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  1. HEY GUYS.

    Finally back. Happy to see you all after so.... long.:wub:

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Hey there welcome back!

    2. Kage


      Welcome back m8! :D 

  2. Share your peices

    Okey. How can I end this topic.
  3. Teach Me

  4. Teach Me

    Thanks Amilia ignisa and TJmike nice meeting you Ok you can call me what ever you like. I will be glad to be here around you guys.
  5. Share your peices

    Hi this is a place where you can share any of your art peices, craft work, drawing, sketches, creative and artistic ideas. The image you like, wallpapers, which dragged your attention. A collection of any art example if you have a collection of sketches of leaves. click a pic and share. It may or may not be yours. a set of sreenshots of your faviourate anime or manga/ cartoon/ t.v. show/ actor/ music album posters. etc...... anything is exceptable. BUT Along with it you have to share why you like that pic. Any special memory (if any). Do share and enjoy.
  6. Teach Me

    Thanks Stubborn . well good to meet you to .
  7. What do the characters think of you?

    Hey this topic was fun to follow. After my first one shot: Max Tate : what was that? shall i kill you for getting my choclets eaten or shall i gift a box of sweets for bringing mom to me? well i choose the second option. But me as a detective finding choclates. Quite ..... Hillary Tachibani: I sreaming on Max. hey i am not that rude ! you could have made me more polite. Others must have laughed at their charecters after this. My next one Shot: Crusher: Thanks....... Youare so sweet. i can't guess for others.
  8. How does Music Affect your Writing?

    Music has a major impact on my wrting. I love music and i preffer to listen instumentals before writing. Songs which i love to listen are usually used for this porsue. lyrics of songs which i love, I sometimes plan to use these lyrics as dioluge. and do love to do so. I play the track according to the atmospher i want and fell the imotion. and this really help me for writing in geners like romance since i go totally empty on this. Music has a huge impact on my writing and even what i am writing decides what i will listen.
  9. Which fandoms do you write for?

    What fandom do i write for Its BEYBLADE. and no plans currently to start something on anything else
  10. Teach Me

    guess i'll do. and thanks
  11. Author Profiles

    Penname: Blue Shadow Of Sky Link: Fanfiction.net Fandom: Beyblade Stories: 3 [Planning to write more soon]
  12. Teach Me

    Thanks guys for such a warm welcome. And ya you all can call me shadow. So what you all do mostly when on this site? AND Thanks For teaching me as well.
  13. Teach Me

    HI! Nice to meet you all guys here. I am a new member to the site. Let me know what all I can do here? What you all like doing here? How to improve my reputation? How is theste to you all ? etc. etc. ............ teach me, tell me, know me, share with me and reply me.