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Cyndaquil God

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  1. Happy birthday! ^_^

    1. Lightningblade49


      happy birthday you godly mouse!

  2. Happy birthday, hoping you have many more. I hope your days are filled with joy, peace, health, progress prosperity and fun ^^

  3. Hi, it's been a while since I've been on here. Almost a year I think? Well, I'll try to get on from time to time. Miss you guys.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Lightningblade49


      That was one of my favorite ages in life.

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      Never met you, so let me introduce myself. I'm MasKaiHilFantic,you can call me Machu. It's so nice to meet you :) 

    4. Laggy


      Welcome back! A lot has changed, and I don't think we've talked much. Drop by in chat :)

  4. I love you buddy! :D


    1. Cyndaquil God

      Cyndaquil God


      "#NoHomo" You sure about that?

      #Kek :D

    2. Stickermans50


      Very sure #LoL

  5. Feels good to be in top 200 for 1v1 in Showdown.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cyndaquil God

      Cyndaquil God

      I used Garchomps

    3. Lightningblade49


      you didn't run into any fairy users?

    4. Cyndaquil God

      Cyndaquil God

      I had Poison Jab and Iron Head for that.

  6. pokedex_157___typhlosion_fr_by_pokemon_f

    This looks awesome. Makes me want to evolve.

  7. I am back to playing Pokemon Showdown. If anyone wants to battle, then prepare to die.

    1. Lightningblade49


      I will fight you small one, with my stupidly named Pokémon.

    2. TheYorkieOfDoom


      I may take you on. 

  8. Welcome back dude... (Gives man hug)

  9. My angry Cyndaquil is back. :D