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    Finally finished chapter 3 of the Altar. It's the second longest work I've ever done, at around 5000 words. Also worth noting that with this, the story breaks 10k.
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    Winter's Soldier


    Author Winter's Soldier Title Mythfrost Synopsis A town filled with supernatural creatures from witches to vampires to succubi, who for the most part live in peace. That all changes when a demon comes to town and prevents anyone from leaving. Character Submissions OC Number of players needed No real limit. To join Open Additional info None. Revealed throughout. Rules No godmodding, bunnying etc No killing other players No killing NPCs unless prompted No relationships/main events occurring without express permission of DM/Host
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    Bunny Hop!

    Project: Pokeloid

    Recently I downloaded MMD, which is an animation programme you often see used to make certain animated videos. I've also downloaded the model making software which partners with it. As I am such a fan of the vilainous teams, I've decided to make a series of videos dedicated to them and custom genderbends (namely stupid dance tributes). Currently I have made: Archie, Maxie and GB!Maxie - Heart Beats!. Archie - Heart Beats! Archie, Maxie and GB! Maxie - Little Apple. GB!Maxie - "Weekender Girl!" Models I have: Maxie Archie Guzma Lusamine GB!Maxie (Made by me) Models I have planned to create: Planned Videos:
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    Well, I get to start my vacation later today! Finally! I've never been to South Dakota before. I've hardly ever left the west coast! It'll be for a whole week. I'm excited!
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    From my newest work on my main account...
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    So this happened a few hours ago with @AquilaTempestas, we queue for a ranked match of joust, us two plus a random, nothing new except for the enemy team, somehow no one else was playing but some friends we've met by playing ranked that we sometimes play together with and we found ourselves against them, our first thoughts were "oh great we lost, they are good players" but the unexpected happened and we won! We were Skadi (me), Hades (Aquila) and a random Amaterasu, vs them as Guan Yu, Thoth and Hou Yi. We spent the first 15 minutes farming minions, no one attacked each other we didn't really feel like it, just a few pokes here and there, until I got to level 11 and I went to take on Bull Demon by myself while they were busy, still they followed but that was the bait that gave us the victory as they stole Bull Demon from me Aquila was able to enter and ult all three of them and with my support and Amaterasu's that we also used our own ults we were able to take all three of them out at once. From that moment we went ahead and our ult combo was way too good for them to be able to stop us. The score ended 10 to 0 for us, the only death was mine when I went to take Bull Demon the second time and I was a bit more than half health, my mistake lol. They didn't even manage to take our tower either. So yes, it was a good game for sure, certainly was an unexpected win.
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    What are you doing?

    Listening to music and checking out assessment details for the remainder of the semester so I can work writing sessions into it heh heh
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    And Today's Movie Is?

    Dunkirk. I have only one thing to say about it; intense.
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    (Heads, flee) Jeigh's heart began to hammer in his chest at the pure hopelessness of the situation. He was not only beginning to doubt that the man riding the flying abomination was his grandfather, but he also had a sinking feeling that the man was also a foe. To make things worse, hollows seemed to appear out of nowhere and surround the siblings. "Any ideas, Bo?" Brynn asked as she brandished her weapons. The undead began to close in and Jeigh couldn't help but bark, "run!" Once Brynn heard the command she elegantly spun, stowed one of her daggers, and leapt into a sprint. Jeigh managed to trip as he mimicked the fast motion, but he caught himself on the floor and propelled himself forward in a runner's stance. Terror had engulfed the man and he was able to not only catch up, but surpass his sister. In a flash of anxiety he turned to Brynn and noticed that her face bore a certain weight of serenity. Her brow slightly furrowed and Jeigh was hit with sudden clarity. She was planning their next move. He inwardly praised her defiance and her ability to remain calm under duress. Descending a flight of stairs, the two were able to glance at a colossal cathedral-like structure before they were spotted by yet another group of enemies. The hollow soldiers had slowly shambled to their feet, which gave the siblings plenty of time to turn away from the cathedral and hastily round a corner. Jeigh's fear mounted when they crossed a courtyard covered in flames and bodies. For a moment he began to slow. In his head the littered corpses seemed to turn to him in unison. Memories of the devastation of Astora flooded his mind. His own death seemed like a fleeting thing compared to the screams, the rustic smell of blood, and a million empty eyes. Brynn caught a glimpse of Jeigh's face and she seemed to understand. She whirled on him and shouted, "ignore it!" Although she could have simply pulled Jeigh out of his trance by dragging him by the arm, Brynn decided to backhand him across the face. His shock of the scenery vanished in an instant, and although his face began to redden he picked up his speed. A large hallway that the two had entered began to violently shake as the beast in the skies roared. Oddly enough the roar was followed by a smaller, albeit powerful cry. Focus engulfed him and Jeigh's vision began to hone. He no longer took note of his surroundings as he passed them by. In a quick series of moments Brynn seemed to lead him up a tall ladder, throw two hollows off of a balcony, and push him up yet another ladder. Empowered by the will to survive, the two moved with an efficient grace. As the two climbed onto a roof he was pulled back into the real world by the sounds of combat. Before he turned towards the struggle he scanned the skies for their pursuer. Not quite able to single out the winged abomination that carried grandfather's doppelganger from the hundred others floating in the sky, he decided to face the most imminent danger. The danger happened to be a horrendous 12 foot monstrosity that looked like a serpent made from the abyss itself. He recognized its cries as the monster whose earlier roar paled in comparison to the flying creature's. Shortly after noticing the beast, he saw the knights fighting it.
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    On Fan Fiction, my story, Children of the Cluster just hit 1,000 total views. I realize, that to some, it's not a lot, but for me, that's huge. I posted the first chapter way back on 9/5/2016 (I took a hiatus during the fall/holidays and started posting more regularly starting in February 2017).
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    "Alright, you go ahead." Caleb said. "I'll try to distract that thing from behind" he asked his companions, thinking back of his home in Carthus... and the terrible beings that the Usurper Wolnir brought with him during the siege. That day, dozens of large snake-like demons made of pure darkness appeared from beneath the city, bringing a complete state of chaos as the army of Wolnir kept the Carthusian warrior outside the main walls... The memory was interrupted by a battle cry near them as Edward charged against the creature, followed by Kiara shortly after. He may be a world distance from Carthus (Hell, his home may already be lost), but Caleb was as sure as hell he wasn't gonna let another kingdom fall into darkness of the Abyss. Not again.