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  1. Zombie Apocalipse Tag

    Okay, so I thought of a little game for us to play, since I'm kinda new in this and I would very much enjoy to get to know you guys a teeny little better. Let's do it, shall we? Rules: 1. A virus has spread around the world, making the dead people rise from the dead. You have to pick a team to side you! 2. Use any name for this list. It can be famous people, your best friends, your favorite youtubers, or just tag epople from this website! Make sure to include yourself as well. 3. All people used are tagged to make their own list! (Tag me so I can see too! ^.^) 4. Enjoy! Sidekick: Rober Downey Jr. Sniper: Hawkeye The one who loses it: My mom Brains: Walter O'Brien, from Scorpion Leader: AquilaTempestas Medic: Dr. House. The One who yells vulgarities at the zombies: Jace, from Rinmaru's Ascension Weapons expert: BlackWidow The Person who can't have the molotov: Midnight Sin 009, from FFN. The Car Guy: Jason Statham The Cheerleader: Candace, from Phineas and Ferb! Everything bad happens to this person but they survive it all: Mickey, from Ninja Mutant Teen Turtles; The Comedian who somehow manages to stay alive: Kevin Hart! We're all dead.... Aha That's my list... Post yours and let me know!
  2. The "in my pants" game

    "Centuries" in my pants... Wait, that sounds odd....
  3. Newbie Here.

    Hi there! I'm LoneeWolf and I'm new to this forum, so please be nice And... That's it. I think. Bye! (✿◠‿◠) ✌
  4. Should students take part in politics? - Your say.

    I truly believe so. I mean, we are the future of our country after all, so what good will we be if we don't participate in one of the bigger part of citizenship?