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  1. Smite 4.19 update coming to consoles today/tonight (depending on your time zone). Might be time to pick up Thanatos again.

  2. Will make a post for the Age of Fire as soon as I've thought of something.

  3. Coming on for some conquest?

    1. Shizophrenia


      Yeah, of course, was just busy scanning my pic for inktober xd

    2. AquilaTempestas
  4. Wow. 8 game win streak!

  5. Every now and then, we get stuck in parts of games. Some person online giving you hell? A boss that refuses to die? Camera angles screwing you over? Rant about parts of games here!
  6. It's one of the reasons I started playing Hou Yi lol. If only I was good with Mercury and Susano. Apollo's elite agent skin is also great. Lots of pretty males haha.
  7. @Sakura Alexia i prefer playing male characters in anything that's not an rpg. My reasoning is lame - I like to play the nice looking males hahahhaha (see choices in Smite.)
  8. It does not take any fucking talent to play three fucking healers in arena. You think you are skilled? It's not tough to play a bloody healer. Just heal your teammates. Nonstop. It's worse when there's a bloody Sylvanus, Hercules and Aphrodite and no one else on your team builds anti-heal. YAY. Fuck healing three man competitions. You are not a GOOD player for playing a healer. There is no skill involved whatsover. Just play the coward's game. Fuck that shit.
  9. Seen a teammate do something incredibly stupid? Rant about them here. @Stubborn Saber @Sakura Alexia @Ace of Spies Last night I had a game with a Sylvanus and Scylla. I was Zeus.They were possibly the worst teammates I've ever had. Sylvanus refused to heal anyone. Scylla just kept running into her deaths over and over again. She refused to return to base when she had low health. I swear they must've been trolls. I couldn't believe how bad they both were. In the game after? It gets worse. I was Ao Kuang paired with Kuzenbo and Jing Wei. Jing Wei kept dying over and over again and Kuzenbo? Kept dying too. So in the third game? I was Odin with a Rata and Scylla. Rata was doing fine. I think Scylla must've been the same one from before because oh my god, she kept running into 3 vs 1 fights. If you ever see the name CAPTAINIRONTHOR2 be afraid. Gah. Also... big 'ugh' to instalockers especially once a role has already been called. No. Having four assassins on one team is not a smart idea. Three mages in Joust is not great either.
  10. Daji's kit is so clunky

  11. Ah so aliens do exist!
  12. Sounds like you two had a lot of fun. @Lady Mechanika @Bunny Hop!
  13. My poor loyal soldier died : ( @belmakori @Lightningblade49 @Stubborn Saber
  14. Shadow of War is just so bloody addictive. Full review coming when I finish act 3. Much better than the first game. 

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    2. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Fantastic review Aquila. Just bought the game after reading it.  (Consider game journalism btw). 

    3. Lightningblade49


      When I have money it's at the top of my list.

    4. AquilaTempestas


      Yay glad I could be convincing :D

  15. Every month we will be hosting two read and review sessions. This aims to encourage fellow members to give feedback on selected works. There will be three sub boards here. They are as follows: Works in Progress. You nominate a story that you would like feedback on. This can be longer than a single chapter. Chapter Reviews. You nominate a single chapter you would like feedback on. Archive. Where reviewed works go after the deadline has passed. All you need to do is add your name here if you want to rake part.
  16. Tell us all about your recent matches! Had a match with @Stubborn Saber. Kuku, Bellona (stubs) and Zeus (me) vs Hel, Raijin and Susano. We spent thirty minutes on the defensive. Their Raijin kept slaughtering our team but eventually we got there in the end (naturally the Zeus juice haha). Well played team.
  17. Happiness birthday!

    1. Kage


      Aw thank you Aquila! :)


  18. About to start Shadow of War. Haven't been this hyped for a game in a long time.

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    2. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      Ah do you remember the Australians and the Welshman?  Good times...

    3. Lady Mechanika

      Lady Mechanika

      @TJMike btw Rorschach or Constantine, which one do you think it'll be? Atom is pretty certain?

    4. TJMike


      Well, Atom came literally out of nowhere (pretty fit given the character we're talking about here lol) And as much as it pains me, I honestly don't see Constantine appearing in the game anymore... I think Rorchach has more chances for being a guest character. Although I would liked better if Raiden hadn't showed up at all (we already have Subzero as the 'MK character guest, but whatevs) and get Spawn instead ^_^.

      Btw, I heard this Atom isn't Ray Palmer but some guy that took over being the Atom in place of Ray. I think is that Chinese kid from the Rebirth series.

  19. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen whilst I wait for Shadow of War to install.
  20. Well, I decided to try something different with this mission to capture the squealer to lure out a war chief. Last several attempts saw me pissing off the entire stronghold. This time I snuck my way in and got a Caragor to help fight the squealer's bodyguards. Unfortunately, I accidentally got him killed. I did eventually succeed though by making the squealer chase me for quite distance where he got separated then it was easy so make him scream for his master. Heh heh. @belmakori @TJMike @Lightningblade49 @Kage
  21. Shadow of War tomorrow. So excited. Ended up watching the final cutscene for the original game and omg... wow.

  22. Dragon's Domga: Dark Arisen remastered on the xbox one
  23. Triple worshipper weekend again? Ullr might hit diamond with five wins.

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    2. AquilaTempestas


      I'll be on in about thirty minutes 

    3. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      Ok. Gives me a chance to kill some noobs in Overwatch ( I get loads)

    4. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      Hit me up when you're on


  24. This one is for you @OfficerDonNZ and @belmakori