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  1. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "Well I've been stuck in that place for over a thousand years, Maya. It's not exactly something so easily shaken off. I can try to pretend that everything is fine, but I know that I'm not." He looks at the mirror above the sink. "Grandfather used to insist that I would always fail at everything I tried at. He would say that someone like me would never know what love is because how could anyone come to like the abomination that is me." He closes his eyes. "Every day. The same words. Over and over again. You will never succeed. No one cares about you. You know he stabbed me a few times. Thought it was funny."
  2. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "I think I'm presenting a perfectly plausible scenario, Maya." He heads over to the sink and washes his hands. "I guess grandfather was right about a few things."
  3. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "I don't know if she sticks with me for Faith's sake or because she actually cares about me, Maya. You know some people do that. Make a big sacrifice for the sake of the children." He draws in a deep breath. "I knew coming here was a bad idea, but Lyra wanted to do something normal for a change."
  4. Souls of the Damned [Pokemon Crime]

    @Exelior @Sakura Alexia You head back outside armed and ready to go. You get a phone call. (whoever replies first gets to answer) @Ace of Spies "And what? Risk Drake getting away?" He takes cover near you then pokes his head around the corner to check. The two guys are dead. He looks at you then frowns. "You almost took a bullet to the face, Clair."
  5. Uploading Images

    This is really important. Please do not directly upload images to the forum if possible. I advise you to use something like postimage or tinypic for image hosting. The only times you can upload an image directly is for your profile headers avatars and signatures. Uploading images directly here (and I can tell!) uses up valuable server space and I'm on a restricted plan. I would prefer not to pay a hefty fee each month for cloud storage.
  6. Please use a third party hosting site to upload images. I can tell if you are uploading files directly to the site.

  7. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    'Yeah, well, you do have it easier than me. You're not a famous name most of the world wants dead. You have a partner who loves you dearly and expresses it constantly. You have friends who support you. As for me? My extended family on both sides despise me and plot against me. Your humans are suspicious of me. I don't even know where Lyra stands half the time. I guess I'm just envious of what you and Brock have."
  8. What are you eating?

    These bad boys Tim Tams!
  9. Song of the Day

    From Silent Hill 3 OST
  10. Trailer Music of the Day

    Good old Epic Score.
  11. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "Pryce isn't really a friend, Maya. He's just someone whom I managed to save. He would've died an old man if he had not begged for immortality. He didn't want to die, so I gave him the chance to have another life at a great sacrifice." He pauses then sighs again. "You don't realize how easy you have it, Maya. You're not constantly caught between two sides. Two sides that are natural enemies of each other. It's like I'm constantly fighting myself."
  12. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "And who exactly is going to listen, Maya? You're not in my position. You actually have friends who stick by your side regardless of your errors." He sighs. "I'm not going to kill you, Maya. It might surprise you, but I do know happen to know the difference between a stranger and someone I know. I would never harm anyone that was closely associated with me unless they gave me reason too."
  13. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    'There's no one that can help me," he remarks. "Who would want to anyway? There's no other vampire alive who would know what it feels like to be both wolf and vampire."
  14. No Rest for the Wicked

    Your thoughts are interrupted by a loud cheer erupting from the crowd. Looking ahead, you see the crowd has started to move closer to the arena. There's a rather large man standing in the middle. You guess he must be Crasher Wake. The man throws his hands up in the air silencing the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Pits. I am Crasher Wake, your reigning Champion. Tonight! You will fight for the right to face me in the Pits!" Another cheer. The crowd is starting to get rowdy. "Remember the rules. Fight to the death!"
  15. Ravaged World [Pokemon Supernatural]

    "You're not exactly giving me any methods to help myself, Maya. You're just stating things."