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Journeys of a Wheeling Gamer (September 18, 2017)

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Time for another entry on the Gold Semilocke!


This time, I head towards the Radio Tower to liberate it from Team Rocket.


But I run into problems.


I don't have a lot of defenders, and opponents to a lot of damage. My one defender, Umbreon has horrible attack. Not to mention that poison runs rampant here, and I'm not able to heal it to the Full Heals not yet being available.


Sludge is the main attack, and it does a lot of damage. It's particularly bad for Dratini, and its horrible defenses.


At one point, it even gets killed. At least I have revival chances…


Despite everything that happens, I eventually reached the boss Rocket. He only uses one type, but he is not easy. I want up with my Umbreon against his Weezing.


And that's where things start to get hairy.


Sludge still does a lot of damage, despite Umbreon’s superior defense. And Umbreon not being an attacker means I can't attack back very well.


However, I still try to hang in there and finish the fight.


But then tragedy strikes.


Weezing is almost gone, but it still has some life left in it.


It fires off a critical Sludge, killing Umbreon.


I send in Sycther to take care of it, but Weezing is still in the fight.


It explodes, taking Scyther with it. Perhaps it would let me have the satisfaction of defeating it.


Locally, the rest of the fight goes easily. I have enough revival chances to continue with the team, but it's still quite a blow.


And there is even more trouble to come.


Since the item to evolve Scyther comes late (or is otherwise very difficult to get), I decide to use a code to get it early.


Except there's one problem.


The game I normally use for codes is Crystal, but the codes are different from Gold and Silver.


And Gold is currently what I have.


My original plan is to put the Metal Coat into Gold, and then only make the trade once.


But things don't go according to plan, as I cannot find the specific codes for Pokémon Gold.


So instead, I put the Metal Coat into Crystal and trade twice.


With it, Scyther finally evolves. And there is much rejoicing. This is also preceded by Dratini, who evolved into Dragonair soon after getting killed and revived at the Radio Tower.


And now I have one last challenge.




Well, he's not much of a challenge. But he is an important battle, nonetheless.


He gives his motivation here, and it makes sense that he would continue to chase Team Rocket, given who his father is and his history with them…


He doesn't bring much to the table, but something interesting does happen.


I actually use Tail Whip in the battle. I don't think I've ever done that.


I'm up against his strongest Pokémon, Feraligator. And I'm fighting with Umbreon. Umbreon isn't doing a lot of damage, but neither is my opponent. I decide to use Tail Whip in order to constantly lower the foe’s defense. After a while, Tail Whip’s done enough damage where I can defeat it easier.


And at last I can continue out of the area, as I continue on my mission to liberate the Radio Tower.



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