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  8. Remember My Name|Character Sheets

    Remember My Name Character Sheets Full Name: Nicknames: Age: (High school ages only please c:) Gender: Sexuality: Saved or Savior: Appearance Description: Personality: Power: Weapon(s): Crush?: Relationship Status: Paired With: (Include the name and situation in which you were saved/saved them. You can of course talk this over with the other rper, and I encourage this c:) Pet(s)?: Other:
  9. Remember My Name|More Information

    Remember My Name More Information! So, if you're here it most likely means you're interested in my rp, Remember My Name! Here's where I'll be covering more information and a break-down of the plot for anyone who may be confused. So I guess we'll start with laying down the plot itself once more: Ten years prior to the plot where was a terrorist attack, resulting in some deaths before it was stopped. This rp focuses around the people whose lives were affected by this attack: the ones who were killed, and the ones who were saved by the people who were killed. Everyone has the options of weapons and a power, and everyone's going to Rookhaven High. Rookhaven itself is a city I made up which is kind of like Storybrooke from Once Upon a Time in that it's invisible to the rest of the world(No one knows how the attack happened), it's fantasy-inspired. One half of this role-play is the Saved, the survivors of the attack. They- along with the rest of the city- don't remember the ones who've died, even though they were really close to you. Your life has been normal, as you don't remember the attack either. But little do you know that the people that were forgotten about are among you now, given a second chance at life by an outside force. But that force can only keep them that way for so long, as nobody remembers they exist. And now, your "perfect" life has gotten unknowingly more difficult, as it's up to you to save them. The other half of this role-play is the Saviors, the ones who've died in the attack saving the ones they cared about. They've been brought back for another chance at living, and they remember everything. But the problem? No one remembers them, and they can't speak of the event around the normal population unless the one they're talking to has remembered them. And so now they have to go out in search of the one they saved ten years ago, hoping they can manage to help them break the spell cast, and be remembered- before it's too late. NPCs Rhine Bearback is the mayor of Rookhaven, and to most he seems to be a calm, middle-aged man who thinks things through. But he used his spell-casting powers to make the city forget about the attack and those who died in it- in hopes that it'd make people less depressed-, despite the action being considered highly controversial. He may play a role at some point(Most likely when everyone's been remembered by everyone else in the rp). Octavia Mirrorbend(Mrs. Mirrorbend) is the principal of Rookhaven High, a kind, middle-aged woman with power over light. She takes a less direct approach to things, and has a formal speech pattern and tone of voice. She runs the school along with her husband Vincent.(Anyone can play her as needed, so long as she's kept to this short little description.) Vincent Mirrorbend(Mr. Mirrorbend) is the vice-principal of Rookhaven High, a strict, middle-aged man with power over darkness. He takes a direct approach to things, and students are often sent to his office before the principal's because of that approach. He runs the school along with his wife Octavia.(Anyone can play him as needed, so long as he's kept to this short little description.) Diana Hearth(Ms. Hearth) is one of the two social studies/ELA teachers. She's new to her job and tends to be on the strict side, often sticking to basic methods and liking an orderly classroom. (Anyone can play her as needed, so long as she's kept to this short little description.) Maria Rivers(Mrs. Rivers) is one of the two social studies/ELA teachers. She's a veteran and has been teaching for decades, and is considered the school's "fun" teacher, though can get strict when she needs to. She finds unique ways to make assignments and often does things the other teachers won't(Such as playing music in the classroom, letting people speak without raising their hands(Within reason), occasionally swearing and letting students get away with a few minor ones, etc.). Her classroom also doesn't have assigned seats, and people only get them if they cause trouble. She's also from Spain, and speaks with an accent. (Anyone can play her as needed, so long as she's kept to this short little description.) David Wreaker(Mr. Wreaker) is one of the two math/science teachers. He's generally laid-back and accepting, being openly gay. He does a mix of basic methods and original ones, and his classroom is the one used for the Gay-Straight-Alliance Club(GSA. Using it because my middle school had this club, where gay/lesbian/bi people would go to ensure acceptance, and straight people would go there too to learn more about these people and other things, I can pm if anyone's curious.). (Anyone can play him as needed, so long as he's kept to this short little description.) John Letters(Mr. Letters) is one of the two math/science teachers. He's your typical teacher: raise your hand to talk, sit in your assigned seat, do your work, etc. (Anyone can play him as needed, so long as he's kept to this short little description.) Neath Kirera(Mr. Kirera) is the gym teacher for males. He's usually pretty calm but when his students go too far he's never afraid to yell at the top of his lungs at them to make them shut up and behave(I had a teacher like this, when he'd do that to his all-male class someone would have to take me out of the room because I'd start panicking). (Anyone can play him as needed, so long as he's kept to this short little description.) Nora Fierce(Mrs. Fierce) is the gym teacher for females. She's the more calm out of the gym teachers, given that the girls are almost always less troublesome than the boys. When people misbehave for her she has them do a set number of laps around the gym. (Anyone can play her as needed, so long as she's kept to this short little description. FEEL FREE TO MAKE ELECTIVE TEACHERS AND SEND THEM TO ME c: More things will be added as needed but for now this is all
  10. Remember My Name...|NOT READY TO ACCEPT YET

    Remember My Name ShadowOfTheBird/Standard RP/Supernatural-Drama/OCs Only/Only a Few People Throughout your early years there's always been someone by your side, one person. Whether this person was a best friend, a sibling, or a relative; it doesn't matter. This person was with you through thick and thin, and they'd often say "I'd do anything to protect you." But little did you know the lengths of which they were willing to go. It all happened so fast, your safe haven of a city was attacked, and whether you were inside our out, your life was affected forever. There was a bullet aimed for your head; a sword for your neck; an arrow for your heart; a weapon with a killing intent. But...you weren't the one who died that day. The one person who had always been there for you, the one person who you had complete faith and trust in, the one person that mattered most to you...they defended you, by taking the attack themselves. It was too much, you couldn't bear the thought of it: your life came at the cost of another, and you weren't alone. Everyone who was effected by it was dangerously depressed, and on a controversial decision the mayor decided to cast a spell, making the entire city forget about all those who were lost to the attack. They forgot the attack existed, even. But you, being so close to the person, had one minor setback: you still remember something. A voice, and though you'd never be able to pinpoint it, you remember clearly what it said. "Please, ___, Remember My Name..." The voice seemed distressed, like it knew it didn't have long. It's been ten years since the incident and since the spell, and life has gone on normally. You're in high school now, and life's been relatively normal. That is, until you see a faintly familiar face. You can't put your finger on it, but the face...you could have sworn you'd seen it before. Why? Because this was the person. The one who saved you all those years ago. The one you'd forgotten about- and now they'd been given a second chance at life. But to everyone they've ever known they don't exist, and they never had. And because of that, the spell used to bring them back can only last so long, as the only ones who may have remembered them are the others who had died during the event. The worst part? They can't say a thing about it, they're physically incapable of talking about the event until they're remembered. You have one month to break the spell, and even if it's only yourself, that would be enough. Now, for the time they saved you ten years back, it's your turn. Regulations 1. Please note that there will be swearing and some blood/gore. Swear to your heart's content, however don't go overboard with blood and gore. With the exception of swearing, this rp should be PG-13. 2. I'm not going to be too strict on post length, but please, at least two sentences. 3. Please, try to use proper grammar and spelling. 4. If you're going to RP in first-person, please specify your character above the post so we know. 5. When OOC, please use brackets: (), [], {}, etc. 6. At least try to keep genders even, if you see a bunch of females it would help if you'd make a male. Now, this may sound a bit odd, but if I may request something; if you're able, could you make two characters, a male and a female? You see, to start this rp, we'll need an even number of characters. 7. Please try to keep even the saved/savior ratio, though it doesn't matter as much the gender divide on this one since people can be paired with the same gender. 8. There is no order in which you have to post, simply whenever you feel like it/get a reply. 9. For now, the max character number is two. 10. I cannot stress this enough. No power-playing or God-modding, you may attempt to attack another character, but you're not always going to hit. Of course, if you want to have an NPC attack your character(Within reason) that's fine. 11. No killing or seriously injuring another character without the rper's permission. 12. You have one power, and a max of three weapons. However, your power can't be ridiculously overpowered, and not all of your weapons can be super-powerful ones(Ex: A scythe, a broadsword, and a gun). However, you may do things such as: A scythe, a combat knife, and a pair of brass knuckles. Additional Information Joining: To join, post a reply on the thread with the character sheet in the Information Desk(Will be done after the maintenance period most likely). Weapons and Powers: I touched on weapons and powers and how they can't be OP, and so here's the extra info section about that! While I'm mainly going to ask for common sense on powers, there are a few I won't allow: Telepathy-based powers= Due to the point of this rp being to remember someone you've long forgotten about, reading their minds immediately and remembering from that would make it no fun. Other mind-related powers I'd probably be fine with, but no mind-reading. Loophole powers= If you have a power that could for example, give your character other powers, I won't allow that either as it'd be considered god-modding. Loophole powers in general won't be allowed. Witchcraft/Wizardry= I'm not allowing these kinds of powers because of their ability to easily be overpowered with casting spells. There's one person in the town who can do this and that is the mayor, who isn't controlled by anyone. Weapons you'd have more leeway with, but you can't have all weapons be powerful ones or main ones. One main weapon and two side weapons. You can either have two medium-powered ones with one low-powered one, one powerful one with two low-powered ones, etc. Of course, you could also have only one powerful one, only two medium ones, only low ones, etc. And you could always just have no weapon at all. Characters Undecided/ShadowOfTheBird/Undecided/Male/Undecided/Undecided/None/Saved/Undecided Undecided/ShadowOfTheBird/Undecided/Female/Undecided/Undecided/None/Savior/Undecided Name/RPer/Age/Gender/Power/Weapon(s)/Crush?/Position(Saved or Savior)/Paired With
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