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  1. Random thought of the day

    Oh. Well....shit.
  2. You seen this one?! The Dark Nights event?

    Image result for batman who laughs


    Looks insane! ^_^

  3. Random thought of the day

    This bloody house is on every Christmas list Ewan's made. I can't say no, can I? This is the first year he's actually been able to ask for what he wants. *Weeps* I hate that squeaky, spoilt fucker Peppa and her stupid family. And I mean, look at the damn thing! http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7236365 If I say no what if he remembers it in 20 years time? I never forgot the Bambi I never got.
  4. All the new additions look fantastic. Great job! 

  5. Just drop me a message if you wanna play some Overwatch

  6. I have a very nice shoe rack and coatstand in the hall. And bag storage. Why do my men still insist on not using them? Why? Why? Are they all blind? Am I fated to spend my life falling over shoes and coats?

  7. JUst did placements...1915SR. I'm so close to Gold 

    1. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      I'll play your placements so I can rank up to Gold and push to Platinum

  8. The 'all smiles' thread

    I found the perfect gift for my mother in law:
  9. Happy birthday to Mas and Lioness!

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      Thank you so much :wub: have a nice week

  10. Writer's block - tips to overcoming it

  11. Writer's block - tips to overcoming it

    Resurrecting this thread because I saw this tweet from J K Rowling:
  12. Today I went out with a line of black eyeliner down the side of my nose. Not one of the men I live with told me or for that matter even noticed. :huh:

  13. Do you want to do some Team Deathmatch if it's on Arcade? 

    1. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Im playing the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC at the moment.  

    2. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      We can do it another day

    3. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      I think God mode - No Limits may be back...6 D.VA team here I come 

  14. My tattooist has almost finished my winged backpiece. Unbelievably excited. She is so talented.

    1. TJMike


      Cool! Now you can ask for the Mark of the Outsider in your hand! ^_^

    2. FishSlayer
    3. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      I'm avoiding hand tats as I do want a sensible grown up job eventually. Though if I can think of somewhere else for it to go :P...well. 

      I will keep you all updated.  

      An artist I follow is going to do a guest session in Belfast in December too.



  15. Random thought of the day

    I just realised that I will have to sit through 2 Christmas plays this year. Ewans should be uneventful - Quiet, placid, well behaved. Cals will be different. Being a loud, show offy sort with a tendancy to yell "Oh GOD!" when he stubs a toe.