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  1. The 'share a snippet' of your story thread

    I'm going to drop an excerpt or two, Faerie Rising and Ties of Blood and Bone. (Under the name A. E. Lowan.)
  2. Self-protection

    Pressure points, nerves (hook under the collar bone, under the point of the jaw), kick the entire knee backwards and destroy the joint, break their elbow, wrench their pinky (curiously, body follows that little finger quite well), solar plexus, go for the throat, headbutt them in the nose, take out the eyes if necessary. Don't go for the genitals. Every single guy on this planet will expect that cheap shot. Be aware that some of these methods are lethal.
  3. What do you like to write and why?

    Pretty much the same as Pyro, minus the "horrifically stupid" moments. Not to say they don't happen, but the best horror is when the characters do everything right and they still fail. Oh, and political intrigue.
  4. Which fandoms do you write for?

    Pokemon (Primary fandom, peeps! But I write for adults, mind you.) Avatar: The Last Airbender + Legend of Korra Legend of Zelda Sailor Moon Tokyo Mew Mew Plus some other miscellaneous ones.
  5. The Away Thread

    Life happened and I completely disappeared. Seven funerals in one year, and a myriad of other things. But I am still alive.
  6. Happy Birthday Selene! :)

  7. Pokemon Sun and Moon [Nintendo DS]

    And I feel like I can confirm chaining a salamence is 1% of 1% in terms of even spawning. It took me four hours of an ongoing battle, and I was down to my last two PP (in a team of six) when the jerk finally showed up. Timer ball was an instant catch, and it should've been with that.
  8. Pokemon Sun and Moon [Nintendo DS]

    Currently breeding a team for Sun, now that I've more or less finished Moon (just need to hunt down some more TMs and grind money at the E4 to get the rest). Prospective team: Grass-starter Ash-Greninja (from the demo promo) Raichu Salamence Siczor Snorlax (also promo)
  9. The Gamer Rage Thread

    Glad to be of assistance!
  10. The Gamer Rage Thread

    Grind your metapod to a butterfree before Viridian Forest, you'll have a butt-kicking bug who blows through pretty much everything with Confusion. I've been doing this pretty much every play-through of Yellow since I was six ... tried and true method, XD.
  11. The Gamer Rage Thread

    The den prices are one of the chief reasons I'm taking a break from that game (in addition to over-inflation of holiday items). I like the concept, but there are many, many issues that could work better. So I seem to have off and on months with FR.
  12. What did you unbox?

    Got some great things this year, and all useful stuff (with one or two leisure items, but, hey, leisure is good). ^^ Skullcandy headphones, a new chillmat for my laptop, a Steam gift card, some warm thermal shirts, and a planner for the new year with really nice paper.
  13. The weather thread

    Cloudy, but really, really windy. Gusts of 36mph.
  14. Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever it is you celebrate! <3