikari told Takuya how just the night before, the great shining Raikou had stolen her away while she was bathing on the veranda near her room. Suddenly, the two of them heard what sounded like a human voice. Puzzled, they groped in the dark toward it. It turned out that the voice belonged to an old man crouched in the corner--Takuya’s father! He had survived all these years inside the shining Raikou’s stomach on the prey swallowed by the great beast. The father and son rejoiced in having found one another at last. Then together with Hikari, the three of them escaped through the Raikou’s mouth and found that they were in the middle of a large field. Takuya skinned a portion of the Raikou, for he wanted to take home a trophy commemorating his long hunt Taking Hikari by one hand and his father by the other, he proudly returned home, where his mother was waiting for him. Words cannot describe her joy to see not only her son come safely back home, but her long lost husband, too! Takuya next took Hikari to her home in the capital. Her father cried tears of joy to see his daughter returning safe and sound. In gratitude, her father welcomed Takuya into his family to become his daughter’s husband, and the heir to his name and fortune. Takuya’s parents proudly attended their son’s wedding, and all lived happily ever after. Takuya went on many more adventures, and slew many more amazing beasts, but that is another story for another day! (real tale: The White Tiger)
  6. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    Sorin and the Wonderful Tree (as performed by Brock Harrison, at the Pewter City Public Library) Once upon a time, when Pokemon could speak the words of humans, there was a beautiful garden where all kinds of Berries grew. Many Pokemon lived in the garden, and they were allowed eat the Berries whenever they were hungry. But they were asked to follow one simple rule--They had to bow before the Berry tree, call it by name, and ask for some of its fruit. They had to be very careful to remember the tree's correct name, and especially not forget to say "please." and "thank you". It was also very important that they remember not to be greedy, and leave plenty of Berries for the other Pokemon, and plenty to adorn the tree itself and to produce seeds so that other trees might grow. For example, if someone wanted to eat Figy Berries, they had to say, "Miss Figy, may I please have a taste of your fruit?" Or, if they wished to eat Oran Berries they had to say, "Miss Oran, may I please have a taste of your fruit?" Now, in one corner of the garden grew the most splendid tree of all. It was tall and beautiful, and the rosy-cheeked Berries on its wide spreading branches looked wonderfully tempting. No Pokemon had ever tasted that Berry, for no Pokemon could ever remember its name. In a tiny house near the edge of the garden lived Shaymin, who knew the names of all the Berry trees which grew in the garden. The Pokemon often went to her and asked the name of the wonderful Berry tree, but the tree was so far away from Shaymin's tiny house, no Pokemon could ever remember the long, hard name by the time they reached the Berry tree. That included a certain crafty Pikachu named Sorin. True to form, one day Sorin thought of a trick. You may not know this, but Sorin can play the guitar. He always played when the Pokemon gathered together in the garden to dance and hold a grand sing along. These sing-alongs included such classics like..." In the town, where I was born, lived a man who sailed to sea... and... In a cavern, in a canyon, excavating for a mine, lived a miner, forty-niner, and his daughter Clementine... and... I'll walk in the rain by your side...I'll cling to the warmth of your hand... ...and a popular favorite among the young Pokemon... We come on the Sloop John B., my grandfather and me. Around Nassau town we did roam.... So Sorin went to Shaymin's tiny house, carrying his guitar by his side. When she told him the long hard name of the wonderful Berry tree, he needed no time to think up a little melody to it, and sang it over and over again all the way from Shaymin's tiny house to the corner of the garden where the wonderful Berry tree grew. Anat za za, aridavi deen lava itsplan den lan den lan do, lava ii pa pa, bari bari bala rilibilibi liku len den lan do lava rin lan ten lan day alo, barala lavalava lukuluku dayavu, a rin lan ten lan den lan do barala katakata kutukutu deyavu.... When any of the other Pokemon met him and asked him what song he was singing, he never said a word. He marched straight on, playing his little song over and over and over, and singing softly the long hard name. Anat za za, aridavi deen lava itsplan den lan den lan do, lava ii pa pa, bari bari bala rilibilibi liku len den lan do lava rin lan ten lan day alo, barala lavalava lukuluku dayavu, a rin lan ten lan den lan do barala katakata kutukutu deyavu. Anat za za, aridavi deen lava itsplan den lan den lan do, lava ii pa pa, bari bari bala rilibilibi liku len den lan do lava rin lan ten lan day alo, barala lavalava lukuluku dayavu, a rin lan ten lan den lan do barala katakata kutukutu deyavu.... Finally, he reached the corner of the garden where the wonderful Berry tree grew. He had never seen anything so beautiful. The rosy-cheeked fruit glowed in the bright sunlight. Sorin could hardly wait to make his bow, say the long hard name, and ask for the fruit. It helped that the Berries had a beautiful color and a delicious smell! Sorin had never in all his life been so close to anything which smelled so good. He took a big bite... ...and you should've seen the look on his face! That beautiful sweet smelling Berry was bitter and sour, and it had a nasty taste to boot. He threw it away from him as far as he could. Sorin never forgot the tree's long hard name and the little tune he had sung. Nor did he forget how the Berries tasted. He never took a bite of it again; but, after that, one of his favorite tricks was to treat the other Pokemon to the wonderful Berry just to see their yuck faces when they tasted it. (real tale: How the Monkey Became a Trickster)
  7. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    Alani, the Rainbow Maiden (as performed by Kiana Alamea to Ash Ketchum) Long ago, in what is today Alola, a remarkable young lady was born. She was named Alani, after the Oran Berry trees that swayed on the shore by her parents' house. Now, Alani lived in the Manoa Valley, on what is today Akala Island. There, she danced across the rocks and sky, painting a rainbow bridge of colors. Alani was so lovely that two chiefs fell in love with her -- Kauhi, who ruled a fierce tribe of warriors that lived to the west, and Mahana, who ruled a peaceful tribe that lived to the east. The reason why Kauhi's tribe was reviled and feared among the islanders was because Kauhi's family had the Sharpedo as their spirit Pokemon, and like Kauhi, many of them were jealous and cruel. When Alani refused to marry him, he was simply furious. He decided that if he could not be her husband, no one could. And so he buried her alive in a place that he was sure no one would find her. But the wise old Decidueye saw the rainbow goddess, as the Pokemon of the island called Alani, was gone, and so he began to scratch away at the dirt until he reached her body. He brought her back above ground and reunited her body with her spirit. Kauhi was furious and buried her a second time. Again, the Decidueye rescued her. Again, Kauhi buried her. This went on many times until at last Kauhi buried Alani beneath a Nanab tree. No matter how hard the Decidueye scratched, he could not dig beneath the tree's enormous roots. He feared Alani was lost forever. But Alani's spirit did not give up. Her spirit wandered the land, searching for help, and found Mahana, the noble chief of the east. Alani's spirit led Mahana to where her body lay buried. When the chief saw the ground disturbed, he began to dig, and he dug until at last he found Alani's lifeless body. He carried her home to his elder brother, who was the tribe's shaman. After many days in deep prayer pleading for the spirits of light to help, the shaman was at last able to invoke the family guardians, two holy sisters of light. The sisters coaxed Alani's spirit into her body while the shaman sang a special magical song to restore her back to life. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis... Katordis favel siicletu edena... Emusto koron zen fine, si... When the last note died, Alani returned to life, and Mahana nursed her back to health. As he did, their love for each other deepened. But Alani feared that as long as Kauhi was alive, she was not safe. So Mahana visited Kauhi and taunted the chief. "You failed to kill Alani! She is safe. And she loves me." "Alani is dead--the woman you love is an imposter." He challenged Mahana to present the woman he loved to the elders of the village. "If I am wrong, you may sacrifice me to the tapu. But if this is only a spirit, you will die." When Mahana quickly agreed, Kauhi became suspicious. So he went to see his own tribe's shaman, and asked him to invoke the spirits of the underworld. He instructed the shaman to tell them to capture any wayward spirits and carry them to the underworld to be punished. The shaman spread palm leaves over the ground. "If a human walks over these leaves," he explained, "they will be scattered and torn, but the spirits will leave them undisturbed. However, if there are spirits surrounding Alani, they will be banished to the underworld and she will be killed." The day of judgment arrived. The sacrificial pyre was prepared for the punishment. The elders and Legendary Pokemon assembled, including the Lucario in charge of the mountains, Kaitou. He was the spirit Pokemon of Alani's grandfather. Kauhi watched carefully for the maiden's arrival. As Alani made her way toward that path strewn with leaves, her spirit sisters recognized the test. They knew if they departed, she would not be safe, so they whispered... "As you walk this path, scatter as many leaves as you can, so the spirits of the underworld won't discover we are here." Alani paid attention, and as she walked she left a wide trail of scattered, broken leaves. The elders and priests declared, "Here is Alani, the rainbow goddess." "We must have another test! I have another: a reflection of a face in the water is the face of a spirit." With that, he demanded the guards bring forth a bowl full of water. So eager was he to spot a spirit, he leaned over and presented his own spirit face, but before he could restore his spirit to his body, Kaitou leaped out from behind a rock. He grasped the reflection in his hands and destroyed the shaman's spirit. The guards seized Kauhi, and he was sacrificed for his crimes. The land was given to Mahana and Alani, and they lived a long and happy life, always sheltered by a rainbow to symbolize the union of the islands. (real tale: Rainbow Maiden)
  8. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    Destrian and the Stolen Treasure (as performed by the Trio and Serena) There was once a king who wasted his money on wine, women, and games of chance. Needless to say, his wife and daughters were troubled. Before long, all his money was gone. But he knew that he would have to get more somewhere, for he wished to continue in his evil ways. One day he met a man in the fields. The man told the king that he had heard of his beautiful daughters, and asked for the eldest, Princess Orla, as his bride. The king readily agreed, in exchange for a thousand pieces of gold. And so the king's roguish ways continued--he spent his money on worthless friends, fancy clothes, and more games of chance. It was not long before the money was gone again. One day in the fields he met another man, who requested his middle daughter, Princess Ariana, gave her to him in exchange for two thousand gold pieces. Before long, that was gone too, and he looked for more. He met a third man in the fields, and he sold him his youngest daughter, Princess Christina for three thousand gold pieces. Like you guys, the people were outraged that the three princesses were sold to strangers. No one knew where they had gone or what had become of them. Their mother often cried over them. Only her son, whose name was Destrian, was left with her. The king soon got his just desserts of his wicked life, but he had not used up all the money he had received for Princess Christina, and left some of it behind. When Destrian grew up, he started school. His mother had told him nothing of his three lost sisters. But his playmates in school told him, for they had heard their parents talk about them. When he asked his mother about it she would not tell him at first; but finally she told him everything, and she cried because she did not know where her daughters had gone. So Destrian decided to go in search of his sisters. His mother said goodbye to him and wished him good luck. Destrian traveled a long way, until he passed through a lonely forest. As he walked along the forest path, he discovered three bandits sitting on a patch of grass under the trees fighting about something. "What seems to be the problem?" "We have here a coat, a sword, and a pair of shoes which have magical power. The coat can make its wearer invisible; the shoes can make the wearer run faster than the wind; and the sword can overcome all enemies. We cannot agree on how to divide the loot. Please be the judge in our dispute and decide for us." "I will be happy to decide the question, but first let me think about it." So the bandits went to work fixing dinner. One gathered wood for a fire; another went to a stream for water; and the third looked after the food. When their backs were all turned, he put on the coat and shoes and took the sword. In moments he was invisible, and the bandits had no idea they'd been had. Destrian raced down the road, and before long he stood before a very large house. He went in and asked to see the lady of the house. When she came to him, she did not know who he was, until he called her 'Orla, my sister.' Once she heard her name, she immediately knew who he was, and was very happy to see him. She told him that her husband was a great wizard of the sea who could do wonderful deeds. When her husband returned, he was pleased to see his brother-in-law, and they all had a wonderful time for several days. Before Destrian left the next morning to seek his middle sister, his brother-in-law gave him a glowing sapphire, and said... "This has very wonderful power. If you ever get into trouble, sing to it 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii' and it will bring you aid from the sea." Before long, Destrian found himself at the home of his second sister, Ariana. Like her elder sister, she did not recognize him at first, until he called her by name. She told him that her husband was a great wizard of the land. Soon her husband came home and greeted him kindly, and they had a happy time together for many days. Before he left, his second brother-in-law gave him a glowing ruby, and said... This has great power. If you ever get into trouble, sing to it 'Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul' and it will bring you help from the red earth." Then Destrian himself at the home of his youngest sister, Christina. She too did not recognize him at first; but when he called her by name, she knew that he was her brother, and he found that her husband was a great wizard of the sky. He was welcomed by the sky wizard, and Destrian stayed with them a long time. The years passed, and one day, Destrian decided to find himself a bride. Christina told him that in a land far away lived a very rich king who had two beautiful daughters named Alma and Perla. While both of them were very beautiful and pure of heart, Destrian decided he liked Perla better, and resolved to win her hand. Before he left, his third brother-in-law gave him a glowing emerald, and said... "This has wonderful power. If you ever get into trouble, sing to it 'Karuto, iichiida shou...' and it will bring you help from the sky." Destrian thanked his third brother-in-law, and soon himself at the castle of the rich king. Before going to the castle, he went to a house on the outskirts of the village where two women lived. They welcomed him kindly, and Destrian told them he had come from afar to seek the king's younger daughter. "The king's elder daughter, Princess Alma, is to be wed tomorrow, but she will not live long with her husband." "Why not?" "Have you not heard of the Giant of the Sea, Leviathan?" "No, I have not." They took him to the window, and pointed to a high cliff far across the sea. The waves were crashing at its base, and the spray dashed high on its side. But he could see an entrance in the face of the cliff. "In that cave lives the water dragon Leviathan, the Giant of the Sea. As soon as a girl is married in this land, he carries her off to the cave and she is never heard from again. He cannot be killed, for he keeps his heart hidden where no one can find it. He is the terror of all the land." Destrian said nothing, but he vowed to slay Leviathan. Destrian went on to the castle to see the wedding of Princess Alma. The wedding was a grand affair, and there was much rejoicing, for the people did not think that the sea dragon would carry off Princess Alma. But during the wedding feast, Princess Alma vanished without a trace. The people knew that Leviathan had taken her, and there was great sadness. Destrian went to the king and told him that he wanted to marry his younger daughter. Princess Perla. "What good will it do you to marry her? You know she will be carried off by the Giant of the Sea." "But I can kill the dragon." "No one can do that." Destrian told the king of his power, and the king consented to the marriage. The next day the wedding feast was held. There was not much happiness this time, for the people knew that the king's only remaining child would soon be stolen away by the Giant of the Sea. Sure enough, at the feast, the bride disappeared without a trace; and everyone within miles knew she was taken to the dragon's cave. There was much sadness among the people, but Destrian said... "Tomorrow I will go and bring her back!" The next day Destrian put on his magical coat and shoes, took his sword, and went to the sea dragon's cave. The hole in the cliff was closed up, and he could not enter, but he cut a hole in the rock with his sword and got in that way. He found himself in a very large room. Many women sat in a circle, all of them crying, but all very beautiful. In the center of the circle sat his own bride, Princess Perla. At the back of the cave sat Leviathan, the terrible sea dragon known as the Giant of the Sea. They could not see Destrian because of his magical coat. Suddenly, Leviathan left the cave--as if he knew a wedding was taking place--and disappeared. Destrian then made his presence known to his wife. He told her to ask the dragon when he returned where his heart was hidden. He told her not to fear, for he would rescue her. He had hardly said these few words when Leviathan returned, bringing a bride with him. Then Princess Perla said to Leviathan... "Where do you keep your heart?" "No one has ever asked me that before, but since you are the first to ask me, I will tell you. I keep it in a box far out in the sea. It is in an iron box. There are seven boxes, one inside the other. It is in the innermost box." "Where do you keep the keys?" "They are hidden beside the box." When Destrian heard this, he left the cave and sat on the shore. He took out his sapphire, and sang to it... Rou iitsa ron selga vichii... The sapphire glowed, and a huge Wailord swam to him and asked what he wanted. "Bring me the iron box and the keys that lie at the bottom of the ocean." So the Wailord went off, and soon returned with the box and the keys. But the keys were old and rusty, and Destrian could not open the lock. Then he took out his ruby, and sang to it... Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... An Ampharos came running to him, and asked what he wanted. "Break open this box and each box you find inside." So the Ampharos Headbutted the outer box until he broke it, and Headbutted each one until he broke them all. When he broke the last one, Leviathan's heart flew out and escaped into the air. Then Destrian took out his emerald, and sang to it... Karuto, iichiida shou... A great Talonflame came flying up to him, and asked what he wanted. "Bring me Leviathan's heart; it has just escaped from the box and is flying in the air." The Talonflame flew away, and soon came back with Leviathan's heart—and Destrian cut it in two with his magical sword. Then he went to the cave, still invisible. Leviathan was now vulnerable, for his heart had been found and killed. Destrian easily killed him with his sword, then removed his magical coat and showed himself to the girls who sat in the cave. He brought them all back to the palace and their husbands came and claimed them. The king gave Destrian a large house close to his castle, and there Destrian and his wife Princess Perla lived happily. Destrian also sent for his mother, and brought her to live with him and his wife. The years passed, and when the king died, he left all his money and possessions to Destrian. Destrian ascended to the throne, and was king of all the land. He lived to be very old, and he did many wonderful deeds with the sword, the shoes, and the cloak which he had taken from the bandits in the forest. But that is another story for another day! (real tale: The Boy and the Robbers' Magical Booty)
  9. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Shoemaker's Apprentice (part 4) (as performed by the Trio and Serena) Dillon ran as fast as he could out of the room and out to a mountain, invoked the sapphire--Karuto, iichiida shou... ...and flew a long, long way into the east land, where he landed on the shore of a great lake. It was getting dark when Dillon arrived, and he looked everywhere with no Hydreigon to be had. He came to a lonely little hut, and he asked if he could stay there for the night. "We are only poor folks, and have no accommodation for royalty like you." "Well, could you at least give me a chair to sit in?" They did at least give Dillon a chair. The next morning, he woke up early and went outside, and close by the house he saw twelve fat Tepigs in a sty. "You are not as poor as you claim to be--I see you have twelve good Tepigs standing there." "Ah! It is not as if they were our Tepigs. No! The Hydregon is to have them for his breakfast. For out in that lake there lives a Hydregon who would destroy the whole country if the king did not give him twelve fat Tepigs every day. They are driven down here every night, and it is my job to drive them down to the shore every morning. But there will soon be no more Tepigs left in the land, and Arceus have mercy on us when that day comes." "I will go with you." "Ah, no! That will never do! If he sees a stranger with me, he will tear us both to pieces." But in spite of the man's pleas, Dillon insisted on going with him; so he followed him as he drove the Tepigs down to the lake. They had not gotten very far before they heard cracking and crashing in the forest. That was the Hydregon creeping up inland to get his breakfast. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Dillon invoked the ruby, gaining a firey red aura. "Bring me my Tepigs!" "You must take me instead!" With that, he rushed at the Hydregon, and they fought with tooth and nail for a good long while, with no clear advantage on either side. "If I only had my twelve sides of bacon inside me, I would soon make an end of you." "Well, if I had only a mouthful of bread and a glass of wine, it would soon be all over with you." By now, they were both so worn out they could do no more damage. So the Hydregon plunged into the lake again, and vanished. But Dillon's holy fire wore off, and he said to the man... "You can put your Tepigs back into the sty again; the Hydregon won't have any breakfast today." But he wanted something to eat, so he went into the royal city that was close by, ate well, drank well, and slept well, so that the next morning he was up before anyone else, and returned to the little hut on the shore of the lake. He got there early enough to meet the man just as he was driving out the twenty four Tepigs, making up for what he missed the day before. Again they heard the crashing and the tearing of the underbrush as the Hydregon came creeping inland. But when he cried, "Bring me my Tepigs!" he didn't seem half as angry as he had the day before. Dillon invoked the ruby again..." Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... "You must take me instead!" They dashed at one another, and tore and fought so hard that the earth shook under them. Eventually the Hydregon said... "If I had only those twenty four sides of bacon inside me, I would have made an end of you." "If I had only had a bite of bread and a glass of wine, it would have been all over with you." Then the Hydregon plunged back again into the lake, Dillon's power wore off, and went back to his host's house. The man put his twenty four Tepigs into the sty, and then hurried to the royal city, where he told the king that the Hydregon had not had his Tepigs either that day or the day before, since a fire elemental from heaven had come and fought with the Hydregon till neither of them could fight any more. He also told him also what the Hydregon had said, and what the elemental had said as they parted. Little did they know the king's son--whose name is not important--had heard the whole thing. He was only ten years old, but he was a brave young man, and he wondered why no one had helped the elemental by giving him the bread and the wine it asked for. He silently vowed that if no one would help the elemental, he would do it himself! The next morning the man drove down thirty-six Tepigs to the shore—the king himself had declared that it must be done. The Hydregon must have what was his by right, so long as they could procure it for him--but to be fair, the king was no hero. As the Tepigs came down to the shore the Hydregon crept inland, and snapped up one of the Tepigs before the fire elemental appeared. But Dillon arrived before too long, and the two fought and bit and tore and raged so much, it was terrifying to see. But neither could gain an advantage over the other. If I had only those thirty five sides of bacon inside me! I would have made an end of you. If I had only a bite of bread and a glass of wine, you would have been done for." At that second, a huge loaf of bread was thrown right into his mouth, and a glass of wine seconds after that. As soon as Dillon had taken this refreshment, he made another dash at the Hydregon, and rent it asunder. Then out of the dead Hydregon sprang a live Buneary, which ran off into the forest. As soon as Dillon's fire magic wore off, he invoked the topaz... Seios, higarima laisido... before continuing ...and quickly caught the Buneary and tore it open. A Ducklett flew out of the dead Buneary, but as soon as his super speed and super senses wore off, Dillon invoked the sapphire... Karuto, iichiida shou... ...and chased the Ducklett until he managed to grab it. Then the Ducklett laid an egg, and the egg fell to the ground. But Dillon saw where it fell, and in a moment he landed, and held the egg in his hand. It had fallen a long way, and landed on a rock, and yet there was not even a crack in it. "It is hard," Dillon thought. "but I know something that is harder still." So he invoked the sapphire again... Karuto, iichiida shou... ...and flew all the way back to Darkrai's mountain. As soon as he came to the great cave he landed, with the egg still in his hand. Then he ran through all the long passages, up all the steps, and through all the great rooms, till he came to the rocky chamber where the lamp was burning, and where Princess Sophia sat with Darkrai's head resting in her lap. She heard him coming, and she dropped the comb and clapped her hands. Darkrai woke up with a jump, and reached for his iron staff, but at the same moment Dillon heaved the egg so hard that it smashed on the ground. Immediately Darkrai fell dead as a doornail. At the moment Darkrai died, the mountain burst open from top to bottom, and Dillon and Princess Sophia stood in the main hall of the most beautiful castle one could wish to see. All the rooms were full of silver, gold, and gems, and the country where the castle stood was no longer a desert land, but green plains, rushing rivers, and gardens full of flowers and fruit. Dillon soon made arrangements to return to Princess Sophia's homeland. They sent word to all the wedding guests to come again, and the wedding was celebrated anew with happiness and rejoicing beyond all description, and the king gave Princess Sophia half the kingdom as a wedding present. Our heroes lived in the castle which had once belonged to Darkrai; and the king now had windows made in his castle looking east, west, and south, as well as north. He lived long enough to see his children's children, and when he died Dillon ascended to the throne. But he kept the four magic jewels, and went on many more adventures--but that is another story for another day!
  10. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Shoemaker's Apprentice (part 3) (as performed by the Trio and Serena) Hours became days, and Dillon used his enhanced strength and nails to make an opening large enough for a person to fit. His homemade tunnel led deeper and deeper into the mountain, and eventually he came to a great cave, which served as a courtyard to a castle that was inside the mountain. He ran on through long passages and up many steps, through room after room, till he came to a room where a burning lamp hung, and there sat Princess Sophia crying. She was not alone, for the Nightmare Pokemon Darkrai was there too, stretched out to hid full length, with his hideous head lying in her lap; and she was forced to sit and comb the wisps of fire that served as hair while he slept. Dillon crept into the room, and whispered softly... "It's me, your beloved." Princess Sophia was understandably startled, but she recognized his voice. Then he whispered again... "All may yet be well; but ask Darkrai how long you are to remain here." So she let her hands fall and stopped combing Darkrai's hair--for lack of a better way to describe it--and he woke up with a jump. "Why did you stop?" "Oh! I was just thinking," . "Well, what were you thinking about?" "I was thinking about if I will be here for the rest my life." "Yes, you will. I won't let you go for long as I live." So Princess Sophia started combing again, and Darkrai was soon sound asleep again. But seeing her beloved hiding behind a pole made her stop combing, and Darkrai woke up. "Are you thinking again?" "Yes. I was thinking about how long your life might last." "My life will last far longer than yours. No one can take my life, for it is inside my heart, and I do not carry my heart inside me; lest it be broken." Satisfied with that answer, Princess Sophia kept on combing, and Darkrai fell asleep a third time. But then another thought came to her, causing her to stop, and this time, Darkrai woke up angry at being constantly disturbed. "NOW what are you thinking about?" "You yourself give me so much to think about. You say you have a heart, but it is not inside of you. If it is not inside you, then where is it?" "There is no need for you to know that, but neither is there any harm, so you are quite welcome to know the answer. Far away from here, in a country far to the east, there is a great lake, and in the lake there is a Garchomp, in the Garchomp there is a Buneary, in the Buneary there is a Ducklett, in the Ducklett there is an egg, and in that egg is my heart. Think about that as you comb, if you know what's good for you!" Princess Sophia quickly complied, and Darkrai fell asleep again. Dillon whispered to Princess Sophia to take heart, for she would soon be released from the evil spell.
  11. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Shoemaker's Apprentice (part 2) (as performed by the Trio and Serena) A month passed, and one day, a magnificent royal parade arrived. It was the son of a neighboring king, Prince Falkner, who had supposedly arrived, attended by his knights and men-at-arms, and twenty four magnificent Rapidashes all glittering with gold and silver. They were courteously and hospitably welcomed, and the prince requested the hand of Princess Sophia in marriage. The king replied that the princess would make her own choice--he did not wish to force any husband on her. But he added that whoever Princess Sophia chose for her husband would have to live where she lived, reside in the castle whose windows looked towards the north, and that he would not take her anywhere until she was sixteen years old, as per the prophecy. The prince agreed to all this, so Princess Sophia was told she would have three days to decide. So she thought about it for two days, and on the third day, she said that if her father wished it she would marry the prince, who felt strangely familiar. The wedding was a grand affair, and for three weeks there was all kinds of feasting and festivities. But our tale is far from over--one day, the court traveled to another kingdom, where a tournament, complete with Pokemon battles, was taking place; but the newlyweds stayed behind, because of the prophecy. It was a dull and dreary day, so Prince Falkner said there couldn't possibly be any danger in her going out to see the tournament in all its grandeur. In fact, Princess Sophia was more than willing to see more of life than she could from her windows that only faced north. So they set out, and before long, they came to the place where the company was assembled. But no sooner had they arrived did the sun break through for a moment, and a ray of sunshine shone down on Princess Sophia as she sat by the side of her beloved. At that same moment, he sensed that she had somehow vanished, and he could not see her anywhere. Seios, higarima laisido... ...he sang to himself, gaining the super speed and super senses of a Pikachu, so he could track her by scent. The happiness and excitement turned to sadness and fear. Princess Sophia had vanished, and so had the prince. The wedding guests were all sent home, and the king returned to his castle and locked himself in his room. The misfortune he had so carefully sought to prevent had indeed come to pass. Meanwhile, Dillon, with his super senses, had been following the scent; which led him into the western desert. Upon reaching the mountain, he lost the scent. He concluded that Princess Sophia had been taken into that mountain. But there was not a gate nor a door to be had. Anyone want to guess how he got in? [the audience shows enthusiastic suggestions for a moment.] So he invoked the emerald--Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...--and set to work digging his own entrance into the mountain.
  12. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Shoemaker's Apprentice (part 1) (as performed by the Trio and Serena) Once upon a time there was a shoemaker's apprentice named Dillon. He was supposed to enter the priesthood when he came of age; but days before his sixteenth birthday he lost both his parents, and was placed in the care of an aunt and uncle. Not knowing how to afford or continue his priestly training, his aunt and uncle apprenticed him to the village shoemaker, and he had been there three years by the time our story begins. Dillon had often been punished for twisting thread around and around his fingers instead of sewing, or cutting out faces on the shoemaker's bench instead of hammering pegs in. On the bright side, he knew everything you ever wanted to know about making shoes; and could make a pair on request, but he had no desire to make this his trade. One day, his master asked him to go out into the forest and cut pegs, as there were none left in the workshop. Dillon was up and off to the forest like that. He had so much fun exploring, he forgot all about the pegs. He climbed hills, scrambled down the valleys, picked wild Razz Berries, clambered after birds' nests, poked into Durant hills, and tried to catch Beautiflies, just to name a few of the fun things he did. The day flew by, and the sun was just beginning to set when Dillon remembered what he had been sent out for, and he began to look around for some suitable wood. But before long, he did not know where he was, so now he only thought of how he might get out of the forest alive. So he took off running, and ran until he found himself on the open plains. Just as he was coming out of the forest, a little Pikachu came running towards him, and squeaking all the while. "Pika pika! Follow me back into the forest; there is someone there who wants to speak to you." Dillon followed the Pikachu back into the forest, where he saw a Sawsbuck carcass on the ground. A Ninetales, a Pidgeotto, and a Sandshrew were all fighting over it, so the Pikachu asked Dillon the best way to divide the Sawsbuck between the four of them. After thinking a moment, Dillon took out his knife and skinned the Sawsbuck carcass. He gave the head to the Sandshrew, the heart to the Pidgeotto, the legs to the Pikachu, and the body to the Ninetales. This pleased the four Pokemon, and they each gave him a jewel that would grant him power--the ruby the Ninetales gave him would grant him her strength and cunning. The sapphire the Pidgeotto gave him would enable him to fly. The topaz the Pikachu gave him would grant him super speed and super senses, and the emerald the Sandshrew gave him would allow him to dig through anything, even diamond and mythril. Dillon thanked the four Pokemon, and started off for home. But his heart sank at the thought of being punished for staying out so late. So he took the sapphire, held it to the sky, and sang... Karuto, iichiida shou... The sapphire glowed, and Dillon found himself in the air, flying like a Pidgeotto! After spending a few minutes learning to control his flight, he flew a long way, over land and sea, until he came to a far away land. To say he was thrilled with all he saw is an understatement--the hills and rivers, the places and people, everything was so fresh, so new, and so exciting. So he went on till he came to a large castle, much larger and grander than any of the others he had seen in books. But there was one thing very remarkable about this castle--all the windows to the east, west, and south were boarded up, and only the windows facing north were open. In front of the windows was a large and beautiful garden, where the sun shone, the flowers smelled sweet, and the birds sang. So Dillon flew into the garden, and landed under a tree just outside an open window. There was a huge crowd of people inside. There was the young and beautiful princess--who was named Sophia--with her ladies, and the king, her father, was also there. The queen had died years before, and Princess Sophia was their only child. The king loved her more than anything in the world, and it was for her sake that the castle had been built like it was. It had been foretold at her birth that if the sun shone on her before she turned sixteen, she would be captured by Darkrai, the Nightmare Pokemon. Princess Sophia was currently fifteen years old, and she had been forced to spend nearly all her time indoors. Only in the evening, after the sun had set, could she explore and play in the beautiful garden; all the rest of the time she was forced to stay inside. As Dillon lay there under the tree, he gawked at just how beautiful Princess Sophia was. He had never seen such a beautiful maiden like Princess Sophia before except in his books, and he especially liked her jet black hair and emerald eyes, very much like the mystical emerald he owned. It wasn't long before Princess Sophia saw Dillon outside, and asked who the strange boy in the garden was. The king, being a kind ruler, assumed it was a poor traveler in need of shelter, and gave orders to let Dillon inside, as he had likely had a long journey. Dillon knew how to act before royalty thanks to his books, and he won the favor of so many on the royal court, he was allowed to sleep with Princess Sophia that night. The next morning, while Princess Sophia was still asleep, Dillon gently woke her up, and explained to her... "Please don't be afraid, milady." "Afraid? Afraid of what?" Dillon told her that he owned four magical jewels, and depending on which one he invoked, he could have super strength and fire magic, the power of flight, super speed and super senses, or the ability to dig through even diamond and mythril. Princess Sophia was amazed that such a humble traveler had such great power, and promised not to tell anyone without Dillon's permission. She asked if she could see his powers, and he demonstrated them all. The two of them became fast friends, and rumors started that they were in love, never mind that he was a commoner and she royalty." Princess Sophia knew very well that her father would never allow her to marry a commoner. So she came up with a plan. She gave him a bag of gold, and told him to buy himself a fine suit and some Rapidashes. Then he had to take into his service some men-at-arms and some pages, and, attended by a royal train of followers, he was to come and ask for her hand in marriage. Dillon agreed, and eagerly did everything the princess had said to do. (real tale: The Shoemaker's Apprentice)
  13. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    Tanooki's Spinning Wheel (as performed by Brock Harrison, at Pewter City's Fireside Theater) Once a man and his wife lived in the mountains, making their keep by cutting wood and hunting. When the day's work was done, the woman would spend the evening spinning thread to sell in town, in hopes of making enough money for her and her husband to live comfortably in town. One night, the man got up to get a drink of water, and happened to walk in on Tanooki, the wily racoon-dog, helping himself to the couple's food! Try as the man might to chase Tanooki away, Tanooki would come back every night like clockwork. It got to the point where the man seriously considered setting a trap to catch Tanooki, but as the couple worked hard day in and day out, they didn't really have time to build a trap, and so forgot all about Tanooki. One night, as the wife was doing her nightly spinning, she happened to spot Tanooki peeking in the window. Try as she might to ignore him, Tanooki just sat quietly, mesmerized by the spinning wheel going around and around and around. Tanooki returned every night at the same time, just to watch the wife at the spinning wheel. He would sit quietly and watch the wheel spin, mimicking the woman's hands as she worked. But one night, the woman heard a cry for help from outside. She found Tanooki tangled in a rope, and untied him, telling him to be careful not to get caught in any traps. Despite her warning, Tanooki did not return to the couple's house. Summer turned to fall, and fall turned to winter. Since the woman couldn't do any spinning in the winter--since the cold and dry air made her thread brittle--the couple often spent the winter doing odd jobs for the village elder. Before long, winter turned to spring, and the couple returned home. Imagine their surprise when they found a ton of freshly spun thread in the main room of the house, and Tanooki happily spinning at the spinning wheel! The man was stunned--he thanked Tanooki for his hard work, and asked his forgiveness for trying to catch him before. From that day on, the couple could count on Tanooki's spinning to help them in hard times, and grew to love him as deeply as a child. (real tale: "Folktales from Japan" episode 236, story 2)
  14. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    How Tapu Lele Guided the Maiden (as told by Kiana Alamea to the Trio) Long ago, on what is today Akala Island in Alola, there lived a young girl whose name was Leilani. She was the pride and joy of her parents, and descended from the founder of her tribe. Everyone knew that Leilani had marry the son of a chief and carry on a long family tradition. Akala and Melemele have always been close to each other, and on what is today Melemele Island lived another tribe. There a shy boy named Alika lived. The other children teased him, for he often did not know what to say. The two tribes were at peace with each other. They often held swimming contests. boat races and played all kinds of games. One day the young men of Melemele rowed across the sea to Akala to take part in a holy festival honoring the tapu. Alika went along with his brothers and friends, and everyone brought fruit to present as gifts to their hosts. As the dancing began, a great crowd gathered onshore to watch. The moment Alika saw Leilani, he fell in love, and when she looked across the beach at him, she too fell in love. But the two of them did not speak. When Alika returned to Melemele, he built a house on a hillside. Over the years, he often climbed up to this house, and gazed across the lake toward where Leilani lived. In the evening he would play his flute, and if the wind was favorable, the beautiful lilting notes reached Leilani. She looked up and saw the bright moon, and her eyes filled with tears of joy, for she knew the song was meant for her. [Ash plays a love song on his own whistle for effect] Over the years, the two lovers met several times when their tribes gathered together for games and dances. Once, he pressed her hand, and she pressed back. This gave Alika courage, and so, when he returned home, he sent a messenger to tell Leilani he loved her. When she heard the news, she sighed, "I am yours, and you are mine." Alika sent another message, telling her he would play her a song when the time had come for her to travel to his island. When she answered, she promised she would sail to him whenever he called. But her parents learned of Leilani's plan. They did not approve of her love, and so they pulled all the boats onto the shore to make sure their daughter could not sail away. Then came the promised night--a sweet summer night. Alika climbed the hill, sat down in his house, and began to play a beautiful song, asking Leilani to come. [Ash plays another song for effect.] He played and played as the shadow of the moon danced upon the sea, but as the dawn broke, he saw no sign of his beloved. The next night he climbed the hill again and played a song filled with longing. [Ash plays such a song for effect] Down below, his friends laughed at Alika and teased him. Night after night he sat in his house on the hillside and played one song after another. But Leilani did not come. Meanwhile, Leilani was listening by the shore to the song that drifted across the water. She grew frantic, for she did not know what to do. At last she looked down, deep into the sea, hoping that Tapu Lele would tell her what to do. Just then, Leilani heard Tapu Lele's voice, and she knew what she had to do. It was a long way to the island, but Leilani tied six gourds to her sides to help keep her afloat. She stepped onto a high rock and dove into the water. There was no moon that night, and Leilani hoped that the darkness would hide her. She swam and swam until at last, with aching arms and legs, she reached a half-sunken tree stump sticking out of the water. She grabbed the stump tightly, trying to regain her strength, but she was tired and cold, and for a moment she feared she would lose her grip and drown. Then suddenly, lifting her head high, she heard the music again and her body was filled with new strength. She let go of the stump, and on she swam. Each time she raised her head above the water, she could hear the notes of Alika's flute. [Ash plays an inspiring song for effect] At long last, she reached shallow water and felt firm ground beneath her feet. But it was just at that moment that Alika gave up hope and crawled into a hammock to sleep. Down on the beach, Leilani climbed into a shallow pool of warm water, trying to regain her strength. Then she heard footsteps on the sand. When she turned, she saw Alika's servant approaching, carrying a large jar that he would fill with water from the pool. "Who is the water for?" The servant jumped back in alarm, not knowing it was his master's beloved. Leilani asked for the jar, and once she had it, she smashed it against the rocks. The servant hurried back to the hillside to tell his master of the supposed evil spirit hidden in the pool. Alika got dressed, grabbed a javelin, and ran down the hillside, ready to do battle against what he thought was a demon. Hearing her beloved's voice, Leilani nervously hid under the rocks that hung over the shallow pool. She watched Alika feel his way around the edge of the pool. Suddenly, he touched her hand. He quickly reached up to strike what he thought was an evil spirit. But just as he did, Leilani stepped from her hiding place and stood before him. Alika knew his beloved immediately. He embraced her, begged her forgiveness for trying to harm her, and wrapped his cloak around her. In the morning, when Alika's father noticed his son was missing, he walked up to the house on the hillside. There he found Leilani and Alika together, laughing happily, with smiles as bright as the summer sun on their faces. Word soon spread of their happiness and of Leilani's great feat. Because Leilani had proven her strength and will, her family did not object to her choice of a husband any more. Before long the two tribes held a wedding such as no one in Alola had ever seen before. To this day the descendants of Leilani and Alika tell the story of how Tapu Lele guided Leilani. (real tale: The Great Swimmer)
  15. Stormy's Folktale-a-Day Challenge

    The Legend of Princess Milina (part 5) (as performed by the Trio and Serena) Our hero went on and on for a long time, and saw many things, but as he approached the city of his father, his brothers ambushed him, stole the Water of Life, and threw him down a deep hole. Prince Brian fell down...down...down...until he landed in the world beneath the world, where it was said that magical beings lived. "Arceus, have mercy on me! How can I find my way back to the world of light from here?" So he set out to explore the world beneath the world. As he traveled, he saw that the day grew shorter until it was like night. Eventually he came to a place that was not a desert, and by the sea stood a castle that was a town, and a fine mansion overlooked it. Prince Brian went up a flight of stairs into a barn, and from the barn he went into the house, and asked for a good night's rest. In the hut sat an woman—despite her young appearance, she was as old as the hills, and had seen many things pass in both worlds. "Good sir, you may sleep here tonight. Tell me...how did you get here?" "I have been to the fortieth kingdom as the guest of the Princess Melina, and now I am returning home to my father, a king of the world of light, but I have wandered from my path. Can you show me the way home?" "I do not know it myself, milord. Long have I lived in this world, and know little of the kings and queens of the surface. Tomorrow I will bring together my messengers, perhaps one of them may know." The next day, Prince Brian got up very early, and went out with the woman on the balcony, and the woman sang to the west... Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis... Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Emusto koron zen fine, si... As the last note faded away, the sea rippled and all the sea Pokemon assembled, great and small, and all the creeping Pokemon came to the shore near the water. "Does anyone know where in the world of light lives a certain king of light, and by what way one can get to his kingdom from here?" "We have neither seen it or heard of it." Then the woman sang again to the east: Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis... Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Emusto koron zen fine, si... At this, the beast Pokemon came running, and the bird Pokemon came flying, and the woman began to ask them about Prince Brian's father. "We have neither seen it nor heard of it." Just as they were about to go back inside, the firebird Moltres came flying, and landed near the house. "Where have you been, and why were you late?" "I have been flying in the world of light, near the realm of your guest's father." "Please, take Prince Brian home to his homeland." "I will be happy to take him home." So Moltres went spiraling up to the world of light with Prince Brian aboard her, and flew until she came to the city of his father, and Prince Brian saw that something strange was going on in the city. Crowds of people were wandering the streets, the king's councilors were wandering about the city, asking something from everyone they met, and shaking their heads as if they had lost their minds. "What has happened, to cause all this commotion in the city?" "The Princess Melina has come here to our kingdom; she has brought a countless host with her in forty ships, and she asks that the king bring out the one that loves her." "Well, I have come just in time. I want Princess Melina just as much as she wants me." He immediately went on board Princess Melina's ship. Here they embraced as lovers, and received their bridal crowns before Arceus, their friends, and family. After that, they went to the king and told him everything. When the king heard of the elder princes' treachery, he drove them from the court, deprived them of their inheritance, and forbade them to return, on pain of death. And so it was Prince Brian won the hand of the Princess Melina, and all lived happily for many years.