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  2. I hate Odin so much... stupid damned cage...

  3. I'll join too, pretty please
  4. Nuclear launch codes < My goddammed writing memory stick

  5. Yesterday
  6. So, as the title states, I'm taking a bit of a break from this blog. Not because I don't like it mind you, but because I'm taking a break to work on other projects, such as the currently active Holly Rising. There's also the fact that what I intend to do with this blog has changed, and whether it stays here gets ported to other sites is still up for debate. Rest assured I have not abandoned this. It's been a very interesting journey so far, with a different style writing the one I'm used to, and I'd hate to see it end. So whenever adventure strikes again, I will journal here. Knowing me, adventure will strike before long. But for now, the journeying wheeling gamer takes a rest, as I detail the chronicles of other lands. Goodbye for now, blog. I'm sure I will see you again in a while.
  7. And Fire Emblem Heroes still has to release some of my favorite characters when I'm done playing it… Sigh…
  8. Aaaand done... Now Destiny is slowly beginning to form a part of my shared universe as well...

    Now it's official, this should be named the 'D-Verse' given how many fandoms start with D; Destiny, Dark Souls, Dishonored, Darkest Dungeon, Dragon Age... Only Bloodborne is the weird one that starts with B lol

    It's starting to get a more consistent shape than the older SU. Now we're talking! ^_^

  9. Halp! Birthday shopping for a 6 year old. If you were an almost 6yo boy which trainers would you want?

    Pair A


    Or Pair B?



    1. MasKaiHilFantic


      I say B, because what tops a badass pair of Spidy kicks? Add light to them. Kids dig shoes with lights.

    2. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      B. It also has the advantage of making sure he can be seen if he is out when it's slightly darker (Most of the winter in Britain)

    3. Sakura Alexia

      Sakura Alexia

      I'd say B as well, kids usually love shoes with lights, they used to be really popular when I was a kid too.

  10. I'm the greatest! You Rock! Wait! Cancel That! Wait! Cancel That! Sorry! Ha ha.

    1. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      You done? I hear you pumpkin. it's Time to raise my APM, Winky Face, Love D.VA 

  11. I think a lot of people tend to despise Loki because he doesn't bring anything to a team. He sits in the back line and waits for an opportunity then usually dies after. Other common complaints - Late game focused Needs Trans early delaying his build further Very squishy Once he blows his combo, he's ripe for killing Can't defend well Farms until he hits level 12 (about ten minutes) if he can get there in this early game meta Not good at jungling Shut down easily Also, because a lot of 'poor' players tend to play Loki and instalock him and feed. I think he has a lot of pros going for him and is far more complex than what people think. He is excellent at shredding through objectives and can easily solo a titan (needs minions though to tank). I also think a lot of people fail to take advantage of hydra on him or forget his bleed only works when he pops out of stealth. What I would consider his strengths: Excellent split push High burst damage potential Not great at boxing but he can always just ult his opponent if he's in trouble Excellent at finishing off the fleeing stragglers
  12. Last week
  13. Smite RP post needed and also one for Dark Souls one

    1. TJMike


      Sorry.... done, and done ^_^

  14. All footage gathered from Destiny 2. Music provided via Sony's Sharefactory. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Van Helsing McCree finally . Now I'm gonna spam ` I hear you pumpkin ´ with it

  16. Feel bad for playing Loki? Nah, normally I'm having way too much fun to empathise for the opponents, or team mates I've kill stole from. His set allows for loads of trolling opportunities and Joki's voice pack, just love it, I don't see what peoples problem is with him.
  17. I don't think she even expected me to leave the base at all, she probably thought I was you or something but nope. XD I dunno why he left, but probably it was for that, they took all our phoenixes more than once but they couldn't finish things off, after that everyone kinda gave up, plus we had the fire giant buff too, free kill for me.
  18. Ha ha, Athena was probably hoping I had come with you but we tricked her! I think they figured it out the second time we tried it because Izanami and Rat decided to guard the other lane. I wonder why Sun Wukong left? He was a big problem. He was in a party with the Zhong. I guess he just rage quit because his team mates couldn't take our titan.
  19. Yeah the Vulcan came to our lane a few times, along with Rat, but mostly was Khumba the problem. Well you're Loki, no one likes Loki XD I'm glad I was good enough to distract them, they probably came after you because they knew you couldn't kill them alone, and neither could I, but at least I had her chase me all around the map where the others were and she died.
  20. Yeah, they were salty as fuck but we won in the end through sheer determination and brains. I was getting bullied a lot in my lane too sadly. Odin summoned his clan mates, Rat and Vulcan, to come Loki hunting. They really wanted me dead. Did the Vulcan ever gank your lane? Oh yeah, I think the diversion really helped because they had to go either left lane or right lane whilst the rest of the team were in the middle. She kept trying to come directly after me. Same with the Sun Wukong. Why does everyone want to go Loki hunting?
  21. The first game was hilarious, that Khumba guy kept laughing at us since the beginning, he thought Ymir and I were bad because at the beginning we were underlaveled, but the reason was that I was alone against two in lane at first and I got ganged up on as I tried to take minions, and Ymir was just too underleveled. Hah, who's laughing at the end? They couldn't even finish things off as Morrigan and I were too strong, we did too much damage and forced them to reset and retreat all the time. While I think that in the second game things had turned when we both started split pushing, because Athena was giving you so much trouble, but she was busy chasing me around to care about Loki. Being able to solo the fire giant also might have helped too, though I almost died for that lol.
  22. Holy hell. We were not meant to win either of these games. We had a really bad start in both games. In the first one, Morrigan wanted to quit. In the second one, Anubis was really salty, but we stayed through and fought on! Loki has his uses, everyone! Split pushing! The Sun Wukong in the second game actually ended up quitting for whatever reason, but hey, a win is a win! After the first game, the enemy got really salty and send us hate mail about how bad we were. But that's actually hilarious because if we were that awful why did we win? It's not the kills that matter - but the objectives. @Sakura Alexia and our Smite friends, Paladin (Ymir and Ares) and K (Cu Chulainn and Zhong Kui). Game One You know, sometimes I feel bad for playing Loki @Stubborn Saber since I can't defend or do anything to help the team in the 'let's fight together' part, but watch my team mates die whilst I sit on the sidelines throwing decoys and waiting for the kill opportunity. But I played my part. In the first game, I was solo lane Loki up against the Odin and it went poorly because his friends Vulcan and Rata would come over to join Odin in Loki hunting (it's a very popular hobby). Anyways, I decided to try my luck. Ymir came with me whilst the rest of our team was basically just bait and defending base. Ymir tanked phoenix and titan and I was able to do my thing and shred the titan. The enemy team were so focused on killing our titan they forgot about Loki and Ymir. They were very salty. Game Two Well, I was support Loki (but wasn't actually a true support) this time. I think we only managed to win this one because Sun Wukong quit, and we managed to take the rest of the team whilst Athena and Izanami kinda just gave up. Heh heh. I was actually kinda surprised they didn't get any wards because they always seem to know which lane I was trying to split push. They must've been Loki hunting after they noticed I was absent from every single team fight. Let's face it. If I go in there, I die. Motto of the story? Loki is a scumbag god with a shit early game, but a lethal late game. Don't hate the Loki. He has his uses. I think he's certainly better at split pushing than any other god in the game due to his stealth being so strong though Apollo is pretty good too because of chariot.
  23. Ah Fenris. Just keep talking broody, angry pretty boy. 

  24. Wow, you’re a Gold Member now! Welcome to the club (though I’m still a Guild leader right now, lol). :P 

    But now you can add music to your profile (I think)! 


    1. Wizarmonfan


      Thanks eevee. ^_^

      I'll get back into Seasonal Reunion one of these days.

    2. Bunny Hop!

      Bunny Hop!

      Welcome to the club

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