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  1. @Shizophrenia @Sakura Alexia Nightmare mode gets released in 4.22 (next patch). It's out now on console and there have been some pretty big changes. Adventure buffs are now 20% instead of 30% Soul Eater, Hastened Fatalis and the original Shaman's Ring have been removed Draugr's whirlpool takes up the entire boat now meaning you can't escape it and must rely on self heals and heals to survive It seems to be set at night time now. There are some changes throughout the mode (check out the new frozen bridge area for example) Also, for easy and normal mode, you want life steal, crit and attack speed for non mages. Enemies deal true damage meaning defense isn't going to do anything Easy and Hard Mode Nightmare Mode If you beat it on nightmare mode, you get a special animated avatar. That's all I know so far. I also beat this on hard mode as Ullr with AMC and Hel. As long as the healer has Shoguns, Rod of Assclaps and Pythags, you'll be fine regardless of your hunter build.
  2. Beat Loki woo

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Did it with Ullr, Hel and AMC

  3. Won't be playing SMITE today with you again :^( Feeling sick.

    Good luck getting Loki to his 130 wins!!

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Oh damn that sucks : ( Get better soon!

  4. Tomorrow is 'Loki will get to 130 wins' day. He will. He's 4 wins off...

    1. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      The Loki/Ao Kuang combo works, maybe I should be Ao to help you.

  5. So how many people are taking part in the christmas postage thing?

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    2. Wizarmonfan


      You mean I can still send eevee a letter? I'm still in. :D

    3. AquilaTempestas
    4. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      I should be able to

  6. Every now and then, I'll start up a smite activity. First round. Your two most played gods have a child together. Design their kit. My new god would be the child of Ao Kuang and Loki. Loki visited China one day because he was kicked out from his own land and thought China would be fun to visit. Upon arrival, he heard stories about this whiny dragon king who throws lots of tantrums. He thought it would be fun to play a prank on Ao Kuang so he visits the dragon king's palace. The prank happens, but it ends up poorly for Loki because the dragon king also has stealthy abilities and Ao clearly knows his palace better. Loki gets trapped. But Loki, being a shapeshifter, is able to exit the jail without much effort. He turns into Ao Kuang's wifey and proceeds to seduce the dragon king. One thing leads to another and he ends up having a child called Aoki. (this would make a great fanfic. I will write it if I get at least three 'yes you should') He is a high damage burst mage and can be played in solo or jungle role. He is a high risk high reward god, and can die very easily, especially if cc'd. He tends to lose more games than wins because his team mates can't peel for him. He is a terrible defender as well, and will not be involved in the team fight. He prefers to sit back and watch from the sidelines because he'll die very quickly otherwise. Name - Aoki (pronounced as Ao-ki) Gender - Male Class - Chinese Mage Assassin (because Loki turned into Ao Kuang's wifey) Passive - Every time Aoki gets a kill using their ult, they gain extra magical power of +5. Stacks up to three times. Ability 1 - Aoki turns invisible and gains extra movement speed. His stealth can be broken, but deals bleed damage when exiting stealth. You have five seconds to apply damage to your target to cause bleed otherwise no damage at all. Ability 2 - Aoki summons a dragon decoy which distracts minions. It can't be broken and lasts five seconds. When it disappears, it blows up dealing damage. This is a great farming tool. Ability 3 - Aoki throws his dragons in a cone attack and applies bleed damage. Ability 4 - Aoki teleports to his target and stuns them. He can then basic attack them to death or use his three. When the enemy falls into the execute threshold, Aoki turns into a dragon. @Ace of Spies @Shizophrenia @Sakura Alexia @Lightningblade49 @Stubborn Saber
  7. HOw are you finding the game thus far?
  8. We won the match! :D

    It was intense.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      This absolutely made my day. :D

      They cluelessly kept running around by themselves then, easy prays for 4 people.

    3. AquilaTempestas
    4. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Yup ^_^

      I just hope you won't get reported by Skadi for leaving though :/

  9. This game of arena was basically Loki picking on Hou Yi every single time. The Hou Yi ended up on Loki look out and kept a close eye on me at all times, but it didn't save him. I basically just ignored everyone else (unless I could get an easy kill) and just went for Hou Yi. Heh heh heh. @Sakura Alexia @Shizophrenia
  10. See if this code works -  APNH760C4AE71031

    1. AquilaTempestas


      Think I missed out a number in the last one I gave you

    2. Shizophrenia


      Ow, ok, I'll try it out a bit later then

  11. Pacman has been added to the forum chat bar. You can now play this directly from here.

  12. Today in Smite - Aquila can't even see her character because the game is flickering.

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    2. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      What the heck? Again?

    3. AquilaTempestas


      I think it's because I'm installing Pokemon and when the 3ds installs, everything else using the internet goes weird. Stupid Pokemon.

    4. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      Its okay, PSN seems to be having troubles atm regarding online stuff anyway.

  13. Pokemon Ultra Moon!