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  1. So I looked at your build during the conquest game and I can see what's wrong. It's your item choices that aren't working. In solo lane, you want to build defense only. Don't sell your starter item until your building your final item. I don't know why you are building toxic blade and witchblade. You don't need magi's blessing either.

    I would suggest: Starter item, Warrior Boots, Gladiator's Shield (sell for situational), Hide of the Urchin, Breastplate of Valor (if you want cool down) OR Frostbound Hammer (if you want slows) , Hide of the Nemean Lion or Mystical Mail, and then a situational - Pestilence or Titan's Bane.

    1. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      I don't think that is just the build the problem, I'm not good as solo at all that's it.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      It's a tough lane and I used to struggle in it at as well. I'd suggest learning solo lane with someone like Chacc or SWK because they're really safe. What I do is buy starter item > and max out on potions. Let the waves meet first, attack from the side and attack the archers. Mana camp should be ready so get that. Go back to base get tier 1 boots when you hit level 3.