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  1. Random thought of the day

    Physio means dealing with more muscular pain then usual for a long term result........not sure I like the current short term pain.....
  2. RWBY

    True Ruby being sidelined REALLY sucks, it sucks even more that 3 possibly 4 *Neo is still missing* of the best characters in the series are gone. Yet we are stuck watching Blake continue to mope about that same thing she has been going on about since season 1 seriously.......
  3. What are you eating?

    Roast Chicken, potatos & carrots
  4. RWBY

    Current thoughts on RWBY As a watcher if certain scenes/characters in a show you starting becoming painful to watch and you start wishing for the scene to transition somewhere else more then once in a season you know you have a problem with a series. If I'm being honest it would not bother me at all if Blake died now everything evolving her this season has been slow and boring, nice to see Raven though and I am starting to like Weiss more so.... that's a plus don't know what else to say really don't really want to spoil just in case lol.
  5. The Away Thread

    Had no internet for 4 weeks that was fun...
  6. Happy Birthday, have a good one!

  7. Applications for 2018 Forum Roles

    I haven't had the time this year to really commit to anything, honestly id rather be a normal member haven't done my job well.
  8. Mood Thread

  9. And Today's Movie Is?

    Baby Driver
  10. 4 Weeks no internet thanks to a stupid NBN screw up, glad it's finally back.

  11. I want to send you something for Christmas. I promise, it's something you need in your life to feel complete ;) will need your address again 

  12. Random thought of the day

    Amazing how companies give you a 4 hour time frame when they are going to have something done for you, but they always never make the mark.
  13. Mood Thread

    Very Very Flat, had a rollercoaster of a day feeling ill right now from the mix of emotions ive felt.
  14. RWBY

    I am up to date to be honest lost a little interest after season 3 but the start of season 5 has been interesting so my interest is slowly returning.