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  1. I hate Odin so much... stupid damned cage...

  2. I don't think she even expected me to leave the base at all, she probably thought I was you or something but nope. XD I dunno why he left, but probably it was for that, they took all our phoenixes more than once but they couldn't finish things off, after that everyone kinda gave up, plus we had the fire giant buff too, free kill for me.
  3. Yeah the Vulcan came to our lane a few times, along with Rat, but mostly was Khumba the problem. Well you're Loki, no one likes Loki XD I'm glad I was good enough to distract them, they probably came after you because they knew you couldn't kill them alone, and neither could I, but at least I had her chase me all around the map where the others were and she died.
  4. The first game was hilarious, that Khumba guy kept laughing at us since the beginning, he thought Ymir and I were bad because at the beginning we were underlaveled, but the reason was that I was alone against two in lane at first and I got ganged up on as I tried to take minions, and Ymir was just too underleveled. Hah, who's laughing at the end? They couldn't even finish things off as Morrigan and I were too strong, we did too much damage and forced them to reset and retreat all the time. While I think that in the second game things had turned when we both started split pushing, because Athena was giving you so much trouble, but she was busy chasing me around to care about Loki. Being able to solo the fire giant also might have helped too, though I almost died for that lol.
  5. Why are people with stars so incredibly salty? *sighs*

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    2. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Are you referring to that Bellona of last night? She was absolutely terrible. But yes its true, you become a target and salty teammates blame you of everything, when its not your fault of course.

    3. AquilaTempestas


      Oh yeah that bluestone pendant Bellona.

    4. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      She was terrible... why do we find such awful teammates all the time? Feels like we have a magnet for them.

  6. I am sorry for my awful headset, I can try the new one again if you want, but I can't assure you a positive outcome, given that absolutely awful sound it made last time. Also I was lagging a bit so it might have also been a problem.

  7. Another week has passed and I have to say that I didn't expect myself to be able to be constant in this, but I did and its feels great. This week wasn't as good as the first as I found myself to be kind of tired, but despite that other complications have taken their toll on me, I don't know how or why but I had an infection and the pain was quite distracting to say the least, in fact I had to take a couple of days off while on other days I did two drawings at once because I couldn't handle it. Fortunately its healing and its good. Still I made it through despite everything and I look forward to continue this, hopefully with no more complications. Day 9 Kite Tenjo from Yu-gi-oh Zexal A pretty recent anime I saw a few years ago. He was one of the main characters and a former number hunter, he was collecting numbers in order to help his father to heal his sick younger brother Hart. In the first sagas he was the main antagonist and he's the only one that didn't lose to Yuma and Astral (the main characters). Once his brother was cured he became friends with Yuma and his group and assisted them during the Interdimensional War between the Astral World and Barian World. Always during it he succumbs but he's later revived by the Numeron Code. Nothing to say about this one, fairly easy, even though the hair gave me some troubles. Day 10 Lusamine from Pokemon Sun and Moon Most of us know her right? The main antagonist of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and we've yet to see what she will do in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. President of the Aether Foundation and mother of Gladion and Lillie. We know how it goes from here no? In the games she uses the power of Cosmog to open Ultra Wormholes in the entire Alola, then later on we find her in Nihilego's world where we all know she merges with in order to battle the player, and once she loses and turns back to normal she falls victim of Nihilego's poison, which leaves her in a comatose state. It is speculated that before becoming obsessed with Ultra Beasts that she was a very nice woman that sincerely loved her children, and that possibly she tried to open the Ultra Wormholes in an ill attempt to try and get back her husband that disappeared years before in game in one of those. Lots of theories were made on her motives, and I hope something more will be explained in the games that will be out in a month. I personally love this character, her story is interesting and I really want to see where it will end up to. Loved to make this, though her hair are hell, I added a touch of color because it would have been way too white otherwise, with her dressed in white and being blonde. Day 11 Hidden Phantom from Mega Man Zero One of the Four Guardians of Copy X, he is the leader of the Cutting Shadow Squadron, his abilities come from X's stealth capabilities. He's extremely quiet and extremely loyal to Copy X, even willing to die for him after he gets defeated by Zero by making himself explode in an attempt to take Zero with him in the first game. After he can make and appearance in the third game in a special level. While in the ZX series his spirit appears as a Biometal just like his siblings. He's also the first boss than when met has to be battled at the begginning of a level and not at the end. Day 12 Gaige from Borderlands 2 Gaige is a Mechromancer. She is the fifth playable class in Borderlands 2. Gaige was a high school student from the planet Eden-5. She originally created Deathtrap (her robot), DT for short, as a science fair project to combat bullying. Her rival, Marcie Holloway, was a contestant in the science fair as well, and used her father's money to buy her way through the competition. Marcie apparently stole Gaige's DT designs and sold them to Eden-5's police force. On the day of the science fair, Marcie's father bribed the judges, helping win her first place with a defective robot based on Deathtrap's blueprints. Gaige placed third. Marcie then shoved Gaige, causing Deathtrap to identify her as a hostile. Deathtrap attacked with its claws, causing her to explode due to a miscalibration by Gaige. Gaige faced expulsion and arrest for accidentally murdering her rival. She called her father to create a distraction to help her evade arrest, and bought a ticket to Pandora. Her action skill is indeed calling Deathtrap to her aid on the battlefield. Given her skill trees she can be both the easiest and the hardest character to play as. Day 13 Inuyasha from Inuyasha Main character of the series (you would have never guessed XD), anyway Inuyasha is a half-demon, half human and half dog demon, which gives him superhuman capabilities, and even though he looks 15 he is actually over 200 years old. In his early years he fell in love with a priestess named Kikyo, who was entrusted to guard the Jewel of Four Souls, which he sought in order to become a full demon, the two fell in love with each other and he gave up trying to get the jewel. But another half demon, Naraku, who also wanted the jewel managed to trick them both into betraying each other. Disguised as Inuyasha, Naraku attacked Kikyo and attempted to steal the jewel from her, wrongly Kikyo attacked the true Inuyasha, with a sacred arrow she pins him to a tree and sends him into an endless sleep, before succimbing to the wound she received. Years later Kagome finds him and removes the arrow from him, awakening Inuyasha once more, and starts the adventures of the series. Here I decided to portray him in his demon form as I though he would look cooler like this, hence the re eyes and the markings on the cheeks. Day 14 Word Paynn from Dragon Booster Word Paynn is the 50 year old father of Moordryd Paynn and the main antagonist of the series. He has a vast knowledge of the legends of the Dragon-Human War, and it is he who wants another war to start so he can control the world. Throughout the series, he plans much in the way of stealing the dragon of legend, Beau, He almost succeeds several times at obtaining him, but is always stopped at the last minute. Word is also the CEO of his own company, Paynn Incorporated, which is a world famous company for manufacturing battle gear. The company is referred to as the largest gear manufacturer on the planet, making Word a millionaire. I wish that I could show his clawed hand better but I ran out of space, shame on me. Day 15 Lilith from Borderlands She is originally from the planet Dionysus and is one of six Sirens, a group of women with unbelievable powers. Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands the PreSequel. After the opening of the Vault and the defeat of General Knoxx in the first game, Lilith and Roland traveled to Pandora's moon Elpis on a vacation trip. When they met Jack for the first time, who asked them for help against Colonel Zarpedon through the Vault Hunters, they didn't want to have anything to do with that at first, but they ended up helping when they realized the true danger behind the attacks. So, they cooperated with Jack and the Vault Hunters to recover the Helios station and its main weapon, a giant laser, until they saw how Jack killed three scientists throwing them into space on the suspicion that one of them might be a spy. They keep helping him still but, with Mad Moxxi's help, at the end they destroyed the laser and almost the entire Helios station to avoid further destruction. Later, Jack found the Vault he was looking for on Elpis and obtained an Eridian relic that granted him some visions of The Warrior's existence, but Lilith, who had been following him, appeared and destroyed the relic, creating a blast of energy that branded Jack's face with a Vault emblem. Lilith and Roland returned to Pandora as Hyperion began its rise. Lilith's powers grew substantially from absorbing Eridium, the element released after the defeat of the Destroyer. She was one of the founding members of the Crimson Raiders to fight against Hyperion (Jack's company). At some point in Borderlands 2, when Sanctuary became unshielded, as Hyperion attacked, Lilith doped herself with a large amount of Eridium to strengthen her powers. She was able to move the whole city in the sky with her powers. Sanctuary became the current flying city. Later, Lilith was told to stay and defend Sanctuary during the assault on Control Core Angel, but defied both Angel's insistence and Roland's orders to stay away. With Angel dead, Roland went to retrieve the Vault Key, but was shot from behind by Jack himself. Lilith attempted to attack him, but was restrained by Jack through some kind of artifact that gave him control over her powers, to replace his dead daughter to charge the Vault key. She then was taken to the Vault of the Warrior, where she became the catalyst to charge the key against her will, while undergoing torture from Jack. The Vault Hunters found her there, along with Jack, who fought them, but while fighting the key became fully charged, so, even defeated, Jack summoned and controlled the Warrior. Anyway, the warrior was defeated as well and Lilith was fred from his control, and even able to kill Jack herself if the player allowed it. Lilith's action skill is called Phasewalk (which is the mane of her Siren powers), which lets her turn invisible to enemies, move much faster, and cause a damaging shockwave. One of my personal favorite characters, love her and her powers. As usual I hope you like them and who is your favorite this time?
  8. Damn my scanner, never works when I need it to...

  9. That's why I said that not every female likes to play female characters, and I of course meant you XD I know your choices in Smite way too well by now.
  10. Discrimination on girl gamers is real unfortunately... Yes as a girl myself I do like to play female characters, but not everyone is like me, who cares of what we play if we play well? Better than males at times too. I know a guy I often talk to on youtube, he plays Overwatch too but on pc and he mains Symmetra, so what? He's good with her and in the end being good is what really counts.
  11. Typical male mentality, you're a female equals to playing Mercy only, stupid idiots. Go take Bastion's turret up your ass. These are the reasons why even in the rare times I play we never use in-game voice chat.
  12. I really wanted that last win on my dear Athena. :(

    God damnit Izanami...

  13. Okay so after a terrile losing streak in Clash I could finally win a game as Artio where I didn't even die once, though a few times it was really close. But anyway there was this Zhong Kui that was so good, he was 100% in sync. with me. There was this moment where we were taking the enemy's left phoenix, or other 3 teammates unfortunately had died, though we kept going and only the two of us were able to wipe out the entire enemy team, it was an awesome moment. It surprised me that a random could be so in sync with me without talking but it did, certainly when such things happen I am proud of being a support. After that I had a match in conquest with 5 randoms, though our jungler and mid were together, most of the enemy team was premade too. I was Athena and I played support with Izanami as carry, though we were getting pretty much stomped on at first by the enemy Neith and Sylvanus as they were together and coordinated so well. Despite the start not being the best, once we started grouping up together there was no hope for the enemy team. Plus our jungler was a damage Cabrakan, and it was absolutely awesome to have on the team, and Sun Wukung an I were so tanky that we were so hard to take down too. Even if the enemies were mostly together they were getting baited so hard every time we went for Gold Fury or Fire Giant, when they came to contest they all died one after another, and it was so good. I also baited the enemy Rat when backing, I saw him coming for me as I was pretty low so I stopped backing at once and taunted him towards me so Sun Wukong that was right behind him killed him, I got killed by Raijin after but he was stupid enough to chase me and tower dive and also use his ult when I had like 50 hp left, he died right after. Heh, building Bloodforge and Wind Demon early doesn't pay off in the end. Anyway I am proud of my Athena winning all her conquest matches even as solo, also proud of my 30 assists made that match.
  14. Days of lying in my bed doing nothing ahead of me... yay...

  15. Why I can't win a game of Clash today? Played 3 games, of course in the first one we had a stupid DC, not sure if the player was new or anything cuz he didn't have many points but if it was well that is absolutely no way to play idiot, if you do that from the start then don't play at all. We eneded up surrendering at 10. Second game, well... there is something wrong if you do almost top damage as tank Artio second only to Kali but only by like a 100 of points, and the only kill we did would have been mine if it wasn't stolen by Thor at the last second, but I still set it up. We ended up 1 to 17... they destroyed us, my team was completely useless. Last game, we has a more balanced team against a team of squishies easy no? Well nope we got destroyed again, even when the enemy team would kill me by using all the shit they had my teammates were dumb enough to die as well instead of doing anything to kill them after they spammed everything on poor Artio. This game mode hates me... I guess I deserved it after I got a really nice winning streak and absolutely capable and nice teammates for a few days.