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  1. Feel bad for playing Loki? Nah, normally I'm having way too much fun to empathise for the opponents, or team mates I've kill stole from. His set allows for loads of trolling opportunities and Joki's voice pack, just love it, I don't see what peoples problem is with him.
  2. The area of Cerulean has been reposted for you.

  3. I'ma poke you.


    Still need a response for Smile RP.

    1. TJMike


      Is it my turn already?

      *Goes to check the RP*

      ... Huh. I though it was Aqui's turn. Oh well, I just replied lol

  4. Don't forget the RP. :D

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Nope, I haven't forgotten, just been a bit distracted recently, will get around to it today.

    2. Wizarmonfan
  5. Attempt 2 for CAH, if you want to join here's the link:


    Password: TAZLAND

  6. Route 4 and Cerulean City are up. :D Just letting you know.

  7. Just letting you know the new area is up. I apologize for the delay.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Alright, I should be able to post the rest of my part tonight.

    3. Wizarmonfan


      Okie dokie.

    4. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Done, ready to move on too now.

  8. This was recorded a while ago, but is the first step down the laggy journey we'll take together, it will be painful, but please........ Don't cry. I have played on European servers ever since and all has been well, until recently..........................
  9. Ullr won a game! It's a miracle!

  10. Just a quick heads up encase ya haven't seen the event, CAH session planned for 10 am tomorrow morning (my time/UK time), hopefully some will be able to attend and we can enjoy another round of the most offensive card game on ze internet.

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Sakura, myself and Shiz are on Smite for at least another hour.

    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Alright, still trying to find the deck code again honestly.

  11. @AquilaTempestas @Sakura Alexia

    Okay, turns out I've been a complete idiot, ya know when I took down one of the duplicate CAH events? Yeah turns out the one I took down was the approved one............

    Long story short, I need it approved again because I've just realised that no one can see it. Please help.

    1. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      There you go, its visible now, I didn't notice either lol.

    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Thank you, I probably should've checked that sooner, but yeah, I didn't............ Oops.

  12. When are you getting Smite back? It's not the same without you : (

    1. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      I'ma trying, been testing every night with the same result, lag and rubber banding all over the place, I can't even watch the latest odyssey video; if I joined right now I'd just be a liability.

      Will be making the call to IT today and hopefully it won't be a pointless conversation.

    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Had to send a bloody email, no idea how long it'll take them to respond, maybe around 1-2 days? Probably excluding the weekend.

  13. wheels wants to move on, Saber. :D

    How's uni going?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      First half up, hoping to post the second half tomorrow morning since I don't have any lectures to attend.

    3. Wizarmonfan


      Rightyo. I look forward to seeing it.

    4. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Up later than planned, but it's there now and I'm ready to move on too.

  14. @AquilaTempestas @Sakura Alexia

    CAH event needs approval! Er someone, help! Please?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      I'ma leave it and hope it goes away for now, don't wanna delete one just encase it affects the other.

    3. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      It shouldn't do.

    4. Stubborn Saber

      Stubborn Saber

      Ah, it worked and the other one survived, huzzah!