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  1. Random Norse lore for you. Odin had an affair with Thor's wife, Sif. Odin and and Sif had Ullr. Lol. 

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Okay..... Family dinners most have been extremely awkward, imagine Granddad coming over one night and instead of telling tales of great battles he recalls boning your mom, poor Ullr.

  2. Video of the Day

    I love the ads Youtube gives me sometimes, thank you Japan:
  3. A Kanto Adventure

    "Callum? Care to tell us how you met your Servine? And some of your adventures?" The chairman questioned. The fan club had all gathered in a circle, telling stories of how they met their favourite Pokemon and moments they'd shared with them, Henry had just finished his talk on himself and Flabebe and now it was apparently Callum's turn, but he'd managed to zone out due to boredom. Hearing his name come up again Callum blinked and turned back to the group, they all looked at him expectantly, though he didn't have the foggiest clue why, surely this dumb event was nearly over. "Huh, sorry what?" "How'd you two meet? What tales have you shared?" The chairman patiently answered again. "Seriously? You can't have forgotten how you met your starter!" Henry exclaimed jokingly. "Hmph, of course not." Callum stated with a glare directed at Henry, clearly not amused, sighing he began. "Servine was given to me by Professor Pine back in Viridian City, as pipsqueak here pointed out-" "Hey!" "-he's my starter, unlike most starters he was given to me already in his secondary stage. Not only that, he also had an egg move, a move that he inherited from one of his parents, Twister, it's gotten us out of a tight spot more times than I care to count. Together we've torn through Pewter and Cerulean cities Pokemon gyms and earned their gym badges, we aim to do the same in Vermilion gym next; along the way we caught and added Flaaffy and Salandit to the team and picked up a skull fossil, whilst beating other trainers in battle who stood in our way." "Ah-ah-ahem." Henry coughed to gain Callum's attention, pointing at himself with raised eyebrows, it wasn't hard to guess what he was hinting at. "Also, we met Henry at the beginning of our journey and he tagged along until Servine and I beat Pewter city gym, like he's no doubt told you already, we met up again recently back on Route 5 and battled a gang of violent bikers. Fortunately, after I had worn them down, Henry finished them off with Flabebe. There, happy?" Callum asked drily. "Yep! And I didn't know you were just starting your journey when we first met, since you battled with Servine and all I thought you were a lot more experienced than me." Henry cheerfully rambled. "See? Doesn't it make you feel good sharing your stories about your Pokemon? Reminiscing on the times you've spent with them? Thinking of that bond you share with them?" "Oh please, you're still going on about that? All that matters is getting more power to complete the journey. The chairman chuckled in the corner at Callum's response to Henry, finding amusement at something he'd said, although Callum didn't see the funny side of things, that's how the world worked, the powerful succeeded and the weak fell behind and had to accept all that life gave them. "What's so funny old man?" "You my boy, and how you're looking at things, I've seen it many times other in new trainers. Where do you think the end of your journey lies?" "I'm taking on the regions gym challenge, so where do you think? I'm aiming for the Pokemon League tournament, and after that the championship." Callum confidently announced. "Just like all the others before you, very few trainers ever win their first Pokemon League tournament, and most of them are beaten within the first two rounds." "That just shows how weak and over confident they were." "Wrong. They were skilled enough to get to the league after all, meaning they won all eight badges, but they fell at the last hurdle, and with the dark, narrow minded path your walking down the same will happen to you Callum. Power isn't enough, it's not even half of what's required to reach championship level. The old man's little speech had managed to rattle Callum as he resentfully glared at him, clenching his jaw, through gritted teeth he felt an audible growl rise in his throat. Grabbing Servine's Pokeball Callum recalled him and turned his back on everyone, he had enough of this crap, firstly they waste his time and then they proceed to insult his battling abilities, before he got to hot headed and did something rash it was time to leave. Looking at Henry, with a frown and twitch in his eye, he'd fulfilled his end of the bargain and visited this waste of space, now it was time for him to act as his guide and show him exactly where this gym was. "I'm done here. Henry, take me to the gym as you said you would." "You're kidding! You're not going to stay just a little bit longer?" A pleading look in Henry's eyes. "Not. A. Chance." Callum stated each word separately for added effect, nothing was going to change his mind. For once Henry didn't try to push any further, sighing dejectedly he nodded and recalled his Flabebe, standing up he bowed to the fan club respectfully, sad to cut the time they were spending together short, he was actually having a lot of fun with the chilled out group. "Thank for having us, it was nice to meet you all and your Pokemon, and hearing all your stories, that was fun. Hopefully we can do this again sometime." By the time Henry was done talking Callum had already walked out and was now waiting outside, tapping his foot furiously and trying to control his anger, it wasn't a good idea to go into battle without being fully focused, a clouded head would only lead to obvious mistakes that Lt. Surge would take full advantage of. "Thank you for coming along and sharing your Pokemon and stories with us. Keep close to that one Henry, he'll need someone to help him out when he gets himself into trouble, and maybe with you travelling with him his mentality might change." The chairman requested, putting Henry on the spot, but after a moment of hesitation he gave him a thumbs up. "Yes sir, helping out is what friends are there for." With that said Henry left too, waving to everyone whilst Callum dragged him along by his bag to urge him along, otherwise this would've taken hours and they weren't even leaving the city, this whole big goodbye thing was totally unnecessary. With Henry now leading the way it didn't take too long to get to the gym from there, about a ten minute walk max, if that, hidden behind some trees along the coast next to the harbour the gym was revealed. Pausing outside its doors Callum was relieved to finally see the place existed, Henry was ranting on about something or other next to him, but he paid no attention, not being in the best mood after the whole fan club crap. Taking the first steps forward Callum pushed open the Gyms doors and the hanging lights illuminated the entire arena, the fields the battles would be fought on were composed of flat dirt, no cover to hide behind or take advantage of, it would be a full head on match. There was only one other person standing in the arena, he wore a green tank top with brown army style camo trousers, jet black shades rested upon spiked blonde hair, while a pair of dog tags hung from his neck; this could only be Lt. Surge, Vermilion city gym leader. As Callum approached the battlefield, with Henry following along, Lt. Surge held up his hand, an order to halt. "ATTENTIIIOOOON MAGGOTS!" Lt. Surge boomed, making the pair jump back in shock, not expecting the angry commanding tone from a gym leader. "Huh? What the-" Callum started before being cut off by Surges commands. "You heard me, now cut the attitude, shut up and listen! You've just entered Vermilion city Pokemon gym, MY gym, so which one of you two maggots is my next victim!" Frozen in place Henry looked toward Callum, but his eyes were fixed firmly on Surge, despite Surge's intimidating authoritative aura he wasn't going to back down. Instead Callum scowled and clenched his fist at the gym leaders attitude, anger boiling, he radiated fury and didn't hesitate to grab a Pokeball and step up to the challenge, no matter what he was going to win, nothing else mattered now aside from victory. "This battle's mine." Callum stated with a glare. "So be it, don't expect me to show any mercy, and don't you dare cry when you lose!" With the battle set both participants got into their respective positions on opposite sides of the battlefield and Surge waved in an official, Henry managed to regain mobility with Surges intense gaze shifted off him and made his way to the viewing stands. Lowering his shades Surge grabbed his first Pokeball and released his first Pokemon, a Raichu, as it growled its name it displayed the same no nonsense attitude as its trainer, and just like its trainer it looked incredibly tough. No playing games here, grabbing Servine's Pokeball Callum launched the capsule through the air, erupting Servine was released and landed in his traditional combat stance. Both trainers stared each other down as the ref began announcing the match rules. "This match will be a two vs two, the challenger can switch out Pokemon as they please, the winner is declared if they eliminate both of the opponents Pokemon. Begin!" The ref announced and pulled down both flags, initiating the battle. "Servine go, use Twister!" Callum ordered, aiming to strike first. Swiftly spinning up his tail Servine conjured the winds and created a twister, with the speed of the attack Raichu was unable to dodge and took a direct hit, although it didn't look like Surge was the slightest bit tempted to command his Pokemon to avoid taking the hit. As the winds tore at Raichu it braced and stood its ground, not giving up an inch of ground, Servine smirked at this, but Callum could only frown, trying to get what Surges game plan was. "An egg move? Not bad kid, but that's only a weak breeze, this is what an opening attack SHOULD look like. Thunder Bolt Raichu!" On this command the large mouse curled up, its limbs close together, its electric sacks on its cheeks began to spark and soon it's whole body was surrounded by electricity, then it suddenly cried out its name and jumped up. All limbs extended, the electric type move burst out with immense force, easily cutting through Servine's Twister and directly striking the grass snake who contorted in pain and shrilled. Servine may have had a resistance to electric based attacks, but the power of this move made it seem otherwise, he was able to pick himself up after the attach to continue the battle, though without the added type resistance that may not have been the case. "An opening move should deliver maximum damage, rendering an opponent unable to fight back!" Surge told Callum. "We can still fight, Servine now use Leaf Tornado!" Spinning his tail up again Servine summoned up another tornado, however this time razor sharp leaves were unleashed from his body too, again Raichu took the hit, damage beginning to show as the leaves left visible marks on the electric mouse. Raichu growled and Surge was forced to get him out of this move, ordering another Thunder Bolt attack, in response Callum recalled Servine to avoid taking unnecessary damage, not able to afford losing a Pokemon first. Grabbing a hold of his second Pokemon he made his choice, not that it was difficult based on his opponent's partner, Salandit was the only other Pokemon he had that would be able to do any damage, plus she could inflict poison and whittle away at its remaining strength. "Salandit, to battle!" The grim lizard appeared from her capsule, ever creepy eyes locked on her target. "Use Dragon Rage!" Grinning Salandit began charging the attack, her jaw expanding as a blue fire ball grew, once it hit its limit she fired it at Raichu, this time Surge ordered Raichu to avoid the attack, understanding how powerful that move was. "Ha, we've already got you running scared maggot? This outta take care of your little lizard, Raichu Surf!" Callum's eyes went wide as he felt his heart sink, jumping on its own tail Raichu managed to summon water on the dry field, almost immediately it started rising and turned into a massive wave that was hurtling straight for Salandit. Afraid of the water she panicked and began running from the wave that was fast approaching, her effort to avoid the attack was in vain as it almost covered the entire field, only a little spit of untouched land remained as the towering water started to come crashing down. If one Thunder Bolt from Raichu was enough to send Servine reeling, then this could very well cause Salandit to faint if it connected, thinking on his feet Callum came up with a plan that just might work. "Salandit use Dragon Rage on the ground, launch yourself into the air!" The wave smashed into the ground and Raichu skidded along the floor in front of Callum whilst still atop its tail, it arrogantly grinned at him before looking back to see the damage inflicted to Salandit, however she was nowhere in sight, even Surge was confused by this turn of events. "What? That should've been the end of the match!" "Not yet it isn't." Callum spoke under his breath, grinning as he spotted the hole left where Salandit had stood. "Now Salandit, land on Raichu and use Smog!" Letting go of the ceiling and descending into a free fall Salandit followed her trainer's instructions, surprising both Raichu and Surge as she dropped in and landed on the mouse's back, emitting a toxic purple cloud from her mouth. Breathing in the Smog inflicted the poison status aliment on Raichu, evident by the purple hue and the way it swayed from side to side as it walked, growling at this turn of events, Surge clearly didn't like this turn of the tide. "Smart move, for a rookie anyway, but now how will you avoid a direct Thunder Bolt!" "Salandit, get outta there!" Callum ordered, the dread in his tone showing even as he tried to hide it. Being attached to Raichu there wasn't any way that Salandit could move fast enough to avoid the inevitable, the electricity crackled and scorched Salandit's flesh as she screamed, dropping to the floor after the move ended several seconds later. Trying her best, Salandit barely managed to climb to her four feet, but there was another problem, yellow sparks crackled around her still, paralysis had been afflicted, slowing her down and freezing her up entirely. "That's one down, Raichu finish it with Surf" Surge calmly ordered. Callum couldn't do anything this time, but watch helplessly as the previous scene played on repeat, however this time Salandit was unable to run away and the move connected, washing her away until she landed in front of him. The ref raised his flags and declared her unable to battle as she lies on her back, eyes spiralling and limbs limply resting against the ground, sighing Callum recalled her and placed her Pokeball back on his belt. With Salandit eliminated Callum only had one Pokemon remaining, but her effort could potentially have set them up for victory, so long as they could avoid taking another Thunder Bolt. "Servine, let's end this!" Callum shouted as he threw Servine's Pokeball and released him yet again. "This match is over...... Thunder Bolt Raichu!" Summoning every last bit of its strength and energy Raichu lit up the field with a blinding attack, electricity flew in every direction, some loose bolts even connected with the ceiling, all Servine could do was keep moving to avoid being struck. Things looked bad, the ground beneath them, that was designed to control and balance out the electrical power, even began to break and crack up under the strain, creating gaps that resembled trenches. One formed along were Servine was running and as Servine ran along it the collapse happened, ensnaring Servine, at first, he panicked and tried to climb out, but after managing to loosen up the dirt and right himself he realised something, this was providing great cover from the ongoing electrical storm. Eventually Raichu began to tire from exuding all its stored electrical supply, as well as the poison coursing through its blood stream, slowly the storm began to die down which revealed the state of the smouldering field. It looked more like a war zone rather than a Pokemon arena, only one Pokemon was left standing, on shaky legs and breathing laboured, confidently Surge stood up straight and smirked, pre-emptively thinking he had won. Callum desperately scanned the field for any signs of his Pokemon, at first, he couldn't see anything, though since Servine wasn't in sight the ref didn't declare the match over yet, giving him enough time to spot were his Pokemon had cleverly concealed himself. "Done, we're finished here, you lost kid." Surge announced and signalled the ref to call the match. "You need to open your eyes Lieutenant." Callum stated, holding his arm out to stop the refs call. "Servine, strike from below, Leaf Tornado!" "You've gotta be kidding me!?!" Leaping out from his hiding spot Servine appeared behind Raichu, this attack closer than the last, unleashing the power of Leaf Tornado yet again, the move shredded through the worn out and weakened Raichu, it didn't even have the energy left to attempt a dodge. Swept up into the air and slammed back down, Raichu's eyes swirled in defeat before it even hit the floor, the ref declared Surges Pokemon unable to continue, after recalling his Pokemon Surge put a hand on his chin made a humming noise in thought. Placing a hand on his second Pokeball he threw it and revealed his second Pokemon, a Voltorb, but he didn't call out its name enthusiastically. "You did it rookie, you beat my strongest Pokemon, I doubt you'll have any trouble with Voltorb here.... So long as you don't get hit by this Sonic Boom!" "Dodge and counter with Vine Whip!" Callum scrambled at the unexpected sneak attack. Servine managed to barely avoid the oncoming wave of energy by ducking into the ground trenches again, launching into a spin and slamming its vines into Voltorb, sending the spherical Pokemon rolling, until it got stick in one of the holes in the ground. It continued to shoot out Sonic Boom's over and over again, trying hard to hit Servine, despite its predicament, Servine continued to press his own attack and whipped at it repeatedly, until Callum ordered to finish this with one last Leaf Tornado. Wedged in between the dirt Voltorb wasn't going anywhere, after the Leaf Tornado relinquished the result was revealed, Voltorb was unable to continue battling, so the ref raised the flags one final time and declared Callum the winner of this hard thought match. Surge recalled Voltorb and walked over to Callum, a stony expression plastered on him as he watched Callum congratulate his Pokemon and complement its effort, after they both locked gazes and silence befell the arena. Under the intense gaze time crawled by, then Surge extended his fist, relaxing his digits he presented Callum with a badge. "The Thunder Badge, take it rookie, you won this battle."
  4. A Kanto Adventure

    Dazzling light blinded Callum as he woke up to a new day, groaning he sat up from his bed, staying up to train all night has a way of taking it out of you. Grabbing his X-transceiver off the end table to check the time he realised that he'd over slept, it was already 11:00 am, sighing Callum reluctantly climbed out of bed and got dressed, he felt like crap, but he cursed himself under his breath for wasting time lazing around. Attaching his Pokeball belt last, he was finally all set, swinging his bag on his back he went to the cafeteria to scrounge up a late breakfast from the leftovers that remained, and for once Henry was nowhere in sight, then again Callum couldn't blame him for not waiting up............. He'd have done the exact same thing. Grabbing a bowl of cheap cornflakes and what was left of the milk he sat down to eat, it wasn't much, but considering the time he was lucky to be getting anything at all, it was all about to be taken away when he got there. It didn't take long to finish up, returning his tray Callum headed off, the first thought that came to his mind was 'Alright, now where is the gym located? I guess there's only one way to find out.' Looking around the area he couldn't spot anything that looked like the Vermilion City gym, but he did spot something, or rather someone he recognised, barrelling toward him like a hyper active Growlithe. Over shooting Callum and skidding past, Henry jogged back to him, his old overly cheerful smile plastered to his face. "Oh ho, finally awake then grumps?" He joked light heartedly. *Sigh* "Well, I see you've made a full recovery." Callum stoically responded, just judging on Henry's tone he could tell the pipsqueak was planning on dragging him into something. "You bet, and even after having a lie in you're still your old grumpy self!" "Alright, just cut to the chase Henry." Callum urged Henry on, knowing him he could go on forever and Callum wasn't really in the mood to play along this morning, the sooner he found the gym the sooner he'd be able to get his third gym badge. "Didn't you see the note I left you?" "What note?" "The one I posted into your room at the Pokemon Centre!" ".....Clearly not then." "Err, it doesn't matter you're here now, c'mon let's go!" Henry excitedly shouted, running past, he tried to drag Callum along by the arm, he pulled and pulled with all his might, but Callum remained unmoved. "Henry, the only place I'm heading is the gym, I have a match to get to and you're just holding me up." Callum stated calmly and pulled his arm back, almost sending Henry flying in the opposite direction, casually he started to walk away in his continued search for Vermilion's illusive Pokemon gym. However, as Henry was still as persistent as ever he ran in front of Callum again and held his arms out, deliberately blocking his path with an expression that almost looked serious for once, this caught Callum's interest and he waited to hear the little guy out. "Hey! I know where the gym is, I'll even take you to it and save you the time searching for it, but first you've got to check out this place with me. Deal?" Henry offered, his tone made it sound like he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Callum shrugs with a slight smirk, then responds. "That depends, tell me what this 'place' is." He asked curiously, but Henry shook his head, refusing. "Nope, for once you've just got to trust me." Callum raised an eyebrow at this, judging on that statement Henry expected him to decline his offer if he knew where he wanted to take him, but seeing as he was offering to take him to the gym afterwards it may save some time. Contemplating his decision Callum paused for a moment, weighing his options, although he couldn't help admiring Henry's determination to get him to go. Closing his eyes Callum took a breath and nodded at Henry, agreeing to visit this 'place' with him, barely able to contain a cheer Henry smiled as he the action reciprocated and lead the way. They walked through the city and soon came to the coastline, walking alongside it for a short distance they came to a small building, a sign was placed outside it, but before Callum could read it Henry placed his hat in front of his eyes and pushed him to the door. "Okay, I'll bite, what gives Henry?" Callum cautiously asked, already not liking the look of things, not that he was given the opportunity to see much. "Like I said, trust me, this is for your own good." "And what do you mean by that?" Before Callum could say or ask anything else the door opened and Henry pushed him inside, the door was quickly slammed close behind him, the lights were all turned off, so he stood there waiting in the dark, one hand placed on Servine's Pokeball cautiously. In the dark surrounding him Callum could hear shuffling noises and small giggles, if it was anyone else but Henry he'd have suspected something sinister was afoot, although the current situation didn't fill him with confidence. 'What have I managed to get myself dragged into this time?' He wondered. Suddenly all the lights were turned on at once and Callum had to shield his eyes as they adapted to the new light level, squinting he looked around in front of him and saw a long table with several chairs placed around it, kids, teens, adults and elderly people all filled the seats. A large, comfy looking blue sofa was lined against the back wall, an elderly man sat on it with a cane in his right hand and bowler hat atop his head; the back of the room also had a banner pinned to it which read 'Pokemon Fan Club' in big bright coloured letters, with pre-evolved Pokemon running along the bottom. Realising no where he was Callum's eyes went wide, turning his head, he scowled at Henry for pulling this stunt on him, but he shrugged it off and stepped out from behind him to introduce the new arrival. "Everyone, this is the trainer I've been telling you about, it was a struggle to convince him to come, but this is him..... Callum." Henry cheerfully announced and clapped, some of the younger members joined in whilst others starred at Callum funny. Gritting his teeth, Callum took a deep breath to try and vent out some of his frustration, this one Pokemon related place he really didn't want to have any part of, but he had blindly agreed to come here foolishly, so now he'd have to deal with this and at least try to be respectful...... But it was already proving difficult as he forced himself to half heartedly wave at them all, without scowling through the entire charade, somehow he managed to keep his expression neutral, even as he noticed the looks disapproving looks some gave him. 'Henry better make good on his end of the bargain after this crap.' Was all that Callum could think to himself, aside from headbutting a wall repeatedly. "Hey." Callum said nonchalantly, after an encouraging elbow from Henry. "So, you're Henry's travelling companion? The trainer that relies on Pokemon for power?" The old man on the back sofa asked. "I guess you could say that, and you are?" "Me? Ha, why I'm the chairman of The Pokemon Fan Club, charmed. We were just about to indulge in a little show and tell of sorts, care to join us?" "Not particularly." Callum mumbled to himself, inaudible to everyone else in the room aside from Henry who discreetly kicked his leg. "Of course we would, that's why we're here, to meet all kinds of new Pokemon, we wouldn't miss this for the world!" Henry rambles in his over excited fashion. "Speak for yourself." Callum mumbled once again, but was dragged into it anyway. One by one everyone released one of their own Pokemon, the one that they claimed was their "favourite", Henry sent out Flabebe and everyone awed and cooed at how cute the little thing was. This whole get up was a colossal waste of time, it was like some kind of popularity contest with these people, and the one who owned the "cutest" and "best groomed" Pokemon received the most attention, the whole scene just caused Callum to roll his eyes in disdain. However, being the last to release a Pokemon of his own all eyes were now on him, throwing up his first Pokeball the capsule released his starter Pokemon, Servine, expecting a battle Servine was in a combative stance at first, but soon softened at the sight of the crowd. The display caught the attention of the chairman and a few of the teens of the group, but fortunately it was ignored for now and no one pressed questions, instead a few youngsters asked if they could pet and touch Servine, whilst the teens took pictures in the background. Callum shrugged, but allowed them anyway, after all Servine seemed to be enjoying the attention he was receiving from the crowd, the other Pokemon even took notice at the new comer and greeted him in their own way. Henry's Flabebe gleefully danced around and called to Servine to initiate play, Henry smiled at Servine's uncertain reaction, understanding it was all knew to this Pokemon that has use to engaging in competitive battles. "Callum look, see, our Pokemon are playing together." Henry eagerly pointed to the pair. "Hmph, I can see that." Callum stated bluntly as he observed his own Pokemon and how it engaged with the other people and Pokemon. On the outside his expression remained neutral, but on the inside, he felt something as he watched his Pokemon have fun with the others, happiness, but it was mixed with another emotion, envy. Crossing his arms, Callum felt a shudder run through him, lucky Henry was too distracted to notice; shaking it off he impatiently waited for the club to get on with the event.
  5. Random thought of the day

    Another patch and another bug along with it, how are you suppose to know you're playing Smite without your team constantly shouting at each other? Or at you? Damn it Hi-Rez!
  6. Smite: Vanishers Assemble

    Me (Stubborn Saber): The Morrigan Charles (Chilli Syndicate): Loki Tom (Timma32): Ao Kuang My brothers and me wield the power of stealth and this is the result. Has commentary, but unfortunately Timma32's mic doesn't get picked up very well, so you can't really hear him at all.
  7. Self-protection

    Challenge them to a children's card game, and if that doesn't work for some reason, aim for the genitals and throat.
  8. Rate That Song

    Nay, too heavy for my taste. And here's a song that I now associate with Loki and The Morrigan, yes it's meant to be about someone on LOL, but eh, no one cares about LOL:
  9. Smite Theme Songs Project

    Yep, for Geb in his Winter skin, err this of course: Here's one for Thor, a theme that everyone has in their heads when playing him in their early smite days (apart from the trololol song): And Loki, borrowing this from LOL, but the main chorus goes suits him perfectly (could also go with The Morrigan when talking about omens):
  10. Video of the Day

    Hahaha, ah the things I randomly find randomly searching videos on the internet, here's a song by Donald Trump called 'Do You Want To Build A Wall?':
  11. Smile (Survival Horror RP)

    @onewiththewheels As you desperately hold onto the sick bag, just encase of another vomit episode, you notice the black storm clouds envelop the plane, but unfortunately that's not all. Small bursts of blue bolts occasionally shoot past, barely missing the plane whilst thunder rumbles, however something about them is off, instead of descending down from the blackened sky they appear to being shot upwards. Share that among everyone else? Or ignore it and dismiss it as your eyes playing tricks with you? @Bunny Hop! With two of your problems asleep another nuisance growls and points in your face, Dante. Find out what he wants now? Ignore him and hope he goes away? @TJMike Wait for a response from Hanako (Bunny Hop!) and react accordingly. @AquilaTempestas You sleep, are you dreaming? Or did the ruckus of the others wake you up? Or maybe the turbulence and weather outside did that for them? Azure is currently sleeping too, so if any of ya need her you're going to have to wake her up first.
  12. A Kanto Adventure

    Callum and Henry kept walking down Route 6, a barren area compared to that of Route 5, all the tall grass had wilted and died, the trees around them were either dead or dying, and the only things showing signs of life were the wild Pokemon that stubbornly remained. Most timidly went dashing away to find some form of cover as the two approached, a few overs were aggressive and defensively attacked, but they were easily pushed aside and defeated by Servine. "Leaf Tornado, take Luxio down!" The wild Luxio cried out in pain, launched through the air and slammed back into the ground, once it scrambled back to its feet it shock itself off and regained its bearings before bolting off into the distance. This was normally all it took to discourage further attacks, others were more defiant and kept pressing the attack, forcing Callum's hand he battled until they emerged the victor as the fainted wild Pokemon's eyes swirled. This couldn't last forever though, strong as he might be Servine was starting to tire, his breathing becoming more ragged and attacks slower with each fight, Henry asked if he needed any help, but Callum refused his assistance every time. "Need any help from Flabebe?" "No, Servine can handle this." "Aw c'mon, please? He's getting so tired, let us take over for a little bit." Henry persisted. "We're almost there, after we'll rest up at the Pokemon Centre." Whilst Callum kept on denying his offer. "But we helped you beat the bikers back there, so technically we've already been part of a team, and-" "Henry!" Callum's tone raised as the short guy prattled on. "It's not that I don't trust your skill, you've demonstrated your strength, however..... I failed, I wasn't strong enough." "Everyone needs help sometimes, especially when you're out numbered, someone needs to watch your back, that's what friends are there for." As Henry finished his sentence he nearly walked right into Callum as he suddenly came to an abrupt halt, but Callum said nothing, instead he gazed up to the sky with his back to him, for a moment no one said anything. Looking around them Henry wasn't sure what else to do as he waited for an answer, then Callum finally turned to look at him, a stern expression crossed his face. "Well, I disagree. To win what I require, is more power. For my current Pokemon and newly caught, to get it they need to be pushed harder. As Henry opened his mouth to respond Callum had already continued walking forward, sighing in resignation Henry followed along, from then on, they travelled in silence, apart from the orders Callum shouted to Servine, until they arrived at the entrance to Vermilion City. Both of them needed to let their teams rest at the local Pokemon Centre before anything else, once there they handed their respective teams to the Nurse, who once again looked suspiciously like the other Nurses that they'd met, and took a seat. It was getting quite late by this point, it was clear that they'd both have to spend the night here, so they grabbed some food from the cafeteria, the silence adding some tension in the air, but for once none of them knew what to say to the other. Callum finished up his food, although Henry seemed to be messing around with his instead of eating, not in his normal cheery manner, he seemed lost in his own thoughts, arms folded Callum gazed out the window and tried to focus on anything else. It's not that he didn't care what was bugging Henry, he just wasn't sure how to initiate conversation with him, usually he couldn't get the little tyke to shut up, and when he had opened up to speak in the past he always tried to push Henry away. After a minute or two Callum looked back over to Henry, but he hadn't made any progress with his food, seeing as Henry wasn't going to spill what was eating at him Callum took a deep breath and spoke up. "What's wrong?" Callum stoically asked "Oh, err nothing. Just, it looks like there's a clash of ideals between us, isn't there?" "What do you mean by that?" "Well, back on Route 6 you said to win you need more power and kept making Servine battle, even though he was getting tired." "That's how training works, you can't get strong without expending any effort, it tests my Pokemon's endurance and their limits." "But you wouldn't let me and Flabebe help out, and showed no emotion as you pushed Servine on, you could have gotten him hurt." "If Servine got injured from those weak wild Pokemon I would've been extremely disappointed, but at the same time it would've just proved my point, that my team need to become more powerful." "There you go again about power, but what about the bond you share with your team, the friendships?" "Friendships? Clearly you still don't know me Henry, me and my team work together as partners, I have goals that I intent to achieve and in return I help my Pokemon reach their potential." "That's just wrong though, your Pokemon do their best for you when they fight, not just because you're their partner, but because you are their friend." "Believe what you want Henry, even if it's still the mind set of a naive child, you'll just have to learn the hard way in life." "Why are you so afraid of letting people in?" Henry slammed his hands on the table and stood up, searching for the truth behind Callum's decisions. Callum just sat there and frowned disapprovingly at Henry before standing up himself and walking away, leaving him on his own, some people looked over to see what had happened, but there were no answers for anyone. Exiting the Pokemon Centre Callum gazed upon the star coated sky, the cold air caused a chill to run down his spine and he placed his hands in his pocket to preserve the warmth he felt, with no one else around he hesitantly answered Henry's question. "Because people always let you down, the only one you can rely on in this world is yourself, that's why I need power." There were very rare exceptions to this unwritten rule of nature, like family and Hilda, but most used so called 'friendship' to their advantage, and Callum himself knew he'd let down the few people he cared about on occasion. What was the point in letting people in only to hurt them? Or be hurt yourself? The end result was always the same, pain. If his good for nothing father taught him anything, it was this harsh lesson of reality, by abandoning his family he hurt them all, and maybe even damaged Callum, but in a sick way it helped him to survive. He grew up independent and determined to prove himself, along the way making a strong childhood friend in Hilda as they helped others and made enemies in others, but no one else could break through to him and as he got older his defences grow stronger still. Shaking the thoughts from his head Callum checked his X-Transceiver and noticed just how late it was getting, another shudder went through him as a cold wind blew past, which encouraged him to turn tail and head back inside. Looking over to where they'd been sat Henry was nowhere in sight, he must've already headed to bed, as the pinging noise on the tannoy sounded Callum already knew it was time to collect his Pokemon before the nurse could make the announcement. Collecting his Pokemon Callum wasn't content with calling it a night, instead he headed back outside and around to the back of the Pokemon Centre where a training area was located, and if it wasn't it'd soon become one. Grabbing his Pokeballs he threw them all into the air and from the capsules emerged Servine, Flaaffy and Salandit; they of course looked around in combat stance, ready to battle their next opponent, but with none in sight looked back towards Callum. Smirking, he shock his head at their confused little faces. "Sorry team, we aren't battling with anyone else tonight, instead we're going to be doing a special type of training to power ourselves up." He announced, his Pokemon all glanced at each other, unsure of what he meant by that. "Don't worry, it's quite simple actually, we're going to work on all of your moves, building up their power and accuracy, using our other team members as mock opponents." At first, they uncertainly looked at him than each other again, but Servine stepped forward with focused eyes and a raised paw in the shape of a fist, ready to give this different method of training a shot. Salandit wasn't going to shy away from this and be shown up by the plant and leaped forward to join him, that left Flaaffy who crossed his arms and stared into Callum's eyes questioningly, but in the end imitated the smirk Callum wore and nodded in agreement. With everyone up for this it was decided, this is how they'd prepare to challenge Lt. Surge, the third gym leader in their path, the toughest opponent they'd face yet, and Callum planned to gain a victory in one shot.
  13. Age of Empires HD Edition [PC]

    Aye, that could be fun, I'll be wandering around clueless as usual in these games, but still I can put my diplomatic skills to good use.
  14. Smite [Xbox One, PC, PS4]

    Aw ya gotta be kidding me, I just selected him as my Odyssey quest and can't abandon it, *sigh* another bloody set back.
  15. Sweet, my order from Australia finally came through, now my Cyberdark deck is complete.