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  1. Happy birthday! ^_^

    1. Lightningblade49


      happy birthday you godly mouse!

  2. Happy birthday, hoping you have many more. I hope your days are filled with joy, peace, health, progress prosperity and fun ^^

  3. Hi, it's been a while since I've been on here. Almost a year I think? Well, I'll try to get on from time to time. Miss you guys.

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    2. Lightningblade49


      That was one of my favorite ages in life.

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      Never met you, so let me introduce myself. I'm MasKaiHilFantic,you can call me Machu. It's so nice to meet you :) 

    4. Laggy


      Welcome back! A lot has changed, and I don't think we've talked much. Drop by in chat :)

  4. You're Fired!

    You're fired cuz I haven't fired anybody in so long.
  5. I love you buddy! :D


    1. Cyndaquil God

      Cyndaquil God


      "#NoHomo" You sure about that?

      #Kek :D

    2. Stickermans50
  6. Pokemon

    I just found this, mostly cuz I didn't bother looking. I prefer the games over the manga and anime. My favorite is GS and HGSS. My favorite types are Fire, Dragon and Normal. My favorite pokemon are Porygon2, Cyndaquil, Tyranitar, and Porygon-Z. Also, the Pokemon Go app is still not our yet.
  7. You're Fired!

    You are fired cuz I need to look like I still post here
  8. What does Obama say about you?

    Since I go by different names... We are going to change New York name to Cyndaquil God to tribute his contributions for the US. My grandchild will be named after Mr. Cynda. My daughter is so excited about that! I always tell my children to learn from C God. Just 1/10 like him would make me so proud! Harvard is going to shut down because they cannot invite Hax God to be their student.
  9. Greetings

  10. Hello

  11. Change (or add) a single letter

  12. Chain Reaction

    If you make it a 7 word chain. If its 4 words, you provide the first and last words and the first letter of the middle two words. If its a 7 word chain, you only provide the first and last words, the guessers (what is the plural for guesser) choose where to start, bottom or top, and the host gives them a letter, starting from the first one, for the guesser. I prefer the 4 word chains, less complicated.
  13. Chain Reaction

    Was afraid I didn't explain the rules correctly. Here is where this game is from. I couldn't find the Speed Chains but this is basically how the game is played. A speed chain is just a smaller version of this with the first letter of the middle words given.
  14. Change (or add) a single letter

    no Is that a word? It looks weird.
  15. Chain Reaction

    They have to connect. So like in mine. Blue Ocean Ocean Wave Wave Rider