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    • AquilaTempestas

      Posting Video Links   01/23/2016

      Please make sure the video shows up before posting (as in, the link turns into a video instead). If the link is not showing properly, highlight it then click 'Remove Formatting' (that's the Tx)
    • AquilaTempestas

      Chat Room   05/10/2016

      Unsure of how to access the Chat Room after reaching 10 posts? Look for Browse in the upper right hand corner. Hover your cursor over it and you will see Chat. Click on it. 


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    *Enters silently* Ahem....I know almost everyone has forgot me. By the way, let me introduce myself again. I'm your loving Misty aka Cascade girl aka Princess Aurum aka whatever....Recognized? Now let me tell the tragedy T_T I forgot my password and lost my diary in which it was written. Thank God our lovely admin @AquilaTempestas contacted with me and reminded me about this. I'm so so so....sorry for leaving you guys. I've missed you all a lot! So I'm back, once again!
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    Every month we will be hosting two read and review sessions. This aims to encourage fellow members to give feedback on selected works. There will be three sub boards here. They are as follows: Works in Progress. You nominate a story that you would like feedback on. This can be longer than a single chapter. Chapter Reviews. You nominate a single chapter you would like feedback on. Archive. Where reviewed works go after the deadline has passed. All you need to do is add your name here if you want to rake part.