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    Ever since leaving my workplace earlier in the year, I have to say I feel mentally and physically so much better.
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    Every month we will be hosting two read and review sessions. This aims to encourage fellow members to give feedback on selected works. There will be three sub boards here. They are as follows: Works in Progress. You nominate a story that you would like feedback on. This can be longer than a single chapter. Chapter Reviews. You nominate a single chapter you would like feedback on. Archive. Where reviewed works go after the deadline has passed. All you need to do is add your name here if you want to rake part.
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    I saw these. And it makes me want to play the games like holy shit it sounds epic. Lusamine's especially grips me though. She was the monster in Sun and Moon and now something has done THAT to her? What's scaring that psycho that much? If it is Necrozma there's more to it than we think, I believe. It looks sinister but wow it seems to be causing a lot of mayhem, does this make it an evil pokemon compared to like Kyogre and Groudon that just went berserk?
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    Stubborn Saber

    Ragnarok [Smite]

    Odin's comment caused Sun Wukong to raise an eyebrow, he must be the all seeing father that he's occasionally heard about. "Robbery? Ha, why Odin you make me sound like a petty thief." He walks and by and takes a seat at the end of the table, next to an eagle like fellow and Nu Wa. "No actually, it was more of a trade, Ao kindly gifted me the Ruyi Jingu Bang and weather rod, in return I didn't beat him in front of all his men; his ego was still left hurting though, you all should've seen his face." He laughed thinking back on that moment. Looking around he could tell most weren't a fan of his, ones pet even began growling at him and although the owner calmed it she didn't look any friendlier, Nu Wa was just as grumpy as ever, she'd already managed to damaged the table as he observed the black remains under her fist. The eagle seemed a bit more chilled, even engaging him in conversation not with an insult, but a title; he got the feeling he should probably know this guys name, but it slipped his mind. "Ah it's not the place to be flying in, learned that just now, as for the people they seem....." He paused to glance around, taking a moment to register everyone's faces, Nu Wa being the last he saw. ".....Friendlier than my own Pantheon right now. Oh, what's your name again?" He questioned, still clueless as ever.
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    Ragnarok [Smite]

    "Even if our realms are considerably far away from each other, our general state seems to be disturbingly similar." Ra thought. He was about to make a comment on the matter but the front door was suddenly opened, and the last member of the Chinese pantheon entered nonchalantly. As the Monkey King made his appearance, Ra couldn't help but feel amused by the younger god's behavior and carefree attitude. He remembered a time when most of the elder gods in the room were like that, himself included. The sound of something shattering next to him brought him back to the present, and his gaze discretely turned to see an embarrassed looking Nu Wa, bringing the shadow of a smirk on his face. Hopefully nobody would notice. "Welcome, Lord Wukong." he said. "I trust the lands of the North were kind to you?"
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    *Enters silently* Ahem....I know almost everyone has forgot me. By the way, let me introduce myself again. I'm your loving Misty aka Cascade girl aka Princess Aurum aka whatever....Recognized? Now let me tell the tragedy T_T I forgot my password and lost my diary in which it was written. Thank God our lovely admin @AquilaTempestas contacted with me and reminded me about this. I'm so so so....sorry for leaving you guys. I've missed you all a lot! So I'm back, once again!
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    I googled it. Don't know if this helps - http://screenrant.com/best-destiny-guns-armor-exotic/
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    Magnus Bane


    Guys, guys, guys, please chill it. I created this thread so we would have a place to talk and learn about these kinds of topics. Some people think pacifism is the way to go, some don't. I personally don't think that pacifism can solve everything and believe me, I am literally qualified to talk about why pacifism and violence can be both good and bad. I don't see anyone was discriminating here, but I do see that tension is getting high. Any opinion will always be welcome here as far as I'm concerned. The only reason I wouldn't want people to feel welcome on this thread is if they were outright discriminating against people. However, I don't believe you are. I think you're a pacifist and that's great! Though I think what people are trying to get across is that pacifism has it's cons, and it doesn't always work on it's own. Unfortunately when it comes to sensitive topics like these, you cannot post unless you're 100% willing to have your opinion and beliefs criticized, and you're willing to listen to others' opinions. This is just a general note for everyone. Also note that whilst your opinion is fine here, both TAZ's rules and my opening post on this thread are very clear against discrimination.
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    Best exotics anyone? I can only comment on warlocks and hunters (2nd hand). So far I have the lunafaction legs and graviton lance to complement my preference for the voidwalker sub. I had the wings of sacred dawn for a bit but I felt like I was just wearing a giant "SHOOT ME" sign. I want the mido multi-tool, rat king and merciless when I get enough legendary shards to buy them. Hunter exotics - sunshot, lucky pants and that torso armour with the dragon.
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    Sakura Alexia

    Song of the Day

    Welcome to the weird part of the internet, I can't take this off my head. XD
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    Sounds pretty cool. I'd probably give it a try if I could fit it in though I'm fairly confident with what I'm able to do now. Sadly, it doesn't show what is exactly in the course.
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    If anyone with this on PS4 wants to make up a Taz Clan with me get in touch. My PS username is Wenchmouse.
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    Compliment Game

    Has some hilarious comments on the forms.