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  1. A Kanto Adventure

    After Holly’s close encounter with the berry, the group continued on. Holly couldn't help feel a chill creep down her spine at how quiet it was. No matter where she looked, no Pokémon approached. She couldn't even see any on the horizon… Holly blinked. Pokémon were everywhere. To have nothing here was unnatural beyond belief… Holly couldn't help her eyes going wide. What was going on? Somehow, Annabel noticed Holly’s bewilderment. “Holly, what's wrong?” Holly's voice came out as a stammer. “The Pokémon… There are none here…” Kris's eyes became severe as she replied. “That's because this is the domain of the lightning bird legendary Pokémon, Zapdos. It lives in the nearby power plant, and its mighty presence scares all Pokémon away. They might return later, but who knows when "later" will be. At least the Pokémon in the waters and around the power plant live peacefully. Oh, and those in the back of the power plant don't seem to mind it either.” Holly blurted out. “Wait, there Pokémon in the back of the power plant? I thought that was just a room where people ran generators…” Kris shook her head. “When people added onto that building, they found a back room full of Pokémon. Rather than force them out, they simply expanded and built the room with the generators in front of them. It turned out to be a good decision, considering it's also the resting place of Zapdos. The Pokémon seem to like it, too. Fitting, considering most are electric type.” Holly couldn't contain her fascination. A room each for people and for Pokémon… And the domain of a legendary one… Would she get a chance to see it? A chance to capture it? Holly opened her mouth to speak again, but something broke the silence. Holly heard footsteps, and it wasn't long before another figure approached them. Kris stopped dead, eyes gleaming with recognition. Holly almost banged into her, but luckily, Anabel kept her steady. Holly couldn't help staring at the figure that made Kris stop so suddenly. The figure stared straight back. The figure had light reddish brown hair, and brown eyes. Holly could see that he was a male. He looked to be around Holly's age, but Holly could see strength and maturity that made him look much older. His purple and black clothing looked well-worn, but at the same time is a certain finesse to it that still showed that he took care of it. The figure looked like he was about to speak, but Kris spoke first. Her voice was almost a whisper, and Holly thought she could detect a bit of fear. “Blue… What are you doing here?” The figure blinked, confusion showing in his eyes. “Huh? I'm not Blue, I'm his son. My name is Azure. I see how you could confuse us, though. We look a lot alike.” Kris nodded, but Holly could see the nod was shaky. Holly blinked. What could make Kris be so terrified, especially of a kid? But Holly tore her attention from Kris to focus on Azure. “I'm out looking for tough Trainers. I was hoping I could find some here.” Holly stepped up, confidence brimming. “Look no further!” Yet Azure took one glance at her and scoffed. “You? A criminal like you isn't worthy of my time. Besides, I can see you're not strong enough to challenge the Viridian Gym Leader.” Holly's eyes were wide. This was the Viridian Gym Leader? The Gym Leader of Viridian City, the most powerful in Kanto, stronger than Holly could even dream of! What was such a Trainer doing here, so far away from the city? As if sensing the question, Azure answered. “If you're curious, we Gym Leaders do a lot more than just hang around at our Gyms. Some others like to travel, and I guess I'm one of them. My dad told me he did the same thing, back when he ran the Gym.” Holly blinked. A Gym Leader traveling? She supposed it was possible. After all, her mother had a job outside for Gym duties. Holly were numbered she was some sort of Dr., but it wasn't the usual kind… And apparently her Gym Trainers helped make perfume. So maybe Azure's job involved traveling. But then… Wouldn't a traveling Gym Leader be an issue for challengers? Maybe the League had some sort of protocol in place… Before Holly could ask, Anabel was speaking. “Why don't you battle Kris instead? She is strong.” The disabled trainer took a step forward at Anabel's words. However, Holly noticed her steps were shaky. What Kris think Azure was going to do? Yell at her? Then again, considering how the last encounters with League officials went, Holly wouldn't be surprised if that's what happened. Yet Azure did anything but yell. Instead, he simply shook his head. “Sorry, you're not worthy of my time either. I'd rather not challenge a wanderer who's already been around the League Challenge several times.” Anabel stepped forth, confusion written in her eyes. “Then who-” She was cut off as Azure pointed to her. “I will challenge you. I've never seen you around before, and you look strong.” Annabel looks surprised as she responded. “Me?” Azure replied. “Yes, you. Did you not hear what I just said?” Anabel rapidly recovered. “Sorry. It's been a while since someone challenged me in the field. I was caught off guard.” Azure didn't seem to knowledge this, as he took his place across from Anabel. Holly felt her tether switch to Kris, and the disabled trainer backed up to give Anabel some more space. Azure shouted. “Let's make this a one-on-one! I've got somewhere I need to be.” Anabel nodded. “As do we.” Holly wondered why he even wanted to battle when he was in a hurry, but she figured he probably just wanted to blow off some steam. Azure already had a Poké Ball in his hand. “Go, Arcanine!” A doglike Pokémon appeared with a howl. Its fur reminded Holly of a tiger, being orange with black stripes. Its black eyes stared fiercely as Anabel, but she did not flinch back. The Pokémon also had a cream-colored mane that matched its tail and some of the fur on its legs. Holly nodded. This was no surprise. Arcanine was one of the strongest fire type Pokémon, so it would make sense that the strongest Gym Leader in Kanto would have it. And it was a familiar sight. After all, it was what Growlithe would evolve into. Beside her, Holly saw Kris stiffen. Why would the disabled Trainer stiffen at seeing an Arcanine? She must've seen plenty before… Holly shook her head. She had to focus on the battle. But Holly wasn't prepared at all for what Anabel had to say. “Entei, this battle is yours.” Holly's eyes widened in shock as Anabel threw the Poké Ball. After the bright white light cleared, a powerful beast stood. A gray cloud rippled on its back and spikes jutted from below it. It had well-kept brown fur and massive gray paws, and Holly could see the muscle underneath. Black rings were around each of its legs but they didn't seem to slow it down. The Pokémon had it looked like a gray mouthpiece over his mouth, and black eyes fiercely glared at the opponent. The Pokémon had a red face, with yellow on the top. Holly finally allowed herself a moment to breathe. This was one of the strongest Pokémon in existence. One of the many gods of fire. A Pokémon so powerful make a volcano erupts with a single roar. This was Entei. Holly had seen the Pokémon other times, but it still didn't seem real now. She flashed back as she recalled what happened. There had been a woman who had studied under the Saffron Gym Leader, Sabrina. And her mother had known the woman because Sabrina was a close friend. According to them, this woman was the best student Sabrina had ever had. She apparently had more power than almost any other Trainer either her mother or Sabrina had seen. Her strength was so impressive that she had been offered the position of a Champion, but had turned it down. But Holly didn't pay any attention to that. All she remembered was Entei. Apparently, the woman had befriended the legendary Pokémon before she was even half a Trainer’s age. Now, she traveled the world on its back, and some whispered that she could even reach the places beyond. Holly remembered one time they came to visit. Holly remembered she had been young, and she had thought the sun itself had come down to greet her. But it was only the woman and her majestic Entei. She let her head and stroked the beast. At the time, and it seemed like a giant dog. But Holly saw how powerful it really was. Some traders had been foolish enough to challenge the woman. Holly remembered her eyes going wide with awe, as it used its flames to completely obliterate the opposing Pokémon. And during all this, the woman had been completely calm, despite blazing eyes matching the fire. And the Pokémon has responded in kind, retaining its own serene majesty. Holly could never forget that day. The day when she saw fire personified. Yes, fire personified… What she hoped to see here… Along with the same strength and majesty the woman had wielded long ago… But… One question remained. How did Anabel get that power? She hoped to find the answer to as she glanced towards the woman. Azure seemed as taken aback as Holly had been, confident façade broken as he stumbled backward. His eyes grew wide and he opened his mouth, but no words came out. Instead he just couldn't stop staring. Holly thought he had the same questions she did. But Anabel gave him no room to answer them. Before Azure could even speak, Anabel coolly commanded. “Entei, Stone Edge.” Entei let out a deafening roar and light blue rings surrounded it. All of a sudden, the rings turned white and Holly could see stones forming. Entei let out another roar, and the stones flew at its opponent. Arcanine screamed as the rocks pierced it. Holly winced, not seeing a place where Aracanine wasn't hit. She winced even more she felt the shards piercing her, and wondered if there were volcano is erupting now. Holly continued gritting her teeth, but stole a glance at Kris. To her surprise, she found the disabled trainer seemed to be deep in thought, and had closed her eyes. However, Holly thought she detected pain in Kris's eyes. Holly blinked. Kris had seen a lot of battles, surely. And she was used to legendary Pokémon because she commanded them herself. So what could be making her so distressed now? Yet the disabled trainer did not show the source of her distress as she continued to stare ahead. Holly quickly followed suit, and realize the battle had changed. The stones had disappeared, and Entei still loomed over the battlefield. However, Arcanine now trembled, pain and desperation written in its eyes. All of a sudden, its legs buckled, and there was a sickening crash as it hit the ground. The Pokémon let out a pitiful whimper, before closed its eyes and lay still. Azure stared at Anabel, mouth hanging open. Anabel stood by her Pokémon, expression unreadable. Holly blinked. Anabel had taken out Viridian’s Gym Leader without him landing a single blow. And she commanded one of the most feared legendary Pokémon like it was nothing… Just how powerful was she? Holly noticed Kris had opened her eyes, but she seemed to be staring at something far away. Holly didn't dare ask about what she was looking at. She doubted the disabled trainer would answer. Now her eyes focused on Azure, who was shakily grabbing his Poké Ball. He recalled his Pokémon, but he never took his eyes off Anabel. Anabel recalled hers, giving a polite nod as she turned to face him. Azure managed to stammer. “How… How are you so powerful?” Anabel evenly responded. “I’ve been through a lot.” Holly noticed there was a mixture of sharpness and sorrow in Annabel's voice, and wondered if she was thinking about all the people she lost at the Frontier. But Anabel said nothing more about the subject as she gave another polite nod. “Thank you for the battle, but we’d better go. We must get to Lavender before it's late.” Azure's eyes went wide. “I'm going there too. Maybe I'll meet you guys there?” Anabel nodded. “I'm sure you will. We have to pass through Lavender to get to Celadon. Where in Lavender are you headed?” Azure's face fell. “The Pokémon Tower. It's the anniversary of my Pokémon's death, and I want to pay my respects. Sorrow filled Anabel's eyes, and Holly remembered everything she'd lost. “I am sorry for your loss. Would you like some company? We’re heading in the same direction, after all. Holly felt Kris stiffen, and she hoped Anabel would refuse. Holly remembered how the disabled trainer had acted when her dead Pokémon were brought up. How would she react upon visiting the Tower, where all their graves were? Yet surprisingly, Azure nodded. You’d do that for me? That's so nice of you…” A smile lit his face, and Holly could see it was genuine. “All right, it's a short flight away for me, so I will see you there. I'll make a stop at the Center here, first, though.” Azure suddenly paused. “You know, there's a tunnel over there that leads to Lavender.” He jerked his thumb in the direction of a cave. Holly stared at the entrance, dark and foreboding. She couldn't help shivering. Were they really going to go in there? But Azure was speaking now. “It's a bit of a longer trip, and it can be a bit dangerous. However, I heard it's good training, and people can find strong Pokémon there.” Anabel nodded. “We’ll do that, thank you.” Holy sighed. A pitch black cave was the last place she wanted to go! But she supposed that it was worth the training, and possibly another catch. She turned to Kris, but was surprised to notice the disabled trainer was shaking. Her face was pale, and she does not move even when Anabel reattached Holly’s tether to herself. Why would Kris be afraid of some stupid cave? She’d probably been through hundreds of them. Holly quickly asked. “Kris, what's wrong?” Kris didn't answer, instead focusing on sky. Holly wondered what was up there, but soon got her answer. There was suddenly a deafening flapping of wings, and a screech that pierced the air. Holly covered her ears, but could still see lightning flashing in the otherwise calm blue sky. It seemed like the noise would last forever, but eventually, it ended. Holly unplugged her ears. “What…” Kris answered, although the disabled trainer's face had gone even whiter than before. “Zapdos… It's here… It's watching…” Holly's eyes widened. Was it waiting for her? Was it angry? Yet Kris was now cringing, and the disabled trainer had clenched her fist. An ominous tone filled her voice. “Now I'm certain I took the wrong path. That power… It will never be mine now…” Holly blinked. Was Kris talking about not catching Zapdos? Holly could just give her permission to go catch it, and knowing Kris’s strength, it would be easy. So Holly rapidly responded. “What do you mean? Are you talking about not being able to catch it?” Kris rapidly shook her head. “No, it's nothing.” Holly blinked. How could it be nothing when Kris was so distressed? But before she could ask more questions, Anabel motioned to them. Holly had no choice but to follow as the group walked in front of the entrance of cave.
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    Wrote a 12,000 word story. It's the longest single chapter I've ever done...
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    I smiled today because the Christmas cookies I helped make yesterday look really tasty…
  4. Random thought of the day

    I hate it when I receive important information I have to reply to, but I have to wait because the office is open until Monday…
  5. What are you doing?

    Admiring the new layout of the board while simultaneously trying to figure out where everything is.
  6. The weather thread

    Warmer, with snow on the ground.
  7. One Sentence

    And the rest of the world wept.
  8. Writing Log

    December 9, 2017 Lots of updates here. Knowledge has been posted to all applicable sites. There is also an update on the FF.net profile regarding future works and simply stating that Knowledge is complete. The Absol solo run also got an update at 984 words. The traveler series page got an update at 24,717 words. Finally, the posts for Holly's RP got an update at 5602 words.
  9. A Kanto Adventure

    Tension still hung in the air as the group trudged onto Route 9. Holly hoped no one would see her shuddering. She had just gotten done with a call from professor Pine, and the professor had acted darkly… Yet Holly decide not to tell anyone. After all, the group and enough things to worry about. Yet no matter how hard Holly tried to conceal her fear, Kris noticed anyway. The disabled trainer whirled around to face Holly, an unreadable expression in her eyes. “You know, you've been acting odd since that phone call…” This time, Holly couldn't help answering. After all Kris did for her, the least she could do for the disabled trainer was be honest. “Oh, it was just a weird call from the professor.” Kris cocked her head. “The professor?” Holly nodded. “Professor Annelle Pine of Viridian. She's in charge of the study.” Kris suddenly looked surprised. “Annelle? But her name is Julia!” Holly's eyes were wide. “Julia? But I'd never heard her use that name… She always introduced herself as Annelle…” Anabel suddenly broke in. “Kris, it doesn't make sense for the same person to have two different names like that. Perhaps you made a mistake?” Kris shakes her head. “No, I didn't. Because I met her too, and that's what she told me her name was. That was years ago… When… When…” Kris suddenly grimaced, shutting her eyes. She looked like she was biting her tongue, but Holly wondered why she would do something so painful. Her Delphox radiated with psychic power, but Kris shook her head. Instead, she simply kept her pained look as she stated. “I'm sorry.” Holly opened her mouth to ask what was going on, but Anabel stepped between them. “We should be going. We don't want to be late to the next town.” Holly followed Anabel, but she couldn't help being lost in her own thoughts. What does Kris now, and what was she about to say? Yet now an eerie silence hung over the group. They walked slowly, no one even looking at each other. Holly knew the next town was only a short ways away, but now it felt as though the journey would take forever. So, Holly decided to break the silence. Softly, she stated. “Kris… That Pokémon you mentioned… Lieut. Surge… Did he…” Kris suddenly whirled around, a glare in her eyes. “I don't want to talk about it.” Anabel stepped up, a question in her own gaze. “Why? We might be able to help.” Kris shook her head fiercely, voice taking on a low tone that sounded almost like a warning. “I said I don't want to, and you can't help me.” Annabel put her hands on her hips, and looked like she was about to say more. However, Holly quickly grabbed her arm, shaking her head. When Anabel gave a questioning look, Holly put a finger to her lips. Anabel should know better than anyone not to provoke Kris's temper! Luckily, the woman got the message and let out a sigh. “All right, let's continue on.” The woman paused, then spoke again. “Maybe we'll find some hidden items.” Holly cocked her head. “Hidden items?” Anabel nodded. “Most people drop items on this route, so you can find a lot if you know where to look.” Kris suddenly stepped up. “And to find hidden items, you need something like this.” The other trainer held two silver rods, and placed them in Holly’s hands. Holly could detect some energy flowing from them, and wondered what it was. At Holly's questioning look, Kris responded. “It's an Item Finder. It can help you find items that aren't immediately present. I always was bad at using them though, so you’ll get better use out of it than me.” A grin crossed Holly's face. Now she could be a treasure hunter! Yet as soon as she turned to walk away, she felt a sharp tug on her tether. She glanced at Anabel, noticing the woman was glaring at Kris. The words that came out of Anabel's mouth sent a shiver down Holly’s spine. “What are you planning?” Holly threw up her hands. “What you mean, Annabel? That's crazy talk! We're just going to go treasure hunting!” Yet Anabel ignored Holly, keeping an icy cold gaze on Kris. The disabled trainer did not answer, so Anabel continued. “At first, you hated Holly. But now, you’re giving her objects. And not just any objects, but things that are extremely valuable to Trainers. You didn't need to give Holly those evolution stones or the Item Finder to progress, but you did.” Kris opened her mouth to say something, but Anabel continued. “More than once, there've been cases where Holly would never have won a battle, but you manipulate the situation so that was possible. And more than once, you’ve directly manipulated other things with Holly, like what Pokémon she does or doesn't have. At first I thought it was because of the punishment, but it seems far too strategic…” Annabel's eyes suddenly blazed as she continued. “You've even gone behind my back with her! I thought at first it was just some bad blood between you and the Vermillion City Gym Leader. Or not knowing how to use your aggression properly… But you just keep manipulating things...” Anabel's eyes darkened as she bore into Kris. “So, what's your motive, Kris?” Kris shut her eyes, and Holly wondered if the disabled trainer would answer. Frankly, Anabel was crazy! Kris was only a trainer trying to help and make the journey she was forced on easier! Kris opened her eyes and slowly responded. “I want Holly to get stronger for when I can't be.” Holly cocked her head. Was that supposed to mean? Of course Kris could get stronger! She didn't need anyone else to do that! Annabel cried. “What do you mean?” Kris suddenly cringed, and a pained look entered her eyes. “I made the wrong choice… Making sure Holly becomes strong enough to survive is the only way I can rectify it.” Holly's eyes went wide. Kris had said something similar back in Vermillion. What did she mean? And Holly shuddered at Kris’s choice of words. Strong enough to survive. Did that mean something would happen to her? Or Holly? Annabel threw up her hands, anger blazing. “That's no answer!” Her eyes bore into Kris, but Holly didn't see what she was about to do. She simply didn't want to hear anymore! Kris's help or not, she had just won another Gym battle, and she wanted it to end on a happy note! With that, Holly started to run, jerking the tether with all her might. Anabel let out a gasp, nearly falling over as she was almost dragged with Holly. The woman tried to pull Holly back but Holly twisted and turned as she fought against the tether. “Holly, get back here!” She screeched. “No!” Holly shouted. “I don't want to hear any more fighting! All you ever do is fight, Anabel! I want to look for items, and I want things to be happy!” Kris suddenly spoke up. “I'd like Holly to look for items too. It's a way of exploring the route and getting stronger. And Holly won't get any stronger if we just sit here fighting.” Anabel replied. “But…” Kris cut her off, fixing her with a hard stare. “You said that I had control over the journey, and this is where I want to go. So Holly looks for items whether you like it or not.” Anabel cringed, and Holly wondered if she was regretting the punishment she had set. Holly hoped she was. The whole thing was ridiculous! Yet Anabel didn't give any indication of regret as she responded. “Fine. But don't do anything stupid.” Anabel tossed a Poké Ball into the air, releasing her Espeon. “Espeon, they're going to look for items. Supervise them.” The Pokémon nodded, and Holly's tether disappeared. Holly flashed a huge grin. However briefly, she was free! With that, she took off, holding the Item Finder in front of her. Kris, her Delphox, and Espeon soon followed. Holly's grin only widened as she raced across the countryside. The Item Finder hummed to life, only becoming louder as it began doing its work. Within minutes, the hunt was on. Within more, it was fruitful. For Holly couldn't believe how many items there were in the route… And they were powerful items too… A Rare Candy to level Pokémon lay hidden among cliffs… A Full Restore that completely healed Pokémon was tucked between the trees… And even some strange clay rested hidden beneath the grass… Kris said something about it helping barrier moves, but Holly knew she didn't have any of those. All she knew was that Kris was beaming every step of the way. Somehow, the disabled trainer kept a steady pace, her smile just as wide as Holly's. Every time Holly thought they'd found all the items, Kris would encourage her to keep going, and they would find more. Before long, Holly returned to Anabel, her huge smile still plastered on her face. She confidently dropped her bag near her feet, all the items she found in full view. Kris came up behind her, smile as wide as Holly's. Holly cheerfully cried. “Look Anabel! Look at all the items I found!” Kris continued. “I have to say she did quite well. She's a natural with the Item Finder.” Anabel rapidly responded. “That's great!” Holly noticed that her happiness seemed genuine, and wondered if she was happy that Holly did not do anything stupid, or if she shared the cheer that Holly did over her success. Regardless, at least Anabel was happy. But then, the Item Finder hummed again, louder than Holly had ever heard it. The sound was almost deafening, and that's when Holly realized she it had pointed at Anabel. Nevertheless, she let out a laugh. “Look Anabel! You're a hidden item!” There was no missing the seriousness in Kris's tone as she replied. “Or that just mean she has one.” Before Anabel could respond, something felt from her jacket pocket. At that moment, the Item Finder grew louder still, and Holly was sure she was on the right track. Yet there was nothing more perplexing than what Anabel picked up off the ground. It was a doll, of some sort of Pokémon. The doll depicted an orange bird with blue eyes. It had yellow feathers on its body, with another pair of yellow ones on its head. His feet were tan, and Holly could see they were sharp talons. Before Holly could respond, Kris spoke. “A Torchic doll… A popular Fire Type Pokémon in Hoenn... And especially popular amongst young girls… Why would you have something like this, Anabel?” A pained look entered Anabel's eyes, and it was a while before she responded. “It's something from my Frontier days… I held onto it because it gave me hope…” Holly expected Kris to show sympathy, but instead, the disabled trainer’s eyes flashed with suspicion. Holly blinked. Kris had tried to say something about Anabel earlier… She thought Anabel was something, and it was related to Holly… What did Kris know? But the instant the suspicion arose in Kris's eyes, it was gone. Holly cocked her head. Perhaps the disabled trainer didn't want to have tensions arise so soon after they had calmed. Or maybe she wanted more info before jumping to conclusions. Nevertheless, she stated. “All that has made me tired. I think I'll use a Chesto Berry to wake up. I found some on the trees around here. With that, the disabled trainer produced a light blue berry and held it delicately in her hand. She offered one to Holly. “Want one? I find them quite tasty.” Holly smiled, taking the berry. She knew that berries were used in desserts and juices, and that they were good. So the wild berries must taste even better! “Okay!” Kris smiled, popping her berry into her mouth. Holly quickly did the same. Yet while Kris seemed to be enjoying the sweet treat, Holly found out she couldn't. A dry flavor hit the back of her mouth, and it tasted like sandpaper. The berry felt sharper than a knife, and try as she might, Holly couldn't swallow it. Instead, she gasped, coughed, sputtered, and choked on the food. She gasped again as Anabel gave her a huge whack on her back. Before Holly could react, Anabel was doing another few slaps, commanding. “Holly, spit it out. There's no point in swallowing if it's that bad.” Holly did as she was told, spiting the half eaten berry out onto the grass. However, she still felt the juice lingering on her tongue. Anabel handed her a glass of water, instructing. “Use this to wash your mouth out.” Holly once again did what she was told, spitting the berry and water mixture onto the grass. She looked right into Kris's concerned eyes. “Are you all right?” Holly rasped. “Yeah… Ugh… What…” Kris rapidly responded. “I'm sorry. I forgot it's an acquired taste.” Anabel suddenly snapped. “No kidding. Kris, I know you're part Pokémon, but you should remember that humans aren't supposed to eat wild berries meant for them!” Kris rapidly responded. “Some people like the taste of wild berries though. I did even before I met Tulip. So it was worth a try.” Anabel nodded, although a stern look was in her eyes. “I guess so. But please don't do that again.” Kris nodded. “All right, I'll just eat all the berries myself.” Even though Holly still felt a little sick from what happened, she found she couldn't get angry at Kris. At least the disabled trainer had good intentions.
  10. Absol Solo- Day 2

    Off to continue through the region after not playing in a while… Time to go face Brock with only normal type moves and his Geodude uses Defense Curl against Razor Wind, my strongest move, generally being annoying… Its tackle also injures Irma… Eventually, I have to take it down with Quick Attack, because Irma needs Razor Wind for the next opponent… Also end up using a Potion… next opponent is Onix, who can injure Irma immediately with Rock Tomb… I have to quickly was a potion, and hope it doesn't continuously use it… Luckily, it decides to use Tackle and Bind, which do considerably less damage… I think I might've scored a critical that in there, because Onix goes from near healthy to read pretty quick… Nevertheless, I earn my first badge with Razor Wind, and I’m off… My potions are pretty depleted, so I'm going to grab some… Spend almost all my money on potions, and Quick Attack destroys everything… Also, there are a few things that poison me (an Ekans with Poison Sting and a Nidoran female with Poison Point), but overall, pretty easy. Luckily, I have a lot of antidotes… Also Irma learns Bite here… It's not nearly as strong as some of the other attacks, because it goes off of the much lower special attack, but at least it's a stab move… And Mt. Moon goes without a hitch... I find the exit very quickly, but decide to go back and explore… Along the way, I find the TM for Theif, which is the first one Irma can actually learn… However, she doesn't need it now… Also catch a Paras and a Geodude for HM purposes, although the former paralyzes me and uses all my Poké Balls… decide to head to the north of cerulean and take on my rival… Battle goes very easy… Also Irma learns Swords Dance… A very good move, provided I can take a hit… Still some more poisoning issues, and also, my first encounter with fighting types, Irma’s weakness… Luckily, the encounters are short, but I have a feeling they will be longer… And I'm proven right when I had an encounter with a Machop while attempting to catch a thief... It uses a fighting type move (either karate chop or Low Kick) and does about 25 damage despite being 10 levels below me… A taste of what will happen later in the game… And the cerulean gym battle goes easily, especially since her best Pokémon is weak to Dark… To be fair, the player isn't supposed to have any dark type moves at this point in the game… Time to head down the underground path, except I somehow end up going the wrong direction… Eventually, I get out of there and onto the next route… Not too many problems here, other than Static from a Pikachu, and paralysis in general being annoying… Now I’m at Vermillion… At SS Anne... Not much here, aside from a lot of Trainers… My second encounter with a Machop, but I still have problems... They now know Seismic Toss and that does a lot of damage… Unfortunately, I don't have anything strong enough to take them out in one hit, since Razor Wind requires me taking a hit… Also forgot to mention Irma can learn Water Pulse, but I'm not going to use it now… I will probably take a break in the cabin… It will probably be a few days before I play again…
  11. The works and updates of onewiththewheels

    Another companion fic, Knowledge, is up. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12752924/1/Knowledge
  12. The weather thread

    Cold and windy, again...
  13. Writing Log

    December 8, 2017 Knowledge has been edited, at 11,127 words. The author's notes are 1306 words. The whole thing has been posted to fan fiction.net.
  14. Damned and Divine [Pokemon]

    Can this be a Pokémon OC personified? I'm thinking along the lines of Pokémon mystery dungeon.