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  1. Ok so good to know the status bar is back! For some reason it wouldn't appear before, I also can't find the chat except on mobile. When I hover over browse its not there someone help plzzz

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Chat room now appears on a floating white bar at the bottom of the screen. On mobile, it should just pop up in a white bubble, chat room. Please read > 


    2. Telli21


      Ok its not there for me when I use safari but on google chrome it is so ill just use chrome lol Thank youuu

  2. Hey everyone, Telli here! I know I haven't been on since like May. I haven't updated my pokemon fic either not that it really matters cause no one really reads it anyway. But I'm still around, Ive been doing a lot of drawings lately. I'm going to college in August, I'm super excited but that means I probably won't be around as much. Hope everyones enjoying pokemon go who has it. For those of you who do not have it, prepare for your life to be consumed by it and to drop a few pounds or whatever metric system you use. Anyway if anyone wants to chat I'm gonna try to be around as much as I can while I can. Hope everyones doing well!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Laggy


      Hey, one of the bronzes actually came back! Stick around here, you won't regret it ;)

    3. AquilaTempestas


      Hello! You'll need to make four more posts to gain access to the chat room again! Made some changes since the last time you visited. Good to see ya back :D

    4. Lightningblade49


      Nice to hear from you :)

  3. Don't worry I'm alive still. I guess. Idk I've been kinda down lately for no reason. But if anyone wants to talk lmk. I wanna bounce some ideas off of people. Especially for a new original story (which has been in the works for 5 years).

    1. ShadowSaber331


      Kinda down...what happened?

  4. Updated my story its on Chapter 19 now! Here's the link for anyone interested in reading it! Thanks bye!


    1. Lightningblade49


      cool will check it out sometime today :)

  5. I wanna die i have to write a 9 page paper on Zeus' mythology due tomorrow night. I'm on page 7 and I want go to my friends house tomorrow so im trying to finish. ughhhhh

    1. Lightningblade49


      What evil did you do to incur your teachers wrath?

    2. Telli21


      Lol I didn't finish till 6:30 am and then got 4 hours of sleep

    3. Lightningblade49
  6. Hey everyone, long time no see! Happy New Year! Hope everyone's 2016 has been great so far. 

    Update on my life:

    So I just updated another chapter of Pokemon Legends. It was so long and drawn out and I'm really happy I finally finished. I'm very upset about Alan Rickman passing away. Always. I'm doing okay in school, only a few months till graduation. I already got one college acceptance, I'm still waiting on the others because of reasons. I still haven't found anyone to take to prom although if worst comes to worst I'm probably going to take my friend Trish, she's a lesbian. Not that theres anything wrong with that I just would rather take a girl who actually has some interest in me. I found out the girl I liked and flipped out about a few months back is taking some underclassmen. Oh well *eternal/internal sobbing*. I just reconnected with one of my extremely good friends and I'm really glad about it. She might even be joining the forum! Btw, I found out which musical we are doing. It's Les Miserables, I'm so excited/nervous. Auditions are Tuesday for me and I have to sing and I'm gonna throw up on stage like in Pitch Perfect. Wish me luck! Love you all lots!


  7. Anyone on here on paigeeworld?

  8. Yes, I'm back on! I think... Thanks Aquila! Anyway I updated Pokemon Legends for those of you who read it and I will be updating again soon. 

    1. AquilaTempestas


      no problemo! glad it worked!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to anyone and everyone who celebrated today! I'm thankful for all of you and that I am a part of such a wonderful forum!

  10. Just updated my pokemon story. Kind of a bland chapter in my opinion especially because it took 3 months to write it. Hope whoever reads it enjoys here's the link below:


  11. *becomes Jacob Frye's son*

    Photo on 11-15-15 at 2.40 PM.jpg

    1. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Under the most tenuous of circumstances

  12. So excited for the next few weeks. Opening night of the play is Thursday, Thanksgiving is the Thursday after that. My grandparents are coming to New York for the it and I get to see my cousins. My last sweet sixteen (for now anyway) is early December. Then not too long till Christmas and my sour seventeenth birthday. 

  13. Have you ever been in that weird mood where you just have to dress up all fancy or like a certain group on the social pyramid? I'm in that mood right now, I look like a preppy college student. ^_^

  14. Prayers for Paris <3 Hope everyone is well in general. Sorry I haven't been on as much, I have play practice at school from 2:45-6, its almost over though so I should be updating my story soon... If any of you actually read it lol. As for everything that happened last week, I haven't talked to the girl since then and I'm handling it well. I'm still upset like I have the right to be but I'll get through it. Hope to hear from you all soon!


    PS Links to my ff.net account and my deviantart account are below:



    Thanks again!

  15. She answered.... I don't know what I expected that she would magically like me. LOL, it is me after all. I'm just a sack of mushy horse feces. Love my life!

    1. Exelior


      .... Nice? XD

       And don't talk down about yourself, I'm sure you're awesome ;) good for you