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  1. Any SasuSaku fans out there willing to beta for my newest creations :) 

  2. Any SasuSaku fans lol been nostalgic since all this Naruto pic keep popping on my instagram pages. 

  3. Having trouble with story titles which sounds better 

    Hearts Temperance 

    A Family affair

    Hearts Kisses  

    1. AquilaTempestas
    2. LionessoftheFire


      Thanks still feeling out stuff since it was a old plot idea that I want to finish up with. 

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      I like the first title as well :3 got a nice ring to it.

  4. LionessoftheFire Works

    I hope everyone been well , Lol I got quite a question on which path to take for a story. 1. elders of the clan are all massacred for trying to promote a cope by taking over the village lords power , they are killed by a member of thier own clan(though he kills them only to potext the village and lord from the corrupt elders ) and it's up to his own brother to kill him to avenge them though he dose not know the ttruth 2) the boys survies a whole massacre of his clan finding them all and his own brother again the killer and he seeks power( * same above reason for killing family, to protect village ) Kudos to anyone who guesses which Fandom this belongs to too lol
  5. Upcoming stories

    Awesome ideas , recommended doing the first fiction not much love given to ray or the other , it doesn't hurt that you a Kai Hilary pairing too lol . I would recommend watching lot of tv or movie about police corruption or crime novels actually what popped into my head were Korean or Chinese drama they have a lot of good shows and movies about the good cops vs bad cops .
  6. Anyone know a great way to describe Beyblade battles ?? 

    1. Beywriter



      Agreed they can be tricky. Maybe try using short brief action sentences to help reflect the speed of attacks.What kind of stadium is it? How big? Traditional or one with objects in? If its the latter that would help you having to write how scenery effects the beyblades performance like through sand or water. If its a traditional dish use circular and twisting phrases.

      Next you should try to think how best the blader would react to the others attack. Basic yes but mentioned anyway. Will they use a power attack? Does it work? How successful is it? Add suitable response from each side.

      Trash talk happens too. Just to keep the other riled up so theymake a mistake. This happens during or the beginning. Beybattles can last from a few seconds to over an hour. If its a tournament battle add in some crowd reaction and DJ commentary.

      Blading style varies from blader to blader, you know that try and write how truthfully an established character beyblades. Aggressively? Defensively? Be as creative as you want with ocs

      After the battle. Reactions to win or lose. How badly damaged is the beyblade/s?


      Ok with my insomnia affected mind this is best I can come up with. I hope its made some sort of sense. If not will be happy to try and help more.


  7. LionessoftheFire Works

    Well these past weeks have been going by so quickly, but been getting a lot of creative work and stress done lol
  8. LionessoftheFire Works

    Thanks for the reply girly , I'll be sure to link it up when it's done I've chosen the title A Product of design it seems to suit the story the best
  9. LionessoftheFire Works

    So I been toying with Titles and come up with a few different ones which one really grab at yall , it's for a new Beyblade fic I been outlining Dealing with a darker more gritty version of Beyblade if Kai had stayed longer with his grandfather than in the original series and so his human emotion and ties to the blade breakers is much more emotionally stunted A product of design - A mere existence - Destruction In The Illusion- Abyss In The Lights
  10. Afternoon all lol am free till summer classes but hey I survived 

    1. Mr Selfish

      Mr Selfish

      Good stuff! How were finals?

    2. LionessoftheFire


      difficult for my law final , my other classes were so easy though just waiting for the grades to come out 

    3. MasKaiHilFantic


      glad to know that :) hopefully the grades will be good too

  11. Have mercy , it's a miracle I haven't drop off to live on a abandoned island. Work has been crazy and school as well.  

    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      Good Lord. Hoping you the best of luck, damn it it's a wonder you're not crazy yet :/ Stay strong yo