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  1. I hate long release date waits...
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes, why'd you have to go and release four new characters that I really wanted after I was done playing you? Not to mention that they are four new characters I really like too…
  3. Pokémon platinum. Almost done with that, amazingly…
  4. Had a busy day today, so not much here. A bit of the solo run, but there's not much here. There's not much here, other than the Pokémon Center and easy trainers. Alice learns Slash, a move that is one of the most useful in the game. Needless to say, I'll be keeping it long-term. Now it's time for another trial. Unfortunately, it's one the ones I don't like. It’s the grass trial. And it's because it takes a while. It requires using the equivalent of the Item Finder to go and fight cooking supplies. Then, I must fight the Totem Pokémon in the center. The problem is that the Item Finder isn't all that good in this game. It's slow, and not very precise. So long that this trial is tedious, and takes a while. Yet somehow, I clear it quickly. Well, I have played the game a couple times. But now another trial waits. The Totem Pokemon. The Pokémon is the powerful and fast Lunartias, and it summons many other Pokémon (in this case, Trumbeak). It also has a power herb, and the powerful move Solar Blade. Normally, this move takes a turn to charge, but with the power herb, that is not an issue. Too bad it fires right into Mimikyu’s disguise. So it does no damage. The rest of the battle goes easily. We have a bit of trouble with Trumbeak’s Pluck, it's nothing I can't handle. And with that I'm off to the grand trial. But that will be for later.
  5. So today was another day for Pokémon Emerald! One of the last sessions, it seems. Time to navigate the Seafloor Cavern. One of my least favorite areas, and most of the time, I can’t navigate it without a map… Yet somehow I get the through it the first time… It's a shock, but at least the next that it was easily. And then I have to watch one of the most nonsensical things in gaming… So, I have to go to Sky Pillar and summon Rayquaza… But it makes no sense! Rayquaza is the equivalent of a god, and the player has no specifications to summon it. Not to mention, Rayquaza is very powerful, even more so than the gods that it's trying to stop. So there's reason Rayquaza won't turn on the player (or even the rest of the city they're trying to save) and possibly make things worse… At best, it would just fly away… This gets even worse when the remakes, when there is someone who has prerequisites to summon Rayquaza, and she can't summon it, because the players there… Once again, it makes no sense. But sense or not, Raquaza listens, and the cutscence ends. And I'm standing near the final gym. Finally, I'm getting near the end. And now there's something important going on in Fire Emblem: Heroes. The start of the new Tempest Trials. New info is revealed about the vortex, and just how much damage it causes. All the more reason to take it down. I want to get the Black Knight. Also, I don't have the advantage of bonus units that I did before. I don't even have one. And the fights have stepped up their game. In particular is the final fight. This includes the Black Knight himself. And he is quite a fearsome foe. The Black Knight can attack units both near and far, and hit all of them for decent to devastating damage. The only unit that has advantage against him is Odin, and he's not very strong. In fact, the rest of the team gets outright annihilated, whereas Odin barely limps away. Fitting, considering who's doing the fighting. Their other red units too, so Odin has to work even harder. But eventually, he can't hang on, and the team is defeated. Thankfully, I have my second team come and finish things off. Things are easy for them, especially with Reinhart defeating everything. I take a hit in points. But at least I get something. So I tried to go to the arena. But I don't do well there either. I can only hope that the rest of the game won't be as devastating.
  6. So it looks like there's more Ultra Sun and Moon prerelease news today. All of it’s got me excited, of course. There's a new surfing minigame using Mantine, and it looks really cool. It reminds me a lot of the Pikachu minigame in Pokémon Yellow, and that was immensely enjoyable. The Pokédex also gets expansion, which was badly needed. Now there's over 400 Pokémon, and I can't wait to catch them all. Also, it looks like Mina will have her own trial. That will be interesting, considering her trial not was until postgame originally. It seems to be early on. I wonder what it will contain? Something about painting, maybe? More notes on version exclusives, such as Houndoom and Manetric. I've already used both of those Pokémon several times, so I might not use them here. But it's nice to see that they're in the game, since I like them both. Alolan Marowak is a Totem Pokémon… Honestly, I can't say too much about that. Hopefully, it won't be as easy to beat as its counterpart in the originals… And more info on the Photo Club. Seems like they're doing some pretty good improvements… I'm open to whatever improvements there are… And I'm hoping that this becomes a good feature… I wasn't really crazy about in the originals, but it could have been something really interesting… Hopefully, more work is put into it this time… And more good information for Pokémon! Gold and Silver is being released on the virtual console! It's a shame that Crystal is not with them, but I'm assuming that it's because it was released on Game Boy Color, rather than the original Game Boy. Apparently, there's data for it in some of the more recent games, so we may see it later. I'll be getting them of course, but I won't be playing them right away. The reason being that I mainly want those games so I can transfer old teams up to my collection in the Pokémon Bank. It's also a very useful way to get Hidden Abilities, which might be good in the tougher facilities. There's also useful glitches for things such as shiny and high-level Pokémon. But I'm bad at doing those, so I probably won't use them. Finally, some progress on the Flight Rising Nuzlocke. It's time for a new area, it seems. I roll three extra Beastclan fights, but they are easy. It's not that difficult, others than some enemies ganging up on me. I have a lot of survival chances, and the run appears to be nearing its end. I grab a female Guardian hatchling, and the area comes to an end. Despite the length and how slow the run is going, it seems there might be hope that I can make it to the end.
  7. Time for another entry on the Gold Semilocke! This time, I head towards the Radio Tower to liberate it from Team Rocket. But I run into problems. I don't have a lot of defenders, and opponents to a lot of damage. My one defender, Umbreon has horrible attack. Not to mention that poison runs rampant here, and I'm not able to heal it to the Full Heals not yet being available. Sludge is the main attack, and it does a lot of damage. It's particularly bad for Dratini, and its horrible defenses. At one point, it even gets killed. At least I have revival chances… Despite everything that happens, I eventually reached the boss Rocket. He only uses one type, but he is not easy. I want up with my Umbreon against his Weezing. And that's where things start to get hairy. Sludge still does a lot of damage, despite Umbreon’s superior defense. And Umbreon not being an attacker means I can't attack back very well. However, I still try to hang in there and finish the fight. But then tragedy strikes. Weezing is almost gone, but it still has some life left in it. It fires off a critical Sludge, killing Umbreon. I send in Sycther to take care of it, but Weezing is still in the fight. It explodes, taking Scyther with it. Perhaps it would let me have the satisfaction of defeating it. Locally, the rest of the fight goes easily. I have enough revival chances to continue with the team, but it's still quite a blow. And there is even more trouble to come. Since the item to evolve Scyther comes late (or is otherwise very difficult to get), I decide to use a code to get it early. Except there's one problem. The game I normally use for codes is Crystal, but the codes are different from Gold and Silver. And Gold is currently what I have. My original plan is to put the Metal Coat into Gold, and then only make the trade once. But things don't go according to plan, as I cannot find the specific codes for Pokémon Gold. So instead, I put the Metal Coat into Crystal and trade twice. With it, Scyther finally evolves. And there is much rejoicing. This is also preceded by Dratini, who evolved into Dragonair soon after getting killed and revived at the Radio Tower. And now I have one last challenge. Silver. Well, he's not much of a challenge. But he is an important battle, nonetheless. He gives his motivation here, and it makes sense that he would continue to chase Team Rocket, given who his father is and his history with them… He doesn't bring much to the table, but something interesting does happen. I actually use Tail Whip in the battle. I don't think I've ever done that. I'm up against his strongest Pokémon, Feraligator. And I'm fighting with Umbreon. Umbreon isn't doing a lot of damage, but neither is my opponent. I decide to use Tail Whip in order to constantly lower the foe’s defense. After a while, Tail Whip’s done enough damage where I can defeat it easier. And at last I can continue out of the area, as I continue on my mission to liberate the Radio Tower.
  8. Time for another entry, and more of the Mimikyu solo run. It's time for the trial at Brooklet Hill. And it's here we meet Lana. One of my favorite characters in the game, mainly because I enjoy pranksters and those who have an association with water. Not to mention her dialogue is hilarious… But now we have to fight some Whisiwashi. It is rather easy, and not because of my high levels. Whisiwashi has the worst stats in Pokémon, beating out Magikarp for that title. However, like Magikarp, something happens when it hits level 20. It transforms. Wishiwashi has the ability Schooling, which means that it gets much higher stats when it reaches level 20 and has 50% or more HP. On top of that, I'm battling in the rain. This gives my opponent higher attack, but it doesn't do a thing to help me. On top of that, there are other Wishiwashi using Helping Hand. They don't have a lot of stats on their own, but they can increase the abilities of the main Pokémon. On top of that, I know I'm going to have trouble with the Totem Pokémon's aura. This aura increases defense, and physical attacks are I have. And then I realized something. Wishiwashi doesn't have a lot of defense to compensate. It can heal, but only a little bit with a Stritus Berry. It also only uses special attacks, which Mimikyu weathers easily. Now, it's simply a matter of outlasting its attacks, with its strongest being Water Gun. I get injured a lot, but I’m able to outlast it with healing items. Bulk Up, Shadow Sneak and Normalium Z secure the win. So off to meet another person, Hapu. Hapu and her Mudsdale are apparently traveling around, helping those in need and getting stronger. And it appears there’s a Driftloon being terrorized by Team Skull. Luckily, we’re able to save it. As for Hapu, I do like her character. She is an interesting take on the young Trainer, and the way she acts makes sense. Not to mention she's kind of an interesting rival, even if she doesn't really go against the player in battle most of the time… I only wish we could meet earlier… And I head on to the Battle Royal I guess I'd better explain how I feel about Battle Royals. I don't particularly like them, mainly because they're bit of a mess. It's difficult to remember the rules, and still difficult to not lose (or win) easily. This is because it only takes one hit to decide the match. There's also the fact that there is for Pokémon the screen and wants all facing different directions. This makes battle lag horribly and move very fast. It makes it very difficult to tell who's doing what. Not to mention that the rewards aren't that great. There's another place after the main game is cleared that is far better with rewards. But that is neither here nor there, as I continue through the second island.
  9. Time for another entry! And time to start off the day with Fire Emblem Heroes! Looks like there's a bunch of new maps for Fire Emblem Heroes! And they are a bit different from previous ones. That's because they're based on the new entry Fire Emblem Warriors, and are released in its honor. They work like a typical Warriors map, with lots of enemies and a boss. They also contain lots of houses, and enemies are constantly emerging. Before long, there is a swarm. But I'm not worried. My units are strong, and they can easily take out the enemies by themselves. There are some injuries, but overall, there are no issues. And it's all to excellent remixes of the different Fire Emblem themes. Pretty interesting, and well worth playing. Of course, I have to wait a while before the game (I can only get the Swith version, since my 3DS won't run it). Speaking of which, the new maps give Orbs. And Orbs means more summoning! But I have a bit of trouble, getting a lack of strong units or units that I already have. So instead, I turn my attention to the Tempest Trials. The new Tempest Trials are the same as what I've written down before. And my second team is quite strong, so I should still have the means to conquer if my first team falls. They will have to work together to combat weaknesses, overall, I feel like my odds are very good. So my next area is Flight Rising. Unfortunately, training is more difficult. The level curve makes it so that dragons take a long time to level up. And opponents are dodging my attacks. At one point, I think about giving up. But I resolve to keep going. I've been with the characters for a long time, and I want them to get a happy ending. Within time, everyone's ready for the next area. Which leaves me with one more place. The Mimikyu solo run. Specifically, the Battle Royals. I'm able to easily win because of my high level. But it can be difficult because of the many physical attacks that are being thrown at me. Attacks that include Pursuit (from Type: Null), Aqua Jet (from Bironne), and Rock Throw (from Rockruff). I win simply by attacking. First, attacking Null with Breakneck Blitz. Then, attacking Rockruff with Shadow Sneak. And then I'm off to Wela Volcano Park. The Trainers there are easy, so it's a fast climb. Alice tries to learn charm, but I stoped her. Her Feint Attack proves useful against the accuracy lowering Rockrola, especially. The trial also proves to be easy, with Marowak weak against my attacks despite having strong ones of its own. The only problem I have with the upcoming Magmar is Clear Smog. It likes that when I use Work Up, and it resets all my stats. But then the real problem comes in. Sazdazzle. This fully evolved Pokémon has Toxic, while I have little healing items. It also has moves like Torment and Taunt to mess up my attacks. I am bit worried about it. But I find it has one problem. Sazdazzle has neither offense or defense. I'm able to heal the poison with just a single Antidote. With my usual strategy, the totem Pokémon is beaten back quickly. And now, I finally get Fly added to my Ride pager. Next time is the time for backtracking, as I go to finish up the first island.
  10. So I start off the day with another training session in the Emerald Nuzlocke. This will probably be one of the last, with me exploring the water routes in between Mossdeep and the next city. The trainers are easy, and the routes very short. Pity I have to use an HM slave to get into the Seafloor Cavern, but I'm strong enough to handle it… Before long, I met the start of the cavern, and the end is near… So after that I train, and reminisce. Flight Rising seems to be just the ticket today. As usual, it is easy. Sometimes I think about how far I've come. It's been a while since I started the run, almost one year to be exact. I was browsing around and wanting something about dragons, and I remembered my old Flight Rising account. I remember that I liked it, but got bored with the game slow pace. I thought maybe if I did a Nuzlocke and treated it like a regular game, my interest would rekindle. I at least wanted to be able to see it one last time, and complete all the achievements I'd been wanting to. Not to mention making up my own lore for the game made things interesting. And I wanted to see how much it changed. So I decided I'd try again. If it didn't interest me, I'd stop. So here I am again, almost one year later and still going. The run still has its issues, such as slowness and lack of things to do with the toughest equipment. Internet connection disconnects are also a problem, but there is nothing I can handle. Of course, it limits me in the amount of areas I can do, the game is rather redundant, so divided more I'm not sure it would keep going. But overall I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm now nearing the games latter half, after all this time, and it feels like quite an accomplishment. I've now got a lot of the achievements cleared, a lot of the areas cleared, and a lot more interesting dragons. Not to mention interesting lore during this time. And a lot has happened in my life to. Makes for very interesting lore, and a reason to go back. It's kind of like a log of what happened. Of course I will keep going, and hope that the log will see its end. It's only fitting that I do, after all I've built up.
  11. So, today's a day for training in Flight Rising. It's getting easier now, perhaps because my dragons are stronger. Or perhaps because I'm getting used to it. But that's not the main event. The main event is training again, but this time, it's in fire emblem heroes. A third team requires being leveled up, and I'm currently doing so. Of course, they all come with their own strengths and weaknesses. For starters, half of the team is mages. This makes things interesting, because the team is very good at fending off enemies from a distance. Unfortunate, this also means that they are weak to physical attacks, and two of them cannot strike up close. As for the ranges themselves, they couldn't be more different, Linde has good skills from inheritance (Blarblade and Moonbow), and can also double as a healer with Ardent Sacrifice. The latter is not the best option for her though, considering her low HP. However, her high damage makes her a strong fighter all around, even if she has to be kept away from direct combat. Soren, however, is a completely different matter. He is a green mage, which means he'll take on entirely different sets of enemies. However, his skills are different too. Unfortunately, they're not as good as Linde’s. Soren is unfortunately very slow, even if he can deal could damage. His skill, Watersweep, does not help with that, making him even slower against certain enemies. Rising Wind and Growing Wind aren't that great either. They are arena attack skills, which in general are not that great. Eldigan is incredible, however. With the recently acquired Quickened Pulse, he can use the special effect of his unique sword to quickly execute powerful offensive skills. While he currently only has the light version of Soren's Growing Wind, I am looking forward to placing more powerful attack skills on him to make use of this power. Lunge can be good or bad, depending on where he is. However, the best use I can find for it is by setting up units for others to take out. There’s Fury, but that's rather situational. It's generally regarded as a good skill, but I won't use it now. Eldigan has good attack as is, and it goes without saying that he also can back it up with good movement. And then there’s Corrin. Otherwise known as the average person. Corrin is unfortunately rather redundant, because of Eldigan eclipsing him in both attack and movement. He does have the powerful Dragon Gaze but not much else. His average stats start to show unfortunately, as he lags behind the rest of the team and requires a lot of Light’s Blessings. But enough about that! It seems there's new Tempest Trials events coming up, starring the units that came out recently. This event seems to be themed around the ninth and 10th games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I was hoping to get my four teams leveled up to participate in this event, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. However, with one team leveled up and another running full skill in inheritance, I have a better chance. Skill narratives is already proved to be a massive asset here, so I've no doubt it will continue to be. But then there's the fact that involves Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Admittedly, the two are not my favorite games, even though I don't mind Ike. I feel like he is a bit overused, but I'm glad the older games are getting some representation when recent titles have focused on the newer ones. Not to mention that Ike and his group are so popular that having an event centered around them is sure to draw people in. And if the game draws people in, that it can keep selling. I hope it goes even further back, though. I'd like to see more of Jugdral…
  12. And a time for some Fire Emblem Heroes! Time for the Semilocke team to do a new chapter! But it's not all that easy… Corn is having trouble against spellcasters and healers, so she needs a lot of Lights Blessings. I tried to do the next mission, but units keep getting in each other's way. Lloyd and Merric are unintentionally pitted against units they are not strong against. They end up defeated, and I am forced to restart. Things get better the second time, and they seem to be going well. Unfortunately, Corrin was again student she was weak against as they flew over bridges and houses. She quickly gets killed against a green mage and an axe flyer. So I am forced to choose someone else. It is difficult to choose at this point because I have run out of revival chances, and I don't want to spend a lot of time leveling to lose someone else mid chapter. Olivia support skill of dance is invaluable, and because she's not going into combat, she is easy to train. But I still have difficulty. My first instinct is to throw Nowi at everything. But I immediately fail because there are units she is weak to. I also try to keep Olivia out of combat, but I fail to do that as well. I restart several times, but my next few attempts don't go much better. There are the powerful units Elincia and Nephnee, and they use their high movement to chase after my team. Eventually, they heavily wound and even kill units that are weak to them. Eventually, my only choice is to throw Olivia into combat. Where she quickly gets killed. At least the mission is finally cleared… But I don't have many units left. Luckily, I have an Axe user named Arthur. He's high level because of the Seal Quests earlier in the month. He only needs to be raised a bit more to be used in combat. So that's what I do, and head for the next chapter. Everything seems to go smoothly. At least until the final part. I try different formations in combat for the final chapter, but then I realized is only one convoluted way to beat it. Nowi and Lloyd must stand next to each other in order to gain their support ones. Lloyd must then attack Ike. Ike is then healed by Elincia, and attacks back. Merric comes in from behind and damages him. Lloyd then finishes off the mercenary, and Elincia is then killed by Nowi. What happens next is chaotic. The Masked Man comes in and is damaged by Merric. However, he also quickly kills him. Nowi lowers the enemy stats, but Arthur's attack is also lowered. The Black Knight engages Nowi, and both are injured. Arthur manages to attack the Masked Man, and Lloyd finishes him off. Nowi kills the Black Knight. She barely prevents him from casting his attack, the deadly Eclipse. But now, there is one unit left. Oscar. Oscar comes charging him from behind. I think he will attack Nowi. But instead he has his sights set on another target. Lloyd. And before I can stop it, he kills him. At least Nowi took him out afterward. And now I'm left to ponder about how bleak things have become. I don't have a lot of units left, and I'm almost losing more than I'm recruiting. Due to the random number generator and the fact that I can't spend money to get Orbs, there's also a lack of good units even in my reserves. This is only made worse by the game’s slow updates, and although I promised to play to the end, there seems to be no end in sight. So, for now I'm not sure how long this one will continue, or even the game itself. It's fitting for the backdrop, of an endless war where units constantly fight and die for a cause that never seems stop. A cause so dire that spanned across time and space… The Semilocke really does give a feeling of that… Perhaps even better than the game itself has… The death toll for this run is very high, one of the highest of any of the runs. To my knowledge, only Pokemon Zeta as a Randomlocke and Pokémon Stadium one have been higher. So the future doesn't look bright. But at least, I have plans if this run doesn't pan out… But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
  13. Pokémon Moon.
  14. Pokémon Platinum
  15. Roark, why'd you make me have to use all my potions on your stupid Craindos? That Headbutt/Leer combo nearly destroyed the only Pokémon I could use to beat you… And it forced a reset before that too…
  16. Pokémon Platinum.
  17. Happy Birthday! :)

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      Thank you! Yay, thanks for the awesome birthday wishes! :D 

  18. Time for another writing blog post! It's been a while, and I have lots of new ideas! So let's begin with one of the most important ones, one that concerns the fate of these very blog posts. So the decision to put the blog post has been made, which means that they will their own separate story. Unlike the original idea to novelize them, the blog post will be ported as they are, with minor edits. A story will be built around them, because they don't have much of a story by themselves. This is because I would like the blog post to be known alongside my other writing, and like Holly Rising before it, is difficult to do that if they're only confined to this site. This may also be the story that replaces the diary format in Price of Rebirth, but I am unsure. However, this also means changes to the story that was originally known as Journey. This story will be known is that instead, and that stories name will most likely be changed to Trial. This is because of the trial that the protagonist is enduring during the story (also the trial of playing the game), the trial that her other self is also enduring, the trial that she has to go on through the Semilockes, and the trial that she decides to make everyone else endure at the time the Semilockes start. It's also worth noting that that means journey itself will be changed significantly, with only one game being played. It is unknown what the game is at this time, but it is highly likely that it will be Okami. It fits the most with what the protagonist is trying to do, with the idea of a God dying, the world dying with it, along with the idea to bring the god back with the prayers of people. Any other game that I can play from the start can also be used, such as the recent releases Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. A preliminary story has been drafted. There is a decision to use the Price of Rebirth protagonist, but only after she has the ability to see all the timelines and put them all together. She looks into the version of herself that is "normal". This version is the author of the blog posts, and the protagonist can see which is writing. She's a lighter hearted gamer, in comparison to their much darker counterparts in Wanderer, the Semilockes, and the Price of Rebirth. As for how I will handle the Semilockes, it may be a dream that the "normal" protagonist has. She may even see it being played, but currently, with how the story unfolds, it would take place in the past. Her request is to allow the other protagonist to see what she's writing if she takes the writing that puts them alongside the other worlds she's seen (meaning, the other stores that are available at that time). There may also be references to what has happened with the Semilockes, depending on how far along they are. Something may also happen where the Price of Rebirth protagonist can give the gift of foresight and creation in a sense, since the protagonist of Journey cannot initially see what's happening in the other timelines, nor can she write down what's being seen. There's also the idea of them both seen the timelines, and the protagonist of Journey is writing down what she's seeing. However, she has no idea what she's actually writing down. The characters and the writing portions may actually be the twin goddesses, because they control everything. They're not actually seen, however. Occasionally, one of the two may act surprised. This is because of the surprises and things happening in the other worlds, and surprised at things happening her own world. However, she's not really bothered by this, other than asking if this is her own world. Eventually, the protagonist asks the other one if some of the writings are from her world, and she says yes. She then asked if that protagonist is surprised, and she replied she is not. This hints at her true identity as the one behind everything, because if she controls everything, then she would never be surprised at changes. There will also be a difference between playing versus seeing in the blog. Whenever something goes on in another character's world, she is seeing. Whenever something goes on in her own world, she is playing. The games used for trial are seeing. I may not use the Price of Rebirth protagonist at all, since her inclusion spoils some of the later parts and the outcome of the Semilockes. I may start this story after the next chapter of the Altar, because the Binding of Isaac is now completed. And ever fixing the timeline is seen the first bit of Okami and realizing what happens with the corruption and how that might affect the protagonist of Journey. She also realizes that in order to be useful, she has to accept what has happened to her and try to be useful as much as she can. This is difficult, in a world where everyone is expected to be supernatural, and she almost has nothing. She is most likely an alternate Kristine whose powers never came. It is unknown how long Journey will go on for. Perhaps until the blog itself ends. Or perhaps anything after Okami (or whatever game is used) will be considered a sequel. Journey is also interesting, because it uses second person quite commonly when hardly any other work does. This is because the protagonist is writing as though there is an audience on the other side, almost like a diary. The protagonist of Price of Rebirth may even think of it as a diary. There is also the idea of her making comments over what happens and transcribing entries into something that's easier to read. For example, the protagonist in Journey has no knack for possession. This is unlike the protagonist of Wanderer, who has that knack because however briefly, the goddesses have entered her. Something about the way the stories is written will also be mentioned. The shorter length and brief descriptions are sometimes to get things moving too fast, or putting descriptions down later. Possibly there is the idea of only being able to write in the world for a short amount of time, leading to the brevity and non-description. This story will most likely end before the Semilockes do, to avoid spoiling them all. A decision has been made also use Holly in a story. For now, this decision is porting the RP directly, again with minor edits to the original text. Holly, and by extension, her traveling companion Anabel's, character is still being developed, however. For example, Holly has problems interacting with some people due to reading emotions wrong. For example, she clashes with Misty’s more immature parts of her personality, and possibly loses to her. There's also possibly negativity between her and Lieut. Surge, as well as problems with her rival Ivy. Anabel gets frustrated with this, because she can also feel the emotions but does so correctly. Holly’s problem with gambling comes up as a major flaw. In Celedon, she slips away from Anabel's watchful eye in order to go gamble. When Anabel and Erika find out, both are very angry. Anabel particular punishes Holly physically (probably by slapping her a few times). Erika bars her from entering anything other from than the very outskirts of the city until she can get the money back that she gambled away. Anabel forces her to fight day in day out, so that she can get enough money to pay back what she spent. The fact that she has her memories here, along with her true identity, and cause her to be a lot more aggressive than she is in the games. When it comes to a lot of Holly’s bad decisions, Anabel is known for showing tough love. Speaking of Anabel, her history isn't quite created, but it is close. There's several hints as to who she really is. One is by saying that the name Holly is familiar to her, and also showing some discomfort over it. Another is her noticing a bunch of children, and seeming to be familiar. Another is when she tells Holly about her past (or least some of it) and Holly gets excited about the Tower. Instead of being excited with her, Anabel looks noticeably pained. A third hint comes after a large argument, and Holly winds up in a bad situation. Anabel rescues her, and tries to keep her calm. She ends up singing a few lullabies from Hoenn, and Holly vaguely seems to remember them. Anabel's also noted to have a good singing voice, something which is currently unique to this story. The final reveal comes when Anabel actually enters Celadon, and gets talk with Erika. Eric is Anabel’s suspicions, and the latter is able to obtain proof. She then tells Holly who she is after the events in Celadon. Speaking of Celadon, this is where something happens to Torracat. That something gets him removed from the team, but not from the story itself. There is a bit of foreshadowing with Torracat before this, such as doing poorly in battles, and Holly wanting to give it to the box. She chooses not to, because it is her starter, and this has disastrous consequences. The idea of eventually removing Torracat comes from looking up Torracat’s moves for the RP and realizing that it's not going to get much stronger. There's also something that I have to keep in my with this particular story. That's what to do with the RP is discontinued. There are couple things I can do. One is to do a sort of epilogue closing scene with the characters and then include Holly in a more traditional story. Another is to ask what the RP would've done and then build off of what could've been. A final one is to use some of the story that has been created for the RP, and create a new story based on that. There's enough of the story for it to stand on its own, and I can always add my own details. For example, if the story were remade, there would be a point of view from Erika finding Holly. There would also be a point of view from Anabel, although readers are not sure it's her. More things are in detail, such as Holly leaving for the mission, and Erika’s concern. There are still other details, such as battles being darker (still not the point of The Altar), some of Holly's traits being explored more or taken out, Anabel appearing earlier (maybe at the time the first badge, or even at the very start), something explaining why Pokémon not from Kanto are in the area, more scenes from different points of view (such as the poison aftermath scene being from Anabel's point of view, or both), more scenes about Erika at home (perhaps Anabel contacts her and someone knows who she is) and Holly's appearance being changed. There's still some more for this story, though. For example, there is currently a problem with trying not to make Anabel overly aggressive. Also, making sure the aggressiveness has flaws. One of them is constantly arguing with Erika, is the two have opposite personalities. Another one is where she comforts Holly after she loses, but then shows her tough love and berates her for arrogance immediately after. With Anabel’s training, she is able to win, but doesn't understand why Anabel acts the way she does. As a result, she rebels against her and generally ignores her. This continues probably up until Vermillion city, were Holly ends up in a bad situation and Anabel has to save her. Holly ends up crying and telling Anabel she's sorry, and Anabel simply comforts her saying "I know". This prompts Anabel to try and not be as harsh with Holly, and Holly tries to understand her better. The aggressiveness still comes through, for example, with Holly's gambling problem. However, Anabel explains this is because she has seen the effects of gambling on people. She also tries to help Holly pick up something safer, and this is when Holly shows interest in sports. The Price of Rebirth research has been restarted. This is quite meaningful, as Price of Rebirth is one of the largest fanfictions in development, and also one of the oldest (the only one older is the fan fiction that will be reborn as Bonds Retested, and it's only by few months). Price of Rebirth itself is about 14 years old, and has been developed and changed consistently throughout the years. It was on my profile when it was first created, but was taken down when I got back to it many years later. With it, my profile will be complete when it comes to its stories. However, and still has a long way to go. The first is to check and see which games would be good for Price of Rebirth’s setting. Price of Rebirth involves a lot of different games as people travel to each other's worlds, so it's important to know where they can go. After that, I'm going to gather up all the notes and chapters that were originally created, and figure out what to do with them. After that comes the writing of the OC worlds and characters, because although Prince of Rebirth as a fan fiction, OC things play a huge part. Sites such as Springhole.net will also be used to help develop OCs and make them reach the best potential. The final step before rewriting is writing down who does what each arc or chapter, and getting it to the point where I don't need to do anything but minor changes. So, price of a bird still has a lot of things it needs to do, but at least it's getting off the ground. I do not know when it will be truly resurrected, but at least the process has started. I also made some decisions made on a short piece about the indie game Claire. This is the piece that novelizes the endings, and there are five in total. Originally, there were only going to be three, but there's an ending I discovered the player can get if they intentionally miss all the people they can save in the game. There's also another ending that's clearly a joke ending, and was originally not going to be added. Now, these two endings will be added, but they will be before the three endings in the original piece. Perhaps the first two will be dreams, followed by the character stepping back into reality as the other endings are seen. It's also worth noting that there will be a change in the final ending, due to not being able to find a script for the true ending. Typically, there's a line about someone bringing flowers to the main character, but I couldn't find the line itself. So instead, there will be a mention about the titular characters seeing flowers in the true ending. There may also be a second piece about what brings the protagonist to the true ending, but is unknown of that peacefully written. The reason is that there is relatively little known or confirmed about what leads up to the true ending, so it may be difficult to write. A major change in Price of Rebirth is happening, involving one main plot elements. One of the main plot elements has everyone thinking the main protagonist is the daughter of one person, but she's revealed to be another’s. Originally, no one suspected that she was another's, but now it's more obvious due to how she looks and acts. She herself is also suspicious, but has no proof either way. No one believes her family, because it's possible to falsify bloodlines in this universe. However, proof comes later when she see as the heir to her birth father's land. Her adoptive father moves in with the family not just be her father, and there is no common law marriage in place like the original. Kratos only does this because the protagonist’s mother can't raise four children on her own. He's also the only one close the family was not already married. It may also be his organization, Cruixs that takes them in instead. A couple of scenarios are there for Kratos and his later marriage. One of which is Kratos simply states he won't take a wife while helping the protagonist's mother. This is mainly because it reminds her of what happened with her former husband. Kratos may not have any interest in marrying anyway at this point. There is also an issue, however, because many of the protagonist have to be around the Price of Rebirth’s protagonist age in order to make the story make sense. One of the ways to do this is to have the Price of Rebirth protagonist age slower. This makes it so that other characters who start younger than her can be close to her age later on. A year for her could be several years’ maturity for them. Another scenario is that the protagonist’s mother allows Kratos to marry, but only if she approves the marriage. This would allow the protagonist to be more accepting of Anna, when she originally was not before. This would also allow the children, especially the oldest, Lloyd, to be born earlier, and to be more consistent with canonical ages. They would also be closer to the protagonist’s age, but she would still be the older one. In the original drafts, the fight between the protagonist parents is very one-sided, and not a lot damage is shown. In this version, the fight is much less one-sided and more damage is shown. The protagonist father spreads lies about her mother and her family deliberately, but the mother also does the opposite unintentionally through anger. The end result is that the countries taking sides, the popularity of the rulers is an all-time low, and the children dragged into it. This sets the stage for much of the second arc, and much of the protagonist’s development thereafter. However, this also changes her perspective when many of the freelancers in her country unite to bring suffering to it. The protagonist realizes that they've already suffered enough, since many of died, one of the people involved as died, and the other may just as well be dead. Even when the other person does die, he will join the other in having no afterlife. It's different than the other timelines, where in many, she joins out of sheer anger, before realizing the consequences. The confrontation between the protagonist and her birth father will be different as well. In the original, the protagonist attacked her birth father because she was provoked by what happened to her mother. This, however, can easily be mistaken as her overreacting, and attacking out of nowhere. In the new version, the provocations are much more direct, and therefore the attack is more justified. It is unknown if this attack will factor into the punishments that take place later on. Anabel is now major character in Price of Rebirth, as opposed to a minor character in original drafts. She may or may not work with Mikoto, and keeps tabs on the protagonist using the police force. It would make sense, because Anabel is known for working with emotions, and many of the protagonist’s problems are emotional. Speaking of Anabel, there will be a sequel to Holly’s story involving her and Erika. Holly goes missing, and the two set out to find her. There is an interesting dynamic between them because of their opposing personalities. Of course, arguments occur. However, they're united in their desire to find Holly, and the relationship both have with her in the first book. In this story, animal is forced to confront her past as she jumped through the worlds of the older and newer games. Erika sees this from the other side, being the Erika on the newer games. Also allows things from the first story to be seen from Anabel and Erika's point of view. This is something not seen in the first story unless it is remade. It's also worth noting that both stores are deconstructions. The second story is deconstructing the idea of relying on children as champions of everything. This is because despite all her power, Holly goes missing anyway. The reason being is that, no matter how strong the Pokémon trainers are, the adults always be more experienced, make better decisions, and possibly be even stronger. It's also worth noting that the evil teams would most likely be prepared for a child, especially word has gotten around that a child has beaten them before. The final thing is if the child is turned against the adults, which is exactly what happens to Holly in the second story. It also would noting that Anabel is much more regretful and fearful than she is and Holly Rising, which would sense considering the story and the fact that it is more things from her point of view. Eventually, she and Erika learned to use each other's talents advantageously, like a good cop bad cop routine. Some final changes for Price of Rebirth. The protagonist there acts more supportive of order despite being aggressive. In original drafts, she had a rather casual disregard for laws as long as it benefited her. This difference is especially shown when she is compared to the other freelancers, who still have this type of disposition. It may also be attributed to her seeing Anabel, since she also sees what happens to lawbreakers and what could happen to her. She tries to put up a front for the latter personality at first, both as a defense mechanism and forming trustworthy to freelancers. Eventually, some people, such as Anabel, can see right through it. There's also a speech Price of Rebirth's protagonist gives in the first timeline to Anabel about how she doesn't care about punishment because she hasn't much further to fall. This turned out to be the case in every timeline but the final, where she doesn't have the same bad things happen to her. She also chooses not to disobey most of the laws, and is better at winning consequences. This is in part because what she's seen, and also in part because of the goddesses. There can also be a scene where animal has to care for her for extended period of time in which case she realizes that there's something wrong with her and tries to get her help. It may make more sense than Mikoto, because the two have similar personalities. There's also the idea of Annabel teaching the protagonist how to use channel her aggression into something useful. She may also realize she can teach the protagonist how to properly use manipulation. The idea is that the protagonist cannot manipulate, even for something beneficial, because she doesn't want to become focused on using the behavior for cruelty. Also, there's a chance that she's remembering what happens to friends and family that have used it. One of her character development is understanding that not everyone who manipulates is doing so for bad cause, and able to use it strategically. This also runs off of the idea that she herself is not easily manipulated due to being able to sense others' emotions and what they're going to do. This is also because the fact that she's seen it a lot. Treating the characteristic like this makes her more a realistic person, and different from her previous incarnations, while the same time retaining that manipulative trait. In previous drafts, she was incredibly cruel and manipulative, and her justifications were there, but flimsy. The protagonist in the Altar actually resembles this. In her final incarnation, there's the idea of the protagonist moving on, even if she doesn't necessarily forgive.
  19. Today is an exciting day for Fire Emblem: Heroes! There's finally a whole new chapter, rather than just a side mission! This means new story, new challenges, and most importantly, new ways to get Orbs. Hopefully I can get the other teams training again… Also in terms of new things, Flight Rising has had an update. Those who use alchemy can get to level 23 and create two new familiars. Those who trade can also find new familiars. Since familiars are a good way of making money, I will definitely be going for these as soon as I can. But it will take a while, seeing as the Nuzlocke is still going on… I haven't played in a while, so luckily I will get a chance to play later. But off to the main attraction, Fire Emblem: Heroes. Also, there is currently double SP bonus there. I might take the time to get some skills for some of the teams. But first, the new chapters. So this chapter finally confirms that Bruno is Zarcaias. It's what everyone saw coming, honestly… And he reveals why he ran away… He was originally from the enemy country, but was cast out... His family was killed, so he sided with the trio. However, a curse runs through the royal blood, and Bruno knew if he stayed said curse would kill his newfound friends… So he left, looking for way to get rid of it, but he hasn't found any success… It's kind of sad, knowing that, because the reason he asked his friends to kill him so he wouldn't cause them any suffering… And since his friends are still attached to him, they went along with keeping him alive, leading to the current conflict… He's kind of like a Lyon in a way, where he was kind and gentle, trying to use the darkness for the best reasons he could. But in the end, it devoured him, and he has to ask his friends to kill him… It's also worth noting that a big theme of Lyon’s game is facing reality and dealing with loss… I wonder if that will come into play again with the Askr trio… It also makes you wonder if the god that Loki is the servant of is also the god that possesses the royal family… There's even more connections there, because said god requires Lyon’s tome. On the subject of that, it makes you wonder what would happen if Veronica was good, knowing what was happening in trying to save her brother. And at the same time, wanting to make new friends… She could keep her secrets hidden from the trio, at least until something like this happens… It would make a lot more sense to have her there than Anna, because even though she is the mascot of the series, she is not an original character… Also, on another topic, I wonder what things would've been like if Lyon would've accepted his father's death, and moved on. The Demon King probably would have still caused problems, but Lyon would have been one of the heroes. I feel like it's a fate he deserves… I also feel like Ephraim would've been looked down upon a bit more, because everyone else is asked him it more sensibly. I feel like the only reason people accepted what he did is because they were in the middle of a war and no one knew what to do… But enough about that. We have a battle to fight. Luckily, the enemies are easy. But Bruno runs away. Time to chase after him… Also, I grab my reward from the Tempest Trials, and see the ending scene… It's both happy and sad at the same time, as their world is saved, but Hector realizes what's going to happen to him… And he makes the main character not tell anyone… It's especially sad if his own games have been played, and the player actually gets to see that happen… Anyway, back to the chapters. And the Black Knight appears, at the same port he appears in Path of Radiance. And he has his theme too… Pretty awesome! I suspect we will be recruiting him in some way. But for now, we have to defend. Luckily, it's still not that hard, even if the Black Knight gets some hits in. Onto the next chapter. That one goes without a hitch, and we are at the final one. And Bruno really is like Lyon, with no one being able to resist and him being unable to kill himself… The chapter is called A Bond Renewed, so I'm hoping it ends happily… Well, it sort of does. Even if it is a bit predictable. Bruno presumes his search, and the Askr warriors vow to save him. Part of me wonders what would've happened if he'd just told the truth… Would they have reacted in the same way? And how would they felt knowing that they had a loyal friend, but that he could kill them at any time? It would be interesting to think about. I also can't help noting that Bruno’s name is still listed as ???. Is that because of the three identities he has, or is he actually someone else that is none of them? Maybe he has a connection to Loki’s true form… But for now, it's time for the Semilocke team to take over. Except they don't have as easy of a time. Nowi gets injured by enemies in the second chapter, and I think I may lose her. But it's not her I lose. It’s Raven. As I attack the enemies, I leave him wide-open to an attack from Elincia. And the attack kills him. The other enemies are easily dispatched. But now I'm left to wonder what to do without a unit. Raven wasn't the fastest, which is what allowed him to get destroyed. He also left my team vulnerable to red units, and they show up a lot in the coming chapters. Which means the solution is a blue unit. But which one? There are many… I go over every single blue unit I have, before finally settling on female Corrin. She may be a 3* unit, but she's plenty powerful. I have enough feathers to promote someone, so it's fine if I use one. She’s also a Manakete, which is helpful for Nowi. And so I begin training her. I quickly find she's not without her issues, though. One of which is that she has very mediocre attack. Another of which is that she has trouble hitting mages, due to their high resistance. I'm forced to use several light’s Blessings on her, but eventually, she gets enough experience to promote. I decide to save more training for next time though. My stamina meter is low.
  20. I've never had that happen to me, but I have had a few other things. One of them was getting my walker will caught in the wire of my 3DS charger and sending it crashing to the ground. I did some damage to the screen and had to send into repairs. Luckily I had warranty... I found a way around that was to keep my 3DS (and all other electronics) in a drawer while it was charging... I also an interesting thing happened where I could not get my 3DS to turn on. After being positively terrified and trying to remove my SD card, I found out it was because I had an old DS card that my 3DS couldn't read. I found that the solution for that was to take my card in and out of the slot because of corrosion. It's something that happens to older DS games, and the 3DS is simply more sensitive. The other solution was to simply make sure I never tried to turn on my system with a DS game in its slot.
  21. That sucks... To be fair, they are pretty clear about you losing everything if you don't renew your subscription. Although I do agree that an extra reminder would've been nice, rather than having you have to keep track yourself... Maybe they could send out reminders on the two week mark (which is when you can renew it), or maybe there is some way to pay ahead... I feel like they will need to make some changes if they want to keep that system... I always renew at the two week mark. So I sometimes get my day confused. It's either February 8 or February 22, 2018.
  22. Fire Emblem Heroes, why did you have to stop being fun? You would have been a great idea for a regular Fire Emblem game…