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About Me

Hello, I am a fan fiction writer from the United States. I eventually hope to branch out into original fiction as well. I enjoy writing for several different fandoms, and I mostly enjoy writing AUs. That doesn't mean I won't do other types of work as well.


I will also take requests for work, even if it's a fandom I don't know. I also enjoy commenting on and reviewing other people's work, as well as helping them with it. If anyone needs help with editing more or looking over their work, do not hesitate to ask.


As of December 26, 2016, I have officially become a beta reader on Fan Fiction.net. Visit my profile on Fan Fiction.net for more details. Those who do not wish to use this service but would still like their work reviewed may e-mail me instead.


Status: Active, taking requests anytime


Although Fanfiction.net is the main site at a write for, there are several other sites where I crosspost my work. If I crosspost my work to another site, I will try to mention it in the work’s summary. If I put large amounts of work on one site (e.g. an entire series), that site will be listed here instead.


Currently, all of my work also can be seen on:




Archive of our Own

Serenes Forest


Some sites will only take certain types of work, so look on my main profile on Fanfiction.net to see who takes what.

These sites are:


Warriors RP Forums

Flight Rising

Nuzlocke Forums


I also have a Fictionpress account, but as of this point, I'm not using it.



Other than that, I hope you enjoy what I write and I hope to enjoy my time here!