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Journeys of a Wheeling Gamer (September 23, 2017)

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So today was another day for Pokémon Emerald! One of the last sessions, it seems. Time to navigate the Seafloor Cavern. One of my least favorite areas, and most of the time, I can’t navigate it without a map…


Yet somehow I get the through it the first time…


It's a shock, but at least the next that it was easily.


And then I have to watch one of the most nonsensical things in gaming…


So, I have to go to Sky Pillar and summon Rayquaza… But it makes no sense!


Rayquaza is the equivalent of a god, and the player has no specifications to summon it. Not to mention, Rayquaza is very powerful, even more so than the gods that it's trying to stop.


So there's reason Rayquaza won't turn on the player (or even the rest of the city they're trying to save) and possibly make things worse… At best, it would just fly away…


This gets even worse when the remakes, when there is someone who has prerequisites to summon Rayquaza, and she can't summon it, because the players there…


Once again, it makes no sense.


But sense or not, Raquaza listens, and the cutscence ends.


And I'm standing near the final gym. Finally, I'm getting near the end.


And now there's something important going on in Fire Emblem: Heroes.


The start of the new Tempest Trials. New info is revealed about the vortex, and just how much damage it causes.


All the more reason to take it down.


I want to get the Black Knight. Also, I don't have the advantage of bonus units that I did before. I don't even have one.


And the fights have stepped up their game.


In particular is the final fight.


This includes the Black Knight himself.


And he is quite a fearsome foe.


The Black Knight can attack units both near and far, and hit all of them for decent to devastating damage. The only unit that has advantage against him is Odin, and he's not very strong. In fact, the rest of the team gets outright annihilated, whereas Odin barely limps away.


Fitting, considering who's doing the fighting.


Their other red units too, so Odin has to work even harder.


But eventually, he can't hang on, and the team is defeated.


Thankfully, I have my second team come and finish things off. Things are easy for them, especially with Reinhart defeating everything.


I take a hit in points. But at least I get something.


So I tried to go to the arena. But I don't do well there either.


I can only hope that the rest of the game won't be as devastating.



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