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  1. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    Brynn took in a deep breath. We'll get caught if we just stand here. Turning to look at the group at her back, she put a finger to her lips and motioned for them to keep hidden. The best way she could see this going with the sort of indecision the party displayed, was someone taking action. I've killed people in armor before. She took a small mirror from a pouch at her belt, using it to peer into the room again. There're...plenty of places to hide. Listening to the resounding crunch of the Lothric knight's footsteps as they faded once again out the other end of the room, Brynn slipped silently inside, padding toward a doorway on her left. There were a lot of wooden crates stacked inside, as it was some sort of storage room, and a lonely archer standing at the top of a flight of stairs at the other end. She ducked behind a crate before the hollowed soldier's severely diminished vision could allow it to detect her. Peering behind the corner of the crate with her mirror again, Brynn picked up a small stone and tossed it into the ledge the archer stood on. She watched it as it grumbled, wobbling toward the edge before tilting it's head down to peer below. Quite fortunately (and unexpectedly) for Brynn, the leather strap about the hollow's chin which kept its helm in place must have rotted through, and as it turned it's head to look down, the steel helm slid over its face. Immediately, Brynn shot toward it, ignoring the stairs in favor of performing an athletic leap onto the ledge beside the hollow. Her dagger was already in her hand, plunging through the opening above rotted gambeson and into its throat. One hand took hold of a shoulder, and lowered the corpse carefully to the floor. A brief look about the room gave Brynn the impression there wasn't much of use left, but it was clear of enemies and a more ideal point from which to attack the towering knight. She picked up the dead soldier's helmet and placed it on her head, tying the broken strap in place, and unslung her crossbow, taking it in both hands. Through the doorway she had entered from, Brynn had a decent shot at the Lothric knight. I only hope I don't miss.
  2. i literally can't even 

  3. Applications for 2018 Forum Roles

    I'd also like to be a normal member. Really shouldn't have taken on a position I couldn't commit to to begin with, sorry about that
  4. Third time this week someone called me "sir" at work! Lmaooo

  5. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    (If we all go at him and get enough heads we could beat the knight collectively, but maybe some of us shouldn't have such good luck, yea? Like me, cause I got tails. LOL)
  6. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    Brynn's eye twitched imperceptibly. Right, guess I'll be leading the way to this place I 'aven't seen, then. Still, she voiced no complaint. After clearing the short drop down a surprisingly sturdy ladder from the rooftop, Brynn took a furtive glance inside the curved arch of a stone entryway. It appeared to lead to a dining hall of sorts, with an open doorway a few paces forward, then left. That's prob'ly the one. An exit opened at the end of the hall, and wouldn't be difficult to access if one circumvented the long wooden tables and chairs. The murmuring of her companions behind her prickled at her back, but just as she was about to proclaim the hall empty, a loud, steel crunch resounded through it. The head of an intimidating halberd poked just from around the bend through the exit at the other end of the hall, and Brynn instantly hissed at her companions, "Away from the door, now!" (how do we wanna do this, guys? And pls for gods' sake, don't just anime pwn the Lothric knight)
  7. Women That Are Being Silenced

    @Sakura Alexia Actually, it has been demonstrably proven that the problem is the exact opposite. Rather than the problem being smaller because of a lack of honest reporting, the issue is bigger than portrayed by the media or through statistics. There is a huge lack of reporting for a variety of reasons, these women worry about their personal safety, the hatred and exclusion of others in their social sphere from it, the shame of being known as "the girl who got raped", not wanting to be dragged through the court system, a feeling of powerlessness, etc. I won't go into it, but my mother was raped by a deacon in her parents' church when she was 11 years old. Her and her mother went to the pastor about it, and after he made my mother reenact her rape, he blamed her for it and told my grandmother to dress her more modestly. An 11 year old. And she can't go after these guys now, it's too late, there's no evidence but her testimony. This also came to mind: Sweden (as a very egalitarian country in many ways) has been propped up recently by anti-feminist youtube, funny enough, as an example of how "detrimental feminism actually is to women", because of it's fame as the "Rape Capital" of the western world right now. The thing they leave out is that it isn't the "rape capital", it's the "rape reporting capital." That means, essentially, more women are reporting their rapes, instead of swallowing them down and never telling anyone. Which makes perfect sense, give women more say and more equal power in society and you will get women who feel like they can report the crimes against them. Anyway, it's bigger than we can see, which I believe is something Aquila was trying to say.
  8. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    Being an experienced member of the Astoran Theives Guild, Brynn's eye caught the covert twitch of Caleb's left hand. Can't be a trap, she thought, turning her gaze momentarily to Kiara, No way lady Stern and Knightly of Mirrah would be interested in underhanded schemes. She'd have ratted him out if he were that stupid. "Anyone mind leading the way then?" She prompted, acting the part of oblivious traveler. As the group moved toward the ladder descending from the rooftop, her brother broke his silence with "Think they have any Siegbrau where we're going?" "Gods, I hope so." Brynn laughed.
  9. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    Brynn grinned at Edward's question, "Our trip's gone as well as it has for any of us, I imagine." Well mannered, this one. Her gaze turned to the Carthusian then, eyeing his blade as he sheathed it and paying close attention to his eyes. Calculating, she thought, probably the most self-interested among us. Better keep an eye on him. 'Specially round Jeigh. When he agreed to the alliance, she smiled warmly at him. Finally, Kiara frowned and replied stoically, as a knight of Mirrah would, and Brynn let her grin drop. Knightly types don't much like feeling mocked, best keep a more neutral look. "We've no quarrel with you lot, Ser," She said, raising her hands placatingly, "but yes, moving along. Where's this storage room located?"
  10. Finding it extremely amusing (and infuriating) that people who voted for the current US president are accusing the Evil Leftists of "Orwellian thought policing" (as if half of them have even read 1984) while this orange clown just hurls "FAKE NEWS" at every journalist he feels threatened by (and talks about taking legal measures against the free press).  

    I'm sick of morons and people with nothing inside. 

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    2. FishSlayer


      Same, Don. I don't think the country would survive it (or a few others).

    3. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      I flinch every time I see 'fake news' - STOP trying to make it a thing, Trump!

      And the demonising and hate campaign against the media in general. An impartial media is a key component of a democracy.  He can't take it away just cos he doesn't like it.

    4. AquilaTempestas


      Kanye West might become the next president lol

  11. Destiny 2 [Xbox One, PC, PS4]

    I'm in love with the Borealis.
  12. LGBTQ+

    Yup, sure is! Shame the thread for LGBTQ people got unwelcoming as soon as someone claimed homophobes could have legitimate arguments. Funny that.
  13. LGBTQ+

    Fair (except the part about this turning into a "war"). Look, Exe, if you figure things out later in life (and I'm sure you will), good, but if you don't find reason to change your beliefs it's entirely up to you. I'm not calling you a homophobe or a racist, etc. I'm trying to get a point across that I thought had been made multiple times already in this thread, and by putting it more harshly I figured it would be easier to understand. I don't think you're a bad person or that your intentions are bad. That being said, this is a dangerous topic. The point I'm trying to get across is that "respecting all belief equally" can be severely harmful, and is extremely naive, I'm sorry to say. I invite you to discuss topics in this vein more in private messages, if you like.
  14. LGBTQ+

    @Exelior I don't want you to feel like we're dogpiling, but it feels like you didn't understand 3/4 of my post. There are times when a degree of civil rights can be achieved through non-violent means, yes, however you're just stating the same couple big pacifist names everyone else does when they don't understand why people would be pushed to violence or violent revolution in self-defense. Also, they MLK wasn't alone in his stand for black civil rights, but Malcom X wasn't non-violent, so people don't like to bring him up or how he advanced the process. How many times have we seen horrific events through history, like the ethnic (and "degenerate") cleansing in Nazi Germany, the genocide of "savage" peoples through colonialism, the complete subjugation of other races, wars fought and exploitative philosophies created all to justify these things continuing to happen? Are you saying that if those people, the millions of dead Native Americans, the African American slaves that were being exploited and raped and beaten on the whim of their masters should've just had a nice calm conversation with the people killing them? Would you tell a Holocaust survivor that they should have just sat down and had a polite discussion with their Nazi oppressors over tea about whether or not they should have been allowed to exist? There are people in the modern day who believe that I and many other people in this thread should be sent to "corrective" camps and tortured mentally and physically simply because they're uncomfortable with the way we are, and the way we express ourselves. To us, those ideas can be existentially dangerous, because if those ideas catch on our lives are at stake. If you genuinely cannot fathom why people who's lives and well-being are being threatened by these ideologies, and how that kind of "free speech" (the kind that incites violence) should be shot down at every opportunity, then I would advise you to re-examine yourself and how concerned you actually are about the lives of people who are threatened by that "free speech".
  15. LGBTQ+

    I see what you're saying, and again, I agree here. When it's possible, calm discourse (preferably with understanding of one another's true beliefs) is the best possible option. Empathy tends to go a long way. What I want to get across to you is that the claim that through debate the best ideas will naturally come out on top is extremely optimistic and sadly, untrue. You leave a key factor out: Propaganda and dishonesty. When someone argues on a platform for say, Facism, if they're a smart tactition they won't say what they actually believe, they'll say it in a way that the masses can consume without realizing the underlying messages, or rather, the true idealogical core beliefs of that facist's movement. As soon as they do, the facist will deny any part of those beliefs and move on to another label, like White Nationalist, or Idenitarian, and so on. What I'm trying to say is, if someone's fundemental and political beliefs include the exclusion of another group of people from politics, and thus from having a say in their own rights, they do not deserve a platform to "debate" on. That is violence dressed up as "opinion". Oh we're getting somewhere alright. Not sure where just yet, but in all this escalating discourse and rioting and protesting, and protesting the protests, things are happening. We're figuring ourselves out. What's depressing to me is all this "both sides are bad! and that means equally, equally bad!" and inability to see the stark contrast between the ideas being spread and fought for. That's not "maturity" or "rationality", that's the exact opposite. I'd say overall, you and I have quite a few disagreements, but that I hope (if you read these posts) all this is something you consider.