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  1. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    Author AquilaTempestas Title Ravaged World [RoC Revised] Synopsis Welcome to the Johto-Kanto, a region where vampires and werewolves live alongside in harmony with the humans. You are a college graduate currently working full-time at a popular bar owned by Gary Oak, the current prime minister's grandson. Whilst you may have the appearance of a human, you have the odd ability to read the minds of humans which can be both a blessing and a curse. At first things seem peaceful, but when opposition leader Giovanni wins the federal election, things start to fall apart as legislation to kill supernatural beings is passed. This prompts the return of the Original family to help even up the battlefield, however not everyone is impressed. Tensions arise between vampires, humans and werewolves as the fight to survive begins. Character Submissions OC only Type of roleplay Epic Number of players needed 1 To join Closed Additional info You are a faerie, a supernatural creature with a human appearance. As a humanoid supernatural creature, you have access to a range of powers and abilities including: Telepathy - read the thoughts of humans Oneirokinesis - you can enter the dreams of humans and converse with them Longevity - fairies can live up to about 500 years of age, but they are not invincible and can easily die like any human Magic Reversal - you can reverse the effects of most spells Bend Light - If angered, faeries can manipulate light to defend themselves by hurling a ball of light If you decide to become a werewolf, you will become a hybrid. You'll lose your mind reading abilities, but you'll still be able to use light. Unfortunately, you can't control the curse of a wolf and must turn into wolf form every time there is a full moon (until you learn to control it). During this phase, wolves lose all sense of human thinking and act on the instincts of a real wolf. When a full moon approaches, werewolves develop flu-like symptoms. When a werewolf's fangs emerge (generally when angered), their eyes will turn a bright yellow. As a hybrid, you'd have blue eyes. The curse is triggered as soon as the werewolf makes its first human kill which causes extreme pain. Pregnant werewolves do not turn into wolf form as this would kill the baby, but are weakened during the nine months. Werewolves are mortal beings and can be killed either by fire, a silver bullet to the heart, decapitation, or by blood loss. Wolfsbane will also weaken a wolf if ingested by accident and bring them close to death. Werewolf fur is highly sought after by humans because it fetches a high price. In human form, werewolf blood acts like a drug (think heroin). These powers and abilities are: Super strength and speed (stronger than vampires, but not as fast) Enhanced healing Fatal bite to a vampire If you decide to become a vampire, you will lose your abilities as a fairie (except for your blood being magical) and inherit the ones of a vampire. In order to remain 'living', vampires need to drink blood from living creatures (animals or humans though drinking animal blood makes you a wussy vampire). They also must be invited inside a building and can't walk in sunlight without the aid of a daylight ring. Wooden stakes can kill a vampire and silver can burn and restrain vampires (but doesn't kill them). When a vampire's fangs emerge (generally when angered or drinking blood), their eyes will turn blood red and black spider veins will appear beneath them. Vampire blood is highly sought after by humans as it acts like a powerful aphrodisiac. These powers and abilities are: Super strength and speed (faster than werewolves, but not as strong) Enhanced healing Can compel humans to do their bidding unless the human has injected vervain into their bloodstream (temporary) If a vampire has sired another vampire, they form a bond. and can summon the other for help if necessary Throughout the course of the role-play, you'll encounter other powerful beings. Their powers and abilities are as follows: Original Vampire Same powers and weaknesses as an ordinary vampire (but stronger), but can't be killed. If caught in the sunlight, they will burn, but not die and will heal quickly. They also physically stop aging once turned. An Original Vampire also have the power of telepathy. Original Hybrid Original Hybrids have super speed and strength as well as enhanced healing. They also must be invited before entering a building and need human or animal blood to give them strength. Sunlight does not harm an Original Hybrid, nor does silver. As they also part wolf, an Original Hybrid also falls victim to the curse of the full moon. When an Original Hybrid's fangs emerge, their eyes turn yellow and black spider veins also appear. Their bite is fatal to vampires, but their blood can also heal any wound. Witch Witches are humans who have been born with the ability to create magic. It can be taught, but those born to witch parents are far more likely to succeed and cast stronger spells. Powers and abilities include: Divination - clairvoyance, intuition, premonitions and psychometry Elemental Control - manipulate air, earth, fire and water Pain Infliction Telekinesis Rules no godmodding, bunnying etc no killing other players no killing NPCs unless prompted Participant Sakura - Maya [22, orphan, no knowledge about family and lived in an abbey until 18]
  2. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "Well I've been stuck in that place for over a thousand years, Maya. It's not exactly something so easily shaken off. I can try to pretend that everything is fine, but I know that I'm not." He looks at the mirror above the sink. "Grandfather used to insist that I would always fail at everything I tried at. He would say that someone like me would never know what love is because how could anyone come to like the abomination that is me." He closes his eyes. "Every day. The same words. Over and over again. You will never succeed. No one cares about you. You know he stabbed me a few times. Thought it was funny."
  3. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "I think I'm presenting a perfectly plausible scenario, Maya." He heads over to the sink and washes his hands. "I guess grandfather was right about a few things."
  4. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "I don't know if she sticks with me for Faith's sake or because she actually cares about me, Maya. You know some people do that. Make a big sacrifice for the sake of the children." He draws in a deep breath. "I knew coming here was a bad idea, but Lyra wanted to do something normal for a change."
  5. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    @Exelior @Sakura Alexia You head back outside armed and ready to go. You get a phone call. (whoever replies first gets to answer) @Ace of Spies "And what? Risk Drake getting away?" He takes cover near you then pokes his head around the corner to check. The two guys are dead. He looks at you then frowns. "You almost took a bullet to the face, Clair."
  6. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    Title Souls of the Damned Author AquilaTempestas Synopsis You're new to town, and unfortunately for you, you're caught up in the middle of a growing turf war between multiple gangs, all vying to be on top of the ladder. The Johto-Kanto is overrun with crime, and if you wish to survive, you have to play the game. Character Submissions OC and Canon (pokemon character) Type of Role-play Epic Number of players needed Preferably a min of 3 but no more than 7 To join Reply to this thread with your chosen character Please fill out the following: Name: [your name] Background: [choose a low class scummy job. fast food shop, toilet cleaner etc. The sillier, the better.] Vice: [what is your character's weakness?] Crime: [what was your character's biggest crime job?] - this obviously can't be too major so no robbing banks and such. Think shoplifting, pushing old people over, stealing a car, doing wheelies on quiet suburban streets, stealing candy off children... Additional Info There will be lots of swearing, drugs, and many crude references. Length of IC post More than one sentence, but preferably nothing over four Rules 1. No bunnying or godmodding 2. Some people can't be killed unless prompted. Safe NPCS are the hosts and the gang leaders (though gang leaders can be killed if choices allow it) 3. You can't change your character 4. You earn money by doing jobs. More money gives you access to better items 5. You may not control NPC's 6. This is a turn-based RP. I will post first, then all participating players will respond. 7. Your character has a reputation. Reputation is earned by doing bad things successfully. The higher, the more respect you will get. You lower, the less you'll receive. 8. You can join gangs... but you can leave them. Becoming the top dog is all that matters here no matter how many people you must hurt to get there 9. You may have a Pokemon as a pet. But keep in mind they're just pets and really can't do anything too special. Characters Lance - AquilaTempestas [host] Cyrus - AquilaTempestas [host] Gary - AquilaTempestas [host] Satitha Millery - Raime [street sweeper, fire, small scale arson attacks which resulted in her pokemon dying] Red Eyes/Hotaru Kasai - BG [cashier at a next to unknown store, his temper often flares out of control, setting fire to garden for the hell of it] Clair - Ace of Spies [flipping burgers at Maccas, Lance because she's inferior to him, jaywalking] Archer Black - Jacob Frye [glass collector at a really seedy crappy club, card games, poker and getting way too big, arrogant and self-important, small time con artist] Brendan - Exelior [fisherman, alcohol, pretty gals, mostly his Leafeon-Blade, causing trouble, getting into fights, getting drunk] Ricard - Sir Alonne [taxi driver, tries to make puns but all are really bad, stole balloons on balloon free day] Cynthia - Sakura [street cleaner, ice cream, throwing dog shit in people's faces] GENERATOR
  7. Uploading Images

    This is really important. Please do not directly upload images to the forum if possible. I advise you to use something like postimage or tinypic for image hosting. The only times you can upload an image directly is for your profile headers avatars and signatures. Uploading images directly here (and I can tell!) uses up valuable server space and I'm on a restricted plan. I would prefer not to pay a hefty fee each month for cloud storage.
  8. Please use a third party hosting site to upload images. I can tell if you are uploading files directly to the site.

  9. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    'Yeah, well, you do have it easier than me. You're not a famous name most of the world wants dead. You have a partner who loves you dearly and expresses it constantly. You have friends who support you. As for me? My extended family on both sides despise me and plot against me. Your humans are suspicious of me. I don't even know where Lyra stands half the time. I guess I'm just envious of what you and Brock have."
  10. What are you eating?

    These bad boys Tim Tams!
  11. Song of the Day

    From Silent Hill 3 OST
  12. Song of the Day

    This replaces the 'What Are You Listening To' thread which has been moved to graveyard due to the number of videos missing. Once per day, you may share a video of a song you really like. Songs with lyrics only - there's a separate thread for instrumental and soundtrack pieces.
  13. Trailer Music of the Day

    Good old Epic Score.
  14. Trailer Music of the Day

    Figured I'd keep trailer music separate from instrumentals from now on hence the new thread
  15. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "Pryce isn't really a friend, Maya. He's just someone whom I managed to save. He would've died an old man if he had not begged for immortality. He didn't want to die, so I gave him the chance to have another life at a great sacrifice." He pauses then sighs again. "You don't realize how easy you have it, Maya. You're not constantly caught between two sides. Two sides that are natural enemies of each other. It's like I'm constantly fighting myself."
  16. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "And who exactly is going to listen, Maya? You're not in my position. You actually have friends who stick by your side regardless of your errors." He sighs. "I'm not going to kill you, Maya. It might surprise you, but I do know happen to know the difference between a stranger and someone I know. I would never harm anyone that was closely associated with me unless they gave me reason too."
  17. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    'There's no one that can help me," he remarks. "Who would want to anyway? There's no other vampire alive who would know what it feels like to be both wolf and vampire."
  18. Applications for 2018 Forum Roles

    So, 2018 is getting closer and that means the big board update will be coming. A brand new year means updated staffing positions. Send me a PM and answer the following: The position you are applying for And why you want it How committed do you think you will be I'm not fussed about experience since we all start somewhere. What I am looking for is commitment. If you want to be in charge of the fanfiction account for example, I'd like to see works being frequently added and such. As reminder... Board Moderator Duties - Moving threads, making sure threads stay on topic, removing duplicate threads, watching over chat room, answering support and feedback questions. When the forum is updated when the new sections, let me know which sub forum you want to watch over Spaces Available - 4 Chat Moderator (colour to be decided still) Duties - Watching over the Discord chat room and ensuring conflicts don't arise Spaces Available - 4 Writing Leader, Games Leader, Arts Leader Duties - You will manage a club focused on one of these three areas which are focused on forum interactivity and setting challenges. It's your job to post events, challenges, manage the scoreboard, add events to the calendar and keep members updated on what is happening Spaces Available - 3 [one of each] Community Leader Duties - You are the person who creates quizzes, manage dumb debate of the week, replying to threads on an frequent basis to keep topics going, adding new threads for people to reply to... You're basically the person who keeps the forum looking really active Spaces Available - 2 Promoter (these people run our social networking accounts and try to recruit as many people as they can on a monthly basis) [4] Duties - Your job is simple. Run a selected social networking account and recruit people to this board. Try to convince at least 2 people a month. Keep other members informed of what is happening (for example, if you manage the FFN account, let us know if we have gotten new reviews and such.) If you are the FFN manager, if you have a story idea and you'd like us to help out, please let us know so we can actually get something up there Fanfiction Archive DeviantArt To people who are currently hold a position - let me know if you still want it or want something new or want to be a normal member instead @OfficerDonNZ @TJMike @Lady Mechanika @Ace of Spies @Sakura Alexia @Indigo Jupiter @SilveryMoonShadow @Lightningblade49 @Laggy @Kage @FishSlayer @Magnus Bane @Stubborn Saber @Hikari @Nocturna
  19. The Age of Fire [Dark Souls] - Actual

    Author AquilaTempestas Title The Age of Fire Synopsis The once thriving city Drangleic has fallen. Queen Nashandra has taken to the throne, but there has been no sighting of King Vendrick himself. Without the king to rule, Drangleic's military might has come to an abrupt halt. Monsters now roam the land. The darkness has spread to the other kingdoms, and a call for help has been raised by the firekeeper of Firelink Shrine. Now a hero must rise to send back the monsters from whence they came from. Character Submissions OC Number of players needed No real limit. Just some sort of understanding required on Dark Souls To join Closed Additional info None. Revealed throughout. Rules no godmodding, bunnying etc no killing other players no killing NPCs unless prompted Participant Shiz - Megan [female, knight] Fish - Brynn [female, thief] Selfish - Jeigh [male, farmer/deprived] Laggy Isaac [male, warrior] TJ - waiting on Bunny - Railyn [female, knight] Mas - Edward [male, assassin] Aquila - Kiara [female, knight]
  20. No Rest for the Wicked

    Your thoughts are interrupted by a loud cheer erupting from the crowd. Looking ahead, you see the crowd has started to move closer to the arena. There's a rather large man standing in the middle. You guess he must be Crasher Wake. The man throws his hands up in the air silencing the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Pits. I am Crasher Wake, your reigning Champion. Tonight! You will fight for the right to face me in the Pits!" Another cheer. The crowd is starting to get rowdy. "Remember the rules. Fight to the death!"
  21. No Rest for the Wicked

    Author AquilaTempestas Title No Rest for the Wicked Synopsis Political unrest in the Johto-Kanto region has led to the collapse of the economy. People who were once at the top of the food chain, now find themselves at the bottom. The collapse of the global share market has resulted in millions of jobs lost, but opportunities to make a few dollars quickly surface in the underworld market. The Blackthorn cousins, Lance and Clair, find themselves drawn into a world of economic instability however their circumstances differ greatly. Clair's a promising graduate offered a position at a prestigious law firm, whilst Lance is drowning in a sea of debt. The cousins find themselves on the same path after an unplanned attack forcing them to put aside their differences and work together. They embark on a road trip, and Clair soon finds herself on the wrong side of the law. Character Submissions Canon Type of roleplay Epic Number of players needed 1. Claimed by @Ace of Spies To join Closed Rules no godmodding, bunnying etc no killing other players no killing NPCs unless prompted Participant Ace - Clair ... This will be updated as progress is made. Political Leaders of Kanto Brock of Pewter and has the boulder badge Misty of Cerulean and has the cascade badge Surge of Vermilion and has the thunder badge Erika of Celadon has the rainbow badge Janine of Fuchsia has the soul badge Sabrina of Saffron has the marsh badge Blaine has the volcano badge Blue has the earth badge (gary's twin brother) Political Leaders of Johto Falkner of Violet and has the zephyr badge Bugsy of Azalea and has the hive badge Whitney of Goldenrod and has the plain badge Morty of Ecruteak and has the fog badge Chuck of Cianwood and has the storm badge Jasmine of Olivine and has the mineral badge Pryce of Mahogany and has the glacier badge Mike of Blackthorn and has the rising badge Neutral Cyrus - former owner of Galactic Corporations and now runs the Indigo Law Firm Clair works at Rivals Will Koga Bruno Karen Lorelei Agatha Fellowship May Tracey Lyra Ethan Gary Paul
  22. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "You're not exactly giving me any methods to help myself, Maya. You're just stating things."
  23. Have You Ever?

    Yes I have. It was a friend's birthday party so we stayed up super late and then my friend stayed the night too... We were super tired and kept nodding off to sleep. Have you ever gone to the movie theatres to watch a movie alone?
  24. Aphrodite players who refuse to heal anyone else but their friend. Thanks.

    1. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Best Aphro players am I right? Sorry I am not on yet, I woke up just now and I still have chores to finish. :/

    2. AquilaTempestas


      Can do one more. No mic though. 

    3. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Sorry, I didn't read it before I invited you lol.

  25. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice [PS4 and PC]

    The game is all right. Some parts are kinda difficult though. The combat isn't the best. I do love the lore though and voice acting is great.