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  1. FromSoftware News

    I'd heard some theories that hint at Bloodborne 2 with an eastern theme. And the connection they're basing on is that the Old Hunter Yamamura came from a land in the east and the only thing he does in the dlc is banging his head against a wall in his dream cell. Thing is From has hinted at future projects with characters in present games like Chester in DS1, etc. Maybe this is the case too?
  2. Ragnarok [Smite]

    Ra nodded. He would not admit it out of fear to look arrogant in the eyes of others, but he knew Anubis was right. Isis and Osiris might be able to keep the people and the rest of the pantheon safe, but the damage to the land and the ground would be catastrophic. "I understand." he replied. "As for your other concerns, worry not. The other gods may not look like it, but they are trustworthy. I hope they remain like that at least until this whole ordeal is over." he said, already beginning the gestures needed to dispel the sigil in the floor. "Take care of yourself, my friend." As the image disappeared, the Sun God thought of his allies and the possible outcomes tomorrow could bring.
  3. Smile (Survival Horror RP)

    Dante looked at Hanako, who had a chocolate bar in her hand. "And now she's trying to buy my forgiveness." Dante mused. "Ha! As if I would fall for that- Oh, it has pistachio on it?" He asked for confirmation after hearing that last part. "Well damn." He thought. "She's good." With a resigned sigh of defeat, he accepted the chocolate bar. This was a rather unexpected development; he was ready for the sarcastic reply from the girl, and even had a few comebacks ready. But none of that came. Maybe Hanako was finally changing into a nice girl? "Nah, people don't change. Ever." He concluded. After finishing that train of thought, he opened the candy and began eating it. "Thanks." he muttered. The silhouette of a smirk slowly crossed his face as an idea came to his mind. "I should prepare some kind of prank or something to Azure for not waking me up earlier."
  4. I believe you need to post in Ragnarok

  5. YOU BAAAACK!!!!

    Unexpected, but a nice surprise nonetheless! How you been girl! :D

    1. pyrosocks


      ahah, i've been alright. Took too much on my plate with work + school and now I'm just trying to catch up with everything else. 

      how have you been? 


    2. TJMike


      Oh you know me, spreading some good ol' chaos here and there ^_^

      Good to know you have stuff to do, means you won't get the chance to get bored lol.

    3. pyrosocks


      Never bored so far, lol. Always keeping myself busy. I saw your message on discord, but I forgot to respond. 

      Do you get on discord often? 

  6. Send me a pm if ur still interested in a xmas card

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one!

  8. Random thought of the day

    When you win a raffle you didn't want to partake in the beginning... Not bad luck at all today lol
  9. Random thought of the day

    Cold inside the office, but hot in the outside... I'm no weather expert or anything but shouldn't be the other way around?
  10. Random thought of the day

    The first one, I do it all the time (even right now lol)
  11. I thought this one was closed.. Oh well, I'll keep going with the questions. 1 - If you could have two powers of the Dishonored franchise, what would you choose? 2 - Favorite antagonist in videogames? 3 - How do you like Destiny 2 so far?
  12. "Bunny Hop's 100 Prompts" Review thread

    Done! As a fan of the Abyss Watchers, I really liked the DSIII references!
  13. Nice backgrounds... You can bet I have the one with the Satanic Santa LOOL

    btw, is that the Nameless King on your user pic? I'd thought I saw the little spiked crown there ^_^

    1. AquilaTempestas


      I have the same one lol. Needed a darker one for those who revel in the chaos!

      And yup. It's the Nameless King. Everyone's favourite boss.

  14. Smile (Survival Horror RP)

    "That's just what I needed." Dante thought, after having one of the most good sleeps in his life. The perfect combination of the slight turbulence on the plane, the magazine over his face to provide some dark over his eyes, and the sound of the beating drums courtesy of some of the metal songs on his phone made it for a good nap. Until the pilot went and ruined that for him. "Oh well. I wouldn't miss Mr. Perfect Hair puking all over the plane anyways. A good laugh after a nice sleep." he thought happily. When he looked, he noticed a few of the chocolate wrappers on the floor of the plane and followed the trace all the way to Hanako's seat. "... You" he said with a growl, pointing a finger to the girl. He didn't care of the murderous habits she had nor he care for his own life. The only thing that mattered was that he didn't got to taste any of those precious chocolates...
  15. Ragnarok [Smite]

    "I'm counting on that, my friend." Ra said, already anticipating the trickster nature of most deities in the Celtic pantheon. "However, I'd think I have better chances with her than with Lady Nu Wa. The Guardian of Heavens has her heart in the right place, but she won't agree to the consequences in case the spell doesn't work." he explains, staring at the sigil. "And we both know how she can get when the chance of chaos spreading is on the balance."