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  1. This is something which I am looking forward to :3 I cannot wait to read and review others' works and have my own reviewed
  2. I have no idea what to do ^^`

  3. Hey, I hoe you've been good.

    Here's something I randomly came across, thought you might like it ^^


  4. Happy birthday! I hope you stay happy healthy awesome and have an amazing year :D Stay lovely ^^

    1. Hikari


      Thank you! And don’t worry, I’ll try my best! And I’ll be sure to have an awesome year (because you all make me feel happy on the inside)! 

      Thank you so much! This feels amazing already! :wub:

  5. Happy Brithday :3 stay strong and happy teenage is a tough time and that comes from experience. Whatever you do, listen to your parents, believe me as a teenager this is the best thing you can do to yourself and that is the best investment you can make to yourself. Anyway have a happy birthday and I hope you stay happy and healthy :D

    1. Soreina the Crazy Fangirl

      Soreina the Crazy Fangirl

      Haha thank you! Yeah, I’ll make sure to listen to my parents :D. Thank you!!!!!!

  6. Won my fist checkers game XD I''m getting addicted to it

  7. Happy birthday ^_^ here's to hoping that you stay happy and healthy and at peace. May your days be filed with happiness, health, peace, love, awesomeness, fun and feel-good moments :) 

  8. Happy birthday pal. Stsy happy!

  9. Sincere apologies, but a belated happy birthday! May you stay happy and stress free :)

    1. Laggy


      Thanks a lot man :')

  10. Started watching Game of Thrones! Bought the season one DVD and watched tie first episode today. Let's see what happens next time.

  11. I feel... alive.... ^_^

  12. I actually made your comment about me as my signature, it's motivating me like nothing other :'3 bless you

  13. Did you get the birthday message I sent you?

    1. AquilaTempestas


      I got it. Hard to reply on the itouch though because it just crashes each time but I did like your message 

    2. MasKaiHilFantic


      Feel free to reply whenever you want to