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  1. All footage gathered from Destiny 2. Music provided via Sony's Sharefactory. I hope you enjoy!
  2. Exe basically filled out which Lijang map it is; being the only one in a large building.
  3. Numbani, eichenwald, king’s square, li xiang, gibralter.
  4. Jury duty sucks ladies and gentlemen. I didn't think something THIS boring could exist.

    1. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      But think of the good you're doing. Being active in the judicial process. Etc etc.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      It's awful. I hated it. Had to sit in a room with nothing to do for three hours before finally getting called in. Then you make the court room and have to wait another bloody hour for them to go through the numbers again... Until the jury is filled up.

  5. Got a new career high in Season Six of 1880

  6. Let's see a Bloodborne no armor, no weapons, pistol only parry run. WOOOOOO
  7. Haven't posted up a video in a while, decided it was about time. Enjoy my horrible commentary.
  8. There may a new Overwatch Hero on the way. IMBD has updated with a new actor but no name for them. The name being Gulmira Mamdedova. European hero? Possibly Russia/Serbia? 

    1. Mr Selfish

      Mr Selfish

      Tons of datamining points to doomfist being released during the summer games. We'll see.

    2. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      I'm pegging Defence for Doom as all the other classes have gained a hero lately. Sombra (Offence) Ana (Support) and Orisa (Tank)

  9. TFW in Dark Souls you max out your weapon but you aren't even half way done with the base game.

  10. Who's good for Season 5?

    1. Mr Selfish
    2. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      YES Reinhardt and D.Va are well up there, poor Torb though. 

    3. Laggy


      Hard work doesn't pay off it seems.

  11. I did it! I beat Midir!

  12. Buckle up boys, we're going for a ride!


  13. Thanks for the advice to do Pharah/Soldier in competitive, I found Junkrat was more my level 

  14. I went ahead and created my interview thread. Don't be afraid to participate. ;)

  15. How have you found the DLC 2?

    1. Mr Selfish

      Mr Selfish

      As with the first DLC the weapons added are fun and on point. The bosses introduced interesting mechanics but kept it classic at the same time. The new covenant is really fun, even after its nerf.

      My only complaint is the amount of strong mobs that they make you fight. I understand why they made the decision to place them all together in certain places, but it's really annoying to fight DLC enemies with a melee build.

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Those friggen angels man gave me hell at first. And yeah, some of those mobs are evil. Like those big guys near the swamp.