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  1. Damned and Divine [Pokemon]

    Actually I miss being Red-Eyes/Hotaru so I'll be him. But this time less of a murderous pyromaniac like he was in Souls of the Damned more like he's kind of like in the Pokemon Ranger games. So cocky and brash but with a good heart (after he reformed of course). His pride will not let him show it though. I'll edit in hobbies later if really needed
  2. happy to see you gold :)

    1. Nocturna


      Thanks XD Considering I've been silver, turquoise, green and red this is a nice change lol

    2. MasKaiHilFantic


      Lol perfect. Now I can proudly say that we got BG ya fackers, who ya got :D

  3. Sorry about being randomly absent, everyone. Since starting university I've not been keeping track of things, not necessarily because of a huge workload but just because my memory's gotten worse -_- I'll try be much more active from now on.

    1. AquilaTempestas


      No worries. I was like that when I first started university. You learn to weave in your life outside university eventually.

  4. Damned and Divine [Pokemon]

    I'm in ^^ I'll respond back with character tonight (got uni work to do first)
  5. Applications for 2018 Forum Roles

    I'm rarely on anymore, I'm fine being a completely normal member (although I'll still unofficially be the forum counsellor if anyone needs it, email alerts will remind me to get back to the site)
  6. What do the characters think of you?

    90% of the OCs I made would probably hate me for putting them through Hell, whether in the story or in their pasts. And some of these I have put through literal Hell so they'd want to kill me in my sleep
  7. Notice

    Yikes I hope you get better soon
  8. Of all the messed up fanfiction I've stumbled upon I never read one as bloody weird as I just did now. 

    I apologise in advance for any disturbing mental images


    Shizuo from Durarara! somehow having sex with a vending machine. And he was the one getting 'screwed'

    How high must someone be to write such a thing?

    1. MasKaiHilFantic



      Weird fetishes these kids have these days <___<

  9. Anime Quotes

    Sorry but I need to post this exchange. I spoilered it because @MasKaiHilFantic watching Slayers and I'm not sure he's watched the second season yet (I hope he has a good laugh if he looks though) but anyway this is just hilarious
  10. Change (or add) a single word

    Formerly, a mildly drunk stoned sleepy negligent president, killed a familiar yet beautifully wooden Justin Timberland maniacally yesterday evening around 10 AM scraping through...
  11. Looks like I don't need Steam for SMITE ^^ Prepare to hear me whining about being crap at the game (when it installs anyway, it's huge)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nocturna


      Wow O_O I'm positive I can't do that. Do the console versions update that often? 

    3. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Yeah, they do, usually a week later from PC though.

    4. AquilaTempestas


      Yup. Smite has 26 patches a year (every fortnight with console being one week after PC). 

  12. Smite Quizzes

    I'm just taking this quizzes for the heck of it XD I want to play but can't half the time because Steam hates me Class: Assassin Pantheon: Japanese (that Loki question had me in tears of laughter XD) Hindu: Vamana Greek: Chiron Norse: Ymir Mayan: Kukulkan Chinese: Zhong Kui Roman: Terra Egyptian: Osiris Japanese: Raijin (shortest quiz ever much?)
  13. Female gamers - sexism and toxicity

    I haven't encountered sexism but I don't play online with voice and all that so that's why. I've seen that kind of bullcrap on Youtube comments but Youtube is just a mess anyway (I want to play SMITE and be good at it just to piss guys off now XD But Steam doesn't work with uni Wifi so I can't re download it. I haven't had problems with sexism in general online but that's because my usernames don't always scream female)
  14. Supernatural

    Just watched Season 13 Episode 1. And oh Chuck it was awesome It was action packed but really sad at parts especially the end. Minor new-character spoiler:
  15. Hmm the next time the girls in my hall wake me up at 3 am I'll copy this video: 



    1. Laggy



      At least you aren't sleeping at 3am xD